Schumacher and 11 other F1 drivers join Massa’s kart race this weekend

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Felipe Massa is back in action this weekend

Felipe Massa makes his return to competitive racing this weekend as he hosts his annual International Challenge of the Stars kart race in Florianopolis.

Michael Schumacher is among the F1 drivers to turn up for the Desafio Internacionale das Estrelas having also raced karts at Las Vegas last weekend. Here’s a full list of the 11 F1 drivers competing in this year’s race and details on how you can watch it live today and tomorrow.

Update: Race one results below.

F1 drivers in Desafio Internacionale das Estrelas 2009

As well as Massa and Schumacher, eight other F1 drivers of the past and present are competing this weekend.

Last year’s winner Rubens Barrichello has returned to defend his title. The only other active F1 driver taking part is Vitantonio Liuzzi, who yesterday was confirmed as a Force India driver for 2010.

The remaining seven drivers are all former F1 drivers from Brazil: Nelson Piquet Jnr, who also raced with Schumacher at Las Vegas, Enrique Bernoldi, Antonio Pizzonia, Luciano Burti, Ricardo Zonta, Christian Fittipaldi and Tarso Marques.

IRL star Tony Kanaan is among the other big names competing, as well as top GP2 driver Lucas di Grassi who could make his F1 debut in 2010.

Ferrari test driver Luca Badoer was originally slated to compete but has had to pull out due to a clashing commitment.

How to follow the races live

Here in Britain the two races are being broadcast live on Eurosport:

Saturday 28th November, 6pm, Eurosport 2 UK – Desafio Internacionale das Estrelas Race 1
Sunday 29th November, 1pm, Eurosport 2 UK – Desafio Internacionale das Estrelas Race 2

If you know of any channels in your area that are showing the race, please post details in the comments.

You can find live timing for all sessions here.

I’ll be watching the races and posting updates on Twitter. Also keep an eye on the #desafio2009 tag and make sure to follow @lookingspiffy who’s keeping a close eye on the race. And of course there’s the official website for the event.

F1 Fanatic will have a report after the race on Sunday.

Race one results

1. Michael Schumacher
2. Vitantonio Liuzzi
3. Felipe Massa
4. Lucas di Grassi
5. Vitor Meira
6. Rubens Barrichello
7. Tony Kanaan
8. Antonio Pizzonia*
9. Nelson Piquet Jnr
10. Duda Pamplona
11. Ricardo Zonta
12. Tarso Marques
13. Enrique Bernoldi
14. Mario Moraes
15. Joao Paulo de Oliveira
16. Popo Bueno
17. Luciano Burti
18. Felipe Giaffone
19. Bla Figueiredo
20. Eduardo Berlanda
21. Xandhi Negrao
22. Marcos Gomes
23. Raphael Matos
24. Christian Fittipaldi
25. Max Wilson

*Takes pole position for Sunday’s race

F1 drivers karting

Image (C) Ferrari spa

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50 comments on “Schumacher and 11 other F1 drivers join Massa’s kart race this weekend”

  1. Ferrari test driver Luca Badoer was originally slated to compete but has had to pull out due to a clashing commitment.

    Any idea what commitment that might be? :-)

    1. I think it’s meant to say ‘crashing commitment’.

  2. …Enrique Bernoldi, Antonio Pizzonia, Luciano Burti, Ricardo Zonta, Christian Fittipaldi and Tarso Marques.

    Hardly a glittering list of F1’s great and good is it? :)
    I’m surprised no more current drivers want to prove themselves against Schumi. Surely a Buemi or a Grosjean fancies a pop, with a chance to make some waves a a result?

    1. For most of them it’s a long way to go from Europe I guess. But they could have done next week’s Granja Viana 500 miles as a double-header.

  3. Thanks Keith:):) Shame no live blog, they were great:)
    Hopefully my laptop will allow me to watch it on net.
    C’mon Felipe!!!

  4. It’s good to see Felipe doing some racing as no testing until February 2010 this mileage is very important for him,as for Schumi if he wants to make a comeback then it will help for his fitness.
    All the best boys.

  5. This one is in the city I lived for the last 9 years… the most wonderful place i’ve ever been (and now I live in Montréal, but still!)

    I miss there!

  6. Does anyone else reckon felipe looks very grumpy/confused in the pic?

    1. So would you be if you’d shrunk by 30% over 2 months.

    2. he doesn’t like the colour of his car

  7. Wasn’t Felipe going to become a dad sometime soon. Any news on that?

    1. His wife is in Sao Paulo, and he is about to fly anytime there (1h away) if she delivers.

  8. massa looks dead in that pic. ( tired )

    1. I remember Karl Wendlinger having the accident in Monaco after the horrible weekend in Imola after Senna’s and Ratzinger’s death and Barichello’s big accident. He never really recovered from it, although winning races later in different series. Sauber hold the race seat for him, but after – I think – three races it was clear that Wendlinger was not the same.
      I hope Massa escapes from this and I hope I am wrong, but all signs seem to say that he might be a victim of F1 and will not recover to his former strength, especially in his mind…

      1. I still believe, expect and hope that Massa will come back stronger

        1. Same here, but concussions can be a tricky thing – in hockey it happens fairly often and some excellent athletes unfortunately have had their careers ended or shortened by it.

  9. Will be an amazing race, Rubens will won again!

    Here in Brazil today we can watch only in “pay-TV”, but tomorrow we will can watch on Globo…

  10. Does anyone have any links to watch it?
    I’m on live taming link but can;t read Portugese so I’ve just guessed with what to click on lol

    1. I don’t have a link to watch, but if you want to read portugese websites, use It’s amazing how well it works. Much better than babel.

      Doesn’t work on graphic buttons, but you can manually type in words to translate too.

      1. Thanks very much Patrickl :)

  11. Keith: it’s not “Internacionale”, it’s “Internacional”.
    As for the rest, great article!

    1. It’s hardly “Internacional” either with only 2 foreigners competing …

      But then I guess “Massa’s annual Kartevent” doesn’t sound as cool.

  12. Please Piquet cannot win…

  13. DiGrassi did quite some testing in F1 and Max Wilson teste for Michelin. So the F1 link goes even further than the 11 F1 race drivers.

  14. i think it would be better to do the live comments here in a similar way we do with f1… not on twitter, flooding my screen and phone…

  15. Massa said in his after race interview he feels great and phisically perfect

  16. First race done. I guess I better not put the result here yet if people still want to see the result. It’s on the live timing page if you want it anyway.

    1. I’d already added them to the article before I saw this!

  17. Significance of Race 1 and Race 2? How is the overall winner declared?

  18. And Schummy wins again…

  19. Very happy with Massa. Glad he is back racing. :)

  20. Where do you find these pictures Keith? Poor Felipe looks like he’s about to blow a breathalyzer test at a DUI checkpoint……and about to fail.

    Yeah, I know, a mean spirited comment, but I am tuning up my Grinch Xmas attitudes.

    1. That one was from Ferrari!

  21. Nice to see Massa back in action. Pretty good race – starting from 18th and ending at 3rd.

  22. Piquet finished 9th and it’s a reverse grid from 8th. HILARIOUS!

  23. Desafio das Estrelas in video HERE

    1. Thanx Becken for the link

  24. I’m pulling for Massa and Liuzzi!

    They shouldn’t have let Piquet in.He doesn’t play well with others.

  25. Can anyone tell why is he wearing the Ferrari gear when he is not competing as a ferrari driver. I understand that he may have hi sponsership commitments but why a ferrari gear ?

    1. It’ll be in his contract with Ferrari that he has to.

  26. Looks fun driving the karts.

  27. Any streams for race 2?

  28. Is not “Internacionale” but “Internacional”

  29. Great, great race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. That was great! Good old Felipe, he’s still got it.

  31. José Baudaier
    1st December 2009, 2:05

    Glad I could see the race in person. I must say it’s a lot of fun to watch that so many overtakes involving great racers like Schumi, Massa and Barrichelo, especially personally.

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