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No F1 tests at Portimao this year

I’ve had confirmation through from one of the teams of the dates of this year’s test sessions. These are as follows:

February 1st – 3rd – Valencia (Ricardo Tormo), Spain
February 10th – 13th – Jerez, Spain
February 17th – 20th – Jerez, Spain
February 25th – 28th – Circuit de Catalunya, Spain

So far only Mercedes have confirmed their 2010 F1 car launch date – it will break cover at Valencia on the first day of February to coincide with the start of testing.

The teams only get 15,000km of testing (the same as last year) which they will spread across 15 days. It remains to be seen which teams and drivers will be present on which days.

Last year almost all the testing was done by race drivers, the main exception being Kamui Kobayashi who did several days for Toyota – which probably served him in good stead when he substituted for Timo Glock at the end of the year.

Expect the regular racers to do most of the work as once the season has begun there will be no opportunity for circuit testing except for teams bringing in new drivers.

All the group tests are scheduled to take place at Spanish tracks. The teams will not return to the Portimao circuit, where F1 testing began last year, perhaps fearing more of the heavy rain they encountered last time.

The new Motorland Aragon facility in Spain is also not being used – the teams will stick to the tried-and-tested venues of Valencia, Jerez and the Circuit de Catalunya.

Last year Ferrari missed one of the group tests to go to their local Mugello circuit in search of better weather (and perhaps more privacy). This could happen again – it certainly wouldn’t feel right not seeing the new Ferrari being put through its paces around the historic Scuderia test track.

If you’re planning to go watch one of the test sessions live, let us know in the comments.

The 2010 F1 testing dates have been added to the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar and the full 2010 F1 calendar will be added shortly too

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51 comments on “2010 F1 testing dates confirmed”

  1. does anyone know how much it costs for the barcelona test as I would like to visit


    1. I heard it was like 5 to 10 euros. not bad.

  2. I searched on Valencia circuit’s Website for the official schedule and some info about tickets, but there is nothing written there. Does anybody know whether people will be let in the circuit on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of Feb?

    1. Avertising at this circuit is poor. I have, however, been before and will return on 2 Fbruary. Yes, the gates are open and whilst I cannot remember the price, it was very reasonable. Hope this helps.

      1. Thx a lot! Which day would you suggest as the best one to go there? I’d go for the second one since I think that on the first day everyone will focus on the car to make sure that everything is ok and then they’ll start the real practice…

  3. Where does the news about confirmed Mercedes launch date comes from? It looks I missed something.

  4. Such a shame we have no testing at Silverstone like the 90’s. The Spaniards are just too lucky! 15 days of testing & two of which are on circuits never used on the calender.

    The last live test session I’ve been to was the 2003 testing at paul ricard.

  5. Why is nobody reporting about Flav Briatores verdict which is due today? At least I think it is…

    1. You cant report a verdict when there isnt one yet. Keith mentioned it on the daily round up.

  6. Are there any plans for some of the smaller english teams to test at silverstone? Surely someone will be lured by the minimal costs.

  7. Do we know if any of the teams are going to Bahrain? Wasnt it last year that Ferrari and Toyota went there instead of Spain for one of the sessions, but it was disrupted by sand storms?

  8. Shame they’re not using Portimao or Motorland. I was hoping a Portimao F1 test would be another step towards a Portuguese Grand Prix, along with the GP2 race there in June.

    Or are these circuits irrelevant for F1 – no marina, and too many high speed corners and hills?

    They should test on the new Silverstone track in May or June for health and safety reasons (more importantly, it’s close to me)

    1. They should test on the new Silverstone track in May or June for health and safety reasons (more importantly, it’s close to me)

      I hear that. I miss the old Silverstone tyre test :-(

    2. Pedro Andrade
      5th January 2010, 11:52

      I hope they go back to Portimão next year, I was hoping to attend it as I’ll probably have more free time then.

      1. Out of interest, why do all the tests take place in Spain? Is there a reason behind it?

        1. I presume because it’s not going to be cold, with temperatures closer to the summer season. IIRC a few teams went to Dubai to test last season?

          1. As I remember it I think it was Bahrain. I could be wrong too.

          2. Ah yes it was Bahrain. Buemi lives in Bahrain doesn’t he? Or is that Dubai… I can’t remember he lives in the desert somewhere! hahaha

        2. I’d guess because it’s in Europe so close enough distance-wise for most of the teams factories, and (usually) consistently dry weather.

        3. Best winter weather in Europe, I guess.

          In any case I would like to see Portimao (Algarve, Portugal) in Testing period.

        4. Boon- testing at Silverstone, Nurburgring or any other European circuit this winter would be more akin to ice skating I imagine

          1. Plus Valencia and Barcelona have a good variety of different corners, thus testing the cars’ all-round abilities…

  9. Will there be any TV networks covering these testing sessions?

    1. nope. but someone always puts up a good quality video on youtube the day after.

  10. Good Question Macca. Also wanted to ask the same. I hope there will be, but since testing normally doesn’t attract huge numbers, it might not be the case, but there surely will be some Internet links giving you all you need.

  11. Shame there’s no Portimao, I’m a huge fan of that track. It deserves a race, never mind a test:


    1. I think the same. I’m Portuguese and Portimão it’s in Portugal so….

  12. I agree with you Ned Flanders!
    Portimão is a great track and it´s pitty it´s not in the F1 calendar for this season!

    1. It was almost. At least in October a Portuguese journal said that. But the arrogant Bernie Ecclestone said in Abu Dhabi:”Formula One in Portugal!? Don’t even think about that”

  13. Won’t they test in March?
    Silverstone is missing from the map.

    1. Bigbadderboom
      5th January 2010, 14:19

      Season kicks of early March I think they get to Bahrain on the 9-10th March, and no in-season, so no room in March for testing.

  14. The cost of entry to testing sessipns at least in Cheste is normally between 5 and 10Euros. I went last year or the year before and it was great. always great weather but lots of red flags and silent periods. But there’re always a couple of cars who do long runs. Last year’s red flags were almost all the time caused by Kimi. Now looking back at the way last season panned out, the poor chap might have been wringing the dog’s neck! If Ferrari comes over (which the Spanish press has predicted), expect huge crowds and an ear-splitting roar every time Fernando does a lap.

  15. I hope to go to Mugello, if Ferrari decides to test there. Normally if it is open to attendance you spend 5-10 euros. Otherwise you need to know about the neighbourhoods of the track, and stay hidden among the plant and trees to watch some cars pass.
    To be honest I don’t expect the weather to be that warm, if they decide to test there it should be for privacy reason.
    I don’t understand why they don’t use Paul Ricard. It is a track with a pultichoice lay-out, so that you can test the car in all the conditions. Weather ueses to be nice, also.

  16. For me all these limitations are just making F1 more boring, tests should be allowed anytime and teams will work their budget in order to achieve more. Does anyone believe Toyota left F1 because of money?
    In Japan this month sales of cars are +30% up, so money is coming in, the problem is that if they cannot test new aero packages and motors why spend so much money just for fun!

  17. They should test at Silverstone tomorrow – for Health & Safety reasons …. more importantly it’s gonna snow – we could have the Andros Trophy F1 stylee – now that would be fun :)

  18. Im going to the tests at Jerez (as always), they are only 5 euros!! :D


    sorry. Ill be calm…

  20. This waiting waiting waiting is doing my head in!

    I don’t suppose the BBC will be showing the testing live to UK viewers. I guess it’s a matter of looking for an online feed (although I’m sceptical they exist) or youtube fan videos to catch bits and bobs? Perhaps a sports station will post daily testing highlights…

  21. Be great to see USF1 test here locally in the states . Doesnt help promote the sport here in the states not being able to watch our home team in action.

    You know if someone here heard the scream of those engines they would be hooked . Man they sound awesome.

  22. All rhe sessions are in Spain. Can’t they do a day in Portimão. Rain in Portugal came all during the end of 2009, so I don’t think it’s going to rain so hard as last year. And Portimão track is very good.

  23. is there going to be only 1 car testing per team like last year?if so y?

  24. i ment y dont they do 2 car testing like 2008

  25. First time I hear Mercedes announcing the date. I’ve heard that Sauber will be revealed on jan 29th

  26. Hi all! I’ll be going to Valencia for the first testing – I went to the Silverstone sessions in ’07 and ’08 and they were better than the Grand prixs! Not only can you get closer to the cars but we met so many drivers! Anyway, I’ll be going on my own this time and as I’m not familiar with Valencia I wondered if I can tag along with someone? Anybody going let me know and poss meet up out there.

    1. Here’s my e-mail address for the above
      [email protected]

  27. Does anyone knows if you are allowed to walk free in all the stands/zones ?
    Since it is just tests in Portimão they have let people walk freely in all public areas which is really great since you are able to see lots of different angles.

  28. Im going for tuesday and wednesday , having to stop at costa blanca cos can only get cheap flights to alicante. Getting a hire car and driving up its an hour drive i think. Anyone else doing the trip from here. or any tips to help first time to valencia circuit.

    1. I’m off to Valencia next Wednesday. It’s easier for me as I live here anyway.

      Will only go if the weather is good and will buy my ticket on the door.

      If you want to know anything feel free to contact me. I don’t want to put my email address here but you can get me on twitter (Einspain).

      1. We are off to Valencia monday or tuesday,does anyone know the best day ? and the best tickets to get ? or can you move freely around once inside, we want to get as close to the cars as poss and the pits maybe, thanks in advance

  29. Malcolm Byrom
    30th January 2010, 12:43

    Tickets for Valencia testing have been available since 12th January. I will be going on Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd February, hopefully to get images and see this years first outings for drivers and cars.

  30. Since testing starts today, any idea where i can see the live timing? F1.com?

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