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There’s no shortage of books on the new world champions – as well as the official Jenson Button book we have this offering from Christopher Hilton plus another from Alan Henry (not yet reviewed).

This book (and the others) hit the shelves around the same time Brawn announced it was turning into Mercedes and Button was leaving. That bombshell has unfortunately served to render all the books on Brawn instantly out-of-date – like the official book, there’s no hint from this text that such a development was around the corner.

Hilton’s book focuses more on the team than the driver, and has a decent-sized section given over to the man behind the name – Ross Brawn. And about time too – in fact, surely we’re long overdue a decent biography of the man behind so many world championship wins?

Much of the rest of the book is given over to a fairly slow-paced blow-by-blow account of the 2009 season, some of which is secondary to the matter at hand and, at worst, feels like padding.

Dedicated fans won’t find much new information in “The Brawn Story” – it seems to be aimed more at casual followers of the sport who might be wondering where this team they’d never heard of before came from before scooping both titles.

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  1. only when rubens does his book wil the real “brawn story” immerge……

    did anyone see jenson on jonathan ross last night??

  2. I think this may be books worth buying.

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