Button and Brawn celebrate (Pictures)

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Those eyes have a familiar look...

When Jenson Button broke his Grand Prix victory duck at the Hungaroring three years ago one picture captured the moment: the wide-eyed stare beaming out out from inside his crash helmet.

That famous photo had aits sequel yesterday as Button climbed from the cockpit of his BGP001 and tried to come to terms with the fact that he’d just won the world championship. Here’s some more pictures of the celebrations that followed for him and new constructors’ champions Brawn.

2009 Brazilian Grand Prix

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24 comments on “Button and Brawn celebrate (Pictures)”

  1. Mussolini's Pet Cat
    19th October 2009, 15:58

    Great pix. Makes you proud to be British.

  2. Great pictures, thanks. Jenson and the team really deserve this. WORLD CHAMPION BABY!!!

  3. I noticed that “Great Button” / Union Jack flag during the telecast. Do they make those things, or did that one guy in the stands give it to Button?

  4. Thats a whole helluva lotta finger pointing going on right there.

  5. There is a nice image in one of the autosport articles showing Norbert Haug getting very cosy and friendly with the folks at Brawn, hint hint.

    1. I haven’t ‘missed’ it, I don’t have the rights to use it… and looking at it I’m not too disappointed!

  6. Magnificent ! this is a fairy tale ending
    Very happy for the Brawn team and Jenson

  7. great pictures………ross breaking down when being interviewed after the race was the moment for me…..you can keep all this alonso to ferrari kimi to mclaren stuff etc etc this guy is the real f1 genius.

    1. Something missing there I think mate!

      1. I’m afraid Keith, the problem comes from your site, not from Becken.

        I posted my comment including a link also and it seems it has disappeared.

  8. Great pictures – a great moment for a great team – and Yes Ross Brawn crying – never expected that one – cant remeber him being so emotional with his ferrari wins – and remebering the people who had to go as well, so the team would survive for this day!!

  9. Brilliant drive be Jenson in the race!

    Well done to him!!!!!

  10. are there any pictures of kimi’s hair after the GP? :P

    1. Bet his eyebrows were a bit singed…

  11. utter legend Ross Brawn a man who broke down in tears with pure happiness, possibly the best ending to a Formula 1 season IMO. should make a movie of this season even though it didnt end with a 1 point gap.

    Congratulations to Jenson Button you prooved me wrong i never thought you would be a world champion “ever” and you shut up a load of haters good for you. Hopefully you will defend your title better then lewis did this year and show your good enough to compete with the best.

    Enjoy Abu Dhabi and I cant wait to see you race for real again on March 14th at Bahrain with the Number “1” on your car.

    “Proud to be british” and thats a world first for me.

  12. Prisoner Monkeys
    20th October 2009, 4:35

    How many of Jenson’s teeth can you count?

  13. Congratulations to Jenson.. pity poor to Rubens…

  14. Well done to Button, but my heart goes to Ross Brawn the genius. The smartest individual in the entire F1 community, and im happy to say that with cinfidence. He deserves to have his own name on an F1 team and to go in the history. I hope Brawn continues to perform next year and Ross continues his involvement for many years to come.

    1. confidence*

  15. It’s been a great season for a team that nearly didn’t make it onto the grid – and the car itself, although by far the quickest at the start of the year, would appear to have been something of a botch-job.

    That’s according to the Beeb at least. The following makes for interesting reading.


  16. Well done, boy! Go for you, Jeson – you deserved it!

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