2009 F1 DVD is called “Not in a hurry”

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The official Formula 1 season reviews often get lumbered with bad names and the 2009 F1 DVD is no exception.

This year’s F1 review will be called “Not in a hurry” according to a sleeveshot posted on Twitter.

It’s hardly the most imaginative title they could have come up with. But then, this is from the same people who brought us the equally uninspiring “Once again” (2006) and “Luck doesn’t come into it” (2008).

I preferred Stealthman’s suggestion of: “I’ll Bet Honda Are Kicking Themselves”

Play.com revealed some more details of the official 2009 F1 season review. It’ll be a two-disc DVD set, no sign of a Blu-Ray or download release though.

The 16-and-a-half races have been distilled into 4hrs 30min of action and includes features on Brawn, the departures of Toyota and BMW, plus a feature on the new Abu Dhabi circuit.

Expect it to be blessed with lots of footage from camera angles only available on the little-seen premium feed. The review goes on sale at the end of the month.

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50 comments on “2009 F1 DVD is called “Not in a hurry””

  1. That is a terrible name for an F1 DVD.

  2. Not only is it another strange name, but it seems to be having a go at Button, which would be unusual for an official review

    1. The last one had a go at Hamilton saying he was lucky…

      1. How so? They are indeed bad titles but they are not sarcastic.

  3. How about:”Big Wings,Loose Springs and lots of Bling”

    1. I love that one

  4. I preferred Stealthman’s suggestion of: “I’ll Bet Honda Are Kicking Themselves”

    That wouldn’t have been a good name either. The name of the DVD simply needs to sum up the champion’s year, whilst still being a good name.

    1. Yeah, I was joking :-)

      1. really keith? i thought you were being serious :P

      2. Clicking on the the headline I thought ‘Not In a Hurry’ was some kind of sarky joke about the release date being delayed.

        1. …never imagined it was the REAL title!

          You understand why Top Gear wins awards after watching F1 DVDs.

  5. They managed to sneak Toyota’s withdrawal in there? That’s one for the record books.

  6. this will be the longest DVD yet! brilliant.
    as for a name, how about “the Brawn Supremicy” i had read that somewhere and thought it was funny.
    here in Oz we had to wait till March this year to get last yrs 1, i hope it’s better done this time around as it’s by the same mob as last yr……

    1. Funny enough my girlfriend brought me the Bourne trilogy boxset for my birthday on Thursday!

      1. Happy Belated Birthday Keith :)

      2. Happy Birthday (LATE) Keith.So your birthday is in 5th November.Have a nice day.

        1. Keith’s birthday is 5th November. FACT ;)

          1. Same day as James Allen. Coincidence?

          2. Happy Birthday buddy!

      3. Thanks guys :-)

      4. Happy birthday to Keith!, dude, you should have told us.

        So when is your birthday, i’ll put it in my diary.

  7. P.S the special features are never anything special, the ’06 one had a season preview which from all the dvd’s is the only feature i watch again.
    being that they goto so much trouble to block ppl downloading the vids from the official F1 site, they should have those clips on there…….

  8. might as well call it ‘cars go vrooommm!!!


  9. How about: ‘From nothing to the top.’

    From Honda that withdrew to Brawn who took both championships

    1. or simply Zero to Hero

      1. Yeah that’s good enough too ;)

      2. I have a book on Damon Hill called that. David Tremayne might sue!! $ : )

  10. I’m not in a hurry to buy that. Are all the DVD titles translated or something? (Badly, and at least twice…)

    Is it true they keep the best camera angles to put on these? That explains why the racing shots from Abu Dhabi were rubbish: too far away, little sense of speed and the cars kept disappearing under bridges and off picture at critical moments.

    1. Is it true they keep the best camera angles to put on these? That explains why the racing shots from Abu Dhabi were rubbish: too far away, little sense of speed and the cars kept disappearing under bridges and off picture at critical moments.

      Yeah pretty much, but they are broadcast in some countries where the broadcasters pay extra for the feed. I think one of the German channels used to have it.

      And yes, this means we miss a lot of stuff when the races are broadcast. For example when Alonso crashed at Fuji in 2007, we never saw the crash properly on the standard feed, but it was on the DVD.

      1. Thats shocking, how can I watch this German coverage next year?

        1. RTL and Sky Germany (former Premiere) is exactly the same Feed like on BBC (i always watch this three at same time :P)

          1. I used to switch to RTL on my Astra satellite system when ITV went to advert breaks.

            German commentry is funny. “In Boxen Schtop!”

    2. What ever happened to the helmet cam, first used by DC for 2 corners at Interlagos 2008? That thing looked great.

      1. I know what you mean, that was really superb. It made me feel like I was DC and driving!

  11. All these ‘premium content’ feeds are available on specialist motor sports torrent sites. Just have a good scoot!

  12. It might an attractive title – but for an official F1 release, it’s rather blatantly honest.

    1. …might not be….

  13. Brawn Supremacy is a great name, or

    On the Button

  14. I don’t see the need for a sub title, I would just call it The Official Formula One Season Review 2009. But I agree some of the recent titles such as this years and last years are a bit rubbish.

  15. title dont really bother me, so long as everything that should be on the DVD is there i am happy

  16. Since F1 isn’t shot in HD dont hold your breath for a Blu-ray.

  17. here is a jonathan legard inspired cover of the 2009 DVD I’ve just done to waste some time


    1. yes, Legard certainly has a few too many boring catch phrases that are repeated way too much:

      “Not good enough”
      “Push/ing on”
      “Up the hill”
      “Round the corner”
      “Shot in the arm”
      “Battle has been joined”
      “What can he do?”

      once you notice it the first time, you can’t help noticing it every time unfortunately.

      1. “Here comes Vettel – WHAT’S HE GONNA DO!!!!”

  18. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Formula-One-Season-Review-2009/dp/B002RWJFBO this is the official artwork for the DVD!
    the “commentary free” buit sounds insane! i wonder if it’s just for Abu Dhabi or the whole thing? the neighbours r gonna hate me……

  19. I would call it either…
    Natural Brawn Winners or Anything can happen!

  20. best dvd ever!
    love the bonus features and im so happy they got rid of those annoying flying laps they used to show for every race. Now they are in bonus features, for people that like them!

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  22. Jraybay-HamiltonMclarenfan
    2nd November 2010, 8:30

    I’ve been looking everywhere trying to get one of these! I am ordering asap thanks everyone : D

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