Briatore sells $25m New York apartment

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One Beacon Court - Flavio Briatore's New York apartment

As Flavio Briatore faces exclusion from Formula 1 (pending the outcome of his case against the FIA next month) and possible ousting from Queens’ Park Rangers football club, it’s no surprise he’s in a hurry to downsize his property portfolio.

He had this New York apartment on the market for $38m previously, but has now slashed its price by over a third to $25m (??15.32m / ??16.66m).

According to The Real Estalker:

Listing information indicates the day-core was all done up by a man named Alberto Pinto who is well known for creating lavish, sophisticated, whimsical, colorful and eclectic interiors for the homes, yachts and jets of some of the world’s wealthiest people. Upon entering the 53rd floor aerie, one passes through a foyer and into a entrance hall which serves as the central traffic hub for the apartment. Straight ahead is the living room that stretches more than 34 feet and all by itself encompasses a 1-bedroom apartment sized 750 square feet. Mister Pinto has wisely sprinkled the room with muted colors and low rise furniture that gives all the glory of the space over to the staggering views of Central Park and innumerable Manhattan building tops.

See the original article for more details on Briatore’s lush playboy pad.

Thanks to Josh for the tip.

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22 comments on “Briatore sells $25m New York apartment”

  1. My heart bleeds…

  2. I’ll take it!

    1. It would be very weird to sleep and eat where Flavio did…

      1. he was probably never there..

  3. I´m taking it! That new price fits my budget. I´ll instruct my lawyer to contact Flava´s office.

    These are sad times for F1: Ron and Flav gone, and Todt ” Newman” in charge.

  4. id laugh if piquet snr buys it

      1. Yeah! Sr might just buy that & gift it to Jr on boxing day :P

    1. +1 on this! What a twist of fate that would be.

    2. HounslowBusGarage
      26th October 2009, 10:20


  5. Life can be fair sometimes

  6. While we’re talking about the Piquets, Jnr wants Renault to apologise or he will sue I’ve read.

    1. Sue for what? Maybe he wants to look like hes acceptable to use as a racing driving – perhaps struggling to get a seat next year?

      The decision was “Renault” wasn’t involved and those involved have already been penalised. The only thing Renault have got to apologise about is a general one to everyone and that’s for putting these monkeys in charge. I don’t think Piquet deserves any apology directly from Renault.

  7. Yep, he better sell it quick, since the big cheques won’t be coming in anymore.

    1. I am sure interest on his portfolios would be more than enough to keep him afloat alone…

      The big checks aren’t needed…but I can see one big check coming from the fia to him soon.

  8. day-core?
    please tell me that’s an author error and not what everyone calls decor in the US.

  9. I was hoping that that was a glaring error. Day-core is a step too far. Phonetics can only go so far. I don’t want to read about a car dodging the day-bree in a grand pree.

  10. Well 25m is more then enough to pay someone to assassinate all his enemies starting with Mosley :)

    1. comon Flavio lets see what you got…

  11. Flava used to watch the sunsets with Heidi Klum from this apartment.
    Lets not forget the tremendous achievements in life of some people. He discovered Shumacher and Alonso and got a lot of things done.

  12. Poor Flavio…how will he cope….

  13. I still think he’ll come back, like Michael Myers in the Halloween films! Lets face it, theres going to be a huge hole in Monaco harbour next year where his yacht used to be. Where are the FIA going to have a emergency meeting then, at the Rascasse Cafe over a latte and pastry?

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