F1 links: N.Technology loses FIA court case

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Court rejects N.Technology’s claims (Autosport)

"N.Technology's legal action against the FIA over the way that the process for the selection of the new teams for the 2010 Formula 1 World Championship has been unsuccessful after French courts rejected all of its claims."

Jaime Alguersuari: F1 debut without testing was like entering a slaughterhouse (Daily Mirror)

"I hadn't done almost a single kilometre of testing when I debuted so it was like going to the slaughterhouse. But I am satisfied with what I did, especially towards the end. I hope that next year I have [fewer] technical problems."

Waltrip serious about Trulli test (Autosport)

Michael Waltrip (NASCAR team owner): "He just wants to try it out. But we're serious about the test, Toyota is supporting it, our team, engineers, everybody is into the test. We will give it all the effort that we would give to any test. I don't know what Jarno's plans are. I know he is just doing it for fun, but I know that it's going to be important for him to do it. He's a race car driver, he'll want to be as fast as anyone and so we're going to make sure that he has all the support that he needs to be able to accomplish that."

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4 comments on “F1 links: N.Technology loses FIA court case”

  1. Prisoner Monkeys
    11th November 2009, 3:12

    Thank the stars the N.Tehnology case ruled that way. The worst-case scenario could have seen the four new teams unable to compete.

    Now all that remains is for the FIA to survive Zoran Stefanovic’s complaint to the EU. I find it hilarious that he thinks he can show up in Bahrain with a team and compete despite having made the complaint. There’s no way the FIA will give him a racing licence.

    Of course, that assumes he’ll have drivers and an engine and an actual chassis. Or better yet, two of everything … I doubt he actually meant it when he said he’d show up – he just wanted the publicity.

    1. Ah but that’s the point: was the decision made “in the best interests of the sport”, rather than N. Technology’s claim being false. The manner of the new entries getting their places has been very suspect indeed, including the role of a Mosley aide in securing sponsorship for Manor. It wouldn’t talk a genius to make the connection between Max saying he wanted a standard engine in F1 and then all the new teams coming in pledging for Cosworth.

      To me, unless a refutation of N. Technology’s claims are presented, this will represent the further corruption of F1 and its shady backroom business.

      1. The new teams had to pledge for Cosworth because one of the requirements for a 2010 entry application to be considered was that a team had to have an engine deal already in place. Cosworth were the only engine manufacturer willing to agree terms with teams who hadn’t yet been granted an entry – therefore they were the only option. That’s not the FIA’s fault, it’s the fault of the other engine makers, and also of failed applicants like N.Technology and Stefan GP who decided to ignore that part of the FIA’s requirements.

        1. Yeah, that always has been my understanding too.

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