F1 Fanatic round-up: 24/1/2010

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A quiet day yesterday though for no obvious reason the discussion sprang back to life on a four year-old article on F1 vs NASCAR.

We’ve also had a new idea for a future F1 Fanatic article suggested on Skribit. If you’ve got an idea for a post, or would like to vote on the ideas other people have suggested, head over to the Community page for more.

The technical work on the site which began on Friday will carry on through today but will hopefully be done by Monday. Again, if you have any trouble getting on the site you can contact me via F1 Fanatic on Twitter or the F1 Fanatic Facebook Group.

Here’s the Sunday round-up:


Hamilton e Rosberg a Lonato (Vroom)

Pictures of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg at a karting event. The pair were team mates in the Mercedes and McLaren backed karting team in 2000. Via Kartlink

Rossi and a Russian

Will Buxton reckons 2009 GP2 runner-up Vitaly Petrov will make a big money move to Renault.

Comment of the day

And the Jose Maria Lopez backlash starts… now! Over to J Hutton:

What is [Peter] Windsor thinking?? look, a desperate financial picture should not dictate an incompetent driver who will surely be risking the lives of others on the track. Come on, touring cars for the last three years is not a proper training ground (refresher course) for F1.
J Hutton

From the forum

The F1 Fanatic support group is in session – Ned Flanders asks ‘When did you realise you were addicted to F1?’

Site updates

I’ve created the Lotus team page as well as the rather lengthy list of previous Lotus F1 drivers.

Interestingly, they had six different drivers in their final season, 1994. How many can you name without looking?

Happy birthday!

No F1 Fanatic birthdays today. If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

The last car Michael Schumacher raced in F1 was launched on this day four years ago. The Ferrari 248 won nine of the 18 races that year – but both the titles went to Renault.

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13 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up: 24/1/2010”

  1. Terry Fabulous
    24th January 2010, 3:31

    1994 was a crazy season with drivers that is ‘for sure’!

    But six drivers! Wow

    Um I am going Hakkinen and Herbert for starters
    And maybe Lamy and Salo I think.

    And I just checked my Arron and Hughes complete book of F1 and got three out of four and would NEVER have picked the full six!

  2. This new Lotus team has nothing to do with the old proper Lotus team. Don’t forget that. The only reason that they can use the Lotus name at all is because they are owned by the Malaysians (Proton.)

  3. Prisoner Monkeys
    24th January 2010, 4:53

    Actually, it’s Flanders who wants to know when you got addicted.

    1. Indeed it is – not the first time I’ve got you two mixed up either. D’oh! Fixed it now.

  4. 94 Lotus….my my…..ok, Lamy and Salo are right. I think Herbert is too….then Bernard, Zanardi and….braindeath has removed the identity of the sixth driver.

    Gonna hafta go look it up now. :)

  5. Haha, that NASCAR vs F1 argument is quite entertaining

    Lotus drivers: Zanardi, Salo, Lamy, Herbert… I give in
    (Just checked the answers- 4 out of 6, not bad!)

  6. Thanks for those Lewis and Rosberg karting pictures. Lewis looks wonderful as usual and it is so great to see his brother there as well.

  7. ————–
    From the way Massa is talking about good to be back in the car and looking forward to “stuck” in a proper F1 car, his lap times must’ve been much slower than Rossi.

    Alonso is the winner and no new contract for Massa in 2011 it seems.

    It will be interesting to see how much Ferrari give Fisi testing time in case he is required within few races or so.

    1. Terry Fabulous
      24th January 2010, 22:12

      Why wait, lets turf him right now. he is too slow!!!

      Hang on, he is actually very fast. He beat Kimi for the last two years and was a few hundred metres and a dodgy engine in Hungary from a World Championship.

      Lets hold off on the hanging, drawing and quartering for at least two races?

    2. It seems was actually faster. I dont know whether any official timings have been given, but James Allen seems to have the times.


      Massa’s fastest lap was 1.18 to Rossi’s 1.21, though as James mentions whether the conditions were identical is not known. And honestly were do you get all this Massa bashing I dont understand!

  8. Lotus drivers:
    I probably got one wrong.

      1. Terry Fabulous
        25th January 2010, 2:14

        Can’t believe you got Adams!

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