Don’t miss any of the action this year: get the 2010 F1 Fanatic Google Calendar

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F1 Fanantic Google Calendar
Make sure you catch all the F1 action in 2010 with the F1 Fanatic calendar

I’ve had a lot of questions from people asking when the 2010 F1 Fanatic Google calendar will be ready – so I’m pleased to announce it’s ready now.

By popular demand, I’ve added each practice session, qualifying and race of the 2010 F1 season separately so you can see the times for every part of each event.

It’s already got the dates for this year’s test sessions and I’ll continue to update it with relevant events throughout the year.

I’ve also updated the 2010 F1 Grand Prix pages with information on each event including start times for every F1 session (with British time conversions), details of the support races and links to further information on each F1 race and track.

You can find the link for each race at the foot of the page as always, and the links are below. There are a few gaps in the information – for example, some support race packages haven’t been announced yet.

You may also notice some of the British time conversions don’t match up with the ones on As I mentioned in the round-up a few days ago, this is because some of those on don’t seem to be correct. As far as I can tell I’ve fixed them all but if you spot any mistakes please let me know.

As ever if you’ve got any suggestions for what information I should include or how I could present it in a more useful form, please let me know.

You can subscribe to the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar and embed it in websites – find all the options below by clicking on the Google Calendar button at the bottom-right.

Update: HTML, iCal and XML versions now available too. See here for more.

2010 F1 races

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  • 28 comments on “Don’t miss any of the action this year: get the 2010 F1 Fanatic Google Calendar”

    1. Excellent, thanks!

    2. It’s brilliant, although one thing is missing.

      Most of the map links just point you at the centre of the city (such as Melbourne), rather than the track itself. Most if not all of the tracks are labelled on Google Maps now, would it be possible for the map links to point you directly at the track rather than the city centre?

      1. Hmm. It seems to have auto-generated the maps based on what I put for the location.

        I’ve put the co-ordinates in for Bahrain Free Practice 1 and it seems to have updated the map correctly.

        I haven’t got time to do update them all at the moment but I’ll see if there’s time to do it before the season starts.

        1. Yeah, Google estimates the location from what you write in the box, but if you were to write ‘Albert Park, Melbourne’ it would point at the circuit. Same with how ‘Silverstone’ most likely points at the village, but ‘Silverstone Circuit’ will point at the circuit.

          Love the calendar though, I started using Google calendar a couple of months back, and it’s becoming invaluable to me, especially with all the F1 dates and info on it now!

          1. It works best if you put regular co-ordinates in. You can find them for most current tracks in this old post:


            If someone wants to edit the calendar to add them in I can give them access to do that.

            1. Keith, did you ever post some of the tracks that the fanatics came up with.

    3. Awesome thanks!!

    4. Excellent, I will be using this :)

    5. Thank you very much, just what I needed!

    6. Would I be able to use this in Apple’s iCal?

      1. No need, I think for these details, if you have your own Google account (email etc). Sign in to your Google account, then click “+Google calendar” on the image on THIS page, the page you are readin this note on. (ie
        That should open your Google page, and prompt you ‘do you want to add this calendar to yours?’ or something similar.
        Once added to your Google calendar, click the “down arrow” next to the F1F calendar button, then click “calendar settings”. Click the green ICAL button, and download attached file. Should add itself automatically to iCal.
        Hope that helps, and hope you get it working – it took me some figuring out, but I’m pretty certain these are the steps I followed to add to my iCal.

        1. not sure why, but the link to this page i included in my reply is taking me elsewhere on the F1F site.
          Thus, ignore the link, but go to top of THIS page, and you’ll see the “+Google calendar” button on the bottom right of the calendar itself. Click this button.

    7. Can you import that data on the Microsoft Outlook 2007?

    8. cause it will be great to have all that info.

    9. Pretty cool, thanks Keith!

    10. Very detailed, thanks Keith.

    11. Great idea, thanks a lot!

    12. Thank you, thank you, thank you…Last year I had to manually enter all of the races!! Very nice!

    13. Already added a couple of updates today with Ferrari’s launch and Valentino Rossi test:

    14. Thank Keith… I’ve added it to my calendar!

    15. Apparently we could view it in iCal or other apps if the calendars ‘private address’ were posted.

      Instructions on how to do it are at

      Is there any chance?

    16. Thanks Keith.

    17. That’s great – great for planning things around in my diary!

    18. Keith, could you put the calander permanently in the column on the right of all your pages, maybe just under the ‘Top Forum Posts’ panel? I think it would be good to have this at quick access for anyone visiting the site. It’s beginnign to get busy with announcements of car launches!

      1. Not at the moment I’m afraid – here’s why: Update on improvements to F1 Fanatic

        1. Thanks anyway Keith. Really appreciate your work here!

    19. awesome, many thanks

    20. 2010 F1 Fanatic Google Calendar is good thing to keep tract all of my schedule. No need for me to buy an organizer. Thanks for helping me this.

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