Button leads F1 drivers in BRDC awards

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Future McLaren team mates Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton were among the winners in yesterday’s BRDC awards.

Button was handed one of his trophies by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, as the BRDC celebrated the extension of Silverstone’s Grand Prix contract.

Button claimed four prizes including the BRDC Gold Star for top-performing British (or Commonwealth) driver in international competition. He scored 246 points on the BRDC’s system, beating Indy Racing League champion Dario Franchitti.

His other awards were the ERA Club Trophy, the Graham Hill trophy and the Richard Seaman trophy.

Hamilton won the John Cobb trophy, given to “a British Driver, driving a British car, who has achieved success or successes of outstanding character.”

Ross Brawn was handed the Colin Chapman trophy for “an individual who has shown great team spirit”, an entirely appropriate award for his role in rescuing the former Honda team and leading it to world championship success.

Mark Webber was a double-winner. He claimed the Innes Ireland trophy for “the driver who best displayed the qualities of courage and sportsmanship epitomized by the late Innes Ireland”. This was a deserved recognition from his brave return from injury at the start of the season.

His other award – the Bruce McLaren trophy – was for “the Commonwealth Driver who has established the most meritorious performances in international motor racing.”

Sebastian Vettel’s fastest lap at Silverstone during this year’s race won him the Johnny Wakefield trophy.

And British F3 champion Daniel Ricciardo, who tested for Red Bull last week, won the John Cooper trophy for “a competitor within the British F3 Championship who has shown potential to become a future world champion”.

See below for pictures from the event:

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11 comments on “Button leads F1 drivers in BRDC awards”

  1. I don’t see why Brown gets to go to the party when he has done little to help motorsport. Suppose that bit is more for show; the British Prime Minister at the awards for mainly British achievements. Fantastic photo opportunity. Apologies for my cynicism:(
    But a massive congratulations to all the winners. They are the most important ones in this :)

    1. Although their are numerous “more deserving” people to go, this is clearly for the photo opportunities.

      Personally I don’t think governments should help motorsport, its a sport that should be able to sustain itself. If other countries hadn’t started the silly game of paying huge fees for races it wouldn’t even be an issue, as Bernie wouldn’t be able to demand as much as he now does. Bernie knows certain countries will pay huge sums and uses that as leverage to get the races he really wants to pay more and more.

      If the government step into motorsport the government should have control over it and own the facilities (not just pay so it continues at Silverstone). Also this is how the Olympics facilities work, and for the world cup bid cities are “bidding” to host it.

      If you mean by help motorsport “help Silverstone”, then no – it shouldn’t happen. As much as I like Silverstone it is not how the world and money works and nor should it.

      1. I agree I don;t want government interfence in actual racing classes etc and they should stay out of it but I have always said I think the could do more to help children who can’t afford to kart. They could put more money in PE and that could help grassroots motorsport without interfereing. All we ever did in PE was wave ribbons.
        I have always said no |I do not want them to interefere with Silverstone, have control over facvilities. I’m not saying help motorsport be sustained as I believe wholeheartedly in a free market. Just that maybe more could be done in schools or to help opportunities as it seems a loot of potential talent is locked out at the very ground level.
        But not once will you ever hear me say the government should invest in F1 or take control.

        1. Ah okay! Yes the government should definitely push more options in school, the whole rubbish of PE and don’t even get me started on the recorder at primary school!

          Secondary school was better but I think I was fortunate in that my school was much more open to other sports other than just the traditional offering options including things like golf and swimming as well as the the usual rugby and hockey. (most of the teaching staff got involved at some level meaning they offered countless sports.

          The issue is the cost of one kid in a kart for an hour could fund a whole Primary schools worth of PE for the same period of time. (1 staff can have 22+ kids playing football, and most other field sports). Its then hard to justify such a cost for a the benefit of so few when we have big issues to contend with already in schools.

          1. Yeah I agree costs are mad amybe something could be worked out with tracks or if sponsorship was bit easier for kids or parents are least pay some of the fees and school the rest.

  2. Hamilton won the John Cobb trophy, given to “a British Driver, driving a British car, who has achieved success or successes of outstanding character.”

    If by outstanding character they mean someone that does not know the difference between right or wrong, and does ‘supposedly’ what he was told even though it was wrong and he knew it, i guess he truly deserves the award.

    In my world, Hamilton would have failed to receive any honors this year,(i wouldn’t have invited him) despite him putting some incredible drives this year with a dog of a car…he’s an incredible F1 driver, but his stupid and immature act in the Australian GP must be acknowledged just so others would learn something from it. after all he is a Role model for many British youths, and many more of other nationalities…

    Sorry HamiFans, but the truth must be told…

    1. Although it was without question a stupid thing to do he was advised by those who have been in F1 for decades… in other circumstances if he ignored that advice some people would call him arrogant thinking he knows better than experienced people. Generally rookies do what they are told.

      Other stupid drive errors that come to mind:

      Barrichello this year moaning about favouritism and complaining about his team.

      Piquet deliberately crashing his car.

      Schumacher on numerous occasions deliberately crashing / parking up his car and causing serious safety risks.

      This list is probably endless when you start to dig through everything.

      No doubt Ronman you are perfect, and have never made a mistake. He apologised and got penalised for it, maybe we should burn him at the stake too?

    2. Agree with Ronman. I don’t think what happened at the beginning of the year should be overlooked. He can win plenty of awards in the future. Maybe he could get a mention for the great performances he put in but that maybe should be it.
      Anonymoose I see what your saying but just because others have done wrong doesn’t mean this was less so (if that makes sense:S). Not saying we should burn Hamilton at the the stake at all but we should learn from what happened. Just my opinion.

      1. he did learn his lesson! he got a huge amount of hounding from the worlds press. I know ronman wouldnt be happy until hamilton left the sport and moved to the artic! but you have said that he put some fantastic drives in a dog of a car, and that he is a fantastic driver. isnt that enough to win a trophy for charachter, after all the s**t that he gets he still pushes himself to the limit, and still manages to do the best that he possibly can.

        As a character he’s earned my respect, and i respect the decicion to give him that award! he deserves it more than jenson, who i think everyone has forgot, abosolutly fell of the pace halfway throught the season.

  3. Lets hope the BRDC had a word in Gordon Browns ear to encourage him to more actively support British motor sport and especially F1, that is before he more than likely looses the election…

  4. Congrats Daniel Ricciardo !!

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