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Amid all the excitement over the new champions, an important development for next year’s season is in the works. Williams are now expected to use Cosworth engines and the company will be able to re-tune them before the season starts to make them competitive…

Williams to use Cosworth engines in 2010 (Autosport)

"With Toyota already having confirmed that it is ending its customer supply deal at the end of this year, it means that Williams has now settled on a switch to Cosworth."

Biting my nails with Jenson’s sister (Motor Sport Magazine)

"For Sam there was also a degree of disbelief, as she slowly took in the fact that her brother had just fulfilled his lifelong dream. The champagne was brought out and we toasted our new World Champion, wishing that we could be zapped out to Brazil to share the moment. It was really moving when the BBC played a film montage of all the past British champions, finally showing Jenson up there with all the greats. We can’t wait to have him back home in London now for another celebration."

Jenson Button congratulated by Prime Minister Gordon Brown (Daily Telegraph)

Brown said: "I want to send my warmest congratulations to Jenson Button for clinching the Formula One drivers' championship today in Brazil, on the same circuit that Lewis Hamilton won the drivers' championship last year. We can be proud that Jenson is the 10th British driver to win the title. His performances over the season with the new Brawn team have excited Formula One fans in Britain and across the world, and we look forward to his continuing success in the seasons ahead." That's nice. Hope we'll have a race we can watch him at next year, though…

Brains of Brawn hold the key (The Sun)

"Typically, Brawn had found it all rather embarrassing when it was decided the team should be named after him. He said: 'We went through a lot of permutations. Pure Racing was one but it just didn't sound right. So someone suggested using my name and there weren't too many objections.'"

Driver Consistency – Brazil (Making Up The Numbers)

More race analysis from RubberGoat.

Date set for Briatore’s case against FIA (Autosport)

"A hearing date has now been set for November 24, where Briatore will bid to get his lifetime ban overturned and seek damages from the FIA." Added the the F1 Fanatic calendar.

Vettel: Runner-up spot not important (Autosport)

"Second is the first loser. I'll just try to do my best in Abu Dhabi. Obviously the target is to win, as we have a winning car. I don't really care about second or third." I applaud his competitive sentiment! That's what I like to see in a sportsman.

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10 comments on “F1 links: Williams-Cosworth deal mooted”

  1. “A hearing date has now been set for November 24, where Briatore will bid to get his lifetime ban overturned and seek damages from the FIA.”

    what a load of crap.

  2. Prisoner Monkeys
    20th October 2009, 4:06

    Even if Briatore gets his ban over turned, he’s well and truly boned. His case seems to be based around the notion that the FIA did not follow due process, and does nothing to address the question of his innocence or guilt in the race. If he wins, people are going to be apprehensive about dealing with him.

    And even if this is a bid to keep his position as owner or QPR (or whatever position it is that he fills), it’s not going to do anything. The Powers That Be will most likely distance themselves from him, and rightly so: Briatore cheated. He has no right to assume a position similar to his original one in any sport.

    1. I know that Briatore is unlikely to get much sympathy from the fans, but there is a lot in his case that will be very difficult for the FIA to answer. In particular, I don’t see how the FIA will be able to defend against the fact that they overstepped their jurisdiction by punishing someone who was not an FIA licence holder.

      1. Surely they can reserve the right to bar an individual from entry to FIA events? Just like a shopkeeper doesn’t have to serve a customer if they don’t want to.

        The “ban on driver management” is an indirect punishment. The FIA won’t allow a driver to compete if they are associated with Flav, so that’s technically different I suppose.

        This is all subject to French law, about which I know squat of course.

        1. The ban on driver management is an interference with Briatore’s business interests, which the FIA (by EU law) are not allowed to do.

          Sure, the FIA can bar Briatore access to areas where they have jurisdiction, but he could buy a Paddock Club ticket and turn up anyway. They wouldn’t be able to stop that from happening because, again, that would constitute interference with the business interests of the promoter.

          1. If Flav can get enough of his FIA sanctions overturned it will protect his investment in QPR. It probably not to get himself a role back in F1

  3. Its interesting that RBR are also considering a switch to Cosworth if they cannot get Mercedes power. We are possibly going to have a three tier grid next year:
    1. The teams with the long standing design and engine deals
    2. The teams with racing experience and new power
    3. The newbies who wonder what goes where….
    But will it make for better racing?

  4. So have Williams opted for the Cosworth in order to use their flywheel KERS next year?

    All the other engine manufacturers are members of FOTA who have agreed to abandon KERS after this season. Using KERS in the drivetrain requires some assistance from the engine builder and Cosworth probably won’t have any concerns, especially if they are the FIA’s “preferred” engine, and the FIA also wants to see some KERS in use in 2010, and an opportunity to disrupt FOTA a little.

    Incidentally Williams is still in FOTA but for how long, we don’t know.

    1. Williams were reported to have agreed with the rest of FOTA not to use Kers in 2010, so even a mechanical version will be unavailable. Cosworth would want to prove themselves, and getting engines in the red bulls would be a great opportunity, question is…are there no other engine options for RBR?

  5. Read somewhere Williams has dropped idea of Kers, don’t klnow if it’s just one of those articles though/

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