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The team that nearly disappeared have won eight races and both titles
The team that nearly disappeared have won eight races and both titles

It was a 17-race season – but Jenson Button needed only 16 of them to claim the championship crown.

From the Silverstone shakedown where the Brawn GP car broke cover, to the first win in Melbourne which soon became a familiar sight, to the difficult second half of the season, take a look back at how Button and Brawn became champions.

Button and Brawn, world champions

Images (C) Brawn GP, Bridgestone

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10 comments on “Button’s championship win in pictures”

  1. Great pictures Keith :)

    One small correction

    Barrichello took pole at Valencia

    It was Hamilton on pole & Slowalainen second.

    1. Fixed it, ta :-)

    2. Slowalainen – Good one!

  2. I have to give Button a lot of credit. Looks to me like he beat Barrichello handily which counts for a lot since I rate Rubens as one of the better drivers on the grid. Maybe Button got a little preference within the team over Rubens but I think he earned that in quali in the early races. Now that its over I want to see him race with reckless abandon in Abu Dhabi. I don’t want to see the WDC cruise around to finish 9th.

    1. Little preference? At the beggining of the season, Rubens’ contract was for the 4 initial races only. Then Brawn could hire $omeone more $uitable, given the team’s financial conditions.

      Brawn would look silly if Rubens was “fired” while ahead of the main driver. Maybe it was ensured that this would not happen…

      ps: spoted some mistake? English isn’t my mother tongue.

  3. One other correction:- didn’t Button Gain a point on Barrichello in singapore?

  4. Well done to Jenson and the Brawn GP Team for the double. Next year is looking better and better great drivers in great teams ie. McLaren, Ferrari, Renault and Brawn all slugging it out.

  5. Nice pictures, but the Brazil ones are in the wrong order.

  6. Interesting to see that the picture “Button and the team celebrate” was part of BBC F1’s Big Picture article this time.
    You can see a better pic of the same shot here and read how the photographer, Darren Heath, got his shot.

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