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When the FIA published the 2010 F1 calendar last month one the Canadian Grand Prix was noted as being “subject to the completion of contract negotiations with Formula One Management”.

These have now been officially completed and F1 will be returning to the popular Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal in 2010 after missing the round this year.

It should remain on the calendar until at least 2014.

There seems to have been movement from both sides with Bernie Ecclestone offering a better deal but with local and national governments getting involved to support the race as well as taking some of the revenue from ticket sales and a tax on hotel revenues while the Grand Prix teams are at the track.

That could prove significant for the fate of another 2010 race with an asterisk beside its name: the British Grand Prix, which so far has no government backing. There have been positive signals from those associated with the race recently, but they have only until the second week of December to confirm the event for next year.

But for the meantime, let’s celebrate the fact that a popular race at a traditional venue has been saved. Congratulations Canadian F1 fans!

2010 F1 calendar

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25 comments on “Canada confirmed on 2010 F1 calendar”

  1. I am happy that it has a contract for another 5 years.Now hope that British GP have a similar contract.

  2. Great stuff! But don’t expect Mandelson and his cronies to do anything similar.

  3. This is great news! Montreal always produces a great race

  4. Excellent news! Great circuit in a popular location that embraces the F1 circus, and passionate fans.
    I do fear for the fate of Silverstone though. Even if it gets signed up they’ve lost months of ticket sales.

  5. I’ll save my rant against the quality of the track this time. This is a very, very good thing for the health of the sport.

  6. Great news – I agree, Montreal always seems to provide great racing.
    Hopefully they won’t have the problems with the track surface they did last time (if memory serves the chicane was cutting up).

    1. Hairpin, not chicane.

      1. Yeah but didn’t stop the drivers

        This is great news I love this track. It always produces great racing like Interlagos but is never considered one of the best.

        1. If I ran F1, we would have 18 races a year: 6 at Spa, 6 at Interlagos and 6 at Montreal. That’s all you need!

  7. Cool, great news, time o check out hotels!

  8. Finally a win for the fans.

  9. This fantastic news- a great day for everyone invovled in the sport. Provided that the track surface remains in good shape, it will be a welcomed return to the banks of the St. Lawrence for the fans. I was in Montreal this summer on a quiet weekend, and I can just imagine what life is like with the GP in town.

    But for as great as it is, the return is still no excuse for the lack of a United States Grand Prix.

    Hopefully the return of Montreal will help along the cause for a USGP- promoters can now share travel costs and the like. But for as much as I would love to be in Montreal, I have no intention of giving Bernie or the Canadian government any of my money until FOM shows their recognition of the value of the American market by racing here. Until then, I will be more than happy to plan my trips to MotoGP events- which, I am fast discovering, offer better racing, MUCH cheaper tickets, anf far better treatment of American competitors and fans than F1 ever has.

    1. Did you visit the track? If so… impressions?

      1. Yes, I was able to walk the entire track, as it is open for cycling, rollerblading, walking, etc..when there is not an event going on.

        I could see where the patchwork at the hairpin had been done before the 2008 race, with the remainder of the track apparently being in good condition. From seeing some of the newer pit buildings on TV, I can understand how the CGV pits are small and outdtaed by comparison, but they should be fine for the next race at least.

        It was quite a unique experience, as I imagine there are few other circuits around the world where tourists can come in and tour the place when there is no racing :) Three cheers to the return of CGV.

  10. “let’s celebrate the fact that a popular race at a traditional venue has been saved. Congratulations Canadian F1 fans”

    You are right Keith,it’s a victory for the F1 fans,but what about France,San Marino & other traditional tracks,most important of all is Silverstone.I hope a deal is done there.

  11. HounslowBusGarage
    28th November 2009, 8:03

    At least the circus is back in the North American market!

    1. Next stop USA,hope team USF1 will boost that opportunity.

  12. Great news.
    Let’s hope for Silverstone now.
    It’s not Silverstone and Montreal the tracks that Formula 1 needs to get rid of, if we want a more spectacular championship.
    I’m looking forward to seeing back France GP also, may be on the great Paul Ricard…but this is too far perhaps.
    Anybody knows if 1.8 km Mistral straight would be compliant with current FIA track rules?

  13. FIA rules dictate a length along a straight of maximum 2km, hence why the chicanes were put in at Le Mans :)

  14. Great news that Canada is back on the F1 calendar. It often produced good races and always seemed to be a sell out, so it should never have been taken off the calendar to start with.

  15. Yippeeee…..

  16. Fantastic news. British government, take note.

  17. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
    29th November 2009, 20:40

    I am canadian and I was gutted to see it taken off the calender. I think it is a great track, lots of fun, lots of history and formula 1 should remain there. Now that this is settled I turn my attention to silverstone, another great track but it seems like Donington is making a return for 2011. And the layout looks like another one of these modern tracks with no passing.

  18. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
    29th November 2009, 20:42

    Oh! And I believe it is an underrated circuit, forgot to mention that. I know our surface was damaged last time but when it is fixed up you will see good racing like before :^) .

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