Plans for joint F1 teams launch falter

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The F1 teams’ plans to hold a joint launch at the end of January are beginning to fall apart.

Tentative plans had been put in place for a single launch attended by all the F1 teams next month in Valencia, ahead of the first main test of 2010 at the nearby circuit.

That is now looking less likely and the teams are considering individual launches of their own as they have done in the past.

Among the problems with the single launch idea was the concern that smaller teams’ unveilings would be overshadowed by the likes of Ferrari and McLaren.

Some of the new F1 teams for 2010 expressed doubt they would have their cars ready in time.

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18 comments on “Plans for joint F1 teams launch falter”

  1. I agree with the overshadowing point. The sponsors I bet objected as they would get less column inches and potential front pages especially considering the huge investment many are making…

    1. Agree Chaz, it would have diluted the impact any sponsors would have had, I’m not sure it would have benefited anyone…..Would have been a good spectacle for the fans though.

  2. I cant deny I am not diappointed if this is accurate. I always look forward to each and every individual car launch every New Year. It makes my no-F1 January/February go quicker and with 13 individual car launches to be had its got to be good news for the F1 fan!

    1. I feel a little that way to. always have something to expect to pass those months without F1. With a common launch the only thing left will be the first race.

  3. Prisoner Monkeys
    18th December 2009, 22:00

    There’s a simple way around it: launch the cars in reverse championship order. Start with the newcomers, and build up to the Ferraris, McLarens, Red Bulls an Mercedes cars.

    1. it’s not really the specific launch moments, when each car gets its moment in the sun, that new teams are moaning about.

      Its that there’s going to be more shots of Schumacher, Hamiltons and Alonsos faces then they’re cars.

  4. I really hope it fails. Terrible idea for the smaller teams and james allen reported it had a 2.4mill budget!!! thats not cheap. just make every team do a roll out before their first test. Easy and cant get cheaper.

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      19th December 2009, 0:26

      But there’s no excitement in having a roll-out. The idea of a mass launch is to incease the spectacle, to improve the accessibility to the fans. Would you object to it if they did the mass launch with live online streaming? Because you wouldn’t be able to get that at a testing session.

      Formula 1 has bee too isolationist of late. Its super-high budgets and hyper-competitive feeder series have all made it something of an elitist sport, and FOTA want to take it to the masses. They want people to take an interest, they want to attract new fans and they want for there to be excitement ahead of the first race. Simply launching during the roll-out for the first test does none of that.

      It might cost two and a half million dollars, but I think it would be two and a half million dollars well-spet.

  5. Well not surprising – there isnt any glamour or razzamataz with he minnows in amongst the proven teams – its wont help branson much as one of the minor and as stated in autosport cheaper racing teams – there are not many brawns about virgin ego!! – you can tell I like the person – bleats on about saving the planet – jets all over the world to his homes and has a big stake in sending rich spoiled people into the stratosphere – hope they burn – it would look good in my telescope – anyway I digress – every team and some sponsors deserve a day in the sunshine to show off there babies

  6. 13 teams they could have hold the launch days for 2-3 days.I think it’s true many small teams will suffer,but it will cost them a lot of money,so an opportunity to save some has gone pass.

  7. When a joint launch was first rumoured I was totally against the idea as I thought all the attention would be focused on the big teams, but if it was held over a few days in reverse championship order it could be a way around this problem and increase the spectacle as a whole.

    Although I think I would still prefer how it usually is with all the launches spread out over a few weeks.

    1. I felt the same when I first heard too, and I am still not 100% keen on the idea. However, I don’t buy the “smaller teams won’t get publicity” thing. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I am looking forward to seeing what the new/smaller teams produce and how they compared to the likes of Ferrari and McLaren.

  8. As someone who never really paid any attention to individual car launches except to see what the new cars looked like, I thought the joint launch was a great idea. They could turn it into a festival of F1 over a 2 or 3 day period, maybe have a karting race as well or something. If anything, the smaller teams would get even more exposure.

  9. A 7 day long fan event needs putting on. All of the teams have their stands, sponsors have theirs, partners have theirs. Each day 2 teams have their cars unveiled, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, either by random draw or in reverse order of the previous years Constructors Championship. All building to unveiling and Champions car on the morning of the final day.

    The cars are unveiled in intervals giving longest coverage to the smaller teams but at the same time more magical status to the winning teams. Its a nice balance.

    The fans get to get up close with the teams and their drivers, and even participate in certain events. Their are a whole host of special stands for fan participation (Pit Stop Challenge, or You vs Lewis Hamilton on the PS3, or whatever).

    And the media and sponsors get a full week of specialised exposure at the core market they are targetting.

    And finally, you move it around. One year in Spain, the next in Belgium, then in Britain or Germany, then in Japan, Australia or why not America to flog their return to the race calendar?

  10. Good I say, I much prefer individual launches. I dont buy that cost argument at all, most of the teams in last years unveiled cars at test tracks, which they would be traveling to anyway.

  11. I had an idea for how it might be done

    The team gets quickly introduced by todt, each team gets a few minutes to introduce it before it breaks cover, then a few bangs go off or someone drives it in and they get 10 minutes to anwer questions or whatever, an then on to the next team.

    Thus a moment of focu for everyone an probably more coverage for the smaller teams than they usually get.

  12. Has any team announced yet the date of their launch? Some teams did it in the first half of january this year.

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