Lotus F1 driver announcement on Monday

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The new Lotus F1 team will reveal its 2010 F1 driver line-up on Monday.

Jarno Trulli has long been linked with one of the seats. He has worked with Lotus’s chief technical director Mike Gascoyne several times before, often during the most successful parts of Trulli’s career: at Jordan in 2000, at Renault in 2003 and at Toyota in 2005.

This will make Lotus the first of the new teams to confirm its 2010 driver pairing, although Virgin will follow them on Tuesday by announcing Lucas di Grassi as their second driver.

In the meantime Lotus’s official site has been updated with some more information about the people behind the team.

Lotus team boss Tony Fernandes revealed the impending driver announcement on his Twitter feed. See here for a list of other F1 people on Twitter.

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19 comments on “Lotus F1 driver announcement on Monday”

  1. Hmmm I’m betting Jarno and Jacques

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      12th December 2009, 11:28

      Lotus have said they have four drivers in mind – and JV’s name isn’t on the list.

      1. I know but I said Jacques before and I’m at least going to be consistent…ly wrong :P
        Anyway I want a bit of a surprise.
        Yes I am choosing to be deliberately thick :P
        I actually don’t think Lotus will have as strong a line up as they would like. It’ll be experience which will help them at first but they need a star or some new talent in the wings too.

        1. Accoring to Pitpass.com they’ve confirmed its definitely not going to be Jacques.

          Jarno and Heikki seems a safe bet, although I’d prefer Jarno and Takuma :)

          1. I know I forgot all about the Kovy so I started backing Jacques against all rational thought :P
            Seems it is Heikki who is getting seat now Sato has dropped out.
            I may stop these mad silly season predictions and start playing it safe from now on :P

  2. There are some very interesting pictures on Lotus’s official sites that you gave the link to. Go to extras > gallery > development to see some pictures of the car, including the new narrower front tyres.

  3. In Italy some said Jarno already signed. Let’s see…

  4. ‘Toby Fernando’? Tony Fernandes!

    1. Yikes, dreadful mistake, sorry about that. Fixed it.

  5. Seeing the site there is a great movie with an old Lotus.
    I hope this witnesses the link to the old brand. It would be great to see in Formula 1 a green or a darck black car, with the name Lotus. And, above all, let’s hope it will not be that kind of running rainbow we saw in a picture some weeks ago!!!

  6. I think Trulli is a near certainty, but the second driver could be anyone. Fernandes wants a young guy with an experienced driver, Gascoyne wants 2 old experienced heads. I’d love to see JV back in an F1 car but it could easily be Heikki, Kobayashi or (God forbid) Fauzy.

    1. Oh actually I completely forgot about Kovy. He would be a good choice imo.

  7. Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen

  8. I reckon Trulli and Anthony Davidson, with Fairuz Fauzy as the third driver.

  9. I’m thinking they may take Toyota’s late pairing of Trulli and Kobayashi. Or at least I hope it will be, fingers crossed for KK in F1!

  10. i think Trulli and Fauzy..

  11. Younger Hamilton
    13th December 2009, 0:33

    I think Trulli and Heikki. Yep Apparantly Heikki Kovalainen is linked with them as well i really want Heikki to get an f1 drive next season i think he will be a good driver there as well as he was at Mclaren

  12. I want Trulli & Kobayashi.

  13. The new Lotus team looks set to field Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen next season after Takuma Sato’s management revealed that the Japanese driver had been informed he had failed to secure a drive with the squad.


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