Lotus will have launch before first test

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Lotus have confirmed they will have an official launch for their 2010 F1 car before it makes its first track appearance on February 17th.

The team will make its return to F1 at the third of the four F1 tests scheduled for February, at the Jerez circuit in Spain. They will also be at the final test at the Circuit de Catalunya the following week.

Details of the team’s car launch are yet to be announced.

There is also the question of what the new Lotus will be called. The last Lotus seen in F1 was the 109 of 1994, part of a long line of conventionally-numbered cars which included road and racing cars.

The racing cars were designed for a variety of categories including F1, F3, F2, Formula Ford, Indy Cars, sports cars and more. A Lotus 112 was designed for the 1995 season, but the car was never built.

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12 comments on “Lotus will have launch before first test”

  1. I only hope it has a decent livery…
    It sounds quite scarce to me, to test the car just two times before starting the first Gran Prix. I think Lotus is late on the program, even if I read that Gascoyne said the opposite.

    1. Although Brawn did the exact same thing…

    2. It sounds like Lotus was behind on everyone else but has caught up well, if you ask me.

      Also won’t this mean they get 5 days of testing? if they start on the fourth day at Jerez

      1. NO WAIT,
        Eight days of testing, well thats not bad, obviosuly its not ideal it’s more than Brawn got.

        On the other hand BGP01 cost 500M and had been under development for, to put it mildly, a while.

  2. What about Lotus MG01?

    1. Name it such that that resembles the name of another formerly British car company?

  3. Surely Lotus will have to launch before their first test because they can’t use last years car.

    Looking forward to seeing the new cars and the new team’s liveries.

  4. That’s the most exciting thing about all the new teams coming in, I get to see all the new designs and liveries. Can’t wait.

  5. Can you really compare this car/team with the old Lotus teams just because it has the same name?

    1. from 1958-1994 there were 8 teams been using the Lotus name such as Lotus Climax, Lotus-Ford, Lotus BRM, Lotus-Honda and many more.. so what is the difference with the current 9th Lotus team?

  6. Hope this mock team fail miserably. Lotus my @rse

  7. This waiting is excrutiating…

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