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Raikkonen close to Citroen WRC deal (WRC)

"Formula 1 star Kimi Raikkonen is understood to be ready to sign a deal with Citroen to drive a C4 World Rally Car on all 13 rounds of the 2010 World Rally Championship." Is Kimi Raikkonen about to get one of the most coveted seats in rallying? It would be a huge coup for the championship which has struggled in recent years.

BMW AG reaches agreement with Peter Sauber regarding sale of the BMW Sauber F1 Team

BMW has given up on Qadbak, which is reassuring because we never heard much about their F1 plans. Can Peter Sauber get the team on the grid for 2010?

Tribunal De Grande Instance (FIA) (N Technology case)

"The Tribunal de Grande Instance in Paris has upheld the FIA’s selection procedure for new teams in the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship and rejected a legal action filed by UK company MSC, one of the unsuccessful candidates."

Briatore, Symonds verdict due Jan 5 (ITV-F1)

"The court said it expected to reach a verdict on January 5." Added to the F1 Fanatic calendar: https://www.racefans.net/credits-and-contacts/f1-fanatic-calendar/

BBC F1 film wins prestigious award (BBC)

"BBC Sport has won a prestigious Royal Television Society Award for the short film that introduced the coverage of the season-opening Australian Grand Prix." And thoroughly deserved it was too.

The latest on Schumacher, Ferrari and Mercedes (James Alenn)

"By not coming out and denying the Mercedes stories, Schumacher and Mercedes boss Norbert Haug are keeping themselves in positive headlines, building to fever pitch in Germany, which keeps the Schumacher brand strong and neutralises the damage caused to Mercedes by Jenson Button’s defection to McLaren." I'm often sceptical about this kind of reasoning – why would Mercedes want to build expectation to 'fever pitch' and then fail to meet those expectations by signing Nick Heidfeld?

Campos car homologated by the FIA (Autosport)

"Campos Meta 1's car for its debut Formula 1 season has been homologated by the FIA following a series of tests last week."

Schumacher’s manager confirms the driver met with bosses at new F1 team Mercedes (AP)

Willi Weber: "I know that Michael spoke with Dieter Zetsche and Norbert Haug at the season's finale in Abu Dhabi."

A final twist in the road for Brawn (The Independent)

Ross Brawn has an interesting explanation for how Ferrari lost the 1997 championship: "We were involved with races where we would use our drivers strategically. At Suzuka in the late 1990s, Michael [Schumacher] built a lead while Eddie [Irvine] controlled the pace of the rest of the pack. And in 1997 we lost the world championship because [Heinz-Harald] Frentzen held Michael when [Jacques] Villeneuve was pulling away. The FIA won't accept it now, but that's how we did it in those days. This [Nelson Piquet Jnr's premeditated crash in the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix] was different. This crossed a boundary nobody had ever crossed before, and in many ways I'm glad it came out and got punished. I can safely say it will never happen again."

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11 comments on “F1 links: Raikkonen in Citroen WRC deal link”

  1. Good for Raikkonen at least he will have some fun next season.

  2. If Willi Webber says that Schumi is fit eager to race then I think he will make a comeback.

    1. Willi Weber says that Schumacher will be 97′ driver champion..
      Last summer he says that Michael will not come back, then he bought some cap “Schumi is back”

  3. If Raikkonen signs the deal with citroen does this mean that ferrari don’t have to pay him?

    1. Actually it means Ferrari have to pay him more than if he had stayed in F1!

  4. Looks like WRC just got a whole lot more interesting next year.

    Also, I think it would be great if Peter Sauber could make an F1 comeback. I’m sure most people would be happy to chuck Toyota out in his favour.

  5. raikkonen going to wrc, sad for f1, good for wrc
    i’m going to watch wrc and f1

  6. Anybody have any news about the Toyota,whether the squad will race next season or what?

  7. Raikkonen to the WRC would be great. I’d finally have something to look for there again then.

    Hopefully his Red Bull sponsoring sees him back into a Red Bull F1 car for 2011 then. We really need a racer like him back in F1.

    1. This needs a bit more information from Kimi, Red Bull and Citroen I think. Just because he is being given a C4WRC (the top car in 2009), doesn’t mean it will be with the Citroen WRC team, or even the new Junior team. He might be a privateer…..

  8. Mercedes are really keen to garner publicity since their acquisition of Brawn. I wonder how much Honda DNA is still in the car…

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