2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 side-by-side (Pictures)

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The Ferrari F10 and F60 side-by-side

The Ferrari F10, revealed today, gives us our first look at how the 2010 F1 cars compare to last year’s models.

Like their rival teams, Ferrari have to get to grips with rules banning refuelling and imposing smaller front wheel widths on them. Here are some side-by-side comparisons of their old and new cars.


2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)
2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)

Right side

2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)


2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)

Ferrari F10 launch

Image (C) Ferrari spa

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139 comments on “2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 side-by-side (Pictures)”

  1. It looks cooler than last year’s one!

    1. ah…nice to see a rim again!! no more sheilds..bet ya alonso is happy

    2. you do? i think the longer nose, white rear wings, hideous marlboro barcode are simply horrible. my favourites ferrari are 248F1 and F2008. they were amazing.

      1. If you ask me, the white rear and front wings are hideous. It remids me of Schmaher’s Vodafone era(I think that was the worst looking Ferrari age).
        I like F10’s Red bull looking sharp font nose.
        I love F2008 too, that Ferrari red was cool.

        1. So true. but somehow, because the red-white ferrari had won the championships many people didn’t recognize it was hideous, they just love it because it was the fastest car. LOL.

          my favourite F2008 was in the singapore night race. its red-reflecting lights was just adorable :)

  2. big tank, obviously

  3. Magnificent Geoffrey
    28th January 2010, 10:01

    Can’t get over how looooong the nose is! Seems a bit… ‘shorter’ as well. You can see it’s an evolution of the F60 rather than a revolutionary new concept.

    I still hope they do as well this year as they did last year!

    1. I’d say its a revolution more than evolution. The basic dimensions are similar – what else do you expect from the strict regulations – but the car’s ‘phyisque’ is completely different. And for your info, the car is longer than last year – the longest car in F1 history I think.

      1. Magnificent Geoffrey
        28th January 2010, 10:12

        Interesting take on it. I should clarify that when I said ‘shorter’ I meant to refer to the height of the car when compared to the ’09 version. As for it being the longest car in F1 history, that wouldn’t be surprising at all by the looks of it!

        1. I know what you mean here but I think this is due to the chunkier & taller sidepods making it look that way. I expect the car is pretty much the same height as last years.

          Must say, I think it looks beautiful…

          1. The front looks like the one fron RedBull… VroomVroom

    2. The nose doesn’t seem any longer, the length is all added at the rear where the fuel tank is. You can see this in that the monocoque is much further forward than last years car.

  4. Thanks Keith, now I can see a few more differences. Thes sidepods are longer, smoother and less contoured, the whole car seems to be a little higher, the nose is much different and sticks out a bit and over all the car is a mile longer in wheel base.

  5. I think we are going to see most teams follow the RB5 “Duck Nose” theme…

    1. And the car’s exhausts are a lot further forward, similar to the pictures we saw in the “racecar engineering” article on USF1.

        1. The resemblance is striking….

  6. Not much difference, but the 2010 car looks gorgeous. I’ve always liked Ferrari with a bit of white on :)

  7. and they lost the constructor’s badge

    1. which one is that?

  8. Prisoner Monkeys
    28th January 2010, 10:03

    RB5 nose + BGP-001 lines in the body + MP/4-25 rear wing = Ferrari F60

    It looks good, but that doesn’t stop it from looking like a Greatest Hits of all the other cars. Did Ferrari put a single original thought into this car, or are they just apeing what the competition does to see what sticks?

    1. What kind of stupid question is that? No, they did not put one original thought into the car. They copied 100%. Have a little respect for the great ingenuity of F1 engineers, please.

      1. Prisoner Monkeys
        28th January 2010, 10:14

        And so you see my point. The designers can get way with imitating the opposition, but when they have the opposition’s data, it’s plagiarism. Of course, I can’t rightly see how you could force them to not use designs that work. I expect all the current teams to look like the F10, but the new teams might offer a glimmer of hope. I’m doubtful, though; the video on VirginRacing.com shows Timo Glok sitting in a cockpit with the upraised monocoque runners.

        1. Why re-invent the wheel? If one team comes up with something new that works should the others simply offer congratulations and resign themselves to failure? Of course not.

          Everything is on display in F1 and few things are truly secret for long. That may result in teams trying to follow the approach taken by others. But what works on one car doesn’t necessarily work on another, unless you have an understanding of why it worked on the first car.

          Look at ground effect – Lotus were the first to use it in F1, others jumped on board when they realised what was going on. The Williams FW07 was closely based on the Lotus 79, but Patrick Head had done the work to understand how everything worked and refined it to make a better F1 car. The March 811 was almost a carbon copy of the FW07 (reverse engineered from an actual FW07) but failed totally because no thought had gone into how the FW07 worked.

          If Ferrari have simply bolted together the best bits from Red Bull, Brawn and McLaren they’re likely to fail.

        2. Great point PM. Of course it’s not quite so simple, I don’t think you’re saying that yourself, but your basic argument is very valid indeed. I’m sure Ferrari have their own stuff in there in heaps but it does go to show the “difference” between copying and imitating.

      2. Oooooh the tifosi are easily irked.

        Shame on you PM for pointing out that the bottom half of the front wing is a carbon copy of the BGP, the nose is a half-copy of the RB (it’s missing the horizontal “kink” at the point where the bulges are), and the back wing has been changed to something remarkably similar to the McLaren. Shame, shame shame.

        A lot of the great ingenuity of F1 engineers is seeing what everyone else is doing and whether it works on your car. That’s why everyone copied the diffuser last year, and why nobody copied Ferrari’s overheating KERS.

        Ross Brawn has already said this year’s car is going to have the RB nose. It’s a given that all the other teams will copy it too. What’s interesting is whether any team will copy the pull rod suspension, as that’s a large part of the reason the Red Bull was so fast, so grippy and so fast. I said after Australia last year that the RB, not the Brawn was the fastest car of the year, and I was proved right in Shanghai – it didn’t win the title because of its drivers and its engineering breakdowns, not because of the car’s fundamental speed.

        1. Again, I would kill for an “edit comment” button to make myself look less stupid. Of course, I could try being less stupid to start off with, but I can’t see that working.

    2. Ferrari don’t need a massive gamble, they needed a revolution in design but something they could feel confident would deliver. They can develop it more after and I’m sure they will -besides we don’t know what’s underneath-and every team will basically be copying the designs from the teams that won especially copying the RB5.
      Wheel base looks longer. Quite a few changes. This is very comforting after last year and even if it isn’t on the pace for whatever reason it doesn’t matter as Ferrari probably won’t freeze development of the car again so they can keep pushing forward.
      After months of nothing from Ferrari I’m happy the car seems quite different. There is no guarantee of pace but it doesn’t look like they have been sleeping.

    3. Mark Hitchcock
      28th January 2010, 10:26

      So, picture this. You’re revealing your 2010 design for the first time, all the other teams are watching. Do you a) Go with a conventional design and save some of the innovations for testing or do you b) Show your hand at the first opportunity and give the other teams the maximum amount of time to copy you?

      I think Ferrari have gone for option B. Either that or this design is everything they’ve got and they’re starting off with the successful ideas from last year. Which seems like the only sensible thing to do given how disastrous their own ideas were at the start of last year.

      1. Prisoner Monkeys
        28th January 2010, 10:40

        Given the fact that it takes months to design a car, teams aren’t going to be able to see, imitate and build a car in time for Bahrain after Ferrari launch. Especially when there’s no telling how it will fare on the track. After all, the F60 was one of the first cars launched last year, and it was terrible.

        1. Mark Hitchcock
          28th January 2010, 10:44

          No, but if they showed everything now that gives the teams an extra week or so to get going of they see something they think might work for them.
          So even if they can’t get anything ready for Bahrain, the extra week could make the difference between getting it ready for say Malaysia or China.

          And anyway, my last point stands. This may well be everything they’ve got and they’ve just copied everyone else’s good ideas as a base to build upon. Why would they do anything else considering how bad they started last year?

          1. Prisoner Monkeys
            28th January 2010, 11:17

            No, you misunderstand me: why do you think Red Bull waited until the British Grand Prix to introduce a double-diffuser? It was because adding one required Adrian Newey to do a massive redesgn of the rear end. The teams don’t just look at what everyone has done, quickly sketch it and end it off to the machine shop to be made. It takes time to develop and time to build.

            And nor are they going to do it for future upgrades. Why imitate the Ferrari’s design for your first upgrade when Ferrari themselves are simply going to do an upgrade of their own?

          2. Mark Hitchcock
            28th January 2010, 11:47

            And I think you’ve misunderstood me.

            I’m not saying that the teams will *definitely* want to copy anything from Ferrari, or that seeing everything today would have made them work quicker.
            I’m saying that if it takes the teams 3 months to get something onto the car and they saw something on the Ferrari today rather than seeing it at the first test, they would have an extra week to think about it/start designing it if they thought it was something which would give the Ferrari an advantage.

            Granted, it’s not a lot of extra time, but why give the other teams any time to think about your advantages if you can wait and reveal them at the last moment?

          3. it may take 1-2 weeks to make a production model to bolt onto a car, but it only takes hours / a day or two to make a scale version or CFD model to simulate on your own chassis and then make a decision to develop it for the next upgrade.

          4. PM to be fair it only took Newey so long to introduce a double deck diffuser because of the rear pull-rod suspension. The other teams had the DDDs rolled out much faster.

            Also, that was quite a major ‘exploit’ in the regulations (which should have been banned, and RB would have dominated) compared to the smaller aero improvements one expects to see in these launches.

    4. Are you aware of the term “benchmarking”? And, it’s not the F60 you have the equality, it would be the F10, right?

    5. RB5 Suspesion as well, Pushrod activated.

      1. The RB5 had pullrod rear suspension, the F60 and F10 both have pushrod.

  9. Looks the same to me! apart from the “red bull” nose, and the larger tank with the exhaust area..

  10. I think that the car looks much better with the larger fuel tank, it’s a bit more bulky – in a nice way.

    Another wee note – is there any particular reason why Bridgestone has disappeared – Look at the black bits (barge boards?) from the plan photo and also the tyres aren’t branded….

    1. The tyres are still branded it is just rather faint in these pictures and Bridgestone�s logo is still on the nose.

    2. A bit more bulky in a nice way. your stealing my date nite lines!

  11. Sorry, one more thing, notice how the tops of the sidepods have been sculpted. Quite nice looking actually!

    This is like a “Where’s Wally” book, the more you look, the more you notice!

  12. The radiator inlets are much smaller in the F10…they did manage to improve the engine…plus look under the nose… its damn optimized for the double diffuser.

  13. ahhh the stream from ferrari’s site is not working!

      1. thank you so much!

        but they are not showing it right now, and for some reason the ferrari official feed is not showing anything but a red screen …

  14. Looks very different to me

  15. Its a car which looks like it wants to go racing.

    1. which is an improvement over the old one. The old one looks a little more upright, a little unsure of itself. This new one looks like its straining at the leash, it wants to go.

  16. HounslowBusGarage
    28th January 2010, 10:27

    Question. I thought this year’s front tyres were going to be narrower. These ones look the same as last year’s . . .

    1. Yeah I thought that too. Maybe Bridgestone haven’t dished them out yet.

    2. OK I just spoke to Bridgestone and yes, those are the 2010-spec tyres. Apparently it’s just hard to see the 25mm difference in the photographs.

      1. are the tyres now exactly the same as in ’97?

      2. yeah I though the tyre spec would have made a larger visual difference. Not nearly as much as the difference in length and proportions forced by the new tanks.

        will the wheelbase length affect things like chicane speeds, I wonder? or is that kind of thing compensated for easily in other design areas?

        1. Realistically 25mm is only the width of a thumb – given the substantial change to the chassis your unlikely to be able to pick up on that.

          I doubt the extra length is solely the result of the fuel tank’s volume – there is a chance however it may have something to do with fuel tank weight distribution – 170kg of fuel is a lot to lump in any one place.

      3. they actually look wider to me.

    3. Actually what I should have said was Ferrari were supplied 2010 tyres by Bridgestone but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what’s fitted. I must remember to take a tape measure to the McLaren launch tomorrow…

      1. What about that picture of the 2010 Lotus in a windtunnel? The tyres are visibly narrower on that.

  17. This looks like a fat RB5 – notice the push rod rather than pull rod suspension through. Nose, air intakes, bargeboards and rear wing. it even has some of the fancy aero devices on the front wing simliar to the Brazil version of the RB5

  18. Guio Oblepias
    28th January 2010, 10:35

    Thanks for these photos, Keith! I’ve been trying to spot the differences manually by comparing pictures from last year’s launch. Needless to say, you’ve made the task much easier!

    So here’s my take on the design… Nothing surprising really. A lot of the aero looks the same as it was on the last developments of the F60b. I guess they just did some fine-tuning in that department. We’ve all pretty much anticipated the higher nose and the RB5-esque bulges. The sidepods look more sculpted from the front, ala-BMW F1.09, and are quite fat. Pretty subtle changes on the whole… Not sure if it looks like six months’ work though. Hope that’ll be enough to keep them ahead of the pack!

    Oh, and are the pictures to scale? If so, that would mean a MASSIVE increase increase in wheelbase.

    I’m not digging the new livery though. The white wings make it look like one of their cars from the early noughties! quite a departure from the last few years. Missing the post Monaco ’07 paintjob more than ever!

    1. Oh, and are the pictures to scale? If so, that would mean a MASSIVE increase increase in wheelbase.

      To the best of my abilities. I’ve scaled them to make the diameter of the rear tyres match as closely as possible.

      1. LehonardEuler
        28th January 2010, 13:05

        I would have taken the width of the front wing, since it’s much bigger and would lead to less error, imho

    2. 15cm longer, I believe. So, not a massive increase – just that the comparisons are not exactly to scale.

  19. wow so long wheelbase and that painting on rear wing seams to look bigger

    1. the long wheelbase is what first caught my eye. It’s going to change the handling characteristics of the car just by itself. Presumably this is to incorporate the larger fuel tank. Does this mean we will be seeing a lot of longer wheelbase cars this year?

      also – at first glance i thought the little vertical fins on the front wing endplate had gone but on closer inspection they have actually been extended upwards and then extra evolution of the plain horizontal ends can be seen with that ‘bump’

  20. beautiful but i cant see it beating the red bulls and new mclaren. It looks like the rb5 and im sure newey has something up his sleeve!

  21. here’s the RB-5 bulges on a 2009-spec ferrari. note the helmet of kimi. i believe this was taken in Valencia. inevitable that they would put it in this year’s car.


    1. yeah people need to remember that those photos are the beginning of 09, they realised how slow they were quickly and made lots of changes by the end of the year.

      year on year there’s a large difference, but lots of those mods were already on the car at the end of 09.

  22. Looks DAMN good. They’ve put the big tank in and actually improved the lines. With that long nose and much longer wheelbase though – I suspect it will be better on the faster tracks and a bit compromised on the tight twisty ones.

  23. The nose camera positions are now on the uprights rather than the nose cone. Not sure how much, if any, flexibility the teams have over their location.

    Curious as to what the vertical bit is with what looks like a bulbous part on the centerline below the nose.

    1. I believe that is a ride height sensor. I don’t think that will be there for the races but a lot of teams use them during testing.

  24. I don’t think the F10 has the narrower slicks on the front, just the ’09 spec ones. If you look closely the outside of the front tyres arn’t level with the rear ones.

    1. have a look at the overhead F60-F10 comparison. visibly thinner fronts

  25. there is a damper underneath the nose cone… or so it seems… is that allowed?

    1. I think they just add more weight to the front of the car (nose) and by utilising this version they can keep the centre of gravity much lower then if they would add it inside the nose cone.

    2. Inc0mmunicado
      29th January 2010, 4:39

      The thing sticking up from the tea tray? I think thats to stiffen it because its longer. Werent flexing tea trays the first scandals in 07?

  26. best pictures so far – nice work Keith!

  27. my first impression was a little like this

  28. The clear differences from F60 rear wing,side pods,length due to inclusion of larger fuel tank,cockpit is a bit smaller,front wing,nose cone and F10 is wider than F60.
    Although looks better than F60.

  29. The front looks more like force india’a…
    How do we know if its a push rod or a pull rod suspension ?

    1. It’s push rod front and rear – specs here: Ferrari 2010 F1 car pictures

  30. Looks like a real winner to me…hahaha…man I’m starting to sound like a Ferrari fan!!

    The car looks great, hopefully it will go as well taking Fernando to the WDC!

  31. are the tyres now exactly the same as in �97?

    1. Same size, yeah.

  32. Looks like a cross between Stretch Armstrong and Pinnochio

  33. the-muffin-man
    28th January 2010, 11:47

    Nice ‘bullet’ wheelnuts!!!

  34. If looks could kill!!! It’s a murder on the race track!!

  35. Somehow I was expecting the car to look more extreme than this. In some ways it looks like the F60 but longer and with RB5 design elements. Any pics of the diffuser?

      1. Oh great, another year of diffuser wars…xD

        1. Unless that is the diffuser! Looks a little inefficient to me :)

  36. Somehow I suspected the 2010 front tyres would be more noticeably different.

    1. They are 2009 spec tyres. As per Ferarri’s spec notes.

  37. Yes Robert, same for me. But it they really appear undistinguishable.

  38. What is the official wheelbase of this car?

    1. F1 teams rarely give out that information. During the Spygate trial one of the details McLaren was accused of having was Ferrari’s wheelbase.

  39. It’s hideous! My eyes!! All that white…

  40. Seems like the “Alice” logos have been removed from the car. I didn’t know there deal was over.

  41. I prefer the head on shot of this years car, but I think I prefer the more sculpted sidepods on last years car.

  42. I notice by the nose profile a similarity with last years Red Bull , but I would not put it down to straight copying , obviously the engineers got a basic idea , then from there. Anyway , looks are one thing , but performance is where the real test lies , so lets see next week what happens.

  43. The nose is very aggresive, it looks like a halfpipe for goodness sake

  44. a beautiful car is a fast one

    1. Erm, remember the MP4-24 during the first half of the season…

  45. You know, the car actually looks quite good in the video. In the pictures it looks like a limo. I still hate the Santander white though, the previous paintjob was awesome.

  46. Can we have a side-by-side with the RB5?

  47. Wow I love it, love the shapley hips of the sidepods, and that nose is not a direct Red Bull copy, as the RB was scoop like, and the two ridges have been used by Ferrari since Valencia last year. I think that they released to early though, as they have shown their hand. I think Red Bull will be another Revolution, Im thinking new sidepod shape, maybe a new endplate design, both on the front and rear wings, just something that makes other designers stare and think to themselves ‘Damn, I didn’t think to do that!’

  48. the-muffin-man
    28th January 2010, 14:17

    Considering they’ve had to fit a larger fuel tank in – from looking at the exhaust exits in relation to the rear axle line, the engine looks like it might be sitting a fair bit further forward than last years.

  49. Alice telecom is gone….hm, i guess Santander more then makes up for it..

  50. Anyone notice the difference in the two wing mirrors on the f10? What’s that all about?

    1. I hadn’t until you pointed it out – looks like there’s an extra part to the left-hand one.

      1. Looks like another camera housing although it is strange that they would show add this on a car that is used for a photo shoot. I don’t think it is that much work to change a mirror for the car showdown.

        Oh, and here a close up:

    2. That’s the small scope camera that views the driver in action shots.

  51. Ferrari rarely produce an ugly car, but for me this is the best since the F2002

  52. I think F60 looked better

  53. Red & White looks cooler.It does have a longer wheelbase for it’s fat tank.

  54. I think Ferrari, Mclaren, and Possibly Renault and BMW
    will have more of an advantage with regards to adapting the larger fuel tank into the car. These cars were racing around last year with a heavy KERS and battery system that took up extra space and weight, and they were still able to balance the cars respectably enough to win races and be ‘somewhat’ competitive. How much extra space did they actually need to find once they removed the KERS package, where Merc and RedBull may have had to start chopping their cars to bits to get everything to fit properly.

  55. The real F10 would appear on the 1st Feb becoz I seriously think that its not a work of team which relinquished the development of F60 before hungarian GP. It was just for the sponsors.

    The frony wing is the same as last year’s car. The front wing is the most important part coz its the `st component of the car which comes in contact with the air.
    Honda took a whole of 2008 t produce BGP001 and have a look at their front wing. It was the most evolved wing since the start coz they worked on it. And I think ferrari would be having a different setting for testing.

  56. spanky the wonder monkey
    28th January 2010, 15:39

    i like the sculpted top edge profile of the side pods and the nose on the head on shot. shame those mirrors-on-bargeboards are still allowed. should’ve been booted out last year.

  57. Keith, Would It Be Possible For This To Be Compared To The RB6.

    It Looks Very Similar!

    1. We dont even know how would RB6 look like. Why do u want to compare ? Let them launch their car first.

  58. This is something I read on a poll “Here in Italy someone is talking about a �triple� diffuser instead of a �double� one. Do you know something more about it?”.
    How would that be? sounds interesting

  59. Keith,

    Love the side by side. I think it looks good.

  60. It’s less red that the 2009! i would like to see totally red =)

  61. The F10 is beautiful. Gee…from the look of the Ferrari and the Williams and maybe more to follow, do you think Force India was on to something with their design last year!? (High raised nose)

  62. I like the extra use of white on the wings. Lets hope that this car is better as the F-60

  63. Nice work Keith!

  64. It appears they’ve covered the rear diffuser section… too bad.
    Looks great otherwise!

  65. am totally disappointed…….
    almost same aerodynamics which they used last yeat
    am a die hard fan of Massa and Ferrari….
    u know something guys am working in a american call centre
    ma sudo name is Massa Fernando…
    am really not happy with the car….
    i think again mercedes gp is going to show their pace than others….
    am sure mclaren also is going to rock….
    am keeping my finger crossed let’s hope for the best guys……

  66. theRoswellite
    29th January 2010, 2:44

    Are we tweaking the previously tweaked?

    This car looks almost identical to last years model, unless you’re a real F1Fanatic (as are we all).

    I remember the days when a years new model really looked different…but of course they often missed the boat in performance, and a cars overall shape simply leaked out the end of a designers pencil…no wind tunnels, no computers….just ideas. Very unscientific, if initially exciting.

    No wonder the gap between cars was often so large.

  67. Inc0mmunicado
    29th January 2010, 4:22

    Keith, would it be possible to see these and other new cars compared to the 09s with the cockpits aligned instead of the drivewheel? I’d rather see the length changes relative to the driver…

    1. We have the same idea.
      I made a pic (see my post below)

  68. Okay, so………..do we think that it’s going to be competitive? – I know – very hard to say at this stage but what’s our feeling??

  69. I think it would be better to do a top comparison where you align the cockpits.
    As the dimensions af the cockpit are always the same you can easely spot the longer back end you can see that the nose is not that much longer.
    On the link below I made an image with the cockpits aligned;

  70. Reminds me of stigmacher’s car. better looking than the f60. hope its quicker too. f2008 still my favorite though.

  71. Not bad looking…

  72. i love this new car. The reason for the extra length i think is because they have abolished the refueling in the race so they have had to obviously make major adjustments to the fuel tank.

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