F1 2009: Which races did you go to?

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One of my pictures from the British Grand Prix

Yesterday we looked back on another F1 season packed with live blogging fun.

But the one thing better than seeing F1 on TV is being there are the track. Tell us about the races you went to this year.

This year I went to the British Grand Prix having skipped it last year. My personal record of never seeing a home win in Britain – or any country, for that matter – is still intact.

I had a brilliant time at Silverstone and even got to meet a couple of F1 Fanatic readers!

Which races did you go to in 2009? Leave a comment below and remember to leave some tips for fans heading to races in 2010 on these pages:

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56 comments on “F1 2009: Which races did you go to?”

  1. This year none….sadly!
    I’ve only been to 2 races in the past; 2001 Hungary and 2006 France.

    1. No nor me…. a weekend for the family for the same price as a three week holiday. No way.

      I used to go every year then Bernie got greedy. Zandvort was the best ever.

  2. Nurburgring.Cold and windy all tree days but grand prix strecke is underestimated i think.

    1. Mike "the bike" Schumacher
      13th November 2009, 22:21

      I was at the Nurburgring in 2007, brilliant race, started raining on the first lap causing havoc and mixing the order, Markus Whinklehook led his only grand prix! and Alonso overtook Masssa for the lead with only a few laps left.
      It was a sensational weekend, got Vettels and glocks autographs.
      Havn’t been to a grand prix since though.

  3. I havent seen any race till now. I m waiting for New Delhi GP in 2011. They r building a circuit just outside Delhi but I wished they made Delhi GP a street circuit….

  4. Sebastien Carter
    13th November 2009, 8:12

    Hear Hear! I remember there was a rather brisk cold wind when we were sitting on the stands at the end of hanger straight Keith!

  5. Unfortunately, and despite Bernie’s expanded calendar, all of the GP’s are at least an 8-10 hour flight away from South Africa, so I have yet to attend a race despite having been a fanatic for nigh on 17 years!

    Here’s hoping Kyalami gets back onto the calendar, but I doubt it…:-(

  6. Spa – Noisy pyromaniac AC/DC-playing Germans in the campsite but oh so worth it.

  7. None at all! =( And it looks to be the same next year if Silverstone and Bernie don’t sort themselves out!

  8. GeeMac, I have decided that, granted it happens, I am going to the British GP next year. I want paddock passes and all…

    I don’t think Kyalami will ever get a F1 race there again unless they do a major upgrade. In which case they might as well build a new circuit.

    1. I’ve heard rumours that Tilke is planning on designing a circuit in Cape Town.


      Another boring Tilke circuit for F1, but at least I’d be able to watch the race!;-)

      1. We’re talking big money. Let’s hope it works and it’s not a flop like GO-GP which WE paid for.

        And looking at the pictures of the proposed track, it doesn’t look too bad. I don’t see any slow tight chicanes…

  9. I had three really enjoyable days at Silverstone, it was great! The party after the race on Sunday was really good too with the drivers and team owners all showing their support for the race staying at silverstone, never managed to stay for that as I usually clear off early. I recommend it if there is another race there.

    I really want to go to Spa next year or even Montreal – but money will dictate that.

  10. christopher (sennaboy3)
    13th November 2009, 9:48

    Hit 2 this year. Silverstone, was windy & cold, but well worth it for the roving grandstand seats. SPA is just epic, brought my dad & had a great time camping with people from this very site! Hoping to attend 5 next year assuming Canada comes back…(Canada, SPA, Monza, Brazil and Singapore)

    1. I was at Singapore this year. It’s well worth it. They stick you all in different little zones, which is a bit weird, but Singapore loves it’s rules! I thoroughly recommend both the Grand Prix and the Island itself.

      I was at Albert Park too, since it’s just down the road. Always brilliant until they run out of beer!

  11. SPA! We sat on Kemmel Straight right in front of the ‘giant screen’. Could even see Busstop and start/finish from there.

    My first F1 visit and it was absolutely fantastic!

    1. Yep, Spa is a wonderful place. We were up at Pouhon with a cracking view of fast corners in both directions and a screen in front of us. Spent most of Saturday evening saying “Force India?!?”.

      Tips for first-timers: if you’re in general admission bring a folding chair and pick a spot early. Bring clothing for all weathers!

      We did our Spa visit this year entirely by public transport and it worked really well. Eurostar to Brussels, and you can use your Eurostar ticket on any internal train service. So we got a train to Verviers, and from outside the station was a €5 bus service to the track.

  12. Though Malaysian gp was a flop, i’m sure those who visited it would have so much like me

  13. Though Malaysian gp was a flop, i’m sure those who visited it would have so much like me……Raikkonen is really cool….:-)

  14. i mean enjoyed so much like me

    1. Hey Rahim I know you’re a Kimi fan and mutterings he is closeer to deciding his future. Hope he hurries up!

    2. I would love to visit Spa as it sounds to be in heaven,but that will cost huge for me as I live in Bangladesh.I am planning to visit 2010 Malaysia.& guess just today the ticket sales has just opened.I would love to hear if anybody can help me about the race weekend.

      Rahim if you can please let me know which seat will be the best for the race weekend.

  15. Silverstone (as usual) and Monza for me this year :)

  16. Went to Spa, and sat just up from Eau Rouge. Was an excellent experience despite Button going out on the first lap. Watched Raikkonen overtaking Fisi in amongst a load of Ferrari fans (deafening!). Think it’s Moza next year

  17. I’ve been at Istanbul Park this season. It was my first live race experiment and it was awesome! I’ve been able to see exit of the turn eight, turn nine and turn ten where Vettel get passed by Jenson.
    Unfortunately as expected, McLaren hasn’t been competitve out there. But I’ve got a chance to meet Lewis(and have a chat indeed:)) and Heikki which is the most remarkable moment of my life. Probably we’ve have at least two races more on the calender. I haven’t intended to miss those races, too. And I wanna visit the Silverstone. That’s one of the biggest dreams of mine. Keep the Silverstone please!!!

    1. I was also at Turkey this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s been criticised for low attendance, and the facilities could be better, but it’s a great track and the ticket prices are very reasonable (we had bronze grandstand seats – cheaper than general admission at many other tracks). Even with general admission tickets you would have loads of places to view from and there’s a free bus that runs all the way around the outside of the track. And virtually guaranteed good weather! Bring your own food though – there was very limited choice and it was a bit of a rip-off.

      Tips for visiting? We stayed in Istanbul itself, and the track is quite far away, so allow plenty of travel time. Most of the hotels were offering shuttle bus services to the track for about €20 per person. We chose this option (if you do hire a car, there’s plenty of parking, but based on personal experience be prepared for an interesting driving experience in Istanbul!)

      Traffic back into Istanbul on Sunday evening was very congested – allow at least an extra hour (and bring something to read if you’re on a bus!)

      If you live in a country where you can get cheap-ish flights to Istanbul, I’d definitely recommend this as an experience.

  18. haven’t had the pelasure, very close to Istambul in 07, but Bernies horrible prices made no sense to me…

    hopefully silverstone in the future, and Monaco…

  19. I went to the british, belgian and Italian Gp’s this year. I try and do 2 or 3 a year. Before anyone thinks lucky sod…. I do all this as my holday for the year, much to the anguish of my missus, as she stays at home and I go with my boss!! Its not all glamour neither, go to airport for italy, rent a crap Lancia hatch back, and camp for 4 days at Lesbo with no running water or showers and toilets crammed full of turd before friday practise is finished. Top fun though!

  20. Didn’t make it but definitely up for one next year. The race will be easier to follow with no more refuelling.

    Spa sounds like a winner from the comments so far!

  21. Spa is fab – the atomasphere is amazing. You have to camp there, stay in a field up by La Source… its full of crazy people and there are no rules what so ever. No good for sleep though as there always a load of dutch when I go there that play happy hardcore preety much non-stop. bit irratating but its always great banter. A good one to go to was always france aswell…. drive down with your mates on a good road trip and camp right next to the track….. wish bernie brings it back, its not a classic race to watch but always a great weekend as you always got a good mix of nationalities having a great time!

  22. I went to Interlagos this year, for the fifth time in-a-row. Since I always stay in the second most popular, sector A,, and since it rained a lot on Saturday, it was bit uncomfortable, but it is always fun and always worth it.

    After the race Brazilians were inconsolable and extremely angry with Rubens’ race, blaming the local pilot for getting far away from winning. There was a real feeling of betrayal, but I think the local crowd is a little bit too passional. I mean, I’m Brazilian too, but I don’t really go to the track for supporting, rather than to meet some friends, learn about the sport and see the history of motorsport happening in front of my eyes.

  23. I will be heading to the 2010 Australian GP and hope to see some of the other Aussie bloggers from this sight there to. It would be great if we could get together and meet up.

  24. I went to Silverstone, camping again, the highlights were winning a trip to the McClaren garage on the Friday, just as all the drivers were going to their drivers breifing so got to see most of them up close and talked briefly to Anthony Hamilton.

    Also the actual race was pretty dull really, the highlight being Lewis’s donut right in front of me.

  25. fair play sarah!!! you know the wheel changing comp that vodafone were doing on the pit straight, me, my boss and his brother won it on friday and came 2nd on sunday. we won a lewis + hekki signed shirt and a lewis hamilton signed hat. The best thing was that we had consumed a few (to many) beers. Maybe thats what the pit crews should do from now on!

    1. Yeah, well I didn’t actually win anything! The guy I was at the track with won the playstation thing and he was allowed to take someone else, so lucky me.

      Not sure about pit crews drinking beer!

  26. Since there were no races in the USA- or anywhere in North America, for that matter- I didn’t get to any this season. However, I did visit Montreal in July and got to walk the circuit one afternoon.

    Cheers if the Canadian Grand Prix comes back, but until Bernie and his people recognize the need for a race in the U.S., they won’t be getting my money anywhere in the world. In the meantime, I am making plans for MotoGP at Indianapolis in 2010, which is a heck of alot cheaper than an F1 ticket anyway :)

  27. I did not get to any this year (USA). But in 2011 I will be moving to Germany for 3 to 4 years and this is a must for me. I know the 11 schedule is not up but, can I get some recomendations on race tracks (even no F1 races)

  28. Went to Singapore. Atmosphere was great, although I’d imagine if I were watching it at home I probably would’ve fallen asleep. I guess no matter how boring a race is, nothing matches watching it up live and having the cars just a few feet away from you.

  29. Never been to a race before but planning to go to Abu Dhabi next year!

    Just cant decide where to sit..the south stand or west

    If there is anyone who went this year and could help me out in choosing which i would really appriciate it

  30. I went to the Brittish GP got sat at club and saw Hamilton do doughnuts after the race. :)

  31. i went to monaco!!!! took 22 bum numbing hours on a coach to get there but is was worth every penny.(and that’s alot of penny’s!!!)

    here’s a clip i took from the last lap of the race.


    I’ve already started saving for 2011.

  32. Strangely – I have no desire to go to the F1 live. For the price of a decent full weekend ticket and accommodation at Silverstone I could go and spend a whole week at Le Mans…

  33. Spa-francorchamps, Pouhon corner weather was brilliant and Lewis Hamilton crashed perfect weekend IMO.

    1. But Lewis didn’t crash at Pouhon :P

      1. I didnt say he crashed on Pouhon………

  34. Viktor Nedelchev
    13th November 2009, 21:26

    I went to the italian gp. My girlfriend (she actually enjoys F1) and I were sitting on an amazing spot. On the inside of the first chicane, actually sitting on the top of the old oval track. This thing is so steep, I found it astonishing! Although my girlfriend did a better job climbing the almost vertical old asphalt. I don’t think they let anyone “climbing” the oval, but using my Bulgarian ingenuity, we went around them, climbed the darn thing and just sat on top of it. Within five minutes, there were 5-6 people around us and, although the police didn’t like it, they really didn’t find it that dangerous(our legs were hanging from about 3-4 meters from the ground) as long as we were sitting silent. The view was beautiful, you could see the cars as if you were on a grandstand. I read previously about the spot but never actually thought we were going to make it there. We purchased general admission tickets at the entrance from a “suspicious,” yet honest guy and ran for it. This was my first time on the Autodromo and I had a wonderful time. The walk through the park was great. I didn’t want to admit it, but you really feel that energy or sense of the history of Motorsport. I constantly imagined scenes of past races, disputes, and celebrations. It was amazing. I think, if you are wondering were should you go for an F1 race, Monza should be the first on your list.
    I was also at the Nurburgring. I enjoyed the hospitality of the Formula BMW lounge. It was on the inside part of the track. Next to the lounge, there were the pits of GP2, Mini Challenge, Porsche Cup, and Formula BMW. BMW were ready with a schedule of events for you, which you could choose not to follow. It was pretty cold outside, raining, and had to go inside often to get warm. I was there with my father and we got to drink from the wonderful scotch whisky BMW had provided us with rather great quantity:)

  35. I went to the Nurburgring.

    I wasn’t impressed, the track is ‘Mickey-mousy’ and deeply embarrassed by its big older brother, the Nordschleffe.

    Also, the facilities are pretty basic and at the circuit I don’t think anything has really been upgraded since it was built in the early ’80’s. Food was pretty much just hot dogs or chips. Beer was hideously expensive, luckily we bought some cans off some entrepreneur Poles!

    Lewis finally had a car with some pace, and it was gutting that he had the collision at the start, although it provided much amusement for all the people around us. My mate and I, both big Lewis fans, were watching the start unfolding on the big screen, along with everyone in our grandstand. We became more and more vocal and excited as Lewis approached the first corner looking like taking the lead, so our cries went something like this:

    GO ON LEWIS…..GO ON! GO ON…YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!………..BOL**CKS!!!!

    It was all good fun enjoyed in a good natured way by everyone there. One of the great things still left about F1 is the fans. They don’t fight, they just support their driver and respect that everyone else gets to support theirs.


  36. Good one Paul, lol..
    Silverstone only this year but got in on Friday as well as Sunday.

    I’ve been Fridays before & it’s cracking, space to move & chill & there’s plenty of action over the 2 sessions.

  37. Me and TommyB (his username on here) went to Spa :) It was our first holiday together and it was truly amazing! F1 fans are such friendly people, there’s always so much to talk about! Everyone has such strong opinions hehe. The race was spectacular, we watched from several places over the weekend so we could experience the track as much as possible, and what a track it is! The area is visual stunning but also provides a great race :) best holiday ever.

  38. Went to the Singapore race this year. What a great event, it was really good, never been so close to a F1 car in my life!

    The whole festive atmosphere was great, very alive.

    Was great to see Alonso get on the podium too!

  39. Monaco baby! Won a prize in F1 Racing mag to go to see the GP on Sunday, but spent a couple of days before hand in Nice. Sat at Anthony Noghes, ok maybe not the best viewpoint, but the cars passing by like 10 metres away was breathtaking. What was really good though about this viewpoint was seeing the varying lines taken through that tricky corner. Some like Massa were brushing extremely close to the wall, and really highlighted how talented these men are.

    Also was one of the first to see Jenson begin his run from the pitlane down the start finish straight after his stunning victory. That was very very special, cheering like crazy. I’ve probably never felt so patriotic! Also got access to a corridor next to the paddock, so plenty of star spotting, including seeing Nelsinho arrive on his scooter and seeing the press pit interviews after the race with the podium finishers (JB, Rubens and Kimi). And to top it off, whilst waiting in the departure lounge for the flight home, only flippin’ Giancarlo Fisichella comes to sit next to me and my mate!

    As a true F1 fan, I couldn’t think of a better weekend, everyone should try to make it at least once.

  40. A friend of mine, invited me to the Paddock Club of Valencia GP 2009, and was a nice experience despite the race was boring (as expected) and Valencia in August is terribly hot (humid hot).

    I send a guest article to Keith (he asked me) but I’m afraid my poor English combined with some terrible pics I took with my Iphone (first version) was not reaching the minimum required quality for being published (I’m not complaining, in fact, my comment was not good enough)

    For those interested, you can visit this link and have a look at my “terrible pics”:


    This was my first visit to a F1 GP as a “VIP” and I was thinking we would be allowed to go everywhere, every time we want. Quite far from the reality. You are watching the GP very well placed, in a great location with everything you want (food and drink) but from a racing perspective, you are quite a lot controlled.

    The best experience was Pit Stops. You are few meters above boxes and is great to watch. We were located above Williams, Force India and Red Bull boxes and the vision of Teams and drivers working during qualy and race was great.

    There is a “crappy” pic of Vettel just before qualy. He was concentrated at the box entrance and I was really impressed about his look. He looks like a baby… well “A golden baby”, I would say.

    I’ve tried also to take a pic of Raikkonnen when he was attending a PR in the Ferrari lounge, but I must say Kimi is not only fast with his car but with his feets also!!!

    So, you can find a pic with a blondie babe… and the back of Kimi making a “Fastest lap” through the paddock lounge!!!

  41. I went to Silverstone this year; my first GP visit. It was a great atmosphere as everyone believed it was going to be the last race there, although the race was a bit boring. I’m thinking about Spa next year if the wallet will stretch far enough. :)

  42. Only Melbourne this year, although I did go to MotoGP at Phillip Island as well. I have previously been to Monaco (2006) and Singapore (2008). Hoping against hope to get to Malaysia next year, but I suspect that other than Melbourne (I go every year) the next round I visit will be Montreal 2012. Providing Bernie keeps his gurbby mitts of it, of course.

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