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Virgin Racing will launch their first F1 car in an online event on February 3rd.

The car, to be called the VR-01, will have what the team calls an “all-digital” launch to complement the cars all-digital design process which shunned wind tunnel testing for CFD design.

The VR-01’s debut will happen at 10am GMT. I hope they’ve got enough bandwidth.

Dates of all the 2010 F1 launches, tests and every race session are in the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar

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17 comments on “Virgin VR-01 to launch online”

  1. Looking forward to this, their website is the best out of all the teams, so hoping their car livery will be the best and they will also create a car capable of beating all the new teams.

    1. If the live feed goes down, I hope they have good technical support. ;)

  2. virgin is my fav of the newcomers…mainly because i hope their colour scheme is red and black, which happens to be my fav colour combination! also i like their innovation and outside the box (or tunnel) design approach

  3. My internet is with Virgin Media… so I’m hoping I’d have enough bandwidth for that, haha!

    1. Mine has been going down a lot in the past 48 hours…

  4. Love Timo’s helemt design on the site.

    CFD passing this test would mean so much for F1. If CFD can be used to desgin complete cars it can be used to phase out wind tunnels.

    I’ve made my veiws on aero know (its done, time to change the focus) but surley the kind of saving this could represent can only be a good thing.

    1. You know some of these CFD simulation can be extremely accurate. At least Virgin have the audacity to explore this territory.

      They are really entering a truly Virgin territory :P

      This could click big time or could be a candidate for :D

      1. First virgin joke

      2. At least Virgin have the audacity to explore this territory.

        They are really entering a truly Virgin territory

        CFD has already been in F1 for a decade.

        1. But always verified by expensive wind-tunnel testing. CFD is only approximately 80% accurate…..

          1. It’s been used in other areas without wind tunnels, but you can bet if Virgin had the money they’d use a wind tunnel as well.

    2. If any car’s gonna stand out from the others, it’s this one. Or it could end up looking like last year’s Red Bull. Either way, the colour scheme sounds quite cool.

      1. I don’t see why, CFD hasn’t produced overly radical LMPT’s why would it produce a radical F1 Car. Especially with the scope so limited.

        1. CFD is for analysis. It cannot ‘produce’ anything – the designers still need to create new ideas.

          I think not having any wind tunnel testing is a bit silly personally. CFD methods cannot match wind tunnel tests yet which is well known in the aerospace industry, but that isn’t to say that the gap isn’t closing.

          It’s still too early not to complement CFD with wind tunnel testing IMHO.

  5. They should have got Fembots to drive them too to keep with the digital theme.

  6. There livery may be the best

  7. Looking forward to see Virgins car livery!

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