Monaco moved earlier on 2010 F1 calendar

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As had been widely expected the 2010 Monaco Grand Prix has been moved forward a week to go back-to-back with the Spanish Grand Prix. This spares the teams the difficulty of completing the move from Monaco to Turkey in seven days.

The latest version of the 2010 F1 calendar published by the FIA today shows the same 19 races declared previously, despite doubts over the Canadian and British rounds.

The Canadian event is listed as “Subject to the completion of contract negotiations with Formula One Management.” According to La Presse, a confirmation should be issued before elections in the area on November 1st.

Meanwhile the British Grand Prix is expected to take place subject to the caveat of “homologation of the circuit.” At the moment the chances of a completed F1 circuit at Donington Park being homologated look extremely remote.

The circuit owners have until Monday to prove they have the funds in case to prepare the circuit in time – and even if they clear that hurdle they then need to complete all the construction work. In short, it’s looking increasingly like Silverstone or bust for the British Grand Prix.

2010 F1 calendar

March 12-14th – Bahrain Grand Prix
March 26-28th – Australian Grand Prix
April 2nd-4th – Malaysian Grand Prix
April 16-18th – Chinese Grand Prix
May 7-9th – Spanish Grand Prix
May 13-16th – Monaco Grand Prix
May 28-30th – Turkish Grand Prix
June 11-13th – Canadian Grand Prix (contract pending)
June 25-27th – European Grand Prix (Valencia)
July 9-11th – British Grand Prix
July 23-25th – German Grand Prix
July 30th – August 1st – Hungarian Grand Prix
August 27-29th – Belgian Grand Prix
September 10-12th – Italian Grand Prix
September 24-26th – Singapore Grand Prix
October 1-3rd – Japanese Grand Prix
October 15-17th – Korean Grand Prix
October 29-31st – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
November 12-14th – Brazilian Grand Prix

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30 comments on “Monaco moved earlier on 2010 F1 calendar”

  1. 13/6 Canada**

    11/7 Great Britain*

    17/10 Korea*
    31/10† Abu Dhabi*
    14/11† Brazil

    *Subject to the homologation of the circuit.
    **Subject to the completion of contract negotiations with Formula One Management.
    †The FIA has approved in principle a proposal to swap the dates of the Abu Dhabi and Brazil grands prix, pending agreement with the promoters of both events.

    1. 17/10 Korea*
      31/10 Abu Dhabi*

      *subject to teams approval of new Tilke-dromes

    2. So we’ve gone from starting the season in Australia and finishing in Brazil, to starting in Bahrain and finishing in Abu Dhabi within 2 years. What a rubbish decision- two proper F1 circuits/ countries swapped for two passionless desert monstrosities

      1. Bahrain opener in 2006 was quite interesting and more people saw it as opposed to night owls who get up for Australian GP…

        1. Terry Fabulous
          21st October 2009, 22:27

          Ahem….. The aussies certainly appreciate starting the season at Albert Park!

      2. Exactly but if we must have these circuits, I reckon this’d be a better way to have them:

        Australian Grand Prix
        Malaysian Grand Prix
        Chinese Grand Prix
        Canadian Grand Prix
        Bahrain Grand Prix
        Spanish Grand Prix
        Turkish Grand Prix
        Monaco Grand Prix
        British Grand Prix
        German Grand Prix
        Hungarian Grand Prix
        European Grand Prix
        Belgian Grand Prix
        Italian Grand Prix
        Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
        Singapore Grand Prix
        Korean Grand Prix
        Japanese Grand Prix
        Brazilian Grand Prix

        1. Canadian GP fourth….. that makes it in April sometime. Are you mad?? There’s likely to still be snow on the ground in April in Montreal.

  2. Richard Evans
    21st October 2009, 19:18

    Still a shame we’re not starting in australia next year, the high attrition rate just adds the fun of a season opener.
    Bernie opening with a generally boring race, that’ll draw viewers in for the rest of the year!

    Whats going to have to make way for possible indian and american GP’s??

    1. Bahrain is quite good for a Tilke track and no matter where the opener is at least it means F1 is back!

      1. Yeah, but I quite like getting up in the middle of the night to watch the season opener. Or at least I did until Bernie forced the race to move to the (relatively) civilised time of 6am. Grrr.

  3. This spares the teams the difficulty of completing the move from Monaco to Turkey in seven days.

    not even that! they’d have 3 days really. pack up on sunday and usually the teams set up all their stuff on the wednesday before a GP. (in preparation for thursday, with all the hospitality and visiting fans in mind)

    1. There are two weeks between the Monaco and the Turkey GP, so there is plenty of time.

      The difficulties concerned the old version of the calendar according to which there was just one week between these GP.

  4. steph90:

    I agree, by the time Bahrain rolls around, I’m just happy to have F1 back! Withdrawls start November 2nd…

    1. Lol same! It’s like waiting for christmas, I have a feeling next year may be very good indeed so I’m not really bothered about the order of races!

    2. I don’t know how I usually get through 5 months without F1. The first few weeks aren’t so bad, but then in Janaury you realise how much you miss it- and you’re still only half way through the winter!!

      1. Same Ned but luckily at christmas I tend to get a few F1 related presents, not the same but by that point I’m desperate for any F1 fix!

    3. Yes
      me too!

  5. Two British World Champions and no British GP… surely it can’t happen!

    1. If the money isn’t there I don’t think the race will be. :(

  6. Oy. I’ve made the rant before, and I’ll likely make it again, but: I’ve lived in Montreal for a long time, been to races, biked and walked the track, and as much as I know it’s a good thing for F1 and the drivers love it, blah, blah, blah: it’s an outdated facility, a boring track that I do not think is very challenging for the drivers, and it needs a serious makeover.

    1. It always produces a good race! That’s why I love it

    2. …it’s an outdated facility, a boring track that I do not think is very challenging for the drivers, and it needs a serious makeover.

      Oh, come on, don’t lie to yourself and everybody else here. The 2007 and 2008 races were better than probably any other dry race in the last few years.

  7. No Monaco and Indy 500 clash next year it would seem then

    1. I was thinking the same thing…and for us over here, it means no tripleheader with the NASCAR “home race” at Charlotte later in the day :(

  8. Why did the FIA want to swap dates between Brazil & Abu Dhabi.I think Brazil should be the season’s last race as Australia traditionally have the first race but not next year.Brazil has provided some wonderful championship races.

  9. April 16-18th – Chinese Grand Prix
    May 7-9th – Spanish Grand Prix

    Why is there three weeks between the Chinese and Spanish GPs? I’m just looking ahead but I reckon I’ll struggle to wait that long between races mid-season, especially as there’s the now traditional 4-week break in August (Hungary – Spa)as well!

    1. There’s always a gap before the European Season begins.

      This is good because if you can hold out, all the teams will have their first upgrades at Spain.

  10. Yeh, this year it was 2weeks wasn’t it? As a fan impatiently looking forward to each race I prefer 2 weeks to 3. :)

  11. my calendar
    bahrain 14 march
    australia 28 march
    malaysia 4 april
    china 18 april
    spain 2 may
    monaco 16 may
    turkey 30 may
    canada 13 june
    europe 27 june
    britian 4 july
    germany 18 july
    hungary 1 august
    belgium 29 august
    italy 12 september
    singapore 26 september
    japan 3 october
    s.korea 10 october
    brazil 24 october
    abu dhabi 7 november

    don’t see the last race happening on nov 14.too late

  12. Younger Hamilton
    26th October 2009, 10:26

    Dis is my calender notice some Changes

    Bahrain Grand Prix 12-14 March
    Australian Grand Prix 26-28 March (Twilight Race)
    Malaysia Grand Prix 9-11 April
    Spanish Grand Prix 23-25 April
    Monaco Grand Prix 30-2 May
    Turkish Grand Prix 14-16 May
    Canadian Grand Prix 28-30 May
    British Grand Prix 11-13 June (Silverstone)
    European Grand Prix 25-27 June (Valencia)
    German Grand Prix 9-11 July
    Hungarian Grand Prix 23-25 July
    Belgian Grand Prix 19-21 August
    Italian Grand Prix 2-4 September
    Chinese Grand Prix 16-18 September
    Singapore Grand Prix 30-2 October (Night Race)
    Japanese Grand Prix 7-9 October
    Korean Grand Prix 21-23 October
    Brazlian Grand Prix 4-6 November
    Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 18-20 November (Twlight Race

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