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The Cosworth CA2010 engines Williams and four other teams will use

Williams have confirmed they will not hold an official launch for their 2010 F1 car.

The Cosworth-powered car, likely to be called FW32, will make its debut at the first F1 test of 2010 at Valencia on February 1st.

With the plan for a joint launch in Valencia having failed some teams are skipping ‘launch season’ altogether and heading straight to testing.

Mercedes have already confirmed their new car will be at the first test.

However USF1 and Lotus earlier confirmed their cars will not be there, and Red Bull today told Autosport their RB6 will not appear at the first test.

Engine manufacturer Cosworth has confirmed its CA2010 engines (above) are ready for the teams to use and has begun shipping them.

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16 comments on “No launch for Williams FW32”

  1. I think its time for williams to get back to their glory days of the 90s, back then even jaques villeneuve won the title. I know they may not have the resources of the manufacturers but a good driver in an ok car can compete.

  2. In the end we will have joint launch event – everybody will just bring their new cars to first test.

    1. Lol, thats a pickle.

  3. I expect a lot of spying in Valencia by the non-testing teams on the testing ones. Watch out for little guys drinking Red Bull energy drinks and scribbling on notepads during sessions!

    1. Haha, I hope they do, everyone copys them anyway, they should be able to copy as well.

    2. LOL
      I was thinking the same thing too.

    3. you mean like Mclaren were doing last year…lol
      They got all upset when any one dared look at their car though.
      there was a few top picture with mclaren team members peering under the RBR and another with Ferrari and Willaims and RBR laughing when the mclaren came back on a tilltray tow truck and they couldnt get the sheet over it to stop people looking..
      And then there was the mechanic that punched some one for looking at the mclaren.


  4. They should have held the joint lunch,at least the teams which are participating the first test.
    But as they are not hosting any big lunch party this may save some money for the team.

  5. [b]”and Red Bull today told Autosport their RB6 will not appear at the first test.”[/b]

    mmmmm, another car thats substantially different than the rest like last year?

    1. ‘The car in front is unique…except for the car behind it, which is absolutely identical.’

      1. classic Murray. I miss Murrayisms. lol

  6. I know we’re cost-cutting and stuff but it surely doesn’t cost much to tell all the journalists to come to the factory, unveil it and show the car and drivers off?

    It doesn’t need fireworks, the Spice Girls flying F22-Raptors, a milk tanker filled with champagne and an underwater brass band to officially “launch” a car does it?

    1. can’t be hard
      call the jurno’s
      goto track
      get car ready
      get drivers in driving gear
      smile for a few snaps
      go out for a few shake down laps
      close the garage door.

      I dont really care if it has fireworks champagne etc because 99% of us wont be there and only care for a few snaps

  7. Same as last year. A couple of photos out front of the garage, then roll it out. Go Williams!

  8. It’s a shame they don’t do a mini launch at their HQ. Does anyone no if Williams will be staying with the same sponsors or can be expect to see other title sponsors…

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