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McLaren's MP4-25 was revealed early online

I’m heading to Vodafone’s headquarters today for the launch of McLaren’s 2010 F1 car, the MP4-25.

I intend to post updates from there throughout the day and McLaren are also broadcasting the launch online.

You can watch the McLaren launch live here.

The timetable for the launch is as follows (UK time):

11:00 – MP4-25 revealed
11:30 – Martin Whitmarsh, Jonathan Neale and Paddy Lowe press conference
12:00 – Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton press conference

I’ll do my best to add updates from the launch here and on Twitter but as this is the first time I’ve been to a launch like this I can’t say exactly how it’s going to work.

We’ve already had lots of suggestions for questions to ask at the launch – if you’ve got any ideas or thoughts on the launch please post them below.

Update: McLaren have asked fans talking about the launch on Twitter to use the hashtag #MP425. Tweets using that tag will be displayed on a special Twitter wall at the McLaren Technology Centre. I can imagine a few people wanting to have some mischief with that so I hope McLaren have got filters in place. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.

Update 2: Some early pictures of the car have appeared already – see the comments for more.

McLaren-Mercedes MP4-25 launch pictures

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201 comments on “McLaren MP4-25 launch today”

  1. Thank you for any updates in advance Keith!

    Hope you have a fantastic day! :D

  2. Have fun Keith
    again, i am so jealous!

  3. U r a superman.

  4. Have a nice day Keith :)

  5. All the best,we will keep ourselves updated

  6. Hope you enjoy your day, it will be an experience!

  7. HounslowBusGarage
    29th January 2010, 8:29

    Enjoy. And if you could slip a MacLaren F1 into your back pocket for me, it would much appreciated.

    1. It might have to be the standard edition… I think the ‘long tail’ version might stick out too much and someone might see.

  8. I just hope McLaren’s new car looks nothing like last years Red Bull! We all know Adrian Newey is a genius when it comes to aerodynamics, and many times in the past other teams copied his ideas (he has made copies too). But come on you guys improvise a little bit! Unlike Ferrari (or should I say red Red Bull) Id love to see something new for a change today. Oh, and I dont care about its beauty. Its pure speed that concerns me, and well see some of that in the coming days hopefully. Like the grate Enzo Ferrari used say it looks ugly but its fast!

  9. I wouldn’t mind quick AND beautiful

  10. I’m so excited I could burst. I hope Lewis gets a car worthy of his brilliance.

    1. I’m attempting to pretend I’m as excited about this as I was about Ferrari.



    2. feelin that!

  11. Have fun Keith, but i hope the car is not so great as Ferrari!
    Sorry McLaren fans but my blood is red, lol!

    1. Well my blood is er silver and red.

      YEAH coz itz got iron in it lol

      1. The iron is actually what makes your blood red. Try again. :P

  12. I would like to ask one question to Lewis Hamilton!
    I consider Lewis a great driver, no ofence to anyone, but “would he be ready to have the new Champion and actual number one driver having preferencial the treatment that Alonso never got in the McLaren garage or will his father starts calling for intervention from the Gods?”
    Once for all, i would like to see all padocks cleared of outside interventions and let the drivers fight inside the tracks with the same car.

    1. If I can remember the beginning of 2007, Lewis was clear n2 and for the first 4 or 5 races, it was clear for everyone Alonso was n1 at McLaren’s.
      Only later did attention shift, and I believe that McLaren was honestly 100% behind the double world champion right until it became apparent the new kid in town was surprisingly just as good. (And probably easier to work with)

  13. espn F1 is reporting that ferrari are workin on a ‘B’ spec car as they aren’t satisfied with their current ersion

    1. Brawn has basically said thats what everybodys going to do.

      Big Upgrade for Catalunya, an a very different looking car to arrive in Bahrain.

      The Top three will look the most different if you ask me.

  14. *version :)

  15. I guess all teams are working in a completely different car for the first race, this launch is just for the pictures!
    They just want us all and especially the other teams this will be the car they will be racing!

  16. have a good time!

    anyone else not able to access the forums btw?

    1. yes, I’m not able to access the forums as well. Shows “unable to establish connection with database”

      1. The forums aren’t working at the moment, and it has been said they may not be working until Sunday.

  17. Prisoner Monkeys
    29th January 2010, 9:55

    Hoping for, but not expecting, a change in the livery. Even a small one would be nice.

    1. I’ll miss the silver colour.

      1. Prisoner Monkeys
        29th January 2010, 10:07

        Well, based on the first picture, they’ve kept it

        1. yeah they said they would, for as long as they’re getting free engines the livery probably stays. Or at least the tri point star does.

          LESS THAN 8minutes.

          We might get mercedes badged vodaphone livery next year.

    1. Haha, get a load of that front wing.

    2. Sorry fellow McLaren fans but from the front that is not pretty! That high nose reminds me of BMW’s last season and the sidepod intakes are almost square! But from the side it looks pretty spectacular, elegantly sculpted at the back of the car. The question is, is it quick?

      1. I disagree, I think this is that rare thing, a looker from all angles.

  18. Prisoner Monkeys
    29th January 2010, 10:06

    First picture has emerged:…/Mattzel/mc.jpg

    It has a shark fin, damnit.

  19. Prisoner Monkeys
    29th January 2010, 10:15

    Top-down view is interesting: tiny sidepods, big rear end.

  20. Less than 1 hour now. Can’t wait to see new Mclaren(s).
    I think like Ferrari’s launch, where 458 and California accompanied the 2010 F1 car, Mclaren might also park new MP4-12C alongside it’s 2010 F1 car. But i hope this time they present it in a better colour than hideous orange.
    Keith please take lot of HQ photos of both Mclarens.


    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      29th January 2010, 10:18

      Side-on view … it looks mean. Not a fan of the shark fin, though. Never have been, never will be.

      1. I’m rather pleased its not supporting an RB5 nose.

        I’m rather concerned that its supporting a weird cross between renault and bmws last nose.

  21. Terry Fabulous
    29th January 2010, 10:18

    I wish SOMEONE would change their livery!!!

    Yes I’m looking at you Renault

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      29th January 2010, 10:20

      Don’t worry. They will.

  22. MP4-25 looks like a spaceship from the side. I LOVE it

    1. nice photoshopping :P

      1. I’d be tempted to say its the white background image that’s Photoshopped and this is the original…

    2. It’s the best looking adaptation of the shark fin in my opinion, it looks very sculpted into the shape of the engine cover, and the red on the tip is nice

      1. Shame they kept the chrome livery, but on the design its certainly looks more aggressive than Merc,Williams or that copy/paste Ferrari.

        Look at those sidepod openingss, obviously they are confident of engine cooling.

  23. Looking very nice but shark fin not that much. Mclaren should have gone with normal engine cover for launch.

  24. That’s hilarious – I’m over here at the launch and you’ve all seen the car already!

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      29th January 2010, 10:27

      McLaren no doubt antitcipated this happening, especially since the Mercedes livery launch had the probem of the flashbulbs reflecting off the silver livery and making it difficult to see the design.

      If it makes you feel any better, Keith, I’d rather be at the launch without having seen the car than to have seen the car without being at the launch.

  25. Even though the car is longer, the sidepods seem to be getting smaller and smaller. The top-down view shows it off best.

    Not sure about the shark fin though. They make the back end of the cars look like busses from side-on.

  26. I’m liking this one, much better looking than the 09 car.

  27. Prisoner Monkeys
    29th January 2010, 10:31

    It’s certainly a very aggressive design.

  28. I cant wait to see the new McLaren. It will be interesting to see how Button settles into the team. Lewis is a more brilliant and talented driver, hope he takes back the title.

  29. Not what i expected, lets hope the other angles are great. The Ferrari is definately looking good.

  30. Am I the only one thinking they should just go the whole hog and paint some shark eyes and a set of teeth on either side of the nose?

    1. Magnificent Geoffrey
      29th January 2010, 10:50

      More like MP”JAWS”-25, right?

      …I’ll show myself out.

    2. I was thinking the same thing with the ferrari launch yesterday !

    3. I do miss the Jordan nose-art.

      The hornet was the best though.

      1. Prisoner Monkeys
        29th January 2010, 11:14

        Yeah, but if anybody does Jordan-esque nose art, you know Eddie Jordan won’t shut up about it during broadcasts. He’d probably lay claim to the whole car, too.

    4. or a duck. The cars are the right shape for that, but maybe not the image the teams are looking for.

  31. Awesome looking beastie as usual. Thought they had the best looking car last year as well at this stage. Shame it drove like a Lada.

    Like the shark fin – agree with Megatetsu – best fin I’ve seen yet. Looks very organic somehow.

    Surprised but not disappointed that they have maintained the silver livery. Has become a classic colour scheme, right up there with the old JPS Lotus or yellow Jordans.

  32. Ugly, shark fins should be banned.

  33. another redbull nose :/

    evil shark fins

  34. hmmm, not keen on the sharkfin, however those exhausts will heat the rear tyres nicely!! :-)

  35. Looks a bit like a Toyota from the end of last season….

  36. What a great stream, thanks so much, loving this!

  37. McLaren streaming works, while Ferrari didn’t…
    Promising start for Witmarsh team.

  38. All wearing the same slate grey suits with white shirt, top button undone. Blimey – not much room for self expression. Still very Ron somehow.

  39. What stupid music to welcome the drivers :P ?

    1. Better than a ringtone…

  40. Hamilton: “I’m sure it’s going to handle completely different to last year’s car”

    Button; “I hope so!”

    1. Hamilton: You wouldn’t wanna driver last years car ! :P

  41. I am impressed. Even with these demented rules, F1 can still surprise!

    1. I am sorry its not such a surprise at all :(

  42. Santander still is on McLaren…I dind’t realise that!
    I thought they switches to Ferrari.

    1. I think they sponsor Lewis individually.

      1. HounslowBusGarage
        29th January 2010, 11:49

        They might do, but Santander is across Button’s chest too.

        1. McLaren generally don’t allow drivers to have personal sponsors – Senna’s Nacional was very much the exception.

          Santander sponsor both McLaren and Ferrari – but Hamilton is being used heavily in the advertising because he was very much the face of Abbey, which is now being rebranded as Santander. So it makes sense to keep using Hamilton to reassure peaople that it’s just a name change, etc.

  43. I like sidepods inlet.

    1. But the Mercedes engine will not like it ;)

  44. Is that it?

    Sureley interveiws and things to come no?

    1. it says “stay tuned for more live coverage “

    2. “Stay tuned for more live coverage” on feed

    3. That said that thing looks fantastic, three times more interesting than Ferrari’s amalgamation of what worked last year.

      An plenty of time to be developing things for next year

  45. nice design

  46. What a humble launch :) Totally contrasting to the egoistic launch by the people over there at Maranello.

    1. Think I prefer egoistic, it’s a bit more dramatic and fun :P

      1. It surely is :P More dramatic when the CEO speaks like a total Muppet hehe.

      2. I’m sure it’s just that you prefer Ferrari, Steph!

        1. I do but I prefer them because they show passion and can be a bit bonkers :P

          1. I prefered McLarens driver bits and forget that i ever said this Ferrari’s staff are obviously more exciting then McLaren, especially to listen to.

            On the other hand Macca are exciting racers.

            Which is kinda the point. Not that Ferrari arn’t

  47. Look at those exhausts!

    1. Yes, strange position…quite close to the rear tyres…

    2. They should have adopted the Brawn nose-cone design, would have looked more elegant.

    3. maybe those help in keeping the rear tyres warm ,now that tyre warmers are banned.

      1. Jenson asked for those!

  48. Is it my perspective an eyes or is there a non symmetry in the rear areo of the car?

    1. Mclaren have been know for this but I havent spotted it yet.

  49. sexxxy car i must say. not usually a fan of the skark fin engine cover but in silver it looks nice. nice nose too.

    1. agree. it may just be my bias but mcLaren have managed to make me at least like something I usually deplore.

      Actually I though RB5’s shark fin was pretty awesome as well.

      I liked how it looked from the side after the silverstone upgrade. When you couldn’t see through it.

  50. Oh an what a blinding looking car, did you notice the big bad eye looking side pods when viewed from the front

  51. It’s feckin beautiful!!!!!

    1. No, it isn’t.

      1. it fekin is

        1. I am sorry, I am a total McLaren fan, but I was expecting something else. Something like the mp4-20 front section.

        2. It surely feckin is! :P

          I do think a lot of these new cars will look very similar.
          Very 2009 Red Bull-ey…… Maybe……

          1. Weal mp4-20 was under very differnt regs.
            That McLaren is a looker for more reasons than pure asthetics. It’s managed to look original despite tight regs and an easy winner to follow.

            Also for jesi chrisi man IT LOOKS LIKE A SPACE SHIP. This is an F1 Nerds site, how can you doubt that silver peice of yum.

  52. Who sayed all cars are going to look the same? I rushed (ran – literaly) home from physics olimpiad, tuned into the live launch, cought a first glimpse of the car and thought WOW!

    1. Good luck in the olimpiad!

  53. so we’ll have 4 silver arrows? I really hoped they changed their colors :(

    1. Macca back to Orange?

  54. MP4-25 looks fierce!
    Love it!

  55. Why no MP4-12C around?

    1. Yeah you are write,Ferrari had 458 & California with F10.There seems to be no guard for MP4-25

      1. They couldn’t really pull out the F1 this much time on could they?

        I’m not sure they’re really ready to show the 12c to this many journos either.

        Personally I don’t know why they didn’t launch it in Woking next to all those McLaren legends.

  56. It reminds me off the BatMobile, she`s gonna fly baby, she`s gonna fly.

    1. hope so – in the air and off the track :)

  57. Not much of a surprise. Thought Mclaren would be fairly aggressive. I suspect they may have the fastest car which is a bit of a worry. The Merc engine should still be a powerhouse and a reliable one at that. They should have the best package too. Mercedes I have no clue where they will be, RBR need a Newey master stroke but I think reliability could hinder them. I still think Ferrari need more time or a star designer in their squad (Rory Byrne was very underrated in my opinion).

    1. Rumours circulating that Ferrari are already working on a B spec F10 – rather worrying that it’s a B spec and not just upgrades.

      1. Heard those rumours this morning. It is worrying and they are meant to have a whole host of upgrades planned too apparantly. Least they are moving forward though and never know how testing will go and they have a strong line up. Kimi could manage a win in the F60 so the title is a big stretch but they should at the very least be better than last year, just there should be more competition.

      2. Well that rumour doesn’t make sense, because all cars are designed using computer systems like CAD and you make mock ups to test in the wind tunnel etc to see if all the figures ring true. And then providing all your targets are being met with these results you go ahead and build the car. How can Ferrari just dismiss their F10 design as no good without even testing it on the track. Sorry but that is complete rubbish…

    2. Rory Byrne produced the F2004.

      Second most dominant car ever, one of the total pinacles of F1 history and absoluteley amazing reliability.

      Trust me the man is not underated for that V10 masterpeice.

      1. Er Ferrari B Spec rumours are abound but I belive B-Spec is the differance between their launch package and their race package.

        Mercedes have confired that thats what they’re doing. McLaren has said theres loads going onto this car that they’re not showing us yet. I wouldn’t be too alarmed.

        An it may well be the case that the car produced is a total revolution. So buck up tifosi.

        1. It’s normal that the cars change from the launch to the first race.

          1. Well it makes total sense. They dont want to change too much in one go otherwise it is very hard to assess which part works. This way they will have lots of different iterations, which makes it far easy to decide.

      2. Yeah I appreciate Rory as do you clearly but I just feel he is often forgotten about

  58. makes the ferrari look even better, horrible looking mclaren

    1. I know it looks ugly in the eye of every Tifosi :P

      1. Not Italian so I don’t like to steal the term tifosi buit certainly love Ferrari but I am able to admit I quite like the shape of the Mclaren. Hate the livery though

  59. No stupid wingmirrors. That pleases me the most strangely!

  60. Lovely-looking car. Certainly different. :)

    Has anyone else noticed that there’s no camera housing on top of the airbox like usual? There’s just a stump…

    1. Presumably its a stump for a camera housing.

      You have to have them so it will be there.

      Look out for those massive radio mast they plug on during serious testing. Dont know why buy I find them hilarious.

  61. So with the Williams, this makes the third more or less identically designed nose (the very front section, that is) – fairly simple, fairly elevated. Makes me all the more curious to see whether the Mercedes will look anything like the Brawn (i.e. downward swooping nose)

    PS. from the side view, the front section of the Maclaren looks a lot like last years’ BMW.

    1. There’s still a lot of development to be done, things can change between now and the start of the season.

  62. Did you notice Lewis give the wing mirror a rub

  63. Just had a chat with Jonathan Legard who offered his compliments on the website and wished me luck with taking it solo. Very nice of him to say hello.

    1. I mean Legard of course.

  64. Keith snapped by Jake Humphrey at the McLaren launch…

    1. Aha! I see you Keith… :P

      1. Where’s your video camera Keith? Get with the program ;)

        1. I wouldn’t be sitting so calmly on a chair during a McLaren launch! I would have freaked out!

          1. Looks quite boring in my opinion.

            Listening to Whitmarsh drone on, Lewis and Jenson towing to the company line, giving sponsor friendly sound bites etc.

            I’d rather see the car on track. Listen to the sound of the engine rather than the sound of bs.

    2. One chair for you, and one for the laptop. Nice!!!

  65. Wow, I like it.

  66. with the front end weighed down with aero is the nose cone shape so important?

    1. They could have done a better job of the nosecone. Looks like a cross of BMW-Renault. That said it might have no bearing on how fast the car goes.

      1. “They could have done a better job of the nosecone.”

        If you say so, then it must be!

    2. The shape of the nose will have an effect on how the air is funnelled towards the rear of the car, particularly the rear wing and diffuser. The nose can play an important part in harnessing the airflow to best effect.

      1. Yeah, but look at that monster nose, its doing all the work.

        1. It’s stepped like the RB5 but not raised on the sides.

          So maybe they see that as unessasary or maybe they they’re after a different solution.

          Or maybe it will be developed in.

    1. Visibly longer wheelbase… guessing that will be true of all the cars this year

  67. the stream running again

  68. Bounced out vodafone mobile broadband while watching a vodafone broadcast, they do themselves no favours lol, I do hate the way all cars seem (through the regs) to be swapping the front of the car to the rear an vice a versa.

  69. Reminds me of when you put washing up liquid on the rear tyres of your scalextric`s cars to make (Qoute bernie`esq qoute) `make it more exciting`

  70. I think it’s the best McLaren for a while with regards to looks.

  71. HounslowBusGarage
    29th January 2010, 11:43

    Is the shark fin actually joined to the rear wing? It sort of looks that way to me. Can’t quite decide on the side view pics or the overhead shot, and I haven’t seen a three-quarter shot yet.

    1. From what I saw in the live stream, yes.

    2. If it’s based on the Redbull or even the Toyota then yes.

  72. Those side pods; that front wing; that front nose…this should be a super season. Lewis, rip them apart!!!!!

  73. Lots of pictures here, Button looks weird in McLAren overalls but he’s back to his old helmet which looks good:

  74. The Mp4 25 looks like a car to take the WCs for Maclaren. Those side pods, the front wing, the front nose…come on Bahrain, lets get the show on the road. Go Lewis!

  75. That is a really good looking car, although I cant say I’m a fan of the shark fin.

    I just hope Adrian Newey can come up with one of his master strokes and the Renault engine is reliable

    1. The Renault engine was reliable in the Renault.

      I think Newey has never been the kindest to his engines but his cars are just so fast that this can be hidden amongst the sucsesses.

  76. Haha alot of awkward questions being asked.. the drivers are being put into their places :P … looks a veryy cool car ;)

    1. The questions where sometimes downright cheeky. You never ask someone how much their paid.

      Lewis put him in his place.

      1. Mark Hitchcock
        29th January 2010, 16:52

        Lewis seemed to want to put everyone in their place. Always had a snarky comment about the question instead of just answering it.

        Probably just having a bad day, but if that was the first thing I’d seen of him I’d hate the guy!

  77. Dont know why, but i am not impressed by the general look of the car!

    1. When i saw the Ferrari, and i was genuinley excited before hand then…
      oh, meh.

      Seeing the McLaren? YEAAAAH BABY, it’s a rocketship. My excitment paid off it looked good! Agressive, not a redbull clone.

  78. Front tyres look visibly narrower. I suspect that Ferrari was using the 2009-spec tyres yesterday, although Bridgestone assured Keith of the contrary.

  79. Love this car! And good to see Jenson go back to his old helmet. GO MACCA!

    1. I agree, it definately suits him better.

      McLaren drivers have two of the most distinctive helments this year, should be usefull mid race.

      1. Same can be said for Massa and Alonso too :)

  80. Mark Hitchcock
    29th January 2010, 12:17

    Lewis didn’t look like he particularly wanted to be there today.

  81. WOW! Absolutamente un carro bien bonito! What an awesome looking car. Best one so out of the others. I guess I’m saying that because I am a McLaren fan. But nonetheless a really sharp looking car.

  82. Jenson’s lid looks great in the vodafone colours. I thought it was interesting he’s still sporting the facial stubble. I remember when Coulthard left McLaren only then could he be seen unshaven and the same when Alonso joined at end of 2006, he had to cut his hair from his Renault days. McLaren seemed to be very strict on this previously but Jenson is doing it his own way it would seem

    1. McLaren are keen to shke off that regimental image.

  83. I like the car apart from the shark fin.

    1. exactly

      1. I Like the car including the shark fin,
        I think its an interesting development especially on a McLaren.

  84. back looks wierd

  85. I wish they would get rid of the piece that runs along the top of the cars, I hate those things.

    1. Shark Fin engine cover/

      They’re a bit marmite.

      personally I’ve only ever like two of them, one of them being on display up there.

  86. Jraybay-HamiltonMclarenfan
    29th January 2010, 18:00

    Excellent :D very sexy :D go mclaren 2010! Go hamilton!

  87. The new brake cooling ducts are really neat. Clever way to get around the wheel cover bans.

  88. Did anyone notice Hamilton give the wing mirror a lucky rub.

  89. Good launch I thought. Not plagued by the web gremlins Ferrari suffered either – good job chaps.

    Now Keith, you have been wonderfully professional in your reporting today, we would expect no less of you you smoothy.

    But honestly? A McLaren launch invite in the year the 2 previous WDCs drive for them. The year of Schumacher’s relaunch. The year of 26 cars on the grid again. The year Alonso lands that long awaited/expected Ferrari seat. Probably the most eagerly anticipated season ever? What was it like? Take the reporters hat off and spill the beans. God knows we all wanted to be in your shoes ;)

    1. Here Here Me fellow me Chap

      1. Well, not in his shoes… not even in his pocket… perhaps, beside him. Next to the drinks table, with the nibbles on it.. yes. I’ll go for that!

    2. Sounds like a good idea Salty – I’ll try to knock something up tomorrow.

  90. Best looking car so far.. ( including the williams)

  91. Since the forums are down… and this is about a launch… do we believe this really is a leak of the 2010 Renault or an enterprising photoshop job by some wag

    If true, maybe something in the longer wheelbase and shark fin?

  92. I agree with some that say the front nose is similar to last years BMW. That’s not really a bad thing. I think driver error and reliability were more of a problem for them than areo was. I think it looks great overall!

    As an American, I am curious why sentiment in England is tipped so heavily for Hamilton rather than Button?

  93. It looks like somebody took the MP4-24 and sat on. Making it shorter and wider!

    Still, It’s cool they’re taking a new approach. I hope more teams do this. (USF1 have their “mini” F1 car, though they still have to build it) :D

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