Who do you want to see in F1 in 2010?

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Bruno Senna could be in the F1 class of 2010

With potentially six new places available on the grid for F1 drivers in 2010 we’re set for an influx of new names next year.

Who will be the lucky half-dozen to get the places? Fresh new rookies? Experienced hands making comebacks? Third drivers hoping for race team promotions?

Here’s a list of some of the likely candidates – vote for the ones you most want to see in F1 next year.

You can pick up to six names from the list below. It includes a mix of drivers with F1 experience who might be looking for a way back in, and promising and/or well-backed rookies:

Who do you want to see in F1 next year?

  • Nico H?�??lkenberg (15%)
  • Christijan Albers (1%)
  • Franck Montagny (2%)
  • Nelson Piquet Jnr (5%)
  • Takuma Sato (8%)
  • Anthony Davidson (12%)
  • Christian Klien (4%)
  • Gary Paffett (3%)
  • Marc Gene (1%)
  • Alexander Wurz (3%)
  • Pedro de la Rosa (5%)
  • Giorgio Pantano (2%)
  • Andy Soucek (1%)
  • Vitaly Petrov (8%)
  • Lucas di Grassi (8%)
  • Bruno Senna (23%)

Total Voters: 1,819

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Here’s who I picked and why:

Anthony Davidson – Showed promise at Super Aguri before the team fizzled out. He’s a fine addition to the BBC commentary team but he’s too talented not to be racing.

Franck Montagny – Another talented driver who deserved a proper shot at F1, not a few perfunctory appearances for Super Aguri while they tried to find a Japanese driver to replace him with. Has shown good form in sports car and Indy Car racing since his last F1 appearance in 2006.

Bruno Senna – A strong second place in GP2 last year against a much more experienced champion.

Nico Hulkenberg – Very likely to get a seat and absolutely deserves it after storming this year’s GP2 championship.

Pedro de la Rosa – Stacks of experience and a nice bloke to boot – a fine choice for any of the new teams.

Lucas di Grassi – He’s blown hot and cold somewhat in GP2, but got a good response from Renault when he last tested for them.

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154 comments on “Who do you want to see in F1 in 2010?”

  1. Where is BETRAND BAGUETTE ?
    He’s the chamion in the renault world series and very talented!!!

    1. He drives for ‘Subway’ :)

      1. A name to watch out for in the future is Daniel Riccardo, talented young Aussie and just won the British F3 Championship. I would love to see another Aussie in F1 racing along side Webber.

    2. where is michael schumacher on the list????

      1. Where is Luca Badoer???

        1. you stole my question!

          1. Where is Kobayashi?

        2. Where is Luca? Probably off getting lapped somewhere.

        3. Im not even sure Luca knows where he is…

      2. Anthony, right on !

  2. it only let me pick 1 name!

    1. I was only allowed one pick as well.

  3. Max choices = 1 Keith !

    1. same here….

      where’s Bourdais, isn’t he even trying? or are the football cars enough for him?

  4. I would like to see Jonathan Summerton, but I think he needs a tour in GP2 first. He’s done Formula BMW, Formula 3, A1GP and the Atlantic series, I believe, but now he needs to move up to GP2 for a season or two and prove himself.

    1. He can’t get his superlicense in time. There is a decent article on USF1 and their driver thoughts in the F1-links on this site (the Donnington one, look for the Kyle Busch article).

      windsor pretty much says that there are no US drivers that can get their superlicense in time….

    2. I agree 100% about Summerton- I did an article with an interview with him for this site last year, he’s a fantastic guy with some real talent. If he dose need more time for a superlicense, I would love to see him bang wheels with some of the GP2 stars next season.

    3. Agreed DC, Summerton needs more time before he is ready for F1. I do not like the current trend of throwing 19 year olds into the fray. To many are being spat out and washed up before they are 22. Having said that, I would like to see Robert Wickens get an opportunity. He has been competitive at every level.

  5. Kobayashi isn’t on the list :-(

    1. Here Here!!!!

    2. he’d get my vote :)

    3. +1

      infact i think he is the next gen Sato. wreckless in a good way. his first race and he provided a great fight for a champion.
      There’s just sumthing about Japanese kamakazi driving that gets my heart rate spiked!

      1. Wow!

        Nelsinho with 19 votes!!!!!!

        Family matters…..

        1. Sorry! wrong post..

        2. I voted for him – for a new team he has some experience of tracks, is a former GP2 title holder, and imagine the press coverage you could offer sponsors? There would be a loot of it, especially early in the season and at the singapore race. Only offer him a 1 year contract and a performance based one at that though…

  6. Christian Albers? If he’s on the list, then why not Zsolt Baumgartner, Markus Winkelhock and Yuji Ide?

    And what happened to Paul Di Resta- shouldn’t he be under consideration?

    1. Jelle van der Meer
      23rd October 2009, 12:47


      Robert Doornbos should be on the list before Christian Albers. Than Giedo van der Garde should also be there.

      Do agree that Kobayashi certainly should be listed.

    2. I think Yuji Ide isn’t allowed in a F1 car after the Imola crash, didn’t he have his superlicense taken off him

      1. Yes I believe Ide did have his superlicense revoked….haven’t heard anything on him since.

        How did Albers wind up on the list? Is he planning some sort of comeback? I must admit that, even though they were going out as I was becoming interested in the sport, I did love those Dutch Orange Spyker cars :)

  7. Keith, either change the poll to radio buttons, or allow for multiple choices.

  8. Richard Evans
    23rd October 2009, 11:20

    Paul di resta??

  9. You need to fix the list, it says maximum one choice allowed. I’d love to see Sato and Kobayashi on the same team, that would be epic fun..!

  10. Yes something was wrong with this woting i wanted:

    Bruno Senna
    Alex Wurz
    Anthony Davidson
    Takuma Sato
    Frank Montagny
    Pedro de la Rosa

  11. I was told the same as the others, ‘maximum number of votes is 1’. Great idea though, and nice new way to do a poll :)
    In no particular order:
    di Grassi

    1. Same problem… while it’s not fixed, here’s my list:

      di Grassi

  12. Prisoner Monkeys
    23rd October 2009, 11:36


    Didn’t like any of the other choices, but I would like to see Summerton and perhaps Maldonado.

    1. I’m with you on Maldonado, he’s got a lot of talent, just need to learn more

  13. Senna
    di Grassi
    and Kobayashi (he should be among the choices)

  14. Nice to see Ant getting the most support!!

  15. “Nelson Piquet: 1 vote”

    Congratulations Keith!

    Nelsinho is a frequet reader of this blog!

    1. He has 2 votes now.. his popularity doubled during the day! ;-)

      1. that’ll be his dad then!

        1. lol, sadly his dad voted for di Grassi…
          Jr. just voted twice from a diferent computer…

          1. It’s probably people with bad hand eye coordination trying to vote for Sato.

  16. Davidson
    De Grassi

    Can you fix the system Keith?

  17. I’ll name my picks here, seeing as the tick boxes aren’t working, and only a couple of them are on the list anyways.

    Davidson – needs a chance to shine.
    Senna – his name is Senna.
    Klien – always liked him, think he should be back.
    Wurz – ditto.
    Kobayashi – drove an entertaining stonker in Brazil.
    Villeneuve – I just like him and his attitude.
    Hulkenberg – is awesome, apparently.

    That is who I want to see in F1 next year.

  18. Where’s Adam Carroll? I’d like to see him abd in that way support A1GP as a feeder series.

    1. Agree – Adam Carroll should be in F1

  19. I picked Sato. He and Kobayashi would have great battles.

    1. Sato and Kobayashi would have great battles, which would end in spectacular crashes…

  20. Petrov obviously. I mean if our football team can beat Barcelona, why can’t our racers be just as good :) Plus, if not for the technical problems he could very well be the champ this year.

  21. For me, four GP2 kids: Senna, di Grassi, Petrov and Hulkenberg – promising talents all and a Russian in the field would be great for the sport.

    Aside from that, Anthony Davidson is an obvious choice, I’d love to see what he could achieve in a decent car. I’d miss his commentary though. Maybe he could combine both jobs and talk us through practice sessions from on-track :P

    And finally, Takuma Sato. I know he’s had more chances than most, but he’s surely one of the most likeable drivers of the decade. :)

  22. Bruno Senna – Just cause its Senna, havnt seen him race yet
    Vitaly Petrov – Very quick, should be a good fit for F1 bringing it to Rus
    Pedro de la Rosa – Needs to be on the gird, wasted as a tester
    Gary Paffett – Going strong in DTM, better than Ralf S.
    Anthony Davidson – For sure we need Ant on the gird
    Nico Hülkenberg – GP2 Champ says it all really

  23. Only given one vote so I didn’t bother.
    Di Grassi

  24. Why Paul Di Resta is not in the list?

    1. seconded

  25. Something must be said about Bruno Senna:

    Yes, his family name helped a lot, but when his uncle died it interrupted his career (then in karts) and he stayed away from motorsport for almost a decade… despite all of that, since he came back, he won races in every series he’s participated and, despite never being champion, he always came very close to that with little experience… he deserves his shot at Formula 1, and I’m glad to see everyone agrees…

    1. I always wonder about Bruno just how different he would be now as a driver if he had not stayed away from motorsport for that period of time. It is a shame that his career was interupted in that way (although completely understandable)

  26. Fix your broken poll!!

  27. Who the hell would want Wurz back? He couldn’t cope the last time.

    PAUL DI RESTA – you missed him
    Nico Hulkenberg
    – Best new talents

    Anthony Davidson
    Christian Klien
    – Proven ability, yet to see their full potential

    Gary Paffett – deserves a shot at last.

    Nelson Piquet… because I think it would be hilarious :D I’m joking, scratch that one.

    Bruno Senna – to see if he lives up to all the hype – I very much doubt he will, but I just want everyone to stop talking about him just because of his surname… it was never like this with Damon Hill…

  28. My choices:

    Bruno Senna – Looks fast and would be great to have the Senna name back in F1

    Pedro De La Rosa – I always thought he was a good driver and after so long as a test driver it would be great to see him get one full season as a main driver before he retires

    Gary Paffett – Definitely deserves a chance in F1 after doing well in other series. In hope he doesn’t become one of those talented drivers who looked good elsewhere but never even got a chance in F1

    Anthony Davidson – Another driver who deserves another chance in F1 after doing well with Super Aguri

    Takumo Sato – F1 is more entertaining with Sato in, and with Nakajima more than likely losing his seat it is important for F1 to have at least one Japanese driver

    Nico Hulkenberg – Can’t wait to see how fast he is in F1 after dominating GP2

  29. Klien … wasn’t given a proper chance and deserves another shot …

  30. why isn’t Jacques Villeneuve on the list????????

    1. Thats what I was gonna say…where’s Jacques?

  31. I hope the FIA did not use this voting system to decide the president :D

    1. lol. very likely though! what a shame for Vatinen.

  32. Anthony Davidson from your list.
    Kimi Raikkonen from outside the list :)

  33. I’m going to list mine here rather than vote for just one because this list is in no particular order:
    Anthony Davidson
    Takuma Sato
    Bruno Senna
    Lucas Di Grassi
    Nico Hulkenberg
    Kamui Kobayashi (not on original list but should be)

  34. Sad, only allowed to pick one instead of the said SIX. Got cheated. Anyway I only want to see Bruno Senna, at least that’s a consolation prize for me, than to remember myself that the Yawn Toad guy has been eleceted as FIA.T president… boring!

  35. I’d like to see:


    If this was a “who would you like to see NOT driving next year?”, I’d say:

    Grosjean (not good enough yet);
    Trulli (his 15 minutes of fame is up); and
    Nakajima (not bad, but he hasn’t scored a point in what has been quite a competitive car).

  36. The ones I’d be very interested in seeing:

    Of the others, some I don’t know enough about, others I wouldn’t care to see. Would be nice for de la Rosa to get a break, and definitely Kobayashi too.

  37. Mark Hitchcock
    23rd October 2009, 13:39

    Bruno Senna – I’ll be honest, I’d just love to see the Senna name back in F1.

    Ant Davidson – Just really like the guy and didn’t really appreciate him when he was in F1 before.

    Kobayashi – He’s not on the list but his race in Brazil is one of the most exciting debuts I’ve seen for a while.

    Alex Wurz – As with Ant, I didn’t really take much notice of him when he was in F1 but since he left I’ve grown to like him.

    Hulkenberg – Hype, hype, hype. Lets hope he lives up to it.

    Lucas di Grassi – Just to make up the numbers,

    1. Mark Hitchcock
      23rd October 2009, 13:44

      Oh and someone else who isn’t on the list that I’d like to see is Brendon Hartley. Maybe just because I’m drawn to anything New Zealand but I’ve liked him since I first saw him.
      He needs a lot more experience though or he’ll just be slated like the rookies this year (who all deserve at least another year, especially ALG and Buemi)

      1. hype… don’t think you should be saying too much about a hype if you looked at what he did the last few years ;)

        1. Mark Hitchcock
          23rd October 2009, 14:36

          I’m not saying it’s unfounded hype. Not at all.
          I just haven’t been following his career very much, yet when I think of future talents his name is always one of the first in my mind. The reason for that is because of what other people have said about him.

  38. Apart from Nico Hülkenberg, there’s nobody else on that list that I would care to see. At first I wanted to see Bruno Senna, but he’s been too much of a prima donna.

    You should create a poll with drivers that shouldn’t be in F1.

  39. My six:
    Kobayashi (even though he’s not on the list)

    Would be good to See Davidson back, think there’s lost potential there. Petrov would be good not least for getting some involvement from that region. As with Davidson, I think Sato may have a bit left in him and would love to see it. Kobayashi for me is (as is Senna Hulkenberg) a no brainer. :)

  40. I vote for (order of preference):

    1. Nico Hülkenberg
    2. =====> JUAN PABLO MONTOYA!!!!!!!!!
    3. Bruno Senna
    4. Pedro de la Rosa
    5. Vitaly Petrov
    6. Takuma Sato

    1. Oops sorry, I forgot Jacques Villeneuve!

      1. Nico Hülkenberg
      2. =====> JUAN PABLO MONTOYA!!!!!!!!!
      3. =====> Jacques Villeneuve!!!!!!!!!
      4. Bruno Senna
      5. Pedro de la Rosa
      6. Vitaly Petrov

      1. i second Jacques Villeneuve

        1. Didn’t Jacques Villeneuve walk away from F1, same with Montoya.
          thats probably why they aren’t on the list

          1. Hello my name is Juan Pablo Montoya, you killed my F1 career – prepare to die !

            Agreed, bring back Montoya !

            From the list I picked Senna, Sato, Davidson, Hulkenberg, Di Grassi & Paffett.

            Sato & Davidson because I’d like to see them back, and the rest because I’d like to see what they can do. As for options not already on the list I’d like to see Montoya (obviously), Black Jack, Hartley, Riccardo, Kobayashi & Patrick all plying their trade in an F1 car.

  41. My 6 I want to see in F1:
    di Grassi

  42. Well.. since the list only let me choose 1, I will write down my own list:

    1) Michael Schumacher (why discount him?? he can still make a comeback)
    2) Kobayashi (impressed me in brazil!)
    3) Nico Hulkemberg (GP2 champ)
    4) Anthony Davidson (has my own name, and everybody says hes good)
    5) Bruno Senna (just because of the name..)
    6) Nelson Piquet Jr. (I just want to see if he’s really that bad on another team, or if its true it was renault the problem)

    1. +1 – agree with all of this.

  43. As A Belgian, I would love to see Baguette or D’Ambrosio in F1.
    Baguette is WSR champion wich is big and D’Ambrosio did a descent GP2 season, but the DAMS team faded second half of the season… He did much better than Koboyashi in the same team.

    1. Interesting- I had never heard of those guys before now. Thanks for the info :)

  44. my top six are:

    Sato (obviously)
    de la Rosa
    and Senna

    so mostly returning drivers and Senna to see what he’s like. and (KAMAKAZIE) KOBAYASHI!!! of course but hes not on the list.

  45. HounslowBusGarage
    23rd October 2009, 14:33

    I’d just like to point out that I’m still available for next season and like Jensen, I’ll wash my own overalls . . .

  46. Common Guys give a chance to the poor fellow Piquet Jnr.
    He needs to be given one more chance.

    1. I’m not sure he deserves it. But I want to see what he can do. I still feel sorry for him!

  47. Prisoner Monkeys
    23rd October 2009, 15:04

    Rumour has it that Petrov will take part in Renault’s rookie race-off event, possibly lending credence to the suggestion the team will be purchased by a guy from Russia with connections to current Renault sponsor MegaFon.

    1. Hmmmm..not sure if its the same guy, but could Mikhail Prokhorov be buying Renault F1 AND the New Jersey Nets in the same timespan?

  48. poll still not working..
    max choice = 1

  49. Aaron Shearer
    23rd October 2009, 15:11

    Where’s Paul Di Resta on that list??

  50. why not have Loeb on the list?

  51. I only really want to see one man next year, that is Kobyashi.
    But he, for some strange reason is not on the list.

    1. Howett thought he was too slow …

  52. I don’t really follow the junior series so I can’t say which drivers deserve to be in F1 in terms of their performances, and so some of the drivers on the list I know virtually nothing about. But as the question is who we would like to see in F1 here goes

    Hulkenberg – will be surprised if he is does not have a race seat at Williams next year
    De la Rosa – I think he deserves a race seat and his experience will be valuable for a new team
    Davidson – Was a good tester at BAR/Honda and should get another chance.
    Senna – Like a few others this choice is mainly based on his name.
    Kobayashi – impressed in his debut race and probably deserves a full time race drive

    I am not sure who else to pick, Sato was entertaining when he was in F1, some posters on this site seem to rate Petrov highly, and the part of me that likes to see more British drivers in F1 would choose Paffett.

    I would like to see Villeneuve back in F1, but the problem is I fear he just won’t be quick enough.

    Also if we decided to include current drivers we wanted on the grid next year who are uncertain to get a drive I would include Heidfeld and some others.

  53. Keith,
    I think you should run this poll again including all the extra names reported here and also being able to give more than 1 vote…

  54. What happened to Di Resta?
    He was suposed to be the next big thing. He is forgotten by not only Keith, but the teams as well.Are any of the teams considering him?

  55. ?????????? Why isn’t Robert Wickens on the list?????????
    He deserves a shot.

  56. Not sure Robbie is quite there yet in terms of experience…don’t get me wrong, I like him for many reasons, not the least of which is that I’ve watched him develop since karts (he grew up in my region). Just think he needs a year of GP2 to be ready for F1.

    As for picks for next year…I like
    Senna (just to see if he’s good enough)

  57. Davidson seems to be favored in excess.
    He was rarely keeping a consistent pace in the race through the season.
    He has been a scoreless by that token.

  58. Where is Kobayashi?
    He was the best rookie in 2009!

    1. actually the best was Buemi

      1. ok, rookie without loads of testing.

    2. for finishing one race?

    3. I totally agree with you

  59. De La Rosa
    Da Mata

  60. keith, can i vote for myself??

    1. Only if you’ve got a super license.

  61. Grosjean – For no other reason than the haircut
    Kobayashi – For no other reason than he’ll keep
    everybody on their toes while attempting to
    pass him.
    Any American driver – For no other reason than we have
    to have someone that is better
    than some of the slugs posted
    in the list and comments.
    Have a nice day everyone. :-)

    1. I absolutley LOVE the American driver comment :) I disagree about Grosjean’s haircut, but if he keeps that cool helmet design (best on the grid at the moment) then he should stay.

  62. My six would be:

    Nico Hulkenberg
    Alvaro Parente
    Adam Carroll
    Lucas di Grassi
    Paul di Resta
    Vitaly Petrov

    No point in bringing back old hands like de la Rosa, Wurz, Davidson who have tried and failed. Especially not the journeyman Klien, who was only a Jaguar/Red Bull driver because of his nationality. Plenty of young talent to fill up those grid spots, please!

  63. Only lets me choose one.

    Koby needs to be on the list too.

  64. What about Jacques Villeneuve?

    1. Nooo not Jacques!! :P

  65. Mike "the bike" Schumacher
    23rd October 2009, 19:48

    Are people having a laugh, piquet is 7th at the moment and what about Adam Caroll.

    1. 7th with 6 places available …

  66. Paige Michael-Shetley
    23rd October 2009, 20:10


    He’s the only one on that list who is a really exciting talent.

    1. Indeed

  67. My top 6: Above voting system only allowed one entry.

    Bruno Senna
    Vitaly Petrov
    Giorgio Pantano
    Pedro de la Rosa
    Nelson Piquet Jnr: Should get another chance to show his true talent.
    Nico Hülkenberg: Only an official announcement is left. He will surely be in F1 next year.

    1. Technically Piquet jnr showed his true talent in the races running upto singapore,
      Flavio then used piquets lack of skill to full use.

  68. Adam Carroll

  69. Hi everyone,

    I’m very sorry that the poll hasn’t been working properly. I set it up to work for six votes and tested it out and it worked fine, but now I’ve come back to it it’s gone back to one and I can’t understand why. I have changed it now and it should be working properly again.

    I would have picked up on the problem sooner but due to circumstances beyond by control I haven’t been able to check the comments for much of the day.

    Sorry again for the problem.

    1. Keith,
      I think it’s better to re-run the poll adding up some of the missing drivers we proposed along this poll.

      This poll is now a mix of 1-voters and 6-voters

      1. Yup gotta agree. Because I voted on one while it wasn’t properly working it won’t let me vote again now that it is.

  70. StrFerrari4Ever
    23rd October 2009, 23:13

    The 6 drivers I would like to see come into F1 next season are:

    Nico Hulkenberg(great talent and would be a brilliant capture for the Williams team)

    Christian Klien(never got to show his full potential and deserves a chance to shine)

    Anthony Davidson(Same as Klien)

    Takuma Sato(Love the guy great entertainment deserves yet another chance in F1!)

    Nelsinho Piquet Jnr(I actually want him back in F1 to show whether he had any chance)

    Bruno Senna(Bring back the Senna name in F1 & shut up Hamilton about making him think his like Ayrton)

  71. i wdl pick..

    Senna: Been rumpoured for a while noe and has shown promise in GP2.

    Klien: Dont think he really had a good shot, deserves another chance.

    Hulkenberg: Promise in GP2, good to see 2.. nico.. bergs next yeaR!

    de la Rosa: Never thought he had a real shot, was always in mediocre cars, apart from when he was in Mclaren.

    Petrov: We need drivers from differnt countries, he has shown promise and would like to see him in F1 next year.

    Sato: I say bring him back, I always liked watching him race, also missed out due to Super Aguris departure.

  72. inc0mmunicado
    24th October 2009, 0:15

    I would like to see kimi next year in f1 instead of retired or in wrc…preferrably on one of the new teams or brawn..

  73. My only choice is really Bruno Senna, I just only hope its with a current team with a decent car and engine.

  74. Guys, poll is now working. You can now choose more than 1. :)

  75. It seems I am in the minority, but I would like to see Pantano have another go. As Glock proved, drivers who have a taste of F1, and then go and consolidate for a few years, can still come back and do a very good job.

  76. Six drivers I want to see in F1 next year…

    1. Jonathan Summerton- Forget Scott Speed and his attitudes, JS is the guy with the talent and personality to, eventually, put the Stars and Stripes over the top step of the podium someday :)

    2. Nico Hulkenberg- Not just a GP2 Champoin, but dominant in every catagory he has driven in. Last new driver I remember with that sort of background was some guy named Lewis….

    3. Adam Carrol- Is there a more under-rated guy out there? Perhaps not the best GP2 star, but more than solid in my book.

    4. Anthony Davidson- Did more than OK in a team designed to keep the career of his teammate intact.

    5. Giorgio Pantano- If Glock got the second chance, why not Georgie? I’d really like to see what he could do, and he’d probably drive for next-to-nothing in terms of pay.

    6. Franck Montagny- Should have followed Trulli at Renault years ago.

    I have no desire to see Sato back- honestly, why do people like drivers who crash out all the time? I would also like to see Senna, the name is good but I think he has real talent. Oh, and Paffett for sure.

    In a few years…Robert Wickens, Esteban Gutierrez, Alexander Rossi, John Edwards (2009 Formula Atlantic Champion), J.R. Hildebrant (2009 Indy Lights Champ)…the North American talent pool is stocked and loaded!!

    Oh, and my real favorite 2010 talent debut….Ben Spies at Tech 3 Yamaha :)


  78. i don’t like this polling
    Where’s Kamui Kobayashi???????

  79. Bruno Senna
    Lucas Di Grassi
    Christian Klien
    Anthony Davidson
    Takuma Sato
    Nico Hulkenburg

  80. Nico “the incredible” Hülkenberg is the one I’d really love to see in F1. He has been dominating nearly every series he’s participated in including A1GP, Formula three Euroseries and his impressive run at the GP2 of course. He might replace Rosberg at Williams next year.

    I also liked Kobayashi in last week’s race in Brazil. He looks like a real racer/fighter. Shame he couldn’t get points, perhaps not fit enough.

    Juan Pablo Montoya yeah! I forgot about him. He was very good too, let’s get him back in there, he was unafraid to go at it which is cool. That’s also why I would like

    Takuma Sato back.

    Bruno Senna. Mostly because of the name but he did pretty well in GP2 finishing as runner-up in 2008 (to Giogio Pantano but still!) and cousin Ayrton spoke very highly of him.

    Baguette isn’t on the list. I just saw him drive in the formula renault today, impressive! He won the race with some old fashion overtake manoevres. Alguersari was in that race too, he finished 7th or so.

    Who do I not want to see back in F1: Trulli (I’m tired of him and his trains), Kovalainen (he’s sympathetic but not fast enough), Badoer (no-brainer), Fisichella (he’s just not that fast), Nakajima because well, Rosberg is a fine driver but 0 versus 34 points.. too much!

    I’m in doubt about Nelsinho Piquet jr. I was impressed by him in the A1GP and he did very well (almost beating Hamilton) in GP2. But he’s also a whiner and he drove terrible the past season and a half. I’d like to see what he can do but he’s not the guy that will do well in a new team unlike, say, Vettel or Alonso. So the problem is that if he gets back in a new team, he’s going to suck anyway.. Hard one but I think I’d like to see his skill so let’s have him back too.

  81. Here are my choices?

    And where are the rest of the US drivers?

  82. Senna – see if he really is that good (as Ayrton said: look at my nephew he is really good!)

    Sato – Action where he went!

    Piquet – as we see with Grosjean, Badoer and even Fisichella the car has to match the driver… given his achievements in GP2 I think he deserves a second chance in spite of singapore

    Albers – Hey I’m dutch and he is the only dutch man on the list. And see the remark above about the car suiting the driver. Probably better to wait for Giedo van de Garde (or Max Verstappen, son of Jos….)

  83. the answer to where is luca badoer is he is thank god far away from a track and a f1 car hanging his head in shame for disappointing the prancing horse going slow somewhere. and if there is a god nelson cheatquet and the terrible sebastion bordais will stay far far away from the sport

  84. i totally forgot about these 2 but it would be great to see them back in the single seater Jacques Villeneuve and grab back montoya from the dreadful nascar series

  85. Perhaps Keith was assuming that Kobayashi already has the drive for next year? I sure hope he does and would’ve got my vote if he was on the list.

    Oh and my name wasn’t on the list either… I’d give my left testicle for a drive :P

    1. what’s wrong with your right one?

  86. Where is Alvaro Parente? It seems he’s dealing for a seat with Virgin F1.

  87. Senna
    Petrov and I forgot to vote for Hulkenberg.

    ……and how about some racing at the sharp end of the field?

  88. Pastor Maldonado?

  89. Ah the evidence for a Hülkenberg/Barrichello-drivers couple at Williams Cosworth is piling up now! Willi Weber, Nico Hülkenberg’s manager, said “I think he has new team-mate Rubens Barrichello under control”. I’m looking forward to that! I don’t think Hülkenberg came to the F1 to lose. With an experienced driver like Barrichello next to him, someone who can show him the way in F1, he’s an outsider for any race. Let’s hope they work well together and with the team. The 2010 championship is definetly shaping up better and better! Alonso in a Ferrari, Vettel in a Red Bull, Hamilton in a McClaren and Hülkenberg in a Williams.. This means we have 3 potential world champions and one rookie that’s very likely to end up on the stage in a few races (although the competition is pretty extreme).

    1. I mean at least 3 potential world champions. Massa was very strong the past season and a half. Who knows who the second McClarendriver is going to be? (Kimi?) Brawn Gp want to keep Button, if they trade Barrichello with Rosberg than there’s a dangerous looking team as well, good engines and Ross Brawn is a genius. If Renault can deliver a good car then Kubica might have a shot as well (not very likely but still!).

  90. Why is Álvaro Parente (POR) missing in that list?

    Hope he gets an F1 seat for 2010 or 2011. Great Driver!

  91. The best six …..

    Bruno Senna
    Jose Maria Lopez
    Nico Hulkemberg
    Takuma Sato
    Jaques Villeneuve
    Esteban Guerrieri

  92. Definetly Pastor Maldonado ought to be in the list.

    The guy has raw talent and speed which could be polished very quicky.

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