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Happy new year and welcome to the first of our new-look daily round-ups. Also, did anyone else see the BBC F1 crew on Jools Holland’s “Hootenanny” last night? David Coulthard did not look impressed with being trodden on by Al Murray.

Anyway, on with the round-up:


His Brawn contract officially expired, Jenson Button has made his first appearance as a McLaren driver – donning a team cap for this New Year video.

In The Guardian Maurice Hamilton writes “The cars may be closer, but they can’t overtake.” He mustn’t have seen the nominations for our “Best pass of 2009” votes saw dozens of great moves named.

Also I see Crash have picked up on the article I wrote yesterday about Michael Schumacher but from their version of the story it seems they’ve overlooked the link I included back to the original quote, which was here.

Comment of the day

Lots of debate in yesterday’s post on Michael Schumacher – check out Icthyes’s comment for a strong counter-argument.

From the forum

Over on the forum thoughts are already turning to the upcoming season. Browny’s got a list of questions on F1 2010.

Site updates

Not much to report here apart from updated Virgin Racing pictures on Timo Glock and Lucas di Grassi biographies:

Happy birthday!

We have at least one reader born on New Year’s Day – happy birthday to dsob!

On this day in F1

Back in the day the Grand Prix season used to start on the first day of the year. In 1968 the championship began at Kyalami where Jim Clark scored his final win. The next round of the championship wasn’t until May 12th!

Read more about that race here: 1968 South African Grand Prix flashback

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25 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up: 1/1/10”

  1. Keith very, very nice page. Great work.
    Happy birthday Dsob. I always look for your posts and hold you in very high regard on here. Hope you had an excellent day :)
    Congrats to Icthyes and the comment of the day. Very passionate response! :)

  2. Lots of debate in yesterday’s post on Michael Schumacher – check out Icthyes’s comment for a strong counter-argument.

    Wow just read that and completely agree with Icthyes. Schumacher was just as bad as Senna, they were both controversial and I’m sick of drivers moaning about defending moves too – It’s racing.

    Also, did anyone else see the BBC F1 crew on Jools Holland’s “Hootenanny” last night? David Coulthard did not look impressed with being trodden on by Al Murray.

    Haha Yes it was hilarious. BBC F1 team all looked pretty wasted :)

    1. Legard busting some moves to Dizzee Rascal at the end nearly gave me a hernia, he was going for it.

  3. Aw I love this daily round up :) I shall look forward to them.

    Happy Birthday dsob :) and happy new year everyone!

  4. Haha yeah I saw the Hootenanny. The F1 crew were sooo drunk! Dancing to Dizee Rascal haha!

  5. Lol just read Hamilton’s article and he’ made some odd choices. 2005 US GP the best race of the decade? Did he enjoy seeing F1 in chaos like that. As for moment of the decade, did he go for Alonso passing Schumi round 130r? or Schumi getting his 7th WDC? Brazil 2008 maybe? No he went for Hamilton luckilly gaining a few places at the first corner in Melbourne 2007. A moment that wasn’t even the most impressive Hamilton moment of 2007 which he could have chosen never mind a ‘best moment of the decade’

  6. Great to see Jenson in McLaren gear for the first time. :D

  7. I like this daily round up :)

  8. Is it me or does Button look wierd in Mclaren gear. It just looks wrong. Fair play to him though, he now drives a Mclaren.

    1. I don’t think it looks wrong, but his face looks a bit goofy, like Wallace from Wallace & Gromit.

    2. It is not you.. I think it does look weird too

      1. i did a little wee when i saw it…

        HA! no i didnt. it looks weird the first time, watch it again and it feels less weird. its just because its different. Schumi looks like less of a cheater in his mercedes top. (Too far?)

        Jenson looks VERY happy! he looks over the moon. good for him. i’m starting to like the idea of him at McLaren! at least he is better than heikki.

  9. I really like this new daily round up, such a good idea. :)

    And Happy Birthday dsob!

  10. This daily round up thing is a great idea Keith.

  11. HounslowBusGarage
    1st January 2010, 21:40

    Very nice editorial idea, Keith. Keeps us all glued.

    And Happy Bloody Birthday to DSOB, mate!

    The ‘On this day’ idea is good too. Who maintains the database?

  12. This is a good layout and round up…

  13. Great comment by Icthyes but theres other great comment that I Love writen by Tiomkyin in wich he explain why the fuss about the poll in wich Koba´s overtake was chosen the best one in 2009 is unnecessary:

    What is wrong with the people here? A poll is a vote for what the individual thinks, it may not coincide with what YOU think. A debate is different, you try to convince others to your way of thinking. The man with the best argument wins. Hello!! this was a poll, get over it. It just shows what the masses think was the best.

    Maybe Keith will offer a debate first in future, followed by the vote. That will allow ‘die-hards’ to influence people to their way of thinking.

    As it stands the polls on this this site are accurate as they reflect the mood of the majority. Kudos to Kobay, the ROOKIE showed the world he has a pair and knows how to drive an F1 car. (a rear thing in 2009).

    Still, I love reading the comments of the fanatical, roll on the new season. Happy New Year to all.

    — Tiomkin

  14. Wow, cool job Keith. BTW, I wish you a happy new racing year !

  15. Nice page Keith.

  16. Icthyes’ comment was appropriate. Everybody makes mistakes, so did Schumacher and Senna… but those mistakes are just what they did. Repetition of such (or similar) mistakes can’t be blamed on them.

    Copying a good move is something we can appreciate, but a bad one is the mistake of the diver who had copied it and in no way the driver who had done it earlier can be responsible for it.

    Belated b’day wishes for DSOB.

  17. Nice round up!

  18. Happy New Year Everyone!! Loving the Daily Round-Up! Will definitely be a part of my daily routine, great job Keith!
    Happy Birthday dsob :)

  19. Comment of the day – I’m honoured!

    1. And of course, belated birthday wishes to dsob!

  20. Great new look, Keith, and love the “Daily Roundup”.

    Thanks to all for the B-Day wishes :)

    And congrats to Icthyes for the First Post of the Day !!!

    Great Heavens, it’s the 3rd already? (stumbles off to kitchen for headache powder and black coffee)

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