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There were high hopes for Mosley following his election in 1991

After months of build-up the FIA presidential elections finally take place today.

But will the winner be Max Mosley’s choice Jean Todt, or the fans’ favourite Ari Vatanen?

Just as important a question is whether the elections will be free of outside interference. There have been allegations that some clubs have been coerced into siding with Todt.

Vatanen threatened to take court action to ensure the vote was carried out fairly but he withdrew the suit after the FIA made various concessions. One of which was the right for voters to cast their ballots in secret. That they have only made this concession at such a late stage indicates how open to abuse the system has been.

The last time the FIA presidency changed hands, in 1991, the arrival of Max Mosley was greeted warmly by many who hoped for and end to the controversies and scandal previous president Jean-Marie Balestre had often been at the heart of.

After 18 years of Mosley, we find ourselves wishing for the same thing again.

Who do you think will win? And will the elections be free and fair? Have your say below.

I’ve had an email from Eurosport saying they’ll broadcast an interview with the new FIA president at 10.30pm on Friday evening on British Eurosport/Eurosport HD.

F1 Presidential elections 2010

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88 comments on “The FIA goes to the polls”

  1. I’ve never liked Jean Todt as a team manger, and I see no reason why I’d like him in control of F1. But the main reason why I’m desperate to see him lose is because he’ll be little more than Sir Spankalots puppet.

    I don’t really know any of Ari Vatanen’s main policies, but what I do know is that he hates Max Mosley as much as the rest of us, and that is reason enough for me to support him.


    1. Agree 100% with that Ned. It’s a shame that Vatenen’c policies do seem quite vague and maybe we are being a bit judgemental of Todt, but the idea of keeping a dictatorship in F1 is repulsive so the majority of fans’ reactions are not a surprise.

  2. I have to say, over the course of the campaign, Jean Todt has been far more positive than Ari Vatanen.

    I don’t dislike Vatanen, and I’m sure he could do a good job, but Jean Todt seems to have a broad perspective, seems to have a much better perspective outside of motorsport and does just seem the better candidate.

    I understand the whole “we want something different” attitude, but different doesn’t necessarily take you down the right path, and I’m quite concerned that under Vatanen, the FIA might go down the wrong path in the name of being “different”.

    1. If I may ask, what are you basing this on? What is the potentially wrong path that you feel Vatanen represents? What does Todt’s “better perspective outside of motorsports” consist in?

  3. i dont think todt should be the president. i dont think anyone who has run a serious F1 team should ever run the F.I.A. I know that it would be very professional, and they would be there to support and structure the the F.I.A. and F1, but I cant see Todt handing down a major punishment to Ferrari if they do something really wrong.

    For that reason I think that Ari Vatanen should be President, that reason alone.

    As a McLaren fan I would not like to see R.Dennis in that job for the same reason. so the same would apply for Flavio. B, Mario, Brawn etc. I Beleve that Todt will get it (although im strongly against it), mainly because he is more popular, and im not sure where i stand on the whole Todt buying votes thing.

    Also M. Mosley wants Todt, will Todt just be a continuation of M. Mosleys rule?

    1. Hmm. But it’s the WMSC that deals with F1 issues, not the FIA President himself.

      And isn’t there a wider issue here? The FIA is about a whole lot more than F1. It’s not even just about motorsport, but we seem to be approaching the elections as if that is all it’s about.

      Or is that just because we’re F1 fans and this is an F1 site? Which I can understand, but I’d like to think we have a broader view.

      1. ” But it’s the WMSC that deals with F1 issues, not the FIA President himself”. Really? Shouldn’t someone have alerted S&Max to that at some point in the last 18 years then…

        I’d love to see Vatanen win, for a whole host of reasons that I have previously posted on here & various other sites. But I highly doubt it will happen – more’s the pity.

  4. What was MM meddling in for the last 16 years?

    Formula One

  5. I’ll be surprised if it’s not Todt.

    Will be interesting to watch that interview tomorrow night though…

  6. The most worrying thing about Todt’s candidacy is that he wants to appoint an ‘F1 Commissioner’ to oversee the running of F1, while the FIA president looks at the big picture…. I can see Todt winning and him appointing Max as F1 commissioner….then we will all have to go and watch tennis or something…..

    1. If that happens, then the End of the World will be fast-forwarded to next week :)

  7. Prisoner Monkeys
    23rd October 2009, 2:02

    Currently hoping for Vatanen, but banking on Todt.

  8. I hope Ari wins,well we are not going to the court for a very long time,time has come for us.

  9. Hope in one hand, s#*t in the other…

  10. Ari won’t make F1 a priority, but that shouldn’t matter. he has every right to fix the WRC, as i understand it is in a bit of a mess at the moment with only 2 manufacturers competing. I say go Ari!!!

  11. does anyone have the candidates views in print? aside from motorsports, the fia oversees issues concerning regular motorists – what are their issues and how are they being addressed?

  12. Prisoner Monkeys
    23rd October 2009, 3:40

    I’m still rooting for Ari, but having read and re-read the Autosport analysis of both candidates, I don’t think Todt is going to be an absolute evil. He may resemble the Mosley regime to begin with, but I get the sense that he’s aiming to change the FIA over a period of time, unlike Vatanen, who wants to do it all at ones. There are different management theories that argue for and against both ideas, which I won’t go into because they’re as dry as an overdone turkey, but my point in all of this is that I don’t think Todt will simply be a puppet of Mosley if he gets in, even if Mosley thinks he will be. Some of his policies – in particular the major reviews of systems – seem to be unlike anything Mosley would even consider. And I think Todt would know there is enough anti-Mosley sentiment to know that appointing Mosley as F1 Commissioner would be political suicide.

  13. I have to say, over the course of the campaign, Jean Todt has been far more positive than Ari Vatanen.

    Politics 101- To garner support and hurt your opponent, do something questionable. When your opponent points it out, adopt an attitude of aggrieved injured party and accuse him of running a negative “smear” campaign.

    Now, maybe I’m stupid, but if Todt was flying on jets owned by, or flights paid for by, the F1 Foundation(run by the FiA), then all he should be doing is taking care of Foundation business. If he takes lunch with the head of the local motorsports body and mentions even one word regarding election, then he is in the wrong. There were many reports that this is exactly what was happening, in different forms. Vatanen called him on it and all of a sudden Todt is talking about Vatanen attacking the F1 Foundation and what fine work the Foundation does and what a horrible man Vatanen is for doing such a thing.

    And did we ever REALLY get from Todt a clear answer regarding accusations of wrongdoing? Well, of course we did, it’s right here…..ummm, no, that was something else he said…..ummmm….HERE!….no, that was some other thing…..wait, it was here….I think….well, I’m sure he addressed it fully and openly with full transparency. Even tho I can’t find his answer, I’m sure he must have answered fully and openly. Why? Well…ummm….well, he said he did.

    And isn’t there a wider issue here? The FIA is about a whole lot more than F1. It’s not even just about motorsport, but we seem to be approaching the elections as if that is all it’s about.

    Wel, it should be all about motorsport, because that’s what got it all started. All this other stuff FiA has gotten into is strictly a side-line, or should be.

    ” But it’s the WMSC that deals with F1 issues, not the FIA President himself”.

    Really? Shouldn’t someone have alerted S&Max to that at some point in the last 18 years then…

    Good comment Pink.

    but Jean Todt seems to have a broad perspective, seems to have a much better perspective outside of motorsport

    And why would we need the president of FiA to know anything besides motorsport? Oh, or are you perhaps talking about issues related more to motoring in a socio-economic way?

    Yes, suppose you are right. Todt would be much better. I don’t suppose all those years as an EU Commissioner taught Ari Vatanen anything about things social, economic or geo-political.

    Wake up Folks! Todt is the “Old Guard”. Ari Vatanen is the best hope for a breath of fresh air and a modicum of sanity that FiA has had in 30 years. (I’m including Balestre’s tenure, as well as Mosley’s.)

    And let me remind folks of something: When Max Mosley was elected in ’93, one of the very first things he did was re-structure the entire FiA and did away with FISA. FISA was before that the body within FiA that took care of looking after Formula 1. With the demise of FISA, Mosley himself held daily sway over Formula 1.

    Jean Todt has said he will create a “Commissioner” to look after the various forms of motorsport, including Formula 1. Many have speculated he will appoint Mosley. Todt could have laid to rest any such speculation by producing a list of candidates for such a position. And probably gotten himself extra votes by doing aso. Yet we still know nothing of the man he plans to appoint to run F1. Should we not have known this before the elections? Why the secrecy? Well, I know, just a nut with a conspiracy theory, and believe me, I hope I’m wrong.

    Someone earlier(PM, I think) said that would be political suicide, if Todt made Mosley F1 Commissioner. Perhaps true. But, it WOULD put a single term after Mosley. Which means Mosley could run again in 2013. Intersting thought, that. Machiavellian enough for you? It barely touches what Mosley can think of, lol. And the funny thing is, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

  14. Todt trying to coerce people to vote for him… I guess you start as you intend to go on.

  15. HounslowBusGarage
    23rd October 2009, 8:39

    Personalities and associations aside, I think it’s time for a President from outside Formula One.

  16. I sadly think that hoping for Vatanen is romantic and idealistic, but the reality is that Todt is sitting on Max’s “loyal” (read: paid) supporters. They have pulled Max out of the most ridiculous shambles, so getting Todt elected should be easy.
    I would be rejoicing if Vatanen wins, but I think it’s highly unrealistic as long as the most ludicrous “Motorsports Clubs” have the same power as real organisations.

  17. I like the optimism of those who consider that Todt’s campaign message is an accurate reflection of his political style, but it’s not like Todt will say: I’ll be a partial, corrupt, insidious little Mosley-buddy. Of course he’s been projecting a cleaner than clean image and a constructive outlook. As has been pointed out here and elsewhere, he had others doing the mud-slinging for him. And I’m pretty sure that Mosley knows better than we do whether and to what extent Todt will be his puppet; and anyways this puppet thing has become a cliché, but the real question is just one of continuity – the same personal connections, the same arrogant willingness to do the wrong thing. The debate has nothing to do with either candidate’s actual ability to manage motorsport competently. Both can probably do that. But one has already aptly demonstrated that transparency, impartiality and “the sporting ethos” are not his cup of tea.

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  19. I completely think Ari can win. There is not a doubt in my mind about that.
    The election should be free (I hope it will be), if anything corrupt is found then whoever wins will have a hard time and this may well determine/dictate how they will fair. For instance, if Todt won but it was a dubious win with a sniff of corruption -I don’t think this will happen but it is what some fear- then this may cause fall out and damage the foundation of his power.

    1. I’m sorry, but your comment made me laugh out loud! I don’t want to offend you, but you write “For instance, if Todt won but it was a dubious win with a sniff of corruption -I don’t think this will happen but it is what some fear- then this may cause fall out and damage the foundation of his power.” as if this is what you seriously think.
      Maybe I didn’t get the irony, but Max has been exactly what you think people fear: corrupt. I think Max’s reign and way of dealing with FIA matters have been in a way where the word “corrupt” simply isn’t enough. Add to that despotism and arrogance and I think we might have the right mix.
      I don’t think the vote itself will be rigged, but the way the people have been persuaded to vote for the Mosley-Todt camp will be at least highly questionable.

      1. I’m not talking about Max at all, he’s gone so I don’t really want to look at him, he’s history so look to the future and the choices we have (if any complaint about Max it should only really be his endorsement of a candidate and the fact people are worried he could be f1 commisioner under Todt). The election is about future president not about still being bitter over all the wrongs Max has done, which is alot.
        I like to think there would be no corruption in this election now but if there is then it will seriously damage whoever is in as the vote will not be true and therefore power basis will not be true. (I’m Brit so only example can give is Brown never allowed a vote and so never had that support or authority which is part of the reason why he has faced so much opposition).

  20. I would like Vatanen to win but think Todt will win.

    I don’t think if did Vatanen win he would solve all of the FIA’s problems and there will be things he will be criticised for, but as the choice is between him and Todt it is an easy decision for me.

    Even if Todt wasn’t Mosley’s man I think he would be the wrong choice because of his history with Ferrari, for me it would be the same as having Ron Dennis as the President, he may have the required skills but his history with McLaren rules him out.

    Of course the President of the FIA isn’t just in charge of F1, there are lots of other motorsports under the FIA’s jurisdiction, it may just have appeared that way to some of us, because some people such as me may only really follow Formula 1, but also because of the way Mosley’s Presidency has been, he seems only interested in F1 as it is the most high profile and glamorous motorsport, I remember a poster on this site saying the first time Mosley went to a World Rally event was when he wasn’t welcome in F1 after the revelations about his sex life.

    Although I don’t really follow many other motorsports, reading some of the articles and subsequent comments on this site it appears that it is not just F1 that has problems with the way the FIA deal with things, so it would appear the FIA needs some big changes as a whole.

    While I support the idea of separate bodies within the FIA responsible for different areas of motorsport, I do fear Todt may use this to appoint Mosley as F1 Commissioner. If there was no likelihood of this happening then Todt should have denied all the rumours that Mosley would take the role.

    I think that if Mosley hadn’t been forced to announce he would not stand for President again during the F1 breakaway threat this summer he would have stood and won again. Winning the vote of no confidence last year showed that he has support where it matters, the people with the votes, even if most fans would never vote for him. Because he has Mosley’s support I will be surprised if Todt does not win.

  21. we need to set up FIA Despots Anonymous
    “My names Max and I haven’t run Formula 1 into the ground for two days”

  22. Todt won’t appoint Mosley as F1 Commissioner, he’ll appoint Alan Donnelly and get the same result, strings and all.

  23. Keith, what do you think: when Todt talks about an ‘F1 Commissioner’, what are the odds that he’s talking about Max?

    1. i doubt it would be Max… i’m thinking someone deeply involved in the sport like him. Todt has always had a soft spot for Alain Prost…perhaps?

      it would be funny if Ari was offered the role of WRC commissioner…he fits the bill frankly

  24. FIA should start a name control exclude list.
    The first entries – all whose names start with:
    * Jean
    * Max

    Hope Ari will not be added to the list

  25. Thanks Chalky and W-K. It was a comfortable win apparantly. I for one am surprised and very disappointed.

    1. I’m not suprised, really. I’m surprised the gap was this big (was thinking it would be better), but make no mistake – Todt ran the better campaign.

      His platform, to be fair to him, had more substance than Ari’s. He’s talked the talk, let’s see if he walks the walk.

      1. When I say better, I mean tighter. ;)

    2. Me too, I thought Vatenen would get it, but Todt got almost triple the number of votes…

  26. If this means that Mosely still has a significant input on the govering of Formula One then this is a very sad day indeed. Not just for the sport but for the overall image that the FIA is giving out. Reminds me of the whole Medvedev/Putin thing regarding Russia. Yes, Medvedev is the front man, but we all know that Putin is still pulling all the strings.

  27. Like most of the regulars contributing to this site, I have to say that I do not like the strutting arrogance of Mosley one little bit. He is, in my opinion, a classic example of that eternal, damning truth:-

    ‘Power tends to corrupt, and absolute
    power to corrupt absolutely’

    For all that, I’m quite certain we need a new broom entirely untainted by any connection with the current FIA hierachy who at the same time has the visionary skills and first cclass organisational ability to carry though so much vital reform. And I do wonder if either candidate can measure up to that exacting requirement. It ought to be Vatonnen. Never Todt.

    But I do wonder about what we might end up with.

    You see, I’m old enough to remember the relief we all felt when Balestre was ejected. And that every year in the early nineties we EXPECTED several deaths in every single season. The cars, the tracks, the system which ran the whole sport was inherently unsafe, and we mourned the loss of some very great men.

    Now, whenever I see a huge high-speed crash on the circuit ( for example, Kubica’s horrendous crash at Montreal in 2007) and so often see the driver simply walk away from a smoking heap of metal and carbonfibre,
    I think about the driving intellect behind the extraordinary changes we have seen forced into reality, particularly in the last ten years.

    And the driving force that we all now are heartily sick of. The autocratic dominance of one man’s self belief which we hate…all comes in the package that has changed F1 and all car design massively for the better.

    We are all better off because of a powerful man who has committed the cardinal sin of staying in power too damn long.

    He’s going now, reluctantly, painfully, acrimoniously.

    But I really do wonder if we’ll be quite so pleased the old b****d has gone in three or four years.

    1. But some believe (and I tend to agree) that Max REACTED to Senna’s death. Had he acted earlier, it could’ve been averted. So it may be premature to credit the improvements in safety as Max’s idea from the start.

      1. Maybe. But the point is that he has reacted well. I’m sure everyone and his dog was all for increased safety in F1. Mosley has made sure that the right people executed relentlessly until it was reality.

        Surely it’s the execution that matters, not who came up with the “idea” from the start.

      2. So easy to say with hindsight that ‘this or that’ measure would have saved Senna’s and Roland’s lives.

        Saying the FIA should be able to anticipate ANY potential cause of a fatality in such a dangerous activity is quite frankly ignorant beyond belief.

        Did you know there have been no fatalities whatsoever in Swiss motorsport since 1955? It could be the same in F1, simply anticipate all potential danger by banning it entirely…

    2. The autocratic dominance of one man’s self belief which we hate…all comes in the package that has changed F1 and all car design massively for the better.

      All that means is that Mosely should have been Chief of Motorsport Safety, not FIA President.

      Grass is always greener though. We shall see.

  28. Apparently the voting was 135 to Todt and 49 to Ari…
    Not good at all.

    1. I believe this is the definition of being decimated in elections…poor Ari, he never stood a chance.

      Lets be honest though… whether you like Mosley or don’t or even Todt. the short stack Frenchy would have been the favorite to win and would win even if he was running against Obama himself

      1. even if he was running against Obama himself


      2. Well that would be wrong, as decimated means “to remove one tenth”

        Grammar lol!

    2. That’s the problem with democracy, a similar situation occurs in the UN.

      If Nauru has a vote it is equal to the vote from the RAC or the ADAC etc.

    3. Mc! Did you forget what Toad had to say bout SA? Wondering who did the SA representatives vote for. Surely not Toad!!

  29. So the bribes worked !

  30. I hate Max f*****g Mosley and his puppet Jean ‘bagpuss face’ Todt. And, yes, I know name calling is pathetic but seriously annoyed with the FIA right now

  31. Keith, just read that Todt has won the election, have you heard this? If it is true F1 is no better off than with Mosley. Sad that a smelly little toad like Todt will be in charge, Well Ferrari are constructor champions for awhile, their man in charge will see that!

  32. This is a sad day for Motor Sport.

    The way the FIA have conducted themselves in the lead up to this election is nothing short of despicable. If it were up to the fans who pay for the sport, Toad wouldn’t have stood a chance.

    Part of me wants to never watch F1 ever again, I’ve had enough to be quite honest. While the FIA professes to be an independent objective governing body, it’s actually just a gentlemen’s club for corrupt old farts and nothing proves this more than the fact that the cheating lying scum bag toad is now president of Ferrari International Assistance.

    How long before Max is given a job in the FIA so that he can still stir things up.

  33. A(nother) sad day for F1.

  34. Darn, my 2 post are awaiting moderation… must’ve been the language, but i can’t help it

    Yawn Toad!

    1. I got half way through a strongly worded comment, then deleted it and started again.

      I’m so mad though AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!

  35. Todt is in then. How long before Montezemolo is granted the 3-car rule?

    1. Very soon. We will only see Ferrari be granted that and Hitler Shoemaker the Cheater will be driving the 3rd car. Ahhhaaa, what a fairy tale ending – AND THEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. HO HO HO…

      1. The Nazi reference is absolutely uncalled for, I honestly can’t see Mosley driving a Ferrari…

      2. This Hitler reference just because of his german citizenship is of 8 years old’s level.

      3. The Hitler reference is nothing short of pathetic.

      4. That’s just not acceptable Dingle Dell.

        Most of us are somewhat P***ed off with the result and we all stretch the rules a bit sometimes, but come on, Nazi remarks are just too damn far.

        1. Yorricksfriend
          23rd October 2009, 17:20

          Give him a break we’re all upset.

          This is just Godwin’s Law, the longer a thread goes on, the more likely a reference to Hitler or Nazi comparisons are to occur.

  36. Todt has proved himself to be a fantastic contributor to motorsport in general. He’s been involved from the bottom to the very top and of course understands the nature of the role.
    He clearly loves motorsport and that is exactly what we need.
    I’m not suggesting Vatanen is any less qualified. I just don’t think there is anything wrong with Todt at the head of the FIA. He’s no puppet to Mosley, of that I am sure. Far too obstinate and French :)

    1. He doesn’t need to be a puppet. He’s from the same mould: the same connections, the same arrogance. What Todt proved he clearly loves when he was boss at Ferrari, was that he clearly loves manipulation, and clearly isn’t very interested in fair sport. That’S how I see it anyways.

  37. Ned I feel the same.
    Nitpicker I don’t think it is fair to bring Ferrari into this. They have been fairly quiet when it comes to the presidency, Ferrari are possibly more concerned with keeping FOTA united right now and the 3 car idea is a dream.

    1. They have been fairly quiet when it comes to the presidency

      Ever heard the term

      Silent Assassin?

      1. Ever heard the term

        Silent Assassin?

        Funnily enough, we have. But it’s not relevant here, of course.

  38. Todt it is then…

    I am curious to see if all the bad press i could read on this forum will be justified…

    Wait and see…

  39. comment about jean todt made several years ago:

    “He can light up a room just by leaving it.”

    Fairly disastrous to have that oily tic running things.

    I think Moseley has done alot of fantastic work for motor racing but as usual lowest common denominator tends to shout loudest. History will judge and at a guess it wont be quite as nasty about him as the red tops and Mr angry from middle england have been.

  40. In word: Barf.

  41. Last hope gone.

    If F1 wasn’t a spec series already, we now know for sure that it will be. I get the feeling that one Mr. Ahmadinejad would be familiar with the progress of this election.

  42. Well on with vatanens legal battle now then.

    Todt has won votes unfairly. Although the election was fair the campaigning wasn’t. I’m sure there will be alot of little groups out there who have been bullied to vote todts way.

    Vatanen has charmed the general public who watch the sport. I am sure I read somewhere he will challenge it in court if he loses.

  43. So what happens next? I know what happens next!!

    Ferrari cakewalk to championships for the next 5 years & Ron Dennis & Martin Whitmarsh serve jail terms for industrial espionage?? or something rubbish. huh?? Absolutely sickening!! What sort of a governance can this man provide?? Its like asking Fidel Castro to rule USA!!

    1. Its like asking Fidel Castro to rule USA!!

      During the Bush era that would have been a good thing! :)

  44. And I’ll keep repeating THIS repeatedly:

    ” His Ties with Ferrari are too deep, too strong for him to be able to provide transparent governance”

    1. Ferrari have been very quiet on the matter though and he is quite distant to the team now. I’m more woried he’ll be totally autocratic, or maybe he will keep f1 at arm’s length and leave it to the f1 commisioner…

  45. What up with Surinder Thatti?? They guy who allegedly bribed & blackmailed some African guy? Is someone probing into that or has Supreme ruler TOAD cleared his name.

    I thought Mogadishu in Somalia was the most dangerous lawless place on the planet, but Toad, FIA & Paris proved me wrong :(

  46. In the end it wasn’t even close was it.

    Allowing for bribery and corruption it wasn’t even close.

    If you go into battle without a plan,and promise only “change”,how can you ever hope to succeed?

    I wanted Ari to win this,but even I could see that Todt not only had the best team,but also had the best policies.

    An opportunity missed if you wanted “change”.

  47. Toad is a loser!! Cuz he’s shorter than his Girl friend :P

    So is Bernie, so is Max!!

    1. Is that you Ari!?

  48. wong chin kong
    23rd October 2009, 17:56

    Congratulations to Jean Todt, FIA president. Jean is also the Malaysian Tourism Ambassador. His girlfriend Michelle Yeoh, ex James Bond girl. Well, Yeoh will ensure he does his new job well.

    1. Well, Yeoh will ensure he does his new job well.

      Perhaps be giving him regular B*** jobs?

  49. Well, so anti-Ferrari fans can handle on to the FIA-supports-Ferrari point for 5 years more. Come on guys, come up with something new now ;-)

    Surely, this is a bad day for F1. But definitely not as catastrophic as some of the posts above make it out to be. Ari had absolutely no campaign points, his answer to every question was “sit down and talk” with shouts of “change” atleast twice every sentence. Even if Ari had won, it would have been a bad day for F1.

    Lets give Jean a fair chance, don’t forget, FOTA is still there which was primarily responsible for Max’s ouster. And very cunningly, FOTA has kept quiet through the entire election and are coming out only now. I am sure, FOTA will keep Jean in check too.

    But for now, congrats Jean. I hope (but I am not sure) you did nothing wrong to win the election.

  50. Todt is president. What a farce. 2009 overall has not been a good year for formula 1. :(

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