Massa and di Grassi win 500 mile kart race

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Felipe Massa on his way to victory in the 500 Milhas Granja Viana kart race

Felipe Massa won a kart race in Brazil for the second weekend in a row.

This time it was the 500 Milhas Granja Viana race, which he won with F1 2010 hopeful Lucas di Grassi and Stock Car Lights driver Julio Campos.

Rubens Barrichello, who won last year’s Granja Viana, placed third in a five-man team with Tony Kanaan, Felipe Giaffone, Renato Russo and Osvaldo Negri.

Massa won the second leg of last weekend’s Desafio Internacionale das Estrelas, which was won outright by Michael Schumacher.

Another ex-F1 driver who appeared at Desafio, Ricardo Zonta also contested the Granja Viana, finishing second. Christian Fittipaldi also entered the race.

Here’s some footage from the late stages of the Granja Viana:

And here’s the podium scene:

F1 drivers karting

Massa's team completed 644 laps in 10 hours, 58 minutes 17.64 seconds

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13 comments on “Massa and di Grassi win 500 mile kart race”

  1. For anyone wondering, in the podium video, the guy in the afro-esque wig is former Williams driver Antonio Pizzonia. ;)

  2. i don’t understand, what’s up with these massive karts?! why all the plastic protection around the driver?

    1. It’s purely so they’ve got something to stick advertising onto…

      1. thanks keith. did you get my email about when you’ll review the 2009 dvd?

  3. They look like childrens pedal cars lol.

  4. This very good sign for Massa and his return to f1 and clearly he endured that well. Thanks for this Keith it’s great :)

  5. Oh come on now! Comparing karts to F1 is like comparing a Victoria’s Secret model to a senior citizen at the old age home. While it’s great to see Massa recovered, we just don’t know if he is fully recovered until he is back racing in the Scuderia. Everything until then is just speculation.

    1. Yeah I know but if he couldn’t do karts he couldn’t do f1 so as I said before it is a good sign :) not saying it is a guarantee

    2. He’ll be fine.

  6. Massa dedicates Granja Viana victory to new son,there is a picture of the baby in the following link

  7. Mouse_Nightshirt
    7th December 2009, 4:01

    Man, those karts look awesome. Much better than the rubbish at our local track!

  8. Keith: once again, you say “Internacionale” instead of “Internacional”, that is the right word in portuguese… anyway, that’s such a small flaw in such a great site, that only reminds us all that nothing is perfect even when it gets very close to perfection…

  9. I see that Felipe has started the Santnder/Ferrari deal very well.

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