Alonso gets stuck in gravel trap in first Ferrari appearance (Pictures & video)

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The first public appearance at Ferrari for Fernando Alonso didn’t go entirely according to plan.

The Spanish champion got stuck in a gravel trap while he and future team mate Felipe Massa were being driven around the Valencia circuit in a Ferrari California by Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo.

They’d been trying to get as close as possible to the 17,000 Spanish fans who turned out to see Alonso’s first appearance for Ferrari. Unsurprisingly Ferrari did not publish photographs of the incident but there’s plenty of pictures from the event below.

Alonso was only able to attend the event after getting permission from Renault at the last minute, as he is still contracted to them until the new year. He told the crowd:

This is a very important day for me, because here I can understand what the world of Ferrari is really like. In 2010 I hope to fight for the world title together with Felipe and that all the fans can be proud of us and our professionalism.
Fernando Alonso

Massa and Alonso were at the Ricardo Tormo circuit near Valencia in Spain for the final day of the Ferrari Finali Mondiali (Ferrari world finals).

They joined Giancarlo Fisichella, Marc Gene and Luca Badoer – Ferrari’s three official test drivers for 2010.

Here’s a collection of pictures of the celebrations which featured many Ferrari F1 cars including the gorgeous ex-Jean Alesi 1995 car number 27 – the last V12-engined Ferrari.

2009 Ferrari Finali Mondiali in pictures

Update: Thanks to Nano Rock for the video!

Update: Ferrari media release

Fernando Alonso’s first time at a Ferrari event was carried by the great enthusiasm from the fans present at the Ricardo Tormo di Cheste circuit near Valencia. Under an almost summery sun more than 17,000 spectators came on the conclusive day to watch the Finali Mondiali, the traditional event of the Prancing Horse held since 1994 at the end of the motorsport season.

Today was the first day when the whole 2010 Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro came together: next to Alonso there were Felipe Massa, Giancarlo Fisichella, Marc Gen?? and Luca Badoer. Fernando’s public debut as a Ferrarista started with an entertaining episode. When the Spanish driver, on board of a Ferrari California with his future teammate Felipe and driven by Chairman Luca di Montezemolo, tried to get as close to the grandstands in turn 1 as possible, the car got stuck in the gravel of the run-off area. Therefore the spectators got a good view and enough time to greet their local hero. The trio was "rescued" by the second California on the track, driven by the President of the Comunit?? Valenciana, Fernando Camps, with Valencia’s mayor Rita Barber?? on board. Once the three guests had been collected the light blue car drove back to the box and the passengers went for a walk onto the track along the main straight. "This is a very important day for me, because here I can understand what the world of Ferrari is really like," Fernando told the spectators. “In 2010 I hope to fight for the World Title together with Felipe and that all the fans can be proud of us and our professionalism."

More F1 pictures

Images (C) Ferrari spa

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68 comments on “Alonso gets stuck in gravel trap in first Ferrari appearance (Pictures & video)”

  1. Alonso seems to have mistaken the event for a golf day, if his clothes are anything to go by.

    1. There’s a bunker joke in there somewhere…

    2. Alonso seems to have mistaken the event for a golf day, if his clothes are anything to go by.

      Very Schumacher.

      1. Mansell was keen on his golf…

        1. Thanx for the Photos becken :)

          What’s with the PINK shirt? :P

          And why does Todt keep pooping up in every Schumi photo? Is everything alright?

    3. I reckon Alonso’s Grandma knit that jumper for him and gave it to him last Christmas

    4. Alonso was initally wearing a striking black t-shirt. But it is a Ferrari day and wearing black won’t be right (though that would have been much better than this golf outfit). And since he’s still contracted to Renault, he can’t wear a plain red t-shirt too since that might show resemblance to Ferrari’s official uniform. So they decided to go for that pullover which from a distance seems to have a Ferrari touch, but on close-up is just another pullover. You can see the black shirt inside.

  2. Di Montezemolo was driving the car, not Fernando

    1. Yep have changed the intro to make that clearer.

      1. Still says “Alonso gets stuck in gravel trap in first Ferrari appearance (Pictures & video)”… I’ve got the impression that the “Headline” was to atract the british readers… am I right?

        1. doubt it. ‘Di montezemolo get stuck’ isn’t as catchy. plus Alonso was the star attraction!

  3. Keith a huge thanks for this it has made my day and put a massive smile on my face! :)
    Great to see Ferrari out in force, abit of comedy with Alonso in the gravel and seeing Felipe in the car doing doughnuts well that is brilliant.
    For me this is a great time, Felipe is well and a horrible season for the team is over. Certainly next year I’ll worry about the driver’s rivalry and Felipe’s contract but I may as well enjoy the moment now. That said I can see this being a great partnership for Ferrari and I hope it lasts many years and I think it can.

    1. Nice one thanks Nano! Have added it to the article. Did you film that?

      1. you’re welcome Keith.
        I found the video on twitter.

        1. HounslowBusGarage
          15th November 2009, 20:04

          Great find Nano Rock!
          I love the confused, fumbly bit at the end where the cameraman is obviously having difficulty holding the camera up while laughing himself senseless.

    2. This one is good too:

  4. by the way, great photos Keith

  5. Haha how did he manage that at about 5 mph?! Impressive.

  6. Did you say gravel trap Keith? I think we must immediately ditch Catalunya or the Street one for this.

    Never knew Spain had tracks with gravel traps.Especially after the Tilkequisition of Spanish tracks :P

    What an inauspicious way to kick off your campaign, that too in front of home crowd.

    1. What an inauspicious way to kick off your campaign

      It isn’t a sign! :P

    2. Wasn’t it a campaign ending event?

  7. ferrari love to show off! but looks likw quite an amazing event

  8. serves them right, luca is an idiot.

    1. serves them right, luca is an idiot.

      Why he is an idiot? Easy, mate. It was just fun. Why be so harsh on him?

  9. Surely Luca knew that if he went onto the gravel, he would get stuck.

    1. yeah I cant get my head around it. it was a low ride-height sportscar aswell, not a 4×4! the gravel is to stop cars! ha

  10. Haha, this is sweet (the video). Nice photos.

  11. Even here the Italian press are saying that they understand that Alonso can’t wear Ferrari colours but where did he find that pullover?? This has always been a big day for the team and the official end of season blow out.Finally NickF1, Luca is many things but you could not find someone further away from an idiot.

  12. You’d think Luca must be an intelligent chap to end up in charge of Ferrari. Obviously not- only a complete moron would intentionally drive a sportscar into a huge gravel trap at 2mph

  13. Fantastic! Wish I was there. What the hell is Fernando wearing.

  14. Typical manager – should have let a driver drive. He’s got enough to choose from! As for the jumper mystery, I reckon it was Massa who chose it.

    Great photos, some gorgeous cars there, particularly that 412T2. Who was driving, was it Alesi himself?

    1. I think the jumper is a lot more to do with the fact Alonso is still under a Renault contract till the new year so isn’t allowed to wear ferrari gear.

  15. Great share as always, Keith. I was expecting some photos of Mercedes Benz event, though. :)

  16. Very biased entry …

    Why not call it Ferrari gets stuck, Montezemolo gets stuck or even Massa gets stuck?

    Very dissapointed as an Alonso fan to see him mocked when he was just a passenger.

    You Failed at objectivity.

    1. It’s Fernando’s first time out with the team that’s the point. Just a fun day, noone would want to mock or offend it is just what happened in my opinion.

    2. Agreed completely with you, the Lh fans have forgotten when he was in that “performance” in Turkey “flying” through the sky…. by his own desire… This web has been a witch hunt against Alonso for a while.

    3. oh come on, it’s funny. Laugh…please…

      1. You are right it is funny… but I’m an Alonso fan, has to pretend that I didn’t like it.

    1. @ mvi
      Love the pic on that article.Check out Alonso laughing.

  17. it’s nice that alonso came dressed as ronnie corbett!!!!

    1. HounslowBusGarage
      15th November 2009, 22:01


  18. LOL mvi

    Alonso, Massa, Montezemolo… The beach boys revival in California

  19. Nice one to go on the red car brigade :-(.

    Now no Ferrari fan will blame LH for China 07 any more :-(

  20. oh! Ferrari fans are known to have a sense of humour

    How about Montezemolo ends up matching LH greatest moment in F1?

    After the event he declared: i’m happy to have achieved this, i didnt even have the rain and worn tires as a factor, i just pushed the team harder than ever…

  21. aaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha unlucky.

  22. Nice one ELChiva :-) I like that citation.

  23. That was really lame, but very funny. I guess Kimi wasn’t invited?

  24. kimi who?


  25. haha great soundtrack to the video.

    You can tell Massa is a Brazilian, he was ready to push the car out.

    I can see this Ferrari going for sale at auction some 30 years from now and selling at some record price for being the Ferrari that was stuck on the gravel with World Champion Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa.

  26. Why wasn’t Kimi not invited,he still have contract for this year.

  27. You naughty Keith!! You make that news as your headline. :-) Bad omen for Ferrari!!!!!!!!!

  28. C’mon guys, this is hilarious. Obviously Nando & Flippy thought so too, since they are both obviously p****g themselves laughing. Only thing that could have been funnier is if the two of them did push the car out. Have a laugh & leave all the moaning and proselytizing for another day.

  29. Why did he just drive the …. into the…


  30. Maybe your all wrong. Maybe they will get along really well together. Maybe Lewis’s new team mate wont be as bad as his previous team mate (Kovi), and the heat rises in the Mclaren garage instead?

    The fighting follows lewis, not fernando.

  31. LOL…

    that was seriously stupid!

    Why did he go in there??? :P

  32. So if your names “Luca” your destined to bin a Ferrari when the world is watching.

    1. haha…

    2. ooooooohhh…..thats a burn….ha..ha!

  33. The “magic move” of Montezemolo tells a lot about his knowledge of racing and driving.

    If he thinks that driving straight into the gravel is a good move…

    Maybe an explanation of the Badoer/Fisichella choices?

  34. Keith, thank you for posting all of these excellent photos. It is especially nice to see the F2001/2002/2004/2008 cars on slick tires!

    A couple of clarifications/corrections:
    The pic with the yellow car with red stripes titled “Ferrari Sports Cars” is a 512S followed by an F40 LM. The next pic of a red car no. 101 is a 512 BB LM. The last pic titled “The new Ferrari 458” is actually a photo of the new Ferrari California.

    Thanks again for hosting such an amazing site!

  35. not even tony randall would be caught dead in that sweater!

  36. Not even Barry Sheene after a two-week bender would have worn that top! Sort it out Fred

  37. Surely Ferrari deserve a drive thru penalty in the first race of the next season for that move? After all he went off track…… in the name of consitency the rules must be adhered to!!!

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