Lewis Hamilton’s career in video (part 2)

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Hamilton was very nearly champion in his first season

F1 Fanatic guest writer Journeyer concludes his look at the career of world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton got a lot of breaks in the minor formulae thanks to two reasons: his speed and his link to McLaren’s Ron Dennis. Now the dream was about to be fulfilled – an F1 drive with McLaren.

2007: Hamilton’s target for his first race in Australia was to finish the race, hopefully in the points. But thanks to some bravery and some luck, he had an amazing start, going round the outside to pass teammate Fernando Alonso. Although Alonso later got back ahead of him, Hamilton was more than happy with third on his debut.

After finishing every race on the podium up to that point, many were thinking it was a matter of time before Hamilton won. And win he did, in dominant fashion, in Canada. Here are the highlights

And yet, when Hamilton was so close to being the first rookie to win a title, he let it slip away. McLaren was also partly to blame as they left him on wet-weather tyres on a drying track until the tyres were so worn the canvas was showing. By the time he was called in, he had no grip, and that was recipe for a disaster.

Just to make things more interesting, we’re listening to Spanish commentary…

2008: His second season was somewhat less consistent. There were times he struggled (like running into Alonso in Bahrain), but there were moments of utter domination. Monaco is one example. Again, he was a bit lucky (a puncture accidentally shifted him to a favourable strategy), but when the opportunity came up, he took it with both hands.

Hamilton was also showing a love for wet conditions. Last year’s British Grand Prix was a one-man show of domination again from him, winning by a mile – and then some.

But just like the year before, it seemed that Lewis was about to let the title slip away again as the rain began to fall in Brazil and Sebastian Vettel slipped past. But this time, Lewis had other ideas.

This video has German commentary.

2009: Hamilton began this season on a terrible note. It should’ve been fantastic, after charging through to third, but two errors of judgement from the McLaren pitwall led to a scandal over lying. Ted Kravitz walks us through the details.

After struggling with this year’s car initially (even failing to make it out of Q1 a couple of times), the car finally began to come good for wins. He won at Hungary and Singapore (shown here with French commentary), while also having chances to win at Valencia, Italy, and Brazil.

So what does the future hold for Lewis Hamilton? Well, we don’t even know who his team mate for next year is yet. But whoever it is, if his car next year is as good as it is now, he should contend for the title.

But will he indeed stay at McLaren for the rest of his career? Who knows? I’d honestly be surprised if he didn’t change teams, but if Lewis does it, he’d have well and truly repaid Ron’s trust in him.

So that’s it for this season for me. But there are many more drivers for us to cover next season. In the meantime, enjoy the off-season, and see you all again next year!

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25 comments on “Lewis Hamilton’s career in video (part 2)”

  1. If Mclaren stay on top he’ll probably stay with them. He has good fit there and no point changing.

  2. That 2007 Honda & McLaren look so alike, especially the nose cones.

  3. Strangest nose in F1.

    1. oh the ant-eater, they laughed in 2006, it led for 47% of the laps in 2007 and was WDC by 2008

      I hope McLaren next challenger looks a good deal different to the current one, its uninspiring.

    2. I think that nose looked awesome.

  4. so who had the bigger role in his F1 debut, Mclaren or Mercedese? And what will happen if this Mclaren-to-Brawn rumors come true post 2011 (after Merecedes engine deal expires with Mclaren)? Old Mclarens used to have BMW powerplants. Could we be seeing Lewis drive for Mclaren BMW or Brawn Mercedese….

  5. Nice videos after watching these i believe lewis did deserve the world title in 07 but not the 08 that should of been Massa’s IMO.

    All Lewis can say really is “i was unlucky in 07 but lucky in 08” so karma is a B*tch of sorts

    cant wait for 2010 Senna vs Prost that i get this feel from Alonso and Hamilton: Alonso=Prost Hamilton=Senna and ofc Vettel=Schumacher :p history is repeating itself of sorts I just hope nobody dies. It could be a golden era for Formula 1 if these 3 keep the fight going on.

    1. What does that make Raikkonen, Piquet Sr? :P

  6. I think this year has probably been better for Hamilton in terms of improvement both on and off the track than his previous two years in F1.

    At Brazil when BBC were filling in time due to qualifying been delayed they interviewed his father and he said it was the first time in ages that it has been coming up to the end of the season and they have not been in a title fight.

    I think Hamilton will only leave McLaren if they become uncompetitive and show no signs of recovering, say if they were in the position Williams have been in recently, or if he had a major falling out with the team.

  7. Hamilton. Surely the most spoilt and robotic driver in F1 history ..

    1. Lol! Must be annoying for you that he won the title last year. Ah well, life’s not all bad, huh?

    2. sour grapes, my man!

      1. mef = idiot
        hamilton = talented

        1. Have some class.

    3. Epic fail at a troll my friend…

  8. yes Lewis backing the car into corners motogp style is so robotic. And soOOO many kids from Stevenage council estates make it to F1, he really is spoilt. Your a genius!

    1. It’s ‘you’re’.

  9. It would have been more appropriate to have had a look at Kimi’s career in Videos. It does seem this will be his last F1 season afterall! :(

      1. Thanks. How did I miss that?…

  10. He’s such a great talent.
    IMO the best in f1 atm.

    He has the most points of all drivers since he entered f1 and he won last year with a car that wasn’t as fast as the Ferrari!

  11. Hope he stays in Mclaren for the rest of his life,& if he does then trust me I think he may challenge Michael Schumacher’s record of 91 victory,surely he will get pass Senna & Prost numbers of 41 & 51.

  12. Just like his biography, just like the marketing, just like the fan boom, this look at hamilton’s Career is, I feel, tooooooo early. Like his attitude, indifferent to his style, but the whole Hammy domain is not very pleasing taking into account he has been in the sport for just 3 years now. I would always love alonso (ok don’t start with singapore thingie now!!) and Kimi better than Hammy. Don’t get me wrong, I have respect for this young driver, just comparing him with Senna, better than schumi, is just juvenile. Let him win more WDC and after some 5-6 years if these comments are thrown around, I’ll hear them with good amount of respect, just not now!!!!

  13. I also remembered from the canada video the awesome drive of wurtz getting ahead of a Macca and into 3rd. He is another deserving driver sidelined becoz of “richer” drivers like Kazuki et al….

  14. Does it really matter? He has been through hell as it is with the media and the whole whole knowing about his infidility. Would it have made it easier if he had allowed questions to be asked? He made mistakes yes, but now we need to allow this remarkable sportsman return to the one thing he is great at -golf. Let him pick up the pieces with his family and move on

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