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Codemasters are releasing a version of their official 2009 F1 game for the Apple iPhone next week.

It will feature all the teams and tracks from the 2009 F1 season, and 20 drivers.

Players will be able to race in ‘time trial’ and ‘endurance’ modes. In ‘time trial’ the challenge is to set the best individual lap, while in ‘endurance’ mode drivers have to complete a series of laps in the best average time. Players can then upload their times to a global scoreboard.

However there is no ‘race’ mode available to take on other cars, presumably because it would require too much processing power. Still you have to say the graphics look pretty good for a phone.

Got an iPhone? Would you like to review “F1 2009” for F1 Fanatic? Leave a comment below and we’ll send you a copy to review. But it’s first come, first served… Update: Katy got there first – look out for her review soon!

“F1 2009” will go on sale in the iPhone App Store next week. It is already available for the Nintendo Wii and Sony PSP – see below for reviews:

“F1 2009” by Codemasters reviews

F1 2009 for iPhone – pictures

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46 comments on “F1 2009 coming to iPhone”

  1. Haha it looks better than the Wii! Hilarious

    1. Hope its not too much then I can make Katy get it

      1. mclarenproject4
        11th December 2009, 14:19

        Bad boy Tommy! I would never tax my girl! She’d kill me :(

  2. looking forward to this!!

  3. Awww I knew I should have got the iphone the other month. Will it eventually be on other phones? Like the G2 for instance… :P :)

    1. Dunno about HTC. But you wanna secretly race while in midst of a boring lecture,I’d suggest you to buy the PSP version :) Its pretty decent & loads of fun. I am thinking of doing a review of the psp version on the forums today.

      1. Thanks for that mp4. Very thoughtful :)
        And yes I want it for my lectures :P
        Look forward to your review

  4. Can’t believe you can’t race other cars, but other than that it looks good. Bit worried about accelerometer steering though, never seemed particularly precise.

  5. this looks awesome! would love to review…

  6. I’ve got an iPhone :) I’ll review it :)

    1. Beware of Tommy!

      1. Haha yeah he’ll probably steal my iphone to play it :-P

  7. I’d be happy to review it. I’m a virtual racing addict and have an iPhone. It will be interesting to compare to the other attempts at driving games (Real Racing by Firemint probably being the current benchmark).

  8. i’ve an iphone!!! i’ll review it

  9. Would love to give it a review :)

  10. This could give an insight to the direction Codemasters will take with their first PS3 F1 game next year. I write app reviews for iPhone blogs and would be interested to see if this can improve on Real Racing, which is an amazing achievement! I’d be happy to review here too.

  11. I have an iPhone and would love to review this app. How do I get my hands on it?

  12. Keith, I would like to do a review for the psp version. You know where to find me ;)

      1. but I’ll do a detailed report on the forums though :)

  13. Keith.. I have a iPhone 3GS and I would review this game for F1 Fanatic

  14. As an avid gaming fan and f1 fanatic, with many hours spent on previous f1 games, I would love to have the chance to review this game; o and I do have an iPhone…

  15. That looks cool will it run on a ITouch Great Stuff to try out. Cheers

  16. I bought an iPhone a month ago and I can’t Shake it off m’y hand. As for Codemasters, I probably bought all their racing games for PS 2 and then for PC. I can’t wait to see how they’re doing on iPhone

  17. Count me in, Keith! :-)

  18. Yes! Count me in please! there’s a dearth of good racing games/sims on the phone, and I like the time attack idea…

  19. If its anything like the Wii game ill steer well clear, that game annoys me to no end.

    I have the Brawn Gp and BMW Sauber games on my iphone though, there pretty fun.

  20. Hey Keith,

    I have an iPhone, let me review it for you :)


  21. Would love an opportunity to review it for Iphone. Interesting they attempted this.

  22. I have an iphone and have the BMW Sauber app already, so would love to test this as well.



  23. iPhone??? oh yes, the Fisher-Price thing… Technology for beginners.

    1. I call it an “ehPhone”.

      And i’ve got one.

      1. never mind, you’ll learn

        1. Not really, it was given to me for free, can’t complain.

          1. lol, free, ah let you off then…

  24. would love to review this as well….

  25. Thanks for everyone who offered to do the review but it looks like Katy got there first – I’ll be in touch Katy.

  26. However there is no ‘race’ mode available to take on other cars, presumably because it would require too much processing power. Still you have to say the graphics look pretty good for a phone

    Actually the ehPhone is more powerful than a PSP, in fact its locked* closer to the capabilities of the Wii, John Carmack (programmer extraordinary) mentioned how stupidly powerful it was but that Apple wasn’t letting any of its secrets out to the common man.

    *I mean locked as in Apple have the chips frozen at a certain speed, it can go even faster (vroom vroom).

  27. I think I’ve figured out why there isn’t a race mode, create the game as quickly and cheaply as possible to sell to the casual masses on “ehTunes” for maximum profits.

    Programming it in would increase development time and costs, pushing the price up of the final product, which would make it out of reach for the “impulse buy” demographic that makes up iTunes buyers.

  28. I have an iPhone. Can i have a copy pleaseeeeeeeee

  29. Shame it doesn’t have a full race mode, but when it comes out for iPod Touch I’ll be getting it “for sure”!

  30. F1 2009 had been in the US app store sine 5 December. It costs $6.99. I’ve had it for a few days now. You can’t race, but even if you could a game on a phone isn’t going to give you the best experiance (wait for the PS3 version). I think it’s fun and if you like F1 you’ll probably think it’s cool to just cruise around on the tracks. I’ll leave the finer review points to Katy, but I think it’s fun to play around with.

  31. I recently reserved the cool new Apple Ipad. Will it easily replace the Ipod?

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