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Felipe Massa did 60 laps in an F2007 today and 30 yesterday

Felipe Massa had a final fling in a Ferrari today in what must surely be the last F1 action of 2009.

He polished off another 60 laps in an F2007, concluding his two days in action at Mugello. The pictures below show how much his eye injury has healed – afterwards he talked about having a “perfect feeling” during the test.

Massa did 30 laps yesterday but was only able to run in the afternoon because of bad weather at the track.

Afterwards he said:

Although I was behind the wheel of a completely different car compared to the one for next year, I had a perfect feeling, which gives me hope for the upcoming season. I was very quick immediately and nothing seems to have changed in my driving style compared to before the accident. I want to thank Ferrari for this present, which, together with my son, makes this Christmas even more special.

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36 comments on “Massa completes F2007 test”

  1. So glad to see he still feels the same whilst driving. Can’t wait to see him back next season :)

    1. Yeah you want him to win the title too next year :P

      1. No :p Seb ftw.

          1. I think you mean Seb, Steph :D

          2. I really don’t rach. I’m telling you next season he will be at least your 2nd fave!

    2. I am really hoping Alonso mops the floor with him.

      Glad to see he is doing well and seems to be getting over his injury… but I am not going to root for him just because he used his head to catch a spring. He has plenty of practice being the number 2 driver at Ferrari and I hope he gets lots more practice doing that in the coming year.

  2. never knew the track had a good view !

    1. José Baudaier
      16th December 2009, 19:18

      Hard NOT to have a good view being where it is.

      1. Does it snow in Mugello?

        1. José Baudaier
          17th December 2009, 4:35

          The Tuscany is not famous for its snow, but it sure snows there.

  3. Are there any videos, Keith? I can’t find any on Youtube.

      1. haha, why am i not surprised lol, funny though

  4. Is he warm enough like that?

  5. One concern I have is that Sir Sterling Moss said that driving the car after his big accident was not a natural instinctive experience as it had been before the accident, and this made his driving more psychologically difficult despite the fact he was still fast. I hope Massa does not experience the same issue. Other than that, welcome back Felipe…

    1. José Baudaier
      16th December 2009, 19:46

      I think that depends the severity of the injuries. Moss’ crash was much more severe than Massa’s. I also remember that Piquet (the father) said he “lost” 1 second per lap (maybe not this much, but still) after his Indianapolis accident – he had a skull fracture (as Massa). On the other hand several F1 drivers had big crashes in thier carriers and still won races and titles. Like Schumi, who broke a leg in 1999, and was champion in the next 5 years.

      1. and hakkinen, infact after his crash his speech patterns slowed an blurred but he raced just as fast if not faster.

        1. Kubica too and Glock finished 2nd straight back after his big crash in Germany I think?

        2. For me, the most similar case to Massa is Hakkinen’s, since he also had a fractured skull, that I recall..

  6. I just have to say based on the picture used for the “cover” of this article that Filipe must absolutely love driving this beautiful car conpared to the truck-like looking thing they had this year. Say what you will, the fully aero-maxed out cars of 2007/08 are waaay better looking!

    1. I absolutely agree – no wonder the guy loves to drive those red cars.

      You cant really take a bad photo of that car, or a bad photo at that track.

      1. I agree, those two years spawned the best looking car ever.

    2. You are correct and I agree 100 percent. Even in video games I prefer the 2008 car much more.

  7. Welcome back Felipe… Hope he puts up as big a challenge to Alonso as he did to Kimi…

  8. Now THAT was a thing of beauty, not like latests cars :(

  9. Yeah, the red car brigade will always find a way to cheat :-(…… JB should also have a chance to test the MP4/22!!

    1. McLaren Hater To The Core
      17th December 2009, 2:42

      JB could have joined Massa at mugello. That is because the mp4-22 is the same as the F2007! Am I correct? hehehe…

      Shameless Team in F1——>>>>> McLaren :0

      1. he he…. love this quote

      2. Shameless Team in F1——>>>>> McLaren :0

        Is that because they had a veto to have anything faster than their car banned?

        Oh, sorry wasn’t that …….

  10. I hope Massa does well next year. Lets hope he is back to his best… but not better than Vettel or Hamilton ;)

  11. BBQ2, Ferrari is not cheating. If JB wants to go to corse clienti at Maranello, he could drive the same car on the same track. Maybe if Mclaren had a similar program then JB could test an older car. Read the rules before you claim someone is cheating! It’s perfectly legal and Felipe is testing a two-three year old car that is very different.

    1. McLaren Hater To The Core
      17th December 2009, 2:43

      I hate McLaren.

      1. I don’t like people who can’t think before they talk.

    2. I think that Jenson not testing is a legal issue. The same thing applies to Alonso. It is not so much testing rules as sponsorship contracts. JB and Alonso will not step into the car until next year when their respective contracts with their teams expire. Alonso had the similar problems before his Mclaren switch, He had to agree to drive with a white helmet and overalls with the sponsorship on the car removed before he was allowed to test.

  12. Good news,that’s the advantage Ferrari have.They have two circuit own by them,Z& cars from the F1 Clienti department.I think he should win in 2010 depending if his car is good,but if that is true don’t run out Alonso.

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