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The 2009 championship-winning Brawn on display at Autosport International

Autosport International opens to the public today. F1 fans heading there will find the usual collection of contemporary F1 cars plus some older machines including quite a few classic Lotuses.

For those of you not able to make it there, here’s a peek at what’s on show:

Modern F1 cars

Among the display of modern F1 cars there are at least four pukka 2009 machines from Brawn, Red Bull, McLaren and Force India. Williams have also supplied something which looks like an interim car with a 2009-style rear wing fitted. The others are older cars with updated liveries.

Great F1 cars

I’m dedicating a separate post to each of the four great F1 cars of the last six decades which are featured: the Maserati 250F, Lotus 72, Williams FW14B and Renault R25. More pictures of those will follow later.

Classic Lotuses

The Team Lotus stand is showing off the 1978 championship-winning Lotus 79. There’s also the much less successful Lotus 102. I met Martin Donnelly who drove the car in 1990 and had a chat with him about it and his career-ending crash, which will form the basis for a later article.

Lotus also have a 32B on display which raced in the 1965 Tasman series but was based on the team’s 1964 Formula 1 car.

Here’s a selection of pictures of each of those cars:

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20 comments on “F1 cars at Autosport International 2010”

  1. I really wanted to go, but I’m north of the border and couldn’t get time off. It’s always nice when you are able to speak to exdrivers personally, and I appreciate it when they take the time. What was donnelly like?

    1. Really nice, cheerful, approachable chap. I’ll have a little feature up about meeting him later with some more pictures of the car.

      1. I met him a while back when he was running a team in Formula Vauxhall – also found him very approachable. Still with a definite limp, even years after his accident.

        1. I’ve not had the privilege of meeting him but even seeing video’s of him in 2008 he’s still got the limp, which is 18 years after the crash.

          Its a shame really that non F1 fans watch the races for the crashes but they can have terrifying consequences, I’m glad that Heiki and Massa made it through to carry on racing.

  2. Awesome Pictures, any more of the “fw31.. perhaps?:P”


  3. Thanks again for HQ pictures.

  4. Very cool pics Keith, thanx ! And the magnificent Williams-Renault FW14B :)

  5. Williams-Renault FW14B


  6. That is not an Williams FW-31, just a show car with 09 style rear wing. Looks most likely like a ’06 or ’07 car but these types of showcars have parts bolted on from many different years…

  7. We went every year for about 5 or 6 years, but the quality of the show has deteriorated so much its not worth going any more.

    4 of 10 F1 cars from 2009 is just rubbish. What is the point in going to see a load of showcars?

    1. There were 5 actually, should have gone, you would have had a different attitude, was an amazing show!

  8. Very cool selection of cars.

  9. Nice wok Keith,thanks

  10. Having gone on Thursday, the Lotus 72 is so stunning in the flesh. The Renault stand of the modern F1 cars was disgraceful. Instead of putting an ’09 or few years old F1 car there, they put up a World Series car with 09 F1 livery!! The cheek of them! Ferrari were no better, with an F2003-GA.
    Keith, you forgot to put up the ’68 Gold Leaf Lotus 49 to add to your Lotus pictures.

    1. Afraid I didn’t get around to grabbing a picture of that one, but if you’ve got any you’d like to share do stick them in the drop.io and I’ll add them here:


  11. If any car subcribed to the adage “If it looks right it is right” in a motor racing sense it has to be the BrawnGP BGP001 – as soon as I saw the first pictures of it from it’s shakedown at Silverstone I knew it was going be quick.

  12. Was a brilliant show. Me and a mate got to meet Jenson :D, was less than 3 foot away from Sir Stirling Moss, got a couple of pics of him. And had a look at all the F1 cars, was really good. Anyone see the back of the McLaren looked like (exhaust, light), looks ace, lol.

    For the whole show including pictures we took 450 pics and videos.

    Ace will be back next year!

  13. John Edwards quote: 4 of 10 F1 cars from 2009 is just rubbish. What is the point in going to see a load of showcars?

    John and I must be from the same mold …..
    Of course each of us have a different definition of what is “great”. 1957/58 Vanwall, ANY B.R.M., even the failures, those of us who have HEARD a 16 cyl at full chat ……. am I dating myself? The ‘shark nose’ Ferrari, …… greatness isn’t just for new cars.

  14. Great photo’s…

  15. In January, 2010, over 85,000 visiters attended the world’s largest motorsport show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. The Autosport International 2010 offered auto enthusiasts a closer look at some of the rarest and most impressive racing cars from around the world. Jenson Button, Stefanie Gork Ruiz-Herrera, Allan McNish and Sir Stirling Moss were some of the big motorsport names in attendance.

    All categories of track and off-road motor racing were represented at the Autosport International show. The show featured a variety of sections providing easy access to information on different aspects of the sport. These sections included historic racing, karting, oval racing, national motorsport and careers in motorsport.

    This annual motorsports show offered something for all aspects of the trade. From industry professionals to automotive enthusiasts actively involved in the sport to motorsport fans who simply wanted to follow their favorite car or driver, the Autosport International show had something for everyone.

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