Who was the best driver of 2009? (Poll)

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Name your top driver of 2009

Jenson Button or Sebastian Vettel? Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso?

Who do you think was the best F1 driver of 2009? Cast your vote below to decide the F1 Fanatic driver of the year.

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211 comments on “Who was the best driver of 2009? (Poll)”

  1. The guy with the most points obv.

      1. Best driver not favourite =)

        1. My favourite was Barrichello but Hamilton was the best!

          He took a poor car and win. If he had a good car he could have beaten Button.

          1. Yeah, I gotta say I was rooting for Chello all season, the underdog of the underdogs.

            But then, I think that if you had given all the drivers an equal car, Hamilton would’ve won it, so that’s why I voted for him

          2. He took a poor car and win.

            Sorry, mate, but this is ********. As long as McLaren had a poor car – Hamilton drove poorly.
            Let me remind you of how the season looked.

            Grand Prix / Finished:
            ESP – 9th
            MON – 12th
            TUR – 13th
            GBR – 16th
            GER – 18th

            Hamilton was not better than Luca Badoer in his races.

            Then McLaren did some fantastic improvements and suddenly had the best car in the field (that suited the tracks):

            HUN – 1st
            EUR – 2nd

          3. Mike "the bike" Schumacher
            27th November 2009, 22:26

            People seem to have forgotten about liegate, and altough Hamiltons preformances make him almost desrve top spot, its because of liegate that he shouldn’t be rated No.1 this year. I don’t hate Hamilton, if it was any other driver I wouldn’t rate them either.

            The drivers this year made a lot of mistakes. The only ones I can’t remember making mistakes are Kubica, Alonso and Heidfeld in particular. Altough maybe I just didn’t notice cause they were so far back.

            Best, most consistent driver with the greatest preformences was Rosberg. If it wasn’t for overstepping the pit exit line in singapore he would hve been flawless.

          4. I didn’t make any mistakes in F1 this year either. That doesn’t mean I did anything right either … In fact it doesn’t mean I did anything in F1.

          5. im sorry Damon, how can you shun Hamilton’s performance from Spain to Britain? he had a truly awful car. Badoer had a solid points finishing car in his hands, so dont compare the two guys.

            As long as McLaren had a poor car – Hamilton drove poorly.

            huh? his car was cra* in melbourne yet he drove it from the back up to 3rd (albeit he was then told to lie by the people he trusted.)

      2. Im Polish! I say Kubica!

        Fair enough!

  2. Gotta be Jenson – he’s the World Champion, after all. Even if the equipment was there, he still had to produce the goods to take the title – and he did just that.

  3. I voted Button because as Keith said he made some awesome overtaking maneuver in Bahrain & mainly in Brazil.He kept his head cool & won the championship in Brazil.

  4. A Hungarian voted Hamilton.

  5. It was very close call my standings.
    I voted for Lewis because if you compare all the above driver with their partners Lewis simply outclassed Heikki.I know you will argue that Heikki is very poor driver compared to others but even margin was huge.

    1. surely Rosberg should be in your top 5 then, JV?

      His gap to Nakajima was 7.5 points more than the McLaren gap.

      1. You can’t compare Heikki with Nakajima,who has not scored even a single point in his last 20 GP appearances and has barely scored couple of pts in last 29 GPs.Heikki is far better than Nakajima.

    2. Yep, but as you told, Heikki is a very poor driver. so I think you’re quite right when you say that we should compare the gap, but Jenson and Seb – although they had strong partners – have been able to beat them with a good advantage in the championship.

      1. Heikki is a very poor driver? Are you kidding me?

        Compared to Hamilton he doesn’t look so hot maybe, but he destroyed Fisichella in his rookie year at Renault. Even having to change his driving style to cope with a car that was built for Fisichella’s driving style.

        In GP2 he was pretty close to Rosberg.

        1. I think ‘destroyed’ might be a bit much…

          1. Well, then you would be wrong.

            To recap:
            – Heikki was a rookie
            – The car was built to suit Fisichella

            So yeah, Heikki took a few races to get used to the car. From Canada onwards, Heikki was a regular points finisher while Fisichella barely made it into the top 10.

            Heikki scores 27 points vs Fisichella 8.

  6. Lewis – from pulling together with the team to get the dodgy McL out of the mud and the consolidating the gains into wins :-)

  7. I just hope both Ferrari & Mclaren have a good car next season I am waiting to see both Alonso & Hamilton fighting to dead between them.

  8. Badoer has 3 votes.Awesome!!!

    1. He now has 9- including mine!

      (sorry I had to vote for Badoer- my actual choice is Vettel, he is unbelivably fast)

    2. Badoer currently has more votes than Barrichello, Rosberg and Massa.

      Go Luca!

  9. I like how raikonnen underservingly has so many votes.

    My vote goes for Rosberg, because he was consistently faster than his team mate and consistently made the top 5 with a worse car. I think he will be great next year for Mercedes

    1. Good comment. I like this.

    2. What’s Kimi’s fault if others don’t have as big a fan-following as him. Give him a nicer car and Buttons and Hamiltons are pansies.

    3. undeservingly? for a while he was the one who had collected the most points and if u have watched f1 then u should know how awful he’s car was during the whole season, and he had like 6 podiums in a row+ 1 victory, so deserves this many votes very much.

      1. yes, undeservingly

        if you want to discuss most points in a period of time, then you’d have to say Jensen, he had the most points in the period of time the poll refered too. And then you’d still have a load of drivers with more points than kimi.

        If you are going by having a bad car and making points, like i did, i’d have to go with Rosberg, who had a worse car than kimi but was more consistent

  10. If we consider the whole season that should be JB! Second one is LH. Third one is SV.

  11. A hard decision, but I chose Button for his consistency and lack of mistakes compared to other drivers.

    You could argue that Button’s results in the second half of the season were about defending his championship lead rather than going all out for the win every time, something Hamilton was criticised for not doing especially in 2007.

    You could also say that some of the other drivers made mistakes because they were pushing their car to the limit to try and catch up, which left no margin for error. For example in the wet at the Chinese GP Hamilton was taking more risks and overtaking, but then lost some of those places because he spun a few times, while Kovalainen in the other McLaren finished ahead because although he wasn’t pushing as hard and he may not have been as fast at times he kept the car on the track.

    1. The guy seized a once in a lifetime opportunity (for him) to win the WDC. Thats enough to be the best of the lot this season.

  12. Looks like the Polish contingent are back out in support of Kubica lol =P

    1. Commin over here, takin our votes…

  13. Nelson Piquet Jnr (0%, 1 Votes)

    Definetively, Nelsinho is F1F reader!!!!! (or maybe just Nelson Sr.)

    1. might have been Alonso

      1. Nope, it was Max who voted.

  14. It’s Button hands down. Won the most races, got the most points. I believe that is the critera for the previous champions, and still is now.

    1. No that’s the criterium for who drives the best car and scores most points with it.

      “Best driver” goes a bit further than that.

      1. Meh, Button still get’s it hands down for me.

        1. Best driver is different to the one who gets the most points. Just look where Button was in 2008… now he has the best car he is first.

          1. Yes, but in 2008 Button was really nowhere. The car was as good as a dog’s backside, and he lost all motivation.

            Button has heaps of tallent, just very rarely in his career has had chance to prove himself. Benetton screwed him over, Williams wasnt a good car at the time and the BAR Honda/Honda wasnt the best of cars.

            Of all the drivers who completed the FULL season this year, who had that most points, most points finishes, most finishes, most wins? Button.

            Button made some of the best overtaking manouveres this year, and probably made the most overtakes this year overall.

  15. To me it’s quite difficult to decide, because I think all of them did mistakes and came in troubles for different reasons during the season. So I think the best driver of the year is the one – among them – who did less mistakes and this is the reason I think Jenson deserves the title and the “driver-of-the-year-award”. Don’t you think so?

  16. Bordais has one vote, Buemi has none – classic!

  17. I went for Hamilton. The 3rd that never was in Australia, points in Malaysia and China where the wet weather would have made handling the early MP4-24 even worse than usual, 4th in Bahrain, the fight to 9th in Spain, the promise of Monaco, the gutsy “for the hell of it” drive at Silverstone – and that’s before the McLaren was any good!

    Might have won in Germany (though that would have been down to Webber’s drive-through I’m sure); a real driver’s win in Hungary where he out-performed a Webber in a better car (that overtaking move was superbly textbook from start to finish) and drove intelligently to save his tyres (some say it was Red Bull’s tyre choice that cost them the win but Lewis was already way ahead at the first stop); fought for victory in Valencia, caught out in Spa qualifying like many others; the fight to win at Monza which showed his ability, determination, and racer’s attitude; Singapore where for the first time all year he had the best car on the day and blitzed everyone, 3rd at Suzuka whilst fighting hard for 2nd, the brilliant (if aided by strategy) fight to 3rd in Brazil, and blitzing everyone at Abu Dhabi before his brakes started to give out.

    Button was the worthy WDC but all in all I think Lewis put in the better performance over the season. Interestingly, as of now the two of them take up 58% of the share of the current vote…

  18. Beating your teammate is relevant only within the team but has no bearing whatsoever relative to the rest of the grid, IMHO. Just look at the final points standings to determine which driver had the best year and the rest follow in descending order.

    If you want to get abstract in rating one off or limited race performances than I would give my vote to Kobayashi, the guy was off the hook in his limited appearances. He deserves a ride next year.

  19. Hamilton winning this is a foregone conclusion. Hell, if he stalled his car on the grid all season and didn’t finish one race people would still vote for him.

    1. And if Hamilton won every race convincingly having started at the back of the grid in a car which was not the best some people would still say he is rubbish.

      1. Both true. That’s why the guy divides opinion so much. Very similar to Alonso.

      2. Which he is really ,,, to be fair

  20. Pedel to the Vettel
    27th November 2009, 13:54

    tbh half the vote should be cut off for Lewis since most people only voted for Lewis because they support him.

    I voted for real so i didn’t pick Vettel i picked Button. This isn’t the X factor where you pick the most popular driver but the best driver for 2009 which was Button by lightyears.

    1. I’d like to think that F1 fanatic readers have more intelligence about them than that!

    2. By this logic, almost all of Kimi’s votes should be disregarded as he has so many fanatical fans that think he’s a god amongst men. He’s good but not the best.

      1. God among men ,, I like that ,, not that far off from the truth !!
        Kimi is definitely in a different league..

    3. Actually when we polled on this last year eight drivers have more fans than Hamilton including Kovalainen and Barrichello:


  21. lol we should have another pole for the ‘favourite driver of 2009’…

    1. Pedel to the Vettel
      27th November 2009, 14:22

      Idd 3/4 of the site are British and 2/3 of them are Lewis Hamilton fans.

      This is what i have to live around sometimes in Britain.

      (Typical Lewis Fanboy/Brit who has never watched F1 in his life)
      “oh you know Lewis Hamilton he would of won this year if it wasnt’t for the car yack yack. Jenson button doesn’t stand a chance against Lewis because Lewis is the greatest ever, he would of beat schumacher thats why he left because schumacher is scared of Lewis. No other driver can beat Lewis because lewis has soooooooooo much raw talent not even Vettel or Rosberg can match him. Anybody who mentions the word hate to lewis hamilton is racist and should be kicked out of the motorsport. Alonso got masterclassed by Lewis in 2007 he should of won 2007 WDC yack yack yack yack…………”

      “Take cyanide pills and put a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger so I dont have to listen to this garbage anymore.”

      If guns and cyanide pills were not illegal over here i would of done that already.

      1. It’s very easy for some people to ignore what Hamilton has achieved in his career so far, especially if you’re as partisan as your user-name suggests.
        I do agree there are a lot of hamilton bandwaggon-jumpers about though.

        1. Agree in part with you ,,,

          Lewis has acheived a lot but why do we fail to see that he got the best car from the start of his career…

          No other driver was that lucky ,,,

          F1 is so competetive and there are so many good drivers but they dont g et the silver spoon (or a silver car for that matter) from the very beginnings of their career..

          Button showed what anyone can do if the car is superior… Lewis on the other hand botched his chances by making mistakes in his first and even the second season .. you could literally see nerves on him when he was driving in Brazil last year for eth ch’ship… however he got lucky because of Glock.

          Lewis may be good but certainly not Great !

      2. So your response is to form the most ridiculous and atypical caricature you can and present it as if it was a significant minority. Way to win the moral argument! I live in Britain too and I hear the mirror side of it far more times than the version you portray.

        If you look right now, it’s currently

        You might not agree with it, but anyone who approached the matter intelligently would have a case for proposing that particular order – hell, it’s only slightly different from Keith’s top 3.

        1. Pedel to the Vettel
          27th November 2009, 19:39

          hay i voted for Button because he did the least f*** ups this season and was solid all year. I didnt vote for Vettel like a typical fanboy would, i have alot more respect for the other drivers then most fans who just follow a certain driver.

          I dont see how my name makes you think it will influence me just to vote blindly for one driver. “Pedal to the Vettel” means “Pedal to the Metal” which was a flag i made up at Spa this year, and has nothing to do with just supporting vettel completly thanks.

          How does having a nickname related to a driver/team proove my utmost loyalty to them? Just because you might be using your real name doesn’t make you a neutral fan. Check my other posts if you like, I’ve always said vettel didnt take his chances and screwed up 1 too many times.

          Maybe it is different for you but i live in the South East and most F1 talk is about Lewis Hamilton.

          Obviously you dont agree with me either on my views but hay thats life. But i think your coming on a tad more hostile then my post was meant to be about so either your tired or i hit the nail on the head and your a Lewis hamilton fanboy, and you dont like people slagging off Lewis which i can understand.

          I dont dislike Hamilton i dislike the hype around him because when other people talk about (not very negative) things about lewis, a whole crowd comes around you “like this here” trying to make you look like some idiot because they dont like it.

          Love is blind.
          Hate is blinder.
          Fanboys are the blindest.

          1. There’s SO many people that are Button fans all of a sudden though now. Pretending they’ve been his biggest fan all along, but a year a go they were saying he’s the worst driver ever. This is what you have to put up with in Britain.

            How can you say you dislike the hype around Hamilton but not mention the hype that’s now around Button and the ‘new’ amazing team Brawn, who really are just Honda. The media in Britain fails to mention that. All the focus is now on Button. They hardly mentioned Hamilton when he wasn’t doing well, it’s just how the media work. Button has as many fan boys as Hamilton, tbh I know more that (pretend) to like Button!

          2. I don’t understand why people hate Hamilton because everyone starts to like them.

            It’s like those annoying people that stop liking a band when they become commercial on popular.

            I think the most hype has been around Brawn and Button the BBC have not stopped going on about the “fairytale” of the “new” team which is clearly Honda with a paint job and a name change.

            Why are you focusing so much on Hamilton fan boys when Raikonnen and Kubica have tonnes of votes despite having average seasons.

            Kimi fans seem to think he is a better driver than Senna and Schumacher combined even though Massa has beaten him in the last 2 years.

          3. @ Pedel To The Vettel:
            So you made a play on words. That’s nice.
            Maybe it was a bit presumptuous of me to assume you blindly support Vettel, but it does show your bias. It just sounded to me like you were anti-Hamilton from your very sweeping caricature of his fans

            I never said I’m neutral – I judge a driver on cold, hard stats only.
            I voted for Button as well; we agree on that at least.

  22. I voted for Kobayashi, yeah he was only in 2 races and his driving was a bit erratic but he was more impressive than most of the field who had been driving all year.
    If he hadn’t come along my vote would have gone with Hamilton for dragging a bad car to the front of the grid and racing hard no matter what position he was in.
    Vettel may have been in with a chance if only he could overtake!

    1. he was more impressive than most of the field who had been driving all year

      Ehm, you were supposed to pick “the best” driver. Not one who is better than most. “Better than most” is the same as “above average”.

    2. i agree with you Mark. and yes, No one was truly great this year.

  23. 9459267220

    Out of 25 drivers, 15 gets eliminated automatically coz they fared worse than their team mates. These include ( Rubens, Webber, Heikki, Badoer, Massa, Glock, KOyabashi, Nakazima, KUbica, PIquet, Grosjean, Sutil, LIuzzi, Bourdais and Jaime)

    Assumptions :
    1. Massa raced for the whole season for ferrari
    2. Fisichela never raced for ferrari.

    Now have a look at the relative car performance over the WHOLE season.

    1. Brawn ( 95 – points won by their lead driver Button)
    2. Redbull(84 – vettel)
    3. Mclaren ( 49 Lewis )
    4. Ferrari ( 48 Kimi)
    5. Toyota (32.5 Trulli)
    6. Williams (34.5 Nico)
    7. BMW ( 19 Nick)
    8. Renault ( 26 Fernando)
    9. Force india (8 Fisi)
    10. Torro Rosso (6 Buemi )

    Now multiplying the CAR rank with the corresponding points :

    Button = 95 * 1 = 95
    Vettel = 84 * 2 = 168
    Lewis = 49 * 3 = 147
    Kimi = 48 * 4 = 192
    Trulli = 32.5 * 5 = 162.5
    Nico = 34.5 * 6 = 207
    Nick = 19 * 7 = 133
    Fernando = 26 * 8 = 208
    Fisi = 8 * 9 = 72
    Buemi = 10 * 6 = 60

    Hence the final ranking is :

    1. Fernando Alonso
    2. Nico Rosberg
    3. KImi
    4. Vettel
    5. Trulli
    6. Lewis
    7. Nick
    8. Button
    9. Fisi
    10. Buemi

    1. Funny you should come up with such a system, we used to do it in our BATracer clan to determine who got what cars for the next game, based on how well you did minus a penalty for having a better car. But it used to change from race to race if a team got an upgrade, and I think multiplying the scores gives a bit too much weight. Nice idea though and I commend you for it :)

    2. That system is ridiculous. kimi is 3rd and Hamilton 6th scoring more points in a worse car. Kimi also got beaten by his team mate so he shouldn’t be in the list

      1. Yes the difference shoudl be much wider than just 3 places…

    3. This system suggests that the brawn is twice as good a car as the Red Bull.

  24. I support kimi,but jenson was the best driver this season.he won 6 of the first 7 races and even though he struggled in the 2nd half of the season he kept scoring vital points and only retired once,which was not his fault

  25. Democracy is a funny thing… what has Badoer done 2 deserve such number of votes?? I voted 4 Vettel

  26. Button was the best. But Vettel, Hamilton and Raikkonen was in a good shape too!

  27. Why Badoer is in this list???

    1. If I leave any driver off the list there’s bound to be an accusation that I’m rigging the vote. You have to let people vote for whoever they choose.

      For example, which driver on average gained more position per race than any other?

      That’s right, Luca Badoer:


      (Yes I know the stat is hopelessly skewed and proves nothing, that’s my point!)

  28. Out of 25 drivers, 15 gets eliminated automatically coz they fared worse than their team mates. These include ( Rubens, Webber, Heikki, Badoer, Massa, Glock, KOyabashi, Nakazima, KUbica, PIquet, Grosjean, Sutil, LIuzzi, Bourdais and Jaime)

    Assumptions :
    1. Massa raced for the whole season for ferrari
    2. Fisichela never raced for ferrari.

    Now have a look at the relative car performance over the WHOLE season.

    1. Brawn ( 95 – points won by their lead driver Button)
    2. Redbull(84 – vettel)
    3. Mclaren ( 49 Lewis )
    4. Ferrari ( 48 Kimi)
    5. Toyota (32.5 Trulli)
    6. Williams (34.5 Nico)
    7. BMW ( 19 Nick)
    8. Renault ( 26 Fernando)
    9. Force india (8 Fisi)
    10. Torro Rosso (6 Buemi )

    Now multiplying the CAR rank with the corresponding points :

    Button = 95 * 1 = 95
    Vettel = 84 * 2 = 168
    Lewis = 49 * 3 = 147
    Kimi = 48 * 4 = 192
    Trulli = 32.5 * 5 = 162.5
    Nico = 34.5 * 6 = 207
    Nick = 19 * 7 = 133
    Fernando = 26 * 8 = 208
    Fisi = 8 * 9 = 72
    Buemi = 10 * 6 = 60

    Hence the final ranking is :

    1. Fernando Alonso
    2. Nico Rosberg
    3. KImi
    4. Vettel
    5. Trulli
    6. Lewis
    7. Nick
    8. Button
    9. Fisi

    1. So you have ranked the drivers by how badly their team mate performed.

      Now all you need to do is to determine how good their team mate was to correct it back to how good the original driver was .. ehm … eh …

  29. Kubica and Kimi, you must be joking?

    I voted for Hamilton

  30. Kimi Raikkonen – it was a pleasure to watch him driving.

  31. I’d vote for Lewis if I could, but it seems you can only vote once per internet connection.

    I don’t get how people think winning the WDC instantly makes you the best driver. I really don’t like Button but I admit he drove really well this year, but that doesn’t make him the best of the year.

  32. Voted for Hamilton, usually I hate his silly boy attitude off track but in the race he was giving all he got this year.

    Vettel was also good (minus lol Melbourne crash), same Button (minus lol big handicap in the first half of season).

    I would want to vote for my fellow countryman (Kubica) but since car was crap and his superiors from BMW were butthurt for him like always (this is no excuse though) he was not even trying this year…

    1. I complete agree.

      Kubica and Alonso didn’t try much this year but they seemed to still be praised

  33. How did Badoer get more votes then Rosberg? lol

  34. Seems like the pole at least so far is actually pretty reliable Button, Hamilton, Raikkonen and Vettel were properly the best drivers of the year.

  35. Kimi and lewis drove well for half the year. But only half especially kimi. I voted for webber. I cannot remember someone achiveing what webber did with a broken leg(Tibia and Fibula).He was inspiring from Melbourne to the very last minute at abu dabi against button.2010 bring it on.

    1. Yep. Webbo got my vote for a host of reasons – mainly because of his racy & agressive take no prisoners style, his 2 awesome wins which were just the class of the field on the day, his overtaking abilty, and last but not least because he proved his strength of character being able to drive at all, when the rest of us would still have been hobbling around on crutches come the start of the F1 season.

      At least his customary bad luck seemed to desert him (although it made a few guest appearances this season) and he was finally given a car which could show what he was capable of.

      Oh and before anyone accuses me of being a blindy patriotic Aussie, much as I like Webber, he is not my favourite driver. Alonso is, but I just can’t say that Alonso performed better than Mark this season. Sure Nando drove fantastically given his handicap with the R29, and he is definitely top 5, I still think Mark had the goods this season.

  36. So, I guess we all decided that the term “best” is about as subjective as it is possible to get, that being said, if you have every driver drive in every car at every race, and they have relatively the same “luck” over the entirety of the season…who ends up with the most points?

    Vettel. (who edges out Lewis & Alonso, with a little more seperation to Massa and Kimi)

    Thanks boys for your time.

  37. It looks like its head to head between the two British drivers,they will be teammate next season,hope they fight till end for the world championship.

  38. I read many of these comments with ammusement. I would just like to point out “who is the best driver of 2009?”actually means-

    who is the best driver of 2009

    it doesn’t really mean any of the following-

    Who do you fancy?
    vote for your countries driver’s.
    Vote for the best driver’s of 2008.
    Who are you a fanboy of?

    Personally I voted for JB for 1 reason I read the poll question and decided he had the best year.

  39. I say Jenson Button was the driver of the year but Hamilton was the BEST driver. I think he really matured as a driver this year and we drove his heart out even when his car was never the best. I believe we can expect some more great things from him next year.

  40. Kimi is first now. How ridiculous

    1. Yeah, that’s the problem with these online polls. There will always be some fanclub trying to mess stuff up.

      Besides Raikkonen, Vettel is ranked ridiculously high all of a sudden too.

      Keith usually knows how to clean away the bad votes though.

      1. Yeah although I love Vettel I don’t think he was the best driver of the year cos if he hadn’t have made a few mistakes he might have won it. But he did do a good job at the end of the year, so I think he deserves the amount of votes he’s got.

        1. fanclub trying to mess !! its the truth !! try to live with it !! cheerio

      2. haha! Why have a poll when the mod needs to clean up ‘bad votes’? Are they bad votes because you don’t agree with them?

        There were so many guys that battled in the first half of the season and others that battled in the second half.

        Button: worthy champion
        Vettel: best driver

        1. Well if people frustrate the voting proces then they are bad votes. They might even be voting more than once.

    2. Why can’t he be driver of the year? His car was horribly unreliable losing a LOT of points at the beginning of the year, and his and his teams mistakes losing him some points. He dragged a car to victory when it wasn’t one of the best cars there.

      While the McLaren was horrible for the first half of the season, it was one of the best cars in the second half, which allowed it to score the big points, while the Ferrari was consistently average. To finish just one point behind Lewis and nearly single handedly (in the second half) managed to get Ferrari 3rd place.

      Think about it this way, in the first half of the season Raikkonen and Hamilton had 10 points each. Hamilton did have a worse car at that stage of the season, so Raikkonen should have achieved more points. But in the second half of the season, Hamilton scored 39 points and Raikkonen scored 38…

      McLaren had a winning package by that Germany, the Ferrari stopped development by then, so surely Raikkonen did a better job in that period?

      He may not be your driver of the year, but to call it ridiculous is silly, just like it would be if I said Hamilton beingcalled driver of the year is dumb.

      1. Kav – you’ve just put into words everything in my head as to why I voted for kimi being the best :)

        1. Whoops was meant to write “To finish just one point behind Lewis and nearly single handedly (in the second half) managed to get Ferrari 3rd place was a great achievement”

          And Kayleigh, it is really annoying seeing Kimi not receive the credit he deserves this year. He did fantastic this year, he looked like the McLaren Kimi at Monaco, and in the second half of the year. The guy dragged a car from 6th to victory for goodness sake! We always moan whenever we only see races from pole or through the pits, but whenever we have an actual race, no one noticees! I mean I’m not a blind Kimi fanboy, I can admit when he was rubbish like in the second half of last year but I can also see when he has done great.

          It was the same as last year, Massa didn’t enough credit for his achievements. Okay he may have benefited from 2 points in Spa and another 1 in Japan, but he did great. He did lose points in some races, but he also lost 20+ points through no fault of his own. His performance deserved him around 120 points that year. His mistakes were decisive only because of his reliability and team mistakes.

  41. Despite myself, I had to vote for Button – if the question had been who was the best RACER of 2009, I’d have to say Hamilton.

    Kimi leading the poll… some very strange energy around here with everything related to Kimi lately.

  42. I’m almost done re-watching the races, perhaps with a more open mind, and as a Vettel fan I’ve come to realise that I had blanked many great Button drives / overtakes from my mind because I was so frustrated with his dominance at the time. Now I must say he is certainly a worthy champion, perhaps the best driver of the year. although I voted Hamilton

  43. Well it certainly wasn’t Button.

    Hamilton or Raikonnen I’d say. Although I’m sure Massa would’ve put in a better effort had he not got his head smacked in.

  44. Kimi Kimi who else has the ability to drive that bullock Ferrari…
    Its kimi none of them can get this!!

  45. What’s the problem about Kimi being first??? He’s the best driver,that’s all.There’s nothing “ridiculous” as somebody said :roll: KEEP FLYING! You’ll never walk alone :)

  46. No doubt about it…Kimi’s d best….

    he led a bullock cart to victory and extremely consistent performances!!

  47. fan clubs trying to mess with the poll?? what a bunch of sour grapes around here…Lewis isn’t the only driver out there, you know! Considering the fact that he doesn’t even know a RED light means stop, I’m totally surprised how he managed to get so many votes..no doubt thnks to some fan club trying to “mess things” there too…

    1. move on…… he’s the best driver so he gets a lot of votes… =P besides who did u vote for? nelson? =P


  48. a lot of foul play by kimi fans X(

    1. u have a problem with the number of Kimi fans in this world?

    2. lol dude !! :P !! why ??

      1. i am a kimi fan myslef … but i voted for lewis coz he was the best

        1. he was the best ??in what way ??winning with a good car and crawling with a bad car???is this what you call THE BEST !! COme on man !!

  49. Big names and person are always talked a lot. Who´s name is picked up mostly in this block? I´d like to say Kimi. As a Kimi fan I´d like to say he was the best, but maybe I rate for Barrichello with reasons I would not like to get you bored =)

  50. Yes people you got it right,Kimi is no.1!Blame me cause I casted one vote for him n theres reason for it.Ever heard a commentator say “driver of the era”?or may be “the greatest racer”?Probably no,because no Lewis or Jenson can put up 10 best laptimes even if the are give f117!No favouritism could win u championship neither does anyones gift..We have theories in lots to suggest whose who but still it is quite evidnt when u open up your eyes..

    1. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
      29th November 2009, 20:29

      Your vote is for “driver of the year” the year of 2009. What did Kimi do?

    2. f.a fantastic alonso
      30th November 2009, 8:57

      Alonso was always to be the best he did 5th in Australia and Singapore 3rd that’s great but kimi worse can come.

  51. Jraybay-Hamiltonmclarenfan
    29th November 2009, 20:26

    I know I am a massive fan of lewis and mclaren but I really thought he did the best job.And the team gets a nod too. The car was horrible…maybe 2 and a half seconds slower than the front runners beginning of the season and he still scored points here and there. Mclaren continued to develop the car until it was competitive, way to go boys :D . Oh and he had a 3rd in asutralia, brill drive. until the f.i.a investigated their radio communication on the Trulli incident. He would have been in good shape if he kept the 3RD.

    Lewis is one of the best in the field and it was great to see him push the car even though it may not have been the best.

    One more thing. Why is kimi Raikkonen leading this poll? That is a load of cr*p. He is overrated and he didn’t drive well at all this season except his spa victory where kers benefits largely.

    My list would be
    Barrichello- the old guy being consistent
    And all those rookies this year who did fairly well.

    1. yep mclaren and lewis \m/ >_<

    2. come and agree
      30th November 2009, 9:02

      I agree with what you say except for Webber he got this high by fluke.He is a c**p driver he’s so s****d. But good decisions

      1. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
        30th November 2009, 16:40

        Well… I’m not a big webber fan but I thought he did excellent to rebound from the drive through penalty at nurburgring, for his first victory. And he had some solid drives during the season.A second victory at brasil. He showed that he does have abit of pace. Even though he vettel qualified better than him almost every race. Thanks m8.

    3. What did Lewis do better than Kimi this year? Excepting crashing and spinning few times, of course… :p

      1. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
        30th November 2009, 16:32

        He crashed once by himself. he spun about 3 times at shanghai.I guess thats enough for you hamilton haters to put kimi above all. What did kimi do this year? Except be mediocre… :P

  52. HAHAHA Thats brilliant, Kimi “the best driver of 2009”. Hes not even the best driver at Ferrari. What is it, the teen vote he gets or something, cos hes got a skateboard and “dares” not to do corporate stuff? Rock n roll but its about driving not skiving. Most over rated driver since Eddie Irvine and similarly loved for his lifestyle not his driving style.

    1. not every teen is an idiotic skater anarchist..just because you came across a 12 year old who was blaming the system because his parents sent him to bed at 10PM and happened to post a gazillion “kimi kimi kimi kimi”s on a few too many forums doesn’t mean all Kimi fans are alike..as you can see, there are plenty of Kimi fans (and F1 fans for that matter) to choose from, other than snot-nosed kids

  53. Despite all the criticism,Kimi is the best and you can see it by looking this poll.And how many fans does Kimi have! Ferrari are just loosers for let him leave the team,he was their champion.Hopefully,Kimi will join Mercedes GP next year and fight for the wins because HE’S THE ONE! GO KIMI!!!

    1. well, since Badoer has received 27 votes it’s very difficult to say that this poll actually reflects the reality..but Kimi (until now) has got the most votes, and that must count for something in the eyes of the ones who say he’s a bad racer just because he’s not as colorful (I’m NOT being racist here) as Hamilton..when Kimi saw himself in the midfield or at the back, he didn’t begin to question his team and didn’t imply wanting to go to another team, or even say he’s thinking of quitting the sport (you know who I’m talking about, UK)..he (Kimi)stuck to it and delivered..Hamilton on the other hand, as soon as the formidable McLaren engineers hit the sweet spot and Lewis was at the top again, it was a wonderful life and cooperation all over again..I can and would give you many other examples, but it’s half past twelve in this corner of the earth so..

      ps the reason I’m replying to you, Alexandra, is to ultimately ask you where are you from? :)

      1. Romania :)

        1. me too :)..I mean, “si eu”..I hate having to go off topic

          1. comments being moderated -.-

      2. In relation to drivers who were not in the top two cars this year (Brawn and Red Bull), you’ve hit the nail firmly on the head.

        Kimi may not be charismatic, but he gets the job done. Very, very, very, very, very rarely critical of his machinary or team and just does his talking on the track. How does this not deserve a top drive in F1?

        In fact, I don’t believe being charismatic is in a driver’s job description?

  54. u r so right Alexandra! Kimi is the one, as u said.

    And someone asked “what did he do in 2009”?
    Oh yeah? did u even bother watching all the races? Do u even have the faintest idea about wht kinda “car” Ferrari had? jus chk out the number of votes for darling Alonso…to think he replaced Kimi in a Ferrari…we all kno how people hafta suck up to each other and play a lotta games to be considered “great” in formula one..jus coz Kimi doesn’t do tht doesn’t mean he is “over rated”

    And wht Kimi does during his non race days isn’t anybody’s business…this poll is about the best “driver” right? not about who is the good son who always lets his dad, brother, girl frnd, sister, mother etc etc tag along to each and every race…

    1. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
      30th November 2009, 17:17

      Can you explain what Kimi did in 2009? you didn’t do that.

      Who cares if he brings his family. You don’t like them either? Its funny cause they havent even raced lol. Let the guy bring his family. Is it such a big deal? They seem to be the only support he recieves these days.

      1. well, lewismclarenfan, sine its obvious your opinions are objective and as unbiased as they can be, you can sure check some comments from this and a few other articles and you can see some good solid arguments for why Kimi did a good job in 2009..but I’m not tackling you in any way, nor I am instigating another discussion with opposite opinions (whether they’re well-dounded or not)..plus, your spontaneous “lol”s are so relevant to your arguments that they are just too difficult to fight back with cursive eloquent sentences..maybe a roflmao would spice it up a notch, eh?

        1. since it’s *..and founded *..sorry, this keyboard is uncontrollable, it seems to be alive sometimes

          1. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
            30th November 2009, 19:45

            Must be a pc ;) . jk – acronym for “Just kidding”

        2. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
          30th November 2009, 19:43

          I’m not tackling you either. I’m a little blunt. I like your comments and I am fully aware that Kimi did ok, actually. Previous comments were definitly uneducated. A few podiums and a victory at spa. But to get as many votes as he did here is ridiculous. You can’t justify all of those votes. Oh Ok thanks for correcting my grammar, teacher. An “lol” doesn’t hurt anybody. Just a little acronym . Maybe Will put roflmao in next time we chat ;)

          1. there wasn’t any grammar correction, I was just correcting my own spelling mistakes..plus, I’m way, way too young to be referred to as teacher, as sarcastic and acidic that may be..and with the “lol” thing, it’s just something I think is downgrading to one’s level of intelligence whenever it’s written..I can understand and assimilate the origin of the acronym, but the present over-usage of the now-might-as-well-be-considered word is scraping my brain like a rusty pin needle..anyway, I was talking about Kimi and his performance this year..and I wasn’t making specific reference to the votes, because they really don’t show the whole would-be reliable truth with Badoer now on 34 votes and Nakajima on 12 (however I do think that Badoer did ok for a test driver, comparing his performances with Fisico’s)..he did good, he did really good (I think..I’m not saying all those King of Spa, “Best EVAH” nonsense) this season, and I (as well as others) have been writing for what reasons I think that in previous comments, so there’s no need to make you read the same thing over and over again

        3. a most eloquent diatribe i have had the pleasure of reading… :D

          1. i’d like to point out that this comment was for your previous commetn.. i have no idea why it was published here

          2. what, the one where I was correcting myself? :P

  55. Barrichello 2% 46 votes
    Webber 4% 44 votes

    How does that work?

  56. I think Kimi is an excellent driver and did a stellar job with a dog of a car this year, but is he really driver of the year folks?

    He’s my favourite driver of the current crop, but I still believe Button did the best job this year overall. C’mon people, smell the roses. You might be anti-Button, most of you, but you cant deny he did the best job overall?

    1. I’m not anti-Button..I’ve loved Button ever since Spa 2000..2004 was a very good season, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him do so well, and at Hungary 2006 I was really excited..he’s a hell of a bloke, great driver..and this year he deserved the championship, indeed he did..it’s all this hype about him not faring outstandingly for most of the year which is wrong..but for Button-haters, what if the season had gone backwards?what if Button had won 6 of the final 7 races?wouldn’t that have been a terrific championship?..anyway, I for one am not taking anything away from Button, I’m just giving a touch more credit to Kimi, that’s all..but hey, I’m just one guy and this is just one lousy opinion

  57. kimi kimi kimi….
    If Hamilton the crying baby got this much votes how much votes should kimi get…

    Kimi deserves everything…Hamilton and button are like 1 day mosquito!!!

  58. if this poll was fair… i’d say lewis wud win it anyday

    1. this poll has become a tool to salvage pride for kimi … kimi is a good driver … no point arguing that … but the poll is for 2009 be sensible

      1. I wouldn’t think that deep..maybe most of the 1000+ people who voted for him think he’s the actually best driver this year..it’s not like Kimi fans are a secret global society that logs on to 1000 different computers and votes for Kimi..the reason for this commented “outburst”, if you will, of Kimi fans is the fact that we’re really really upset that he has left F1..and up until now, just like him, we solely did our “job”, watching the races quietly and contently whichever the result was, keeping one eye on him and other six on the rest of the race, not attempting to write “oh Kimi is a god among drivers” etc everywhere we could lay our keyboards on, unlike a certain group of fans (next Schumacher, next Senna, all that cock-and-bull)..anyway, I don’t think this poll is a digital commemorative plaque or anything..it just shows some opinions..1000 opinions to be approximate for the upteenth time..if I were to be (and at some level, I am) 100% objective I’d go for Rosberg but even that would be bashed for being biased, at least on this .co.uk. website..and if should a co-national of mine manage to land an F1 spot (God forbid), I personally don’t think I’ll be supporting him to the end of the world, but fortunately that won’t be the case in the near future

        1. this is once again not an opinion … its a vent out of angst that’s all …. everyone knows how lewis excelled his team mate and was far off points of him … with the same car … lewis ought to win…. and yeah see the orkut community if u want where ppl accept plainly that they voted 20 times or something =P

          1. Lewis did had the same car as Heikki..with 2 races in advance

  59. my foot lewis…

    that crybaby can perform ONLY in a competitive car…..and he cries and threatens to quit if the car is uncompetitive..!!

    kimi never ever complained…..yet he performed!!

    1. that’s the problem he never takes it against the team … and the team keeps snubbing him ……. =P as for lewis he gets what he asks for =P

  60. Kimi Raikkonen took a poor car and win. The King of Spa!!! Besides, Sebastian Vettel also had a good job in 2009. I think Jenson Button will be beaten by Hamilton in McLaren next season.

    1. of course he will..take two opposite driving styles, which do you favor?..the one who has been in the team for 3 years or the new guy employed only so that they’d have the #1 on the car? (weird policy these McLaren guys have)

  61. Kimi got double the votes compared to Lewis and Jenson.
    WRC is gonna benefit Big time.

    1. still proved he was better after 2 days =P

      1. by the time Heikki got the parts, Lewis had already received others..anyway I’m not contradicting the fact that he beat Heikki pretty much fair and square both these years..and I’m not starting another “who is favored by the team argument”

          1. that’s what i mean lewis is da best of 2009

          2. ok, he’s “da” best, I’ll leave you with it

  62. This poll has kept me tickled for several days now. I’ve especially enjoyed those who have perhaps token or facetiously or otherwise voted for plainly the worst driver (perhaps for further amusement we should have a pole for ‘the worst driver’).

    However it appears that some skulduggery is at hand as some drivers votes have mysteriously been altered significantly and some have even lost votes lol…

    1. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
      30th November 2009, 17:04

      I noticed too lol

    2. Just to be clear, no drivers have lost votes. More info here.

  63. Based on the banner headline question the answer is simple–Sebastian Loeb! He has more driving ability in his little finger than half of those turkeys in the end of year photo have in their whole bodies. The FIA didnt give him a superlicence as he would have exposed the current crop of grand prix drivers as duds.(Kimi, Button and Webber exepted)

  64. kimi is the best driver this season and also in 2008 massa did beat him but kimi had a lot of bad luck

    1. the bad luck thing is debatable..but as far as unfortunate occurances are concerned, Kimi had not only his but also many other drivers’ share of those throughout his career, not just in 2008

  65. Reason why Kimi has won the poll:

    Some orkut user posted the the link to this article on the Kimi Raikkonnen community: http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#CommMsgs?cmm=19353&tid=5408940972034622989&start=1

    This KR community is pretty strong, 30,000+ members.

    Thats why he has won the poll. Similar to how Kubika had won the poll last year I think.

    @Keith: If you are reading this, you have got to do something about such issues.

    1. it has 300000 members..so wht? is it illegal or wrong in any way for every member there to vote for Kimi? Do try and respect other’s opinions pls. even if 30,000 people think u r wrong :P

      1. I never said it was illegal. Please don’t get defensive.

        All I did was point out what factors are influencing the poll results.

        It is an open poll. My vote is worth as much as yours. I respect your opinion as much as anyone else’s on F1Fanatic.

        But judging from the negative comments I am getting in the KR orkut community, I don’t think I can respect the opinions of most of those fanboys.

        1. lol! I’m defensive?? u r the one who has gone crying to the poll moderator, whining about the number of Kimi fans :D

          And right back at u dude “It is an open poll. My vote is worth as much as yours. I respect your opinion as much as anyone else’s on F1Fanatic.”

          How about u also respect the thousand other people who voted for Kimi? and u seriously expect people to bow down to your “superior” comments in the KR community? Are u saying in the Lewis community members will be all nice and docile to me when i spout nonsense about Lewis? How about u touch base with reality for once? If you respect other’s opinions, u’ll get respect in return. I’m sure u know that.

          1. What comments in KR community? I haven’t posted any. All I can see there is some guy called “Ivan” trying to single-handedly take on the 30,000 strong community. And trust me, I am NOT Ivan (I read your post there), it is somebody else, some regular user here for sure, but not me. I used to be active there before, but I follow F1 on F1Fanatic now.

            I have no grouse against what you all do in your community. That is why I never posted anything there. I care for the orderliness and high standards of this website alone.

            You seem like a sane fellow. I am glad that you haven’t resorted to personal comments unlike some of the other members in the community, (eg: Shankar, below).

        2. listen mate,

          The negative comments which you are getting is more to do with you imposing your blind fanaticism on kimi fans where as there is also your identity in question.

          1. @Keith: Oh come on.. Even my comments are being moderated now!! I am a regular here. Except for a couple of tiffs with MP4 guy, I am largely innocuous. And I never abuse anyone, Do I?

            Plus, it was me who pointed out how the poll has been rigged.

            And you moderate my comments!!!!

  66. Ok, this poll is like, Kimi has lapped the second guy on the grid twice :D Go Iceman!

  67. Difficult question. Rosberg was pretty good in my opinion, but Webber and Barrichello also upped their game this year.

    Button is a deserving champion, but I don’t think he improved dramatically since last year; he just had a more competitive car.

    Out of interest, does ‘best driver’ refer only to race/qualifying speed or does it also refer consistency, team leadership and (thinking of Piquet here) fair play?

    1. it refers to whatever you think consists of driver’s quality, which of course have a certain connection to his performances..including all the things you listed

  68. Rankarashiganja
    30th November 2009, 22:02

    Kimi Fans from Planet F1 are flooding the Poll! They are making every single member from that site vote for Kimi.
    Erase ALL Kimi Votes!

    1. What’s your problem,guy? :roll: How can you demonstrate that something is going wrong with Kimi’s votes?How can you ask for Kimi’s votes to be deleted? If Raikkonen’s fans are joining in here and vote for their favourite,that’s it.Others fans are voting for their favourites too.By this,every one of Kimi’s haters,can see how loved and apreciated is Kimi.Love ya Kimster ! :D

    2. “oh my god, it’s Cloverfield (or 2012, depends on your preferred “worst movie”) all over again!!! ” ..

  69. Re : Kimi Raikkonen fans – I’ve never seen such mass delusion and mindless fanaticism since Jaques Villeneuve was participating in F1.

    My vote goes to Hamilton.

    1. I rather the mindless fanaticism award go to Hamilton’s fans..you won’t believe the amount of worshiping there is within Hamilton fan circles..and not just 12-year olds who just logged on to the internet for the first time in their life..and this site isn’t an example, because here we (mostly) have intelligent individuals who are able to at least motivate their choice and express their opinions coherently and within rational limits..and if you read some of the comments here and on other articles, you’ll see that Kimi fans are able to do just that, and not just say “tha best”, “next Schumacher/Senna”, “living legend” etc, like many (not all..not most) fans of Hamilton..there are also Kimi fanboys around, I know..but referring strictly to the articles here, it’s easy to see that we’re not clam shells that can only spell “Kimi the best ever, King of Spa blablabla”

      1. Seriosly ?

        I haven’t read about thousands of Hamilton fans invading this site to bias a poll in favour of him. The only mindless fanaticism that you mention seems to derive from a Raikkonen forum which has been already identified and pointed out.

        Of course there are idiots who claim that Hamilton is the next Schumacher / Senna, but by the virtue of the fact that the administrators of this site chose to publish an article stating that the poll had been unfairly affected by Raikkonen fanboys nullifies your post in it’s entirity.

        1. there are plenty of Hamilton fanboys making ludicrous statements, trust me, I haven’t been annoyed for 3 years now without any reasons..and I have been saying that this poll isn’t accurately reliable, since Badoer got 30+ votes, among othe abnormalities..but Kimi’s votes aside, having the two British drivers receive most of the votes qualifies for a accurate poll outcome?..and administrators of this British site will never write anything incriminating towards their drivers, as we have seen last year (running red lights, shoving others off the road etc have been ignored and thought to be compensated by the positives)..anyway, you think Kimi fans are bind idiots, if you feel content with your statement and if the thought that we like and support him for good reasons (racing-wise..not about him being checked at the fanciest hotel in Spain and talking about his fancy SUV that “the monkeys at the back” wouldn’t even dream of) never came up, everything I say, think, do can be put into question against your irrefutable arguments and I wouldn’t bother to answer you anymore

          1. Typical “Well it’s British, so it has be be biased” nonsense. As per norm, Hamilton detractors focus on a couple of negatives which happened well over a year ago and more, plus having the audacity to check into a nice hotel or own a nice car – what cheek.

            I’m content with my statement simply because Hamilton fans didn’t feel the need to hijack this poll / thread en masse. I’m even more happy because you have chosen a one wrong comment and a lack of concentration to berate Hamilton with. Even more so when you take into account the mention of Hamilton’s choice of hotel and vehicle (it’s not unheard of for rich people to have big houses, nice cars and lovely holidays you know) as a rather feeble argument.

            I don’t think all Raikkonen fans are blind idiots, but the results of this poll clearly demonstrate (and has been proved) that the majority of fanboys seem to support Raikkonen. Admit it, deal with it, and enjoy the WRC.

          2. a “couple” of negatives?..I really am not in the mood to list everything all over again..are you saying this year he was exemplary?lying to the FIA, making pathetic attempts to reconcile with the drivers which he had insulted once he saw himself at the back of the grid, complaining non-stop and starting to say he’d leave the team on which he had previously stated he’d want to end his career with (when it was at the sharp end), saying he’ll “lend this world championship to Button, but I’m still the best on the grid”..and the “Formula 1 Cribs” thing I was talking about was during the Spanish GP weekend, not during a holiday or anything, the video is a “see it to believe it” occurrence, there’s no need in trying to tell you through words..and Hamilton fanboys don’t feel the need to hijack this poll, they feel the need to hijack any other pol//thread/article/video they come across, with the massive hype around him..eloquent examples include youtube, his personal website and (shocker) British websites..I’m not exemplifying this one, because readers and users here are more intelligent than the norm..and I’m not saying the supposed Kimi fans being being directed here to vote is a normal thing..not by any means..the “British biased” thing is more noticeable than anything, I wouldn’t see why it’s nonsense, just by looking at this season’s previous articles regarding race analysis..but I’m a Kimi fanboy, what do I know?

        2. The bias of the administrators of this site is pretty clear to all of us… so there goes your argument

  70. Kimi was the fastest this year.. in 2nd half he was only driver who scored points to ferrari and won in Spa with a car that belongs to museum. Since July he didn`t get new parts.. why Alonso is even in this list? What he did? Renault was again so fast because Alonso is the best driver to develope f1 cars, doh. Yes he beat the spinner and the rookie who never before even tested f1 car.

  71. it is rather comical, to fanboys, that if someone actually thought that kimi was the best in 09, you seriously are asking our votes to be deleted??

    so, in return will i ask votes for any other driver to be deleted?
    no, because that makes no sense and to be honest what some of you guys are asking is altering the result of poll, which speaks for itself…

    1. As far as i’m aware, no other driver has had a fanboy forum invade this place to bend the results in favour of their hero, so it’s a resonable request (well maybe looking at the voting patters prior to the Raikkonette influx and projecting the results from there would be). :) Have fun !

      1. Okay, listen to Hamper. Count the votes for Kimi that have come from the Orkut community and bunch of other fansites. Then you can deduct them from the total. This way, we’d only be left with votes that Kimi would’ve got if his fans had not known about the poll. OMG! I am turning into a dictator :D

  72. Eurytus 0==>~....
    1st December 2009, 16:13

    Kimi is lush !

  73. Kimi fans vote Kimi and Hamilton fans Hamilton. It’s always like that.

    Kimi won a poll HOOORAYYYYYY :D:D:D:D:D:D

    1. He’s won more polls than Lech Wałęsa,

    2. no..look at the article in brief, there were plenty of people who voted for other than their favorite driver, albeit mostly Kimi fans

      1. Yes, what would F1 do without independent minded, unbiased Kimi fans ?


        1. what does that got to do with what I said?you do have some issues

  74. Well, Keith, your audience has cast its vote, rather decisively. I agree w/ the 38% of the audience that voted for Kimi. He performed miracles in that very mediocre Ferrari. I would say Lewis was a close second and Vettel third.

    But of course the Brittish media will rate Button as the best driver (as you and James Allen did), yet more proof of ethnic bias. The facts simply do not support this view.

  75. Kimi raikkonen did miracle with that mediocre..even worst ferrari….

    Since button won the championship it is not that he should be the best driver of the year…

    My vote goes to Iceman…. in my list second would be hamilton..and 3rd vettel….

    and I consider hamilton 2nd best and not first because, he had a better car than kimi for almost half season yet finished only 1 point ahead… and liegate scandal was a shame….

  76. I dont understand why everyone is speaking about deleting votes??

    I liked raikkonen.. and I liked the way he drove during 2009 season.. so I voted..and so did 1415 persons… How can someone delete our votes??? we all liked the way raikkonen drove…

    may be some might have liked jenson..and some hamilton… in the same way we liked the way raikkonen drove…

    Now even i can say lewis or jenson or badoer or whoever… and they dont deserve the votes they managed… so will the mods or owners delete the votes??

  77. Its settled then .. Kimi it is and has to be..

  78. kimi raikkonen

  79. i had to say kimi raikkonen also my favourite driver
    though we had such a bad season
    and i like the way he drives and his attitude toward to working…XD

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