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Sebastian Vettel led home a RedBull-one-two at Yas Island. What did you think of F1’s first race at Abu Dhabi? Rate the race out of ten below and have your say in the comments.

Rate the 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix out of 10

  • 10 - Perfect (3%)
  • 9 - Fantastic (7%)
  • 8 - Great news (9%)
  • 7 - Good (21%)
  • 6 - Not bad (18%)
  • 5 - A bit dull (16%)
  • 4 - Often tedious (8%)
  • 3 - Boring (13%)
  • 2 - Rubbish (2%)
  • 1 - Terrible (2%)

Total Voters: 2,775

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117 comments on “Rate the race: Abu Dhabi”

  1. just proved yet again jenson not worth it!! he just can’t overtake..got beaten on the lap by koby

    1. My favourite moment this year.

      1. Take your Red Bull tinted glasses off Tommy, sour grapes, Jenson won this year fair and square, take it like a man, if you are one?

        1. I know Jenson won I’m just saying that was my favourite moment. Great ovetake

          1. It wasn’t really that great, he was in a considerably faster car at the time

    2. Cant overtake??????????
      Is that the only GP you’ve seen this year?

    3. you silly sausage.
      overtaker of the year. JB

      Man did well.
      enjoyed his performance

      1. he only made passes on the slowest cars over the whole year!

        overtaker of the year? yea right! the thing is the cameras were fixed on him because he was in the fastest car!

        eg brazil, tv coverage missed a few passes by vettel, hamilton and kimi, because the cameras were always on button

  2. 4 for me. Would have been lower had it not for the fantastic last lap.

  3. End was great, start was good. Middle would have been great if Hamilton had stayed in

  4. 6 for me. Overtaking car be done on track but F1 rules do not promote overtaking!!

  5. Jenson could not take over webber and was taken over by a GP2 driver. poor performance by the brit, poor race.

    1. Jenson couldn’t overtake a very good driver, in a very fast car, but he nearly did, it was a fair drive.

      Kobayashi was much faster than Jenson at that stage, get some perspective

    2. Jenson couldn’t overtake a very good driver, in a very fast car, but he nearly did, it was a fair drive.

      Kobayashi was much faster than Jenson at that stage, get some perspective.

    3. Utter rubbish. Kobayashi is a talent to watch but he was also in a lighter car at that point.

      Secondly, who was on the podium?…

    4. gp2 driver…Kobbie in a top team car would rival Hamilton !!!
      This guy is great.

      Oh and forget button had cold tyres, just pitted and had a heavy car…but it still was a great drive by Kobbie and clean too

      Do you even follow motorsport?

    5. Button, like all the other drivers overtakes….he doesn’t, so far as I’m aware take over, but then again, I could be wrong… and remind me not to ask people who think like you do for a reasoned opinion on F1 events in future.

  6. We were robbed of a potentially titanic battle between Lewis and Seb because of a brakes issue. Real shame.

    Seb however drove an absolutely brilliant race, pretty much flawless. If Lewis’s car had been working it’s difficult to say who would have won!

    Jenson drove an excellent race too and the comments above are just silly and ignorant and show an understanding of F1 at the ‘back page of a tabloid’ level.

    Overall though I totally dislike the whole Abu Dhabi event. How a hotel costing a gazzlion pounds can end up looking like a cheap fairground attraction is testament to the difference in taste between the Gulf states and what we are used to here.

    Hamilton vs Vettel for 2010…

    1. Hamilton vs Vettel for 2010…

      I think Alonso will be with them too.

    2. Hamilton vs Vettel for 2010…

      Would be the dream for me. I really hope it happens. Those 2 are definitely the best 2 in F1 at the moment and will hopefully be very quick next year and fighting at the front.

      1. I wouldn’t neccesarily say they are the best two drivers, but I think they are definitely the two fastest.

        1. Agree Ned, Seb still needs to show he can overtake. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t win from any where other than pole but he still needs to be fight if he isn’t infront.
          I expect next year Kimi Massa Ham Alo and Seb will be the title ‘chargers’, Rob in the mix with Renault and Nico with a chance at getting his first win. Though this is f1 and who knows what will happen.

        2. 2 fastest is what I meant. They need to cut out the mistakes and they will be more complete drivers like Alonso

          1. Agree, very excited to see how Seb will mature and hopefully a few more overtakes.

          2. Agreed!!cant wait for 2010

        3. Massa is fast. Perhaps faster than Alonso… we’ll see.

    3. If Hamilton hadn’t had his brake problem he would have disappeared on the horizon.

      If he had struggled through with his ailing car it might have been an epic battle or … Lewis’s last race.

      1. i agree, the only reason vettle was able to keep up with hamilton was the problem with his brakes

        the problem was there from the start of the race and probably got magnified while in his pit box, the hot bakes being stationary in the pits probably damaged them further

      2. spanish senora
        2nd November 2009, 12:12

        The excitement went out of the race once Lewis had gone.

  7. 5 for me. Last lap was cool. Kobayashi has a bright future in F1 if he can land a good ride.

    Overall, another dull Tilkedrome. At least there was 1-2 on-track overtakes after the first lap.

    However, I’m optimistic for 2010. Even if the new teams are ****, they’ll at least prove to be obstacles for the front-runners!

  8. Those saying Jenson cant overtake are talking out your a**es he was the only one giving it a go today, good on him for giving a go. On another note this track is far better than valencia so good on Abu Dhabi!

    1. He was the only one giving it a go? What about kobayashi who overtook HIM in the first place?

      1. KOB had a lighter car, scrubbed tyres, and momentum so yes i can!

        1. Er, and I hardly think Webber was just cruising around on a sunday drive either…

          1. Webber did superbly defending that position, I was very impressed with him.

        2. KOB had a lighter car

          but buttons defense was crap, kobayashi clearly outsmarted him with that move. Regardless of heavy light, that was the best overtaking maneuver of the race.

          1. Agree!! ppl who talk about kobi had lighter faster and what not, forgot that Jenson braked late(a driver error under pressure) and didn’t defend his position, plz learn from Webber,

  9. Horrible tacky carbuncle of an hotel… Boring dockside track… No proper racing… I fell asleep…

    1. Is that you James May?

      1. Classy response – just snotted my rather nice red wine you buggar! LOL

    2. At least its better than Valencia. Though I suppose anything can be better than Valencia.

      Thing is though, Suzuka is one of the best tracks in the world and that race was actually more boring than this one.

      1. True, I enjoyed this race much more than Suzuka (which has propably been the most disappointing race all year).
        This race was better than most during the season, very definetely including the oh-so-traditional Silverstone

      2. I could punch myself in the face for two hours and enjoy it more than Valencia.

        5 for me – the track wasn’t as dull as I thought but the race didn’t really take light until the last lap.

      3. It’s not the tracks or the cars that make a race dull… it’s the absence of any randomizing factors.

        Great F1 races nearly always involve rain, or preferably rain in qualifying to mix up the grid.

    3. just keep sleeping then, and don’t wake up.

  10. Way to go Seb!!!Season ends on a high note for me!

    1. I’m always happy to see SuperSeb win, he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

      1. spanish senora
        1st November 2009, 17:42

        He wasn’t so nice in Brazil when he threw his steering wheel in disgust more like a spoilt brat. Also at press conf. both BUT and WEB thanked their teams, he didn’t!!

        1. Well he thanked them over the radio. That really matters more I guess. In the press conference it’s just the media training speaking.

          I do hate how he keeps whining about KERS though. He’s in the fastest car and still he whines about a perceived advantage other drivers might have.

          1. I have also noticed how Vettel keeps mentioning KERS, if he thinks he is at such a disadvantage I would simply ask him would he have preferred to have been in the KERS equipped McLaren for all of the season or his Red Bull.

  11. Terrible. Just because I was sick to death of seeing the hotel on friday let alone missing out on seeing the cars and webbers donuts just to look at it.

    I worried about f1 just being a tourist advert after so many wide shots showing off with micro machines in the background.

    Also every one out there will love it wont they. Great weather, hotels and wealth. Doesnt mean much to us real fans though does it?!

    1. I agree I could not believe they missed Webbers donuts!

  12. Just when things were about to get interesting…….
    From then on a completer snoozer.
    They can spend as much money as they want on lights and tunnels but it’ll never capture the magic of the fans presence at a real race track.
    What a sterile concrete mausoleum, yeah the sunset was cool.

  13. Good race overall. Shame that Hamilton was forced to retire with a brake problem. Exciting driving from Kobayashi. I’m quite happy with the circuit.

    1. Agree I like it. Not the worst Tilke at all.

      1. Certainly one of his better tracks. And unlike Turkey, there are actually fans there.

        I think if only the best three of the Tilke-tracks are kept on the F1 calendar (And if not every single new track would be designed by him) he will be remembered as a great racetrack architect.

    2. Shame that Hamilton was forced to retire with a brake problem.

      Which brings a point. I still don’t understand the brake problem Hamilton had. Clearly while he was still out on the track (in front of Webber and behind Vettel) he was able to maintain the gap. So just how much of a Brake problem did we really have!?

      Hamilton retiring was a surprise to me and simply did not make sense. Clearly if he had a major brake problem, in no way would he have been able to stay in front of Webber, or in front of Vettel for that long. It simply did not make sense how the brake was such a dangerous problem considering his pace. As silly as this sounds it just seemed like the retirements was more of a publicity decision than anything else.

  14. Horrible – twitter about the race was more interesting then the race itself. Only Valencia was duller then this and I wonder what would have happened if Kobayashi didn’t race…

    1. Umm Silverstone, Suzuka, Singapore, Barcelona all much more dull than this race during this season. What are you talking about?

  15. Ah yes Valencia, one would get a similar spectacle if they moved the LBGP to a track around the container docks.

  16. All bling, no action

  17. First lap was great. Last lap was great. Everything in between was soooo boring. 2/10

  18. Why do we bother to watch guys ?
    Is there a cure?

    1. Invert the qualifying order and let the fast guys start at the back and the slow guys up front (that’s why the Brazil race was good). Then we’ll have plenty overtaking.

    2. I wish you all would…getting sick off all the whining post race.

    3. Get rid of the double-diffusers & KERS. We saw the potential at Melbourne. But declaring the diffusers legal screwed up the air behind the cars which made overtaking near impossible… again.

      1. Agreed. Melbourne was an amazing race with lots of overtaking before everyone got the diffusers.

      2. Hopefully they’ll get rid of them for season after next.

      3. Melbourne was all about the tyres that lasted only for 10 laps.

        1. Yes, the overtaking at Melbourne was due to the difference between the two tyre compounds. Aero changes won’t solve this problem.

          But really, why would you expect exciting races when the cars start in order of pace, with the quickest car at the front? Yet to randomize the grids would be the end of F1 as a serious contest.

          1. Indeed I also see qualifying as the biggest reason why there is no overtaking. Start the cars on their race fuel ordered by the speed which they just demontsrated with the same car. How can you even expect any overtaking at all?

            Next year will probably be different though. Cars qualify with little fuel and then start the race with a lot of fuel. That could potentially completely change the performance of the cars and thus the order.

  19. Great track, nice battles, and excellent finish.

    Funny thing Rubbins finished the same way he started the year…clobbering Webber in T1 and having a broken wing for the whole race LOL

    If LH hadn’t had retired it would have taken away some of the mid race calm.

    RBR well done shame you had so many mid season errors.

  20. I said fantastic. I know I’m mad but alright start, Webber great finish Koby was mad and brilliant with Jenson, one my favs moments of year and for a little while I had some hope about Ferrari getting 3rd. I may be also being generous as this the last race :( What do I do now?

    1. That explains your choice, but what about the other 28! ;)

      1. Has deluded as me? :P

        1. Everyone else is as* sorry computer went bonkers

  21. Oh, to make matters worse I forgot to change the clocks last night and was woken at 4am.
    Just what is the attraction of F1 under the lights?
    No flaming exhausts, sparks or even glowing breaks,I don’t get it, complete waste of electricity by the haha ‘green team’.

  22. Besides the last lap (button and webber) the race was Boring with a capital B. I am not a fan of those “bad taste” bling bling playground tracks. TO MUCH space, whit tjis types of tracks they never are going to overtake…..

    1. not as boring as some other races we seen this year. In fact there were number of interesting overtaking maneuvers that made the race worth watching. Too much space? hmm…. never overtake? did you see Kobayashi?

  23. I wish Formula 1 was more down-to-earth.

    Less celebrities and more engineers with oil-soaked hands. Less glitzy hotels and more fans huddled together under a tarp under the rain. Less artificial circuits and more sweeping tracks that follow the lay of the land.

    Less of this:

    More of this:

    1. There are plenty of tracks where you can stand in the mud. Spa is indeed one of those.

    2. With the speed that cars are doing today that seems very unlikely. It is unfortunate, but F1 is just going to become more and more about money and popularity and celebrities and people trying to look good and show off…

  24. That was like watching paint dry, the track looks a mess, the TV direction was dire, Legard is just unbearable (had to switch to the Five Live commentary). Throwing money at something doesn`t make it good, they know the cost of everything but the value of nothing.

  25. It was an okay race. The day into night thing worked beautifully. The track looks nice. Not enough overtaking, but bless ’em Webber and Jenson put in a stirling performance over the last 2 laps. It obviously is possible to overtake here, but the dust off the racing line does cause issue. Maybe the place needs an industrial sized hoovering prior to F1 sessions.

    Biggest problem for me was the lack of atmosphere. Okay, I know it’s hard to get that down a TV feed, but think more fans and a few shots of them during the race would help.

    Anyways, nice finale for the season with a well earned 1-2 for RBR with JB right in the hunt till the final lap.

    Gonna be a long 133 days, but next season promises to be a goody again. Alonso and Massa in Ferrari, Button and Rosberg at Brawn, Lewis and Kimi in McLaren (hopefully) and Vettel and Webber doing more of the same. Six more cars. Brimming fuel tanks and no Max Mosley – bring it on!

  26. I actually liked the hotel but thought the rest of the track looked boring and was full of too many 90 degree corners. There was something about the surroundings which meant it had no character- mostly grey tarmac and barriers and blue stripes. Grass, trees, water and gradient give tracks character as do exciting corners. This coure lacked most of that. Also, racing under lights seems to make it even more colourless. The actual race was mostly dull too, except for the very end.

  27. …although I did like the James Cordon bit at the end. Would love to see him doing an alternative, totally biased review at the end of each race. Would make it quite funny, and he’d be a good replacement for Eddie Jordan!

    1. Eurgh, no thanks.

  28. 2 out of 10.
    Watched the beginning, then started reading the newspaper, lunched during the race (on sundays I always eat after the race), and left earlier for the local soccer match.
    In one word? BORING

  29. William Wilgus
    1st November 2009, 17:53

    Except for a few moments shown on replay, it was completely, absolutely dull. Therefore, graded it boring.

  30. I think this race was as good as it could possibly get.
    I didn’t see any driver being stuck behind another one, not being able to overtake. That’s what happens with race fuel Q3: Everyone drives off as fast as they were in qualifying, position changes only through the pits.

    Seriously, there is no racing series in the world where a driver can overtake a car that’s only marginally slower than himself, let alone a faster car. how exactly do you get a more exciting race from that base?

    banning KERS and refuelling for next year will be a step in the right direction. But besides that you can only introduce gimmicks like a reversed grid or NASCAR-style safety car-periods (Or spice things up by holding qualifying during torrential rain…)

  31. i give it a very generous 3-BORING! i’m not worried about the venue, as in a couple years it will be washed away like the palms and other piles of sand.

    1. something kinda happened on the first lap.
    2. hamilton retired (technically, this is a case of nothing happening)
    3. some car racing accidentally occurred between kobayashi and button
    4. something almost happened on the last lap

  32. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix wasnt bad, but it wasnt Great and it wasnt down to the Track!

    The Track 10/10

    I Think the thing that needs to be changed is the dirty air zone!!.. that is the only reason there is no overtaking!! because when they get in within 1.0sec they cant go any faster.. there car gets worse!

    but none the less the track does have its overtaking spots.. we didnt see much today.. because there didnt need to be.. Button had the title.. nothing was up for grabs…

    I Think Mclaren should of Started Lewis in the Pit.. so his car wouldnt have a problem and he could fight through the field with his KERS & Mercedes Benz engine.. would have been amazing to watch…

    But Byee KERS Youve Been Good:)

    1. What? Lewis started first because he qualified first. They didn’t know about the problem with the brakes until he started racing and for safety reasons they didn’t let him carry on without knowing exactly what was wrong with them. I thought that was obvious.

  33. It’s not because of the track that people can’t overtake. I think it’s just breathtaking, a beautiful track and it seems like a very safe track too. Lots of space! Also, the blue lights under the sunset.. It’s just a beautiful picture as a whole!

    The race was a bit dull but only because Vettel was on superb form today! Shame Hamilton had to retire, just when you thought they would be the ones to battle it out to the finish… I enjoyed the last race and for the ones claiming Buton can’t pass anyone: Webber himself said that Button is great at overtaking and he gave him a scare so.. I really liked Kobayashi too!! The guy won Gp2 Asia series but in Gp2 he didn’t seem very special this year. However, in the past 2 races he definetly proved he has a lot of talent and potential. Sure, he has to learn a thing or 2 to become as complete as Alonso for instance but he’s got the speed and he’s definetly not afraid to go for it!

    For next year I think Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel are the main candidates to battle it out. Their teammates are all good too but I think Alonso is way more flawless than Massa, and Vettel is just quicker than Webber most of the time. If Raikkonen goes to McClaren (let’s hope so!!!) we’ve got ourselves another serious rival. Rosberg to Brawn might surprise us as well and now the pressure is off, why not Button? They still have a good car, Button doesn’t make many mistakes so he has a chance. I don’t think Kubica and Glock are going to be contesters, the renault is just not good enough. They need to change something radically because if Alonso can’t go faster than a 9th place in the championship, no one can. Also, Williams (who announce their drivers tomorrow) could surprise us! They say that the car is fast enough, just that the drivers can’t get everything out of it. I thought Rosberg was quite impressive mid-season but they might be right. And with Barrichello’s experience and the supertalented Nico Hülkenberg we might be in for a treat next year. I don’t think a guy like Hülkenberg comes to the F1 to learn. He’s going to be there to win! He got everything out of any other car he ever drove. Perhaps he can surprise us too. Can’t wait!

  34. The race had plenty of promise, but the loss of Hamilton really took alot of the edge of the contest. I think everybody on this site wanted to see Vettel and Hamilton go wheel to wheel, and sadly that did not happen.
    With Hamilton gone, Vettel was allowed to run at his own pace and dictate. He knew full well that few were in a position to challenge him, and towards the end we saw Webber drop to atleast fourteen seconds off the pace to Vettel.
    This could have been because Mark had a problem, or maybe the team wanted him to hold up Jenson Button so as to aid his team mate? Whatever the reason, the Webber and Button battle at the end made the event.
    At one stage, down the main straight at 196mph I felt sure that Button had made the move stick but Mark Webber drove with great grit and determination.
    Apart from Button, the driver who most impressed me was Kobayashi. I know that Button’s car was fat on fuel and on cold tyres, but how many times do we get to see a rookie take on a champion like that in F1?
    Unlike Brazil though, the Japanese driver bagged some points and beat his veteran team mate Jarno Trulli.
    This is the same Jarno Trulli who has spent large portions of this weekend still complaining about Sutil and the crash in Sau Paulo that took both of them out.
    Apparently, he has paperwork and video evidence and is considering taking the matter further.
    What he hopes to achieve is anybody’s guess, but his real concern must be his career and not the events of two weeks ago! Another man who must have watched Kobayashi’s performance with interest was Timo Glock.
    I suppose the hope is, is that the bean counters back in Japan maybe buoyed enough by Kobayashi’s performance to keep their interest in Toyota F1. Still, after all these months, the team is rumoured to be leaving Formula One.
    Roll on 2010!!!

  35. For me it was a good race to end on considering all goals had been done in Brazil. Kobiwhatever his name is is well worth watching and may have kept Toyota in F1, he has talent and the right attitude. I am fed up with drivers only getting into F1 because of other results. Promise and attitude used to be the key not a cabinet full of shiny F2,F3,Fwho cares trophys. I don’tunderstand this need to get pre puberty children into what is the ultimate mans sport.

  36. one of the dullest races of the season, Bernie should be fired for bringing F1 here.

    1. He should be fired, but for better reasons than that, since this racetrack wasn’t so bad.

  37. Either the 2 people slagging Button for being overtaken by Kobayashi are deliberately fishing or are going for the most ignorant comment award of the year.

    Maybe the ‘Glock deliberately let Hamilton past’ posters of last year can present them with it?

  38. I agree with everyone commenting, this race was boring as hell. I read newspaper for like 15 laps because it was so boring I couldn’t watch it.

    The best moments were Alguersuari’s dumbass driving at pit and Kobayashi’s nice overtake from Button. Sure, Kobayashi was lighter etc. but it was a very nice overtake and I think there was lots of irony in that overtake, since Button mocked Kobayashi’s driving after Brazil.

  39. For all the boring tracks we have now in F1 Tilke should be fined and jailed. I was watching this Abu Dhabi GP and was shaking my head: so much money went into everything but the track itself it seems.
    I say: no to Tilke tracks and no to night races – Singapore should be only night race, that’s what makes it unique. Proper racing should take place in day time :\

  40. All of the negative comments on this post really amuse me. Were any of you at the race? No of course not. If you were you would understand that over 50,000 people enjoyed the race. What other race has had that many in attendance? Not many events are as exciting on television as they are live. If you were there you would realize the day into night timing was amazing especially with the temperature and sunset.

    Also for the rest of you speculators, no the palm is not sinking and nor are other propoerties in the Middle East. Yas Island also happens to be a natural island, so it will not be going anywhere. The race and facility will only improve season after season since Yas Island Marina Circuit only began construction less than 2 years ago. It is a huge accomplishment that the track was even finished for raceday.

    Finally with regards to the hotel and other ammentities on the island – yes it might not be to everyone’s personal taste but it is unusual. Abu Dhabi did not want to copy what has already been done and wanted to create something completely new and unique. Again since you were not there you did not realize how awesome the island is.

    1. “What other race has had that many in attendance?” Well, Melbourne gets over 100,000 on race day every year. And that is still going strong, despite the fact we’ve had it for 11 years now & the novelty has well worn off. And we manage to produce decent race most years too.

      No one is saying that the people there didn’t enjoy themselves, I’m sure they did. But the thing is that actual race attendances pale beside TV viewer figures, which is what Bernie cares about. If TV audiences slip because we can’t be bothered watching processional races at Tilke-dromes with no spectators present, then that is a concern.

    2. You’re still talking about how beatiful the island is, the hotel, all the facilities, but the race track itself is still lifeless Tilke track; no money can change that now :/

      1. It’s not the tracks, it’s the formula.

        Some people seem to have some kind of selective vision that prevents them from seeing that Monaco, Catalunya, Silverstone, Nurburgring, Hungaroring, Monza and Suzuka also produced uneventful races this year.

        1. Agree, but Tilke design philosophy is adding even more to this formula youre talking about.

    3. Although I don’t know the attendance figures, most Grand Prix at the established circuits seem to get decent attendances and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them manage more than 50,000 for qualifying or even Friday practice.

      It is mainly the relatively new circuits of the last ten years which seem to have attendance problems partly because some of the countries do not have much history of motorsport in general let alone F1 so the fan base isn’t there.

      What they have managed to do in Abu Dhabi may be a great achievement and the facilities may be the best in the world, but that doesn’t mean the circuit itself or the Grand Prix is the best in the world. It shows what can be achieved with a blank cheque book and government backing.

      While there have been dull races at traditional circuits this year as well, they have the advantage of history, so while Suzuka 2009 may not have been a great race fans remember races such as 2005, so they know that Suzuka is capable of hosting entertaining Grand Prix, whereas new circuits can’t say this year may have been dull but the race a few years ago was brilliant.

      Also I think some of the negative feeling amongst fans towards the new circuits is because they have replaced much loved Grand Prix such as Canada, just look at the reaction when it was announced Donington would replace Silverstone as the host for the British GP.

  41. So, all of you who didn’t like the track or the race, Does that mean you won’t be watching it next year?

    1. Nice point, but a bit misleading since everyone commenting here is more or less F1 fan and will be watching every race next year. But majority of people watching F1 races are occasional viewers and it just might be they don’t watch this boring race next year.

  42. I voted “good”. It was…kind of. The track is beautiful. It could be an exciting place for a race. It is a good format having the race afternoon until dusk/dark. The actual racing was indeed kind of blah though. Couple of good passes, couple of good drives. Here is what I saw that I think bodes well for 2010. (I’ll probably reiterate this in one of Keith’s future posts.) In 2010, Vettel will without a doubt be in the hunt even more than this year for the WC. He definetly will win WC within the next 2 years. Webber won’t, sorry. Button is a one hit wonder. Good driver…not great. Won’t win another WC. Kobayashi deserves to be in F1. You guys gave him all kinds of stick after Brazil. Today he drove great. Possibly drive of the race. Williams will be nowhere next year. If Rosberg goes to McLaren, Hamilton will dominate him. If Rosberg goes to Brawn, he will give Jenson a run for the money. If Kovi can’t get into Renault or one of the new teams he will be in rallying. If Kimi can’t get into McLaren he will be rallying too. He should have thought about Toyota. Ferrari I don’t think will dominate next year. Alonso may have gone red at the wrong time. Sorry to ramble. I’m sure Keith will have a wrapup post and I shall elucidate more at that time.

  43. I rated it good, mostly for the last 6 laps of action between Webber & Button, Koby’s overtake of Button, plus an extra point for Webber’s donuts at the end.

    But I maintain for all the glitz & glamour, it still looked like they were racing in the carpark of the Olympic Stadium.

  44. why is it that the race went like this…

    alright first lap, not much positon change a few passes.

    20 laps in someone retires and someone runs out of feul.

    laps lap, someone almost makes a pass, and the guy who has been leading almost the whole race wins.

    ad the majority of people voted the race “good”, and steph voted it “fantastic”? as i recall.

    look at the gp2 asia race, same circuit alot better race.

    so why is it that the race is called “good” if nothing happened?

    3/10 for me, in my opinion the prime and option compoundes need to be alot more different, and double difusers banned.

    …oh and better tracks, less bernie

    1. I couldn’t decide if 3/10 or 4/10 was the most right to give.
      Everything was fantastic besides the race.
      But wait a moment. The RACE is that matters!

  45. I thought the race was okay. Although Button did manage to attempt an overtaking move on Webber in the final few laps I think more needs to be done regarding overtaking in F1 especially with the refuelling ban, as judging from the comments in the press conference it was mainly due to the how the different cars worked on the soft tyre in the final stint.

    It’s a pity Hamilton had brake trouble as there may have been a good battle between him and Vettel, although if Hamilton’s McLaren had been working as well as it did in practice and qualifying I think he may have been able to just pull out a big lead as many predicted before the race.

    I don’t know what other coverage was like, but I got tired of the BBC saying every 5 minutes how the great the Yas Island circuit and facilities were and how they had set a new bench mark in F1. It may have been because of this but I also didn’t like all the times the TV director cut away from the pictures of cars on the circuit to focus on the sun set or to a helicopter camera where you see all the circuit and Ferrari world but not the cars.

    Also after the recent changes to the BBC Red Button service on Freeview in the UK, could anyone else not get the post race F1 Forum, as I also had bad reception due to the weather yesterday I didn’t know if that was why I couldn’t get it.

  46. I found it a bit dull, mainly because of the track design. For a new track, with a clean sheet to start with it should have provided better racing.

    I had more hope of this longest straight in F1 helping drivers with a good tow. It did give a good tow and then a turn and another long straight. But after that the track was ruined by a chicane that spoilt any chance of two cars going side by side into the next section! Like when Button was chasing Webber.
    Why was that needed in the design?
    Webber drove well to defend at the end.

    Otherwise I had to give it a thumbs down.
    The TV coverage missed Jenson passing Reubens at the start and sometimes, we seemed to have a gap on the camera shot, like they ran out of cameras and we had to wait to see who appeared around the corner. Again, very much visible on the battle between Webber and Button.

    TV coverage is so important that missing passes and having too few cameras for sections is just ridiculous no matter what happens on track.

  47. Another uneventful race, but relatively good when put in context of what we’ve seen this year. I think the track itself is a good one, and should one day show some attractive racing once the cars are made for passing. Only bummer is that the weather won’t ever present a variable factor.

    Brilliant driving at the end between two quality drivers. Taking off my fan cap and thinking with my brain – Webber paying 16 at the bookies for next season has to be a joke???

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