F1 links: A way in for Qadbak?

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Busy times ahead in Paris (Autosport Plus – sub. req.)

"Allegedly only 12 teams have to date signed the Resource Restriction Agreement, which is, in turn, a requirement of the Concorde Agreement, and therefore a condition of 2010 (and beyond) entry. According to a source well-versed with matters Concorde, the Article referring to entries states that teams who have competed in the world championship for the past five years (and been placed in the top ten in two of the most recent three seasons) receive absolute priority, with the application of the Article not being affected by change of name or engine. Thus, regardless of which newcomer has not signed up to the RRA and/or Concorde Agreement, Qadbak is due priority regardless of whether the team had lodged an entry."

F1’s Buemi and Alguersuari Confirmed for SKUSA SuperNationals in SuperPro

"Formula One drivers Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari are confirmed entries for the upcoming SKUSA SuperNationals XIII at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas – November 18-22." Via Kartlink

Max Mosley keeping his hand on Formula 1’s wheel (Daily Telegraph)

"The question to ask is this; what is it about Todt’s manifesto, managed by a senior Mosley aide seconded to the role, that so attracts Le President. Perhaps it is simply a matter of great minds thinking alike after years of close friendship forged when Todt was clearing a path for Michael Schumacher at Ferrari. Or maybe it has to do with Mosley maintaining a remote grip on the tiller via the aegis of Todt from his seat in the FIA Senate. Mosley insists that he is ready to step back from the organisation he has ruled for the best part of two decades. Yes, and penguins are about to march on the North Pole."

Jenson Button enjoys happy homecomings after Formula One championship triumph (Daily Telegraph)

"I thought back then that I would destroy everyone in my first year. I thought it would be a weekend job. But I have learnt how hard it is, how you have to make it your life. I never take it for granted now. I feel so privileged; it's amazing to be doing a job I love so much."

None of the violence I saw has changed my view that giving the 2016 Olympics to Rio is one of the IOC’s greatest ideas (Daily Mirror)

Oliver Holt on violence in Sao Paulo during the Grand Prix weekend.

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7 comments on “F1 links: A way in for Qadbak?”

  1. Prisoner Monkeys
    22nd October 2009, 0:54

    But if QADBAK get in, will they be accepted? The teams have already moved to block their entry becuse they don’t like what they’re hearing about the group; if QADBAK get in by default, FOTA may not be too happy.

    If I had to take a guess as to which team hasn’t signed on yet, I’d say it’s Lotus since they were only just granted entry arond the time of the new Concorde and had to get sorted quickly.

    1. The teams have already moved to block their entry becuse they don’t like what they’re hearing about the group

      … plus some don’t think 14 teams can be supported, as mentioned by Williams. And for midfield teams, it would mean more competition for points and therefore FOM money. It’s not all about Qadbak’s supposedly dodgy reputation.

  2. The number of teams which would accept Qadbak is larger than the number of teams which are afraid to loose money.

  3. Or maybe it has to do with Mosley maintaining a remote grip on the tiller via the aegis of Todt from his seat in the FIA Senate.

    that ^

  4. Prisoner Monkeys
    22nd October 2009, 22:27

    I’ve heard the team that hasn’t signed the RRA is Campos.

  5. I still don’t think QADBAK will be back…

  6. Prisoner Monkeys
    24th October 2009, 15:27

    Something interesting I’ve found about this RRA deal:

    The RRA needs thirteen signatures to be declared valid. The ten current teams, plus the three equals that thirteen. However, the RRA was signed as a part of the Concorde Agreement, which BMW Sauber did not agree to. So there were technically only twelve teams when the RRA and the Concorde Agreement were signed. The FIA then ran the selection process again and gave the thirteenth slot to Lotus, with the possibility to a fourteenth for QADBK. As far as I know, Lotus have not yet signed the Concorde Agreement – I haven’t seen any news aritcles saying they have – and so they’ll probably be brought in at a later date.

    The point is not that Lotus are yet to sign on formally, but that the RRA required thirteen signatures when there were technially only twelve teams, which accoutns for the discrepancy.

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