Ferrari F10, 2010

Ferrari presents the F10, its new F1 car for 2010

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Ferrari has revealed its 2010 F1 car, dubbed the F10

Here are the first pictures of the new car and its technical specifications.

As expected, the F10 features a longer wheelbase to improve the car’s weight distribution because of the enlarged fuel tank owing to the refuelling ban.

Some of the car’s most sensitive aerodynamic details are are not shown – it has been presented with 2009-specification front and rear wings and Ferrari has avoided showing any images of the rear of the car where there is believed to be an aggressive double diffuser.

One of the most striking changes is to the nose, which is longer and raised higher in the distinctive style of Red Bull’s 2009 RB5. The onboard camera housings, which every car must be fitted with, have been moved back from the tip of the nose.

The front-on shot reveals slightly smaller air intakes for cooling, which is most likely a consequence of this year’s car on having KERS. Under the skin the radiators are likely to be longer and narrower than last year’s to fit around a larger fuel tank, a compromise other teams will have to make.

There are small turning vanes in front of the sidepods, upon which the rear view mirrors are mounted. The sidepods themselves have a more sculpted aerodynamic shape.

Massa’s planned run in the car on the Fiorano circuit today has been cancelled, so we won’t see the F10 in action until testing starts at Valencia on February 1st.

The arrival of Santander means the car has white front and rear wings, as it last did in 2006. Former communications sponsor Alice’s logos are no longer visible on the car.

Ferrari has also given some basic technical specifications of the car.

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Carbon-fibre and honeycomb composite structure
Ferrari longitudinal gearbox
Limited-slip differential
Semi-automatic sequential electronically controlled gearbox – quick shift
Number of gears: Seven, plus reverse
Brembo ventilated carbon-fibre disc brakes
Independent suspension, push-rod activated torsion springs front and rear
Weight with water, lubricant and driver: 620 kg
BBS Wheels (front and rear: 13 inch)


Type: 056
Number of cylinders: Eight
Cylinder block in sand cast aluminium: 90-degree V
Number of valves: 32
Pneumatic distribution
Total displacement: .2398 cm3
Piston bore: 98 mm
Weight: >95 kg
Electronic injection and ignition

2010 Ferrari F10 pictures

Ferrari F10, 2010

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Ferrari F10 launch

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124 comments on “Ferrari presents the F10, its new F1 car for 2010”

  1. Is it just me or does this car not look that much different to last year’s aside from the new nose and slightly more bulbous rear to accommodate the larger fuel tank..??

    1. The sidepods are a lot different, the “bulges” at the side of the car and their profile along the length of the car is more smooth.

    2. the nose and the sidepods looks very different.

      1. No more the Alice brand on ferrari?

      2. oh and one thing, i bet it’d be awesome if the rims were black. :)

  2. RedBull-esque front nose, like we heard a while ago. Forza Ferrari!

  3. Finally! I have been waiting for so long! The live stream was lagging though… I wonder how many people were watching worldwide? That livery is a little strange isn’t it?

    1. It was lagging for me too. I can only assume tens of thousands have been watching it online.

      It looks pretty nice, but the white kind of ruined it, little bit..

  4. fast work KC. Nice.

  5. White wings!? :-(
    Nose seems quite high?

  6. Thank god they are showing it live on Rai Due. It is impossible to gain access on the ferrari site.

    1. I had the feed on the Ferrari site but went to refresh as its so slow and lost it!

  7. I’m trying to connect to ferrari site also, with no success.
    Anyway, from this pictures I think it is quite RedBull wise. It should be interesting to look at the rear, waiting for the next pictures.

  8. Does it have a name yet?

  9. Prisoner Monkeys
    28th January 2010, 9:49

    Ferrari really need to do something about that Malboro barcode. It makes them look like a GP2 team …

    1. HounslowBusGarage
      28th January 2010, 10:17

      I was think exactly the same thing. It really makes the car look rubbish – as though someone has stuck a large check-out paper sticker over the top of the car, wrinkles and all.
      Maybe one of the Photoshop Kings here could colour it in or replace it so that we could see how much better the car could look.
      Don’t like the white, either.

    2. Does anyone know if their take on weird subliminal advertising actually works? Anyone got the urge to go by a 10-pack of the Grand Dragon’s favourites?

      1. Well as a McLaren fan I can tell you I avoid Marlbog like the plauge, LuckyStrikes for me but I was never a Honda fan. Or a smoker at that point.

  10. On the subject of white wings. Does anyone know if they perform better because they reflect more heat than say black ones. The effect would surely be minor but since these guys go to the extent of covering up screws I would imagine this could be more significant.

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      28th January 2010, 9:52

      It would be so minor that it wouldn’t affect anything. Ferrari’s wings are white because red and white are Santander’s corporate colours.

    2. white bodywork around the engine area could help keep the engine from overheating i guess. very minor tho.

      1. At the sort of temperatures that are reached by F1 cars in that area, it wouldn’t matter what colour the car was because colour only absorbs and emitts heat differently at certain temperatures.

  11. The nose seems to be the only really obvious change. Well done Keith for having this up instantly!

    1. wings come out later

  12. The car looks good. The livery will take a bit of getting used to I think. Those white wings really do stand out.

  13. Haha, they have covered up the diffuser.

    1. Yep there’s a panning shot of the car on the broadcast as well which shows the back of the car but keeps the diffuser out of shot.

  14. Its the same basically, not too impressed actually

  15. that is one long car! & nice touch with the santander logo on the insides of the rear wing plates haha

    1. The santander logos are anywhere and everywhere they could fit them by the looks of it.

  16. Does anyone have a live feed?

  17. Hi Keith, I have been taking screenshots of the unveiling stream if you want me to send them to you?
    just let me know

    1. Please send them to me as well. Much appreciated!

  18. ivz – the stream is still going for me

  19. I think the camera placement is the only interesting aspect of this car. The front wing looks the same as the end of last year IMO.

    1. Probably stuck last years on for the launch, it’ll likely be quite different by the time the lights go out in Bahrain.

  20. I still have the live streaming too.

    Does anyone know whether Alice canceled their sponsorship? (and why)

  21. Car looks amazing, with quite a few obvious changes from the F60.

    1. amazing stretches it.
      yes a few from the f60, not many from the RB5 though huh?

  22. I like it! And the extra white really looks good…reminds me a bit of the 312T.

  23. Diego Medeiros
    28th January 2010, 10:07

    The rear wing is like McLaren’s MP4-24 and the front looks like Red Bull’s 2009. And the shape have some of F60.

  24. An so starts the RB5 Duck Nose copying trend. Has anybody else noticed that the exhausts are a lot further forward on the F10, a bit like the picture (well CAD design or whatever it was) of the USF1 in the “racecar engineering” article.

    1. One more thing: notice how the TOPS of the sidepods have been sculpted. Quite nice looking actually!

  25. Now that is properly gorgeous. The larger fuel tank makes everything else look in proprtion, just beautiful. Nice to see a bit of white adorning it too.

  26. Its good looking. The most important thing is to mantain the light silver wheels. Those white areas could turn into fluorescent white and look even better.

  27. Oh, and thank God those horrible wheel covers have vanished!

  28. Front wing is obviously a fake.

    Ferrari used the same wing design at the end of 2009. Obviously they don’t want to give away their whole 2010 campaign. I understand.

  29. No spinners :-)

  30. hope this car is fast unlike F60…………There doesnt seem to be much of a difference between F2010 and F60 then hoes does this car will be fast, its har to guess..

  31. the front looks more like Force India

  32. I really like it!

    The wings are bad, just like last year, but appart from that, a very good looking car IMO! :D

  33. weren’t the wheels rims going to be gold colour?

  34. Nice post keith …. It really is longer to accommodate the large fuel tank… and look at the top of the nose cone. It’s similar to the Red Bull car last year.

    1. Thanks Jasper, have added the video.

      1. My pleasure Keith, thanks for the good work, you had pics of the new car up before anyone else did! Enjoy yourself at the McLaren Launch tomorrow! You’ll have to let us know what goodies you get in the press pack…best one I ever had was when I went to the BAFTAS last year

  35. Best looking Ferrari for at least 10 years in my opinion.

  36. Am I missing or have they not put a race number on the car?

    1. No race number yet, this car is named to both drivers. This can be just for visual purposes.

  37. Apparently Alonso asked for the steering wheel to be changed to make it easier to use.

    1. Should Ferrari ask Steve Jobs to design a “Super easy to use” Steering wheel? The new iDrive!

    2. Yeah I heard that too. Can’t blame Alonso really as it must be a bit odd trying to adjust to it and Felipe has been there years so it will be normal to him. They should just change it or somehow give Alonso it to play with until he gets used to it or whatever. I hope he doesn’t get any diva criticisms thrown at him because I honestly don’t blame him for asking.

  38. Best looking Ferrari of the decade, :P well seriously, actually it is quite nice

    1. Well, this is the first Ferrari car of this decade so..:P

      1. Exactly :)
        I do think it looks good, people complain about the White but i don’t mind it, the thing I hate is the stupid marlboro barcode, it’s pointless.

  39. I am sorry. The car doesn’t look revolutionary at all as promised, that said they might be holding back on revealing some of the components.

    Livery wise it is very clearly evident that they have fallen prey to Santander, just as Merc to Petronas & McLaren to Vodafone, which is a big big shame.

    But lesser the Scarlet, lesser nastier the cars look. As Prisoners Monkeys said, the Marlboro bar code must go, looks like a gp2 car.

    If looks and appearance were what won you races, I’d say this car would perform very poorly.

  40. Added some new pictures of the car including one which shows the back in better detail though the diffuser is covered up.

    1. I have a funny feeling that there is something quite special under that diffuser cover…

      1. A solid fuel rocket? They’re pretty special.

        1. I have the feeling we are seeing roughly a half of what Ferrari have prepared for that car, and about a third of what’ll be there by the time we get to Bahrain.

          The wings diffuser and development programme, wern’t on anybodies cars last year while a lot of whats on that car was.

          So while I find that car to be underwhelming innovatively, I’m not worried about Ferrari, nor will I be worried about McLaren tommorow if they produce something simular, the best is yet to come.

  41. Mercedes 2010 = very good looking
    Ferrari 2010 = good looking
    Renault 2010 = good looking preview photos.

    And now McLaren ????????
    I would love a touch of orange and wheels like their 60s and 70s race cars : black in the center and chrome along the outer edge. This would be really cool.

    1. The Mercedes was a 2009 Brawn painted in Mercedes colours, not the 2010 car…

      1. Thats OK, I was only appretiating the livery and colours !

  42. Nice car for sure.Huge amount has been invested on the front wing,not sure what’s hiding in the back!

  43. Great photos! Alonso, do it to the third time!!!

  44. “Some of the cars most sensitive aerodynamic details are are not shown it has been presented with 2009-specification front and rear wings and Ferrari has avoided showing any images of the rear of the car where there is believed to be an aggressive double diffuser.”

    no wonder they looked so alike. expect some surprises on the first test?

    1. Usually we don’t get to see the aerodynamic specification for the first race until the last test session.

      1. keith

        Do you know why it’s a F10. I would have expected them to go back to the previous numering system. With the F2009 becoming F60 to comemorate 60 years of Ferrari should this years car have been F2010.

  45. it says the engine capacity is 2398cc which is presumably normal but it begs the question: why is it not the full 2400cc? i guess it’s a trivial difference but when the cars are as close as they have been (last year in particular), it could make a measurable difference, particularly over many laps.
    or, have i totally misunderstood this?!

    1. Tombo

      I was told a couple of years ago that 2cc is always left as when the engine is hot it’s actual cc is 2400. The source was McLaren when they had Honda’s Turbo engine.
      Although an interesting question should anybody have any other ideas.


    New Williams, looks quite compact compared to the Ferrari.

    1. beat me to it by 2 mins! nice one. :D

      1. Yeah better than the Ferrari. I thought Silverstone was in the process of renovation, did they use a truncated version of the track?

    2. Wiliams – good distribution of darks and lights, but needs some more excitement : shinier wheels, a new shade of exciting metallic blue – maybe a Prussia blue …. maybe the white could be fluorescent white instead ….. the livery looks too much like last years.

      After the exciting and fresh new looks of the Mercedes, now the bar has been raised and you expect more of every team.
      Merceds has set a new standart for good livery.

      1. Just wait for McLaren. They seem to produce the best liveries in the business.

        1. As long as they dont have all-black wheels I am happy. I profoundly dislike black wheels on a car or motorcycle.
          I am a painter and designer and love expression in colour and exciting textures in metals and silvers.

          1. A lot of silver rims at the MTC. Looks good for some nice looking rims on a hopefully stunning car tomorrow!

        2. Mclaren livery is hideous in my view. I liked the black and silver but red and silver just feels half hearted and messy to me. I know it has a lot of fans though

          1. Mclaren is to be silver & red, once again, sigh. Hope this doesnt last for many more years, while the financial backing is good the vodafone livery is awful

          2. AM OUTRAGED, Steph, is that the tifosi speaking or proper asthetic complaint.
            Obviously this is the Macca speaking but I really think the McLaren livery is a goodun, I mean more exciting then the Corsa.

  47. Oh and a video I found through Al Jazeera, when they’re not showing grainy video of Osama Bin Laden they’re interested in F1, good for them! It’s not the new Williams but has Barrichello and Hulkenberg in interview in Williams kit and they both have a run out in last years cars.

  48. Is that a new, unique wheel nut design on the F10? Ive gotten used to the wheel covers but I cant remember ever seeing pointy wheel-nuts like that…

    1. that is totally hilarious!

  49. Too much white reminds me of the Dallara-Ferraris hopefully itll go a bit better than them :)

  50. No number on car. They obviously don’t want to show, yet, that this year they will be sporting #’s 7 and 8. (Not 1 & 2)

    1. Or, being less cynical, that this car is just for show, and doesn’t belong to a specific driver.

  51. Jraybay-hamiltonmclarenfan
    28th January 2010, 19:46

    Looks excellent. That nose is nice :D like a missle it looks fast.

    1. If anything this car proves that a livery can make or brake a car on looks, As Mercedes livery for their 2010 car on the BGP01.

      The RB5 and the BGP01 could have set the world on fire in yet another way if the liverys wern’t so damn jarring.

  52. Cant wait for McLaren tomorrow!

  53. oh look! Alonso’s name comes above Massa’s name on the top of the seat. Interesting. I noticed that at the Mercedes livery launch Schumacher’s name was above Rosbergs.

    1. Oh yeah, that totally proves that Alonso is the number 1 pilot!

  54. Diego Medeiros
    28th January 2010, 21:39

    Keith, could you add on this post the official pictures of Massa and Alonso?

  55. I really like the new Ferrari F10! I am a BIG McLaren fan, so I am very interested to see what the McLaren car will look like. I was expecting the cars’ bodywork to be much wider than last years’, due to the bigger fuel tank. But there does not seem to be a huge difference from the 09 cars. I can’t wait to see what this car will look like come Bahrain!

  56. Mike "the bike" Schumacher
    28th January 2010, 22:52

    It’s a relief I thought the cars would look hideous.

  57. Looks like I’m the only one that thinks this car looks absolutely incredible

    1. You’re not alone TommyB. I’m with you! F10 do looks absolutely astonishing

      1. And for me to!

  58. Its Hammer Time
    29th January 2010, 9:34

    I going to enjoy the F10 languising in mid pack this year. Luca was right, Ferrari are in a different league – below Macca, Red Bull and Merc

  59. Finally!The F10! I hope it will work better than last year car.

  60. I agree, it looks a little RedBullish, which is a little disappointing as it means original ideas are obviously hard to come by at Ferrari. But I’m sure there’s a lot more we can’t see which is a shame. I wonder what the new diffuser looks like…

  61. how fast can it go

  62. nice car.. welcome back massa… nice fuel rocket……

  63. how can fast it can go

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