F1 cars in action at Abu Dhabi (pictures)

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Webber heads under the hotel

We’ve seen previews and renderings of what Yas Island would look like. But only now that we’ve had our first glimpse of the cars in action on the circuit can we see such what an exceptional venue this is.

Added to the impressive architecture was the rare sight of F1 cars in action at sunset and under floodlights during today’s second practice session – just as they will during Sunday’s race. Have a look at these dramatic and colourful pictures from today’s practice.

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Images (C) Ferrari spa, Brawn GP, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Toyota F1 World, BMW ag

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21 comments on “F1 cars in action at Abu Dhabi (pictures)”

  1. I don’t know if it’s deliberate, but I swear all the ‘arty’ blurry photos are of the Red Bull and Toro Rosso drivers…unless I only look at those pictures or something.

    The track certainly looks pretty, hope it provides a good race to end the season :)

    1. I’m sure you’re right about RBR and STR photos.
      I’m still not sure of the track but then again we haven’t even had the race yet! It does at least give some beautiful pictures.

  2. Kimi Raikkonen Red Bull??? Keith – you know something we don’t? :)

    1. I was thinking the same…

    2. Sorry about this – I did fix the problem a while ago but it doesn’t seem to have been reflected on the site yet. I have made some changes to the caching recently in an effort to make the site run faster, so it could be related to that.

      1. Also Kubica isnt Kubica in this picture but Nick

  3. Great pics but Im not impressed with another new track where you cant even tell half the corners apart and where are these close barriers…all I saw was tarmac.

    Still at least the 5,000 or maybe even 10,000 spectators enjoyed the stunning facilities we constantly hear about. Maybe scoring facilities should play a role in the championship, it seems more important than overtaking and racing:-(

    1. Even though there isn’t too much runoff, it’s still tarmac. It should be grass or gravel.

  4. looks great. should still end in brazil but then i used to say it should always end in oz….

    it’s very the modern f1 world,which makes the tv companies and sponsers pay ££££££££££ be warned though these gp’s will take the “classic” race tracks of the calender for good.

    they have like singapore made a decent fist of this unlike others not a million miles from adu dhabi so fair play………….

  5. I do hope we don’t see the old ‘only one racing line’ due to sand blowing over circuit.

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      31st October 2009, 0:43

      There’s only ever one racing line, regardless of the circuit in question.

  6. from speed this morning:

    bob varsha: that’s not another hotel in the background, that’s a boat…like david hobbs’.

    hobbs: ummmm, yeah.

    steve matchette: bahahaha!

    and, i completely agree with thestig84. those cars could have been going around the same 2 or 3 turns for all i knew.

  7. love pic number 12 of fisi!!!!! just a F1 car jumping the kerbs with a boat in the background. Its like a track version of Monaco.

  8. Dakshin October 30, 2009 at 6:49 pm
    Kimi Raikkonen Red Bull??? Keith – you know something we don’t?

    LOL just noticed that :D I bet if kimi was in red bull they would be the best team. Kimi + vettel or webber. I like it!

  9. eehh? no sparks? where are those sparks? this track is wayyyyyyyyyyy too smooth like silk oh god… we need BUMPS, that can create SPARKS under the DARK SKY!


  10. fantastic.
    the most beautiful race had ever hold i think

  11. MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. cool RBR team shot.

  13. these look too good not to be screenshots from some computer program! What’s it like in person, any one know?

  14. I read somewhere else that this place represents the start of a new era, that includes the end of Mosley.

    It does seem a long way from the days when a bunch of grim pasty faced punters would hang around a bleak Northamptonshire aerodrome to watch drivers who’d stub out a Benson & Hedges before climbing into a scary car.

    Now it’s over-budgeted attention-seeking lurid architecture as a backdrop, for, well, over budgeted attention-seeking F1 cars, driven by cosseted, pampered good looking boys.

  15. While it certainly looks impressive, I still don’t like it. I prefer to watch cars racing around, you know, actual tracks. This circuit looks like they are racing around an Olympic Stadium in the carpark.

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