SaloolaS claims his predictions prize

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Rob Ijbema's painting of Timo Glock for SaloolaS (click to enlarge)

Congratulations again to our 2009 F1 Fanatic Predictions Champion SaloolaS who will shortly be taking delivery of his F1 car painting by Rob Ijbema.

As requested by SaloolaS, Rob painted a scene of Timo Glock rounding Tabac during the Monaco Grand Prix.

You can see more of Rob’s work at his Car-a-day site which was also featured in our list of 75 great gift ideas for F1 fans.

We’ll be running the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship again in 2010. If you have any suggestions for how we could improve the competition next year please post them below.

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27 comments on “SaloolaS claims his predictions prize”

  1. Thanks again to Rob, the painting is just as I wanted it to be.

    For the next year: I think we shouldn’t be able to see each other’s predictions until the saturday free practice. And perhaps something else to predict (fastest lap, fastest lap time, pole time, retirements…)

    1. Congrats Saloola :) cool picture ! :d

    2. well done SaloolaS, it was fun.

      I agree about seeing predictions, its easy to defend your position then.

    3. Congrats man,

      Hope to put up a fight next year

  2. Mabye a prediction for something like first DNF or name someone for a points finish.
    SaloolaS I can see you want to retain your crown by not letting anyone copy your prediction, which is a good idea.

  3. Congratulations SaloolaS! Nice painting :)

  4. Mouse_Nightshirt
    16th December 2009, 1:01

    Gratz dude!

    Looks like Timo is suffering some horrendous understeer there :)

  5. Congrats to SaloolaS & all the people who had participated.For next season please start the championship from the start of the season.

  6. keep it the same! its fine.

  7. That’s fantastic! Although at first glance I thought it was Ralf about to clobber the wall…

  8. Saloolas! Congrats! And the competition was fantastic!

    All credits to Keith & Ian who came out with that wonderful plugin :)

  9. Wow I didn’t realise the winner got to choose what the painting would be of, I think I would have found it hard to decide what scene I wanted if I had won.

    I think the format for the Predictions Championship works fine the way it is and you don’t need to make any major changes. My suggestions haven’t changed since I posted them in the Prediction Championship Results article so I won’t bother posting them again.

  10. Also if I’d have won I would have wanted Rob to paint Trulli and Sutils crash at Brazil, then I would have sent it to Jarno for him to add it to his dossier of evidence!

  11. I think its fine the way it is now too.

    PS Congrats SaloolaS

  12. What we do need next year is greater scope to differentiate between each person’s scores – we ended up with a lot of people tied on the same number of points.

    So, without wishing to go all FIA on you, I think a revised points system might be in order…

    1. If you do change the points system, I suppose the main thing will be not to have all the points awarded as a multiple of five.

      Some have suggested added extra things to predict, while I am personally not keen on this if any extra categories were added I think they should be for something relatively straight forward such fastest lap rather than the actual pole time, and I think they should be only for one point, so while it wouldn’t massively change the overall Championship result it should mean less people are tied on the same number.

  13. Thanks again Keith for running the predictions competition this year and for orgranising the prizes.

    The Lotus DVD left me all nostalgic and I have the new Stirling Moss book on its way from which I’m looking forward to getting my mitts on.

  14. Congratulations SaloolaS, wicked painting!

    As Dank says, a big thanks to Keith for running a very successful FF1 competition.

    Likewise, the Lotus DVD brought back some great memories… and I’ve just placed my order at for the MotoGP ’09 DVD to accompany my F1 Review DVD at home… 2009 was a great season in both championships.

    Until next year…

  15. Congrats SallolaS… looks like you got to see your Toyota team off in style.

  16. Congrats to SaloolaS. That is a really cool painting.

  17. Great painting.
    What track and turn does it showcase?
    I think it is Monaco, the fast left-hander after the shicane. My other guess would be the exit of the last turn going on the start-finish straight.

    What we do need next year is greater scope to differentiate between each person’s scores – we ended up with a lot of people tied on the same number of points.

    With a couple of hundreds participants there’s nothing wrong in that.

  18. Congrats SaloolaS picture looks awesome.

    As for tweeking next seasons comp, I agree that the points multiples should be changed, i.e pole position should be awarded a 11,13 or 17 points and the race awards in other primes to avoid too many duplicate scores. And perhaps you can get some 1st to 5th prizes this season Keith, I’m sure with you new higher profile you could get some awards in. Personally i’d approach Codemasters, Microsoft and Sony to get some freebies to promote their new F1 game. Or even some teams for some merchandise. I’m sure your multiple appearances on Sky and your sought after opinion all round should be getting you some goodwill gestures by now!!!!!

  19. Congratulation Keith for organizing sucn an wonderful competition and to SaloolaS for winning it… It was real fun… My only suggestion would be not to display the predictions before it closes… In that way, there would be less chance of Identical predictions… Also, I would like to see a summary of predictions at the end of the predictions… Like the percentage of choices for pole and win… the popular 1-2-3 comination chosen etc… Also as people mentioned earlier,awarding points in primes will reduce chances of repititions..

  20. HounslowBusGarage
    16th December 2009, 21:57

    Thanks Keith. Great competition and a worthy winner in SaloolaS. Congratulations!
    I think I ran him pretty close, a mere 180 points behind. Here’s to next season!

  21. Congrats to SaloolaS. Nothing to change in the next F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship! if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it

  22. Congrats to Saloolas hope I can beat you next year!!! :)

  23. ok, congrats to Saloolas,

    ….sooooo, when does Rob Ijbema’s turn 5yo? lol

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