The F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship goes down to the final round

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Only one person predicted Kubica's podium finish correctly
Only one person predicted Kubica's podium finish correctly

SaloolaS remains the favourite to win the inaugural F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship with a 25-point lead heading into the final round.

Richard Evans and Dank are now in a tie for second place with Dougie and Theo joint fourth. Here are the standings in full.

The prizes

First place prize

  • An original F1 painting by Rob Ijbema
  • Five F1 DVDs from Duke Video: “Formula One 1970: The uncrowned champion”, “Formula Villeneuve: A tribute to Gilles Villeneuve”, “The World’s Greatest F1 Cars”, “Champion: Hill” and “Nine Days in Summer”
  • ??60 to spend on F1 merchandise at

3x Runners-up prizes

Patrickl, Ayrton and Peter were the highest-scorers at Interlagos, getting 25 points each. All three correctly predicted Mark Webber winning with Lewis Hamilton third.

Robert Kubica’s second place finish caught a lot of people out. The only person that predicted it was gheen.

SaloolaS’ lead would be 35 points if Barrichello hadn’t dropped out of third place late in the Grand Prix. Hamilton’s promotion to third place gave Richard Evans a useful extra ten points.

The F1 championships may be decided, but the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship is going down to the wire in Abu Dhabi. Join us for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix live blog to find out who will win!


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  • 25 comments on “The F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship goes down to the final round”

    1. Thanks for these Keith, that was really quick!
      Glad there is still a championship to watch :P

      1. All thanks to Ian’s plugin :-)

        1. Well then thank you Ian too!

    2. Thanks for this contest Keith!…lots of fun.I am going to take my time next year and be more selective.I usually do a random pick from the better half of the grid for at least one driver every race.

    3. Ahhhhhhh I’m so close yet so far. Need a top score next race and I have a chance at the runners up spot I think! :)

    4. Funny thing,mathematically I can still win this,the world championship haven’t got to the last round but the fanatic championship is going right down to the wire.

      All the very best everybody.

    5. yay that’s me – this is my third score in the double digits, which is a little pathetic…and it’s the first time I’ve predicted the polesitter correctly – pathetic…I knew Barrichello would get the pole because it’s his home race and he needed to win.

    6. Lol i’m at the bottom. T_T

      1. I won’t ask you for the lottery numbers then ;)

    7. Didn’t actively participate this season, but hopefully will next season… but at least i got some points, something some drivers can’t say this season….

    8. so near yet so far!

      *starts crying uncontrollably*

    9. I will not win but it has made my day I got the highest score along with Particki and Peter! Good luck guys for the final round.
      Thanks Keith this has been really fun.

      1. Ah lol, I missed that. And to think there was someone ridiculing people who picked Webber to win :)

    10. I just hope we don’t get any “he is (not) a worthy champion” discussions :)

      1. I hope these are just provisional results, where others will be penalised for random infractions. You know, like MP4-19b being penalised 25 points for aggressive commenting.

        Just to make it more realistic.

    11. Ah getting even closer to winning something!
      This has been a great championship thanks keith.

      Can anyone catch saloolas? will he go defensive(like button)to creep over the line or will he go for broke and win it like a “champion” lol!

    12. Thankyou Keith and Ian for this. Unluckily, i forgot about it for many of the races, and was a terrible guesser whenever I tried.

      Anyways, next year awaits :-)

    13. Hopefully I will get in a car cappable of wining championship next year! My second half has been really really bad (worse than Button even!!) [:P]

    14. Is it just me, or do the Brazil trophies look like Klingon weapons? It’s a good thing that it wasn’t Senna and Prost up there with those things – it would have been blood on the podium rather than champagne!

    15. Excellent contest, Keith. I have neglected to partake recently, but I do enjoy this competition. Recommend you do it again next year.

    16. This contest has shown how unpredictable and varied this season has been. Now you know why the bookies are all rich !
      I only entered three times I think and I’m 337th, so on that form I could have been up in the 30th’s :)

    17. So, 22 of us still can win this, interesting. Keith, what about an idea that in the last race only those with chances of prizes (around 50 people) can still compete?
      And will we get the results after qualy and after the race, at least for the first places?

      1. thats not really fair to those who enjoy this little game regardless of prize money.

    18. I’m still in with an outside shot of a prize, I’m 60 points exactly adrift. What a comeback that would be!

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