Virgin to confirm di Grassi on Tuesday?

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Lucas di Grassi tested for Renault this month
Lucas di Grassi tested for Renault this month

Virgin has announced it will reveal the first details of its 2010 F1 team on Tuesday next week.

Now Brazilian website IG Esporte claims Lucas di Grassi will be announced as the team’s second driver.

He will join Timo Glock, who he raced against in GP2 in 2006 and 2007.

Virgin will take over the Manor Motorsport entry, which was confirmed when the FIA revealed the 2010 F1 teams list.

Di Grassi tested for Renault at Jerez earlier this month and won the 500 Milhas Granja Viana kart race with Felipe Massa last week.

Former F1 driver Antonio Pizzonia was apparently also in the running for the drive. He Tweeted yesterday:

Today I was informed by the team Manor I will not be the pilot in their 2010 season. The official announcement will happen on Tuesday
Antonio Pizzonia

Thanks to Vinius for the tip!

Image (C) Renault / LAT

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  1. OK can I delete my thread as it is now pointless :P :P
    No surprise but nice to see some movement in the market.
    Keith calendar changes at news on stewards and commisioners

  2. Vinicius Castro
    11th December 2009, 15:54

    Just a correction of the credit of the source: the website is Grande Prêmio, partner of iG Esporte here in Brazil.

  3. Nice to see other brazilians here…

    And REALLY nice to see 4 of us in F1 =D

  4. Trulli seems to have signed with Lotus…

  5. Pizzonia!!

    A narrow escape there for Virgin GP ;)

  6. Nice line up,the Brazilian fan will be very happy.

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