Williams FW32 has test debut (Pictures)

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Rubens Barrichello tries out the Williams FW32 in Valencia

We’ve already seen some spy shots of the Williams FW32 but we can now get a better look at the car as it appeared for the first time in testing today. Check out some more pictures of the Cosworth-powered Williams below.

The FW32 is another member of the ‘high-nose’ club but with some distinctively narrow struts from which the front wing is suspended.

Although its livery is more complete than the spy shots seen earlier – with Phillips now appearing on the sidepods as well as the rear wing – the front wing is still black in parts suggesting this is a recently-completed part which hasn’t been painted yet.

Another interesting detail on the car is what looks like a second air intake behind the main one.

The FW32 has its mirrors mounted on the side pod wings. They carry the logos of new sponsor GAC, a logistics company which will provide services to the team’s new technology base in Qatar.

Follow today’s F1 test as it happens here.

Williams-Cosworth FW32 pictures

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20 comments on “Williams FW32 has test debut (Pictures)”

  1. HounslowBusGarage
    1st February 2010, 12:24

    Ahmed asked about the secondary intake on the Valencia testing thread.
    Am I right in thinking that the size of the main intake is restricted by the regulations? So if the designers want an air feed for the oil cooler or whatever, would they have to have a secondary aperture?

    1. HounslowBusGarage
      1st February 2010, 12:27

      Sorry. It was Ahamed, not Ahmed.

    2. whatever the reason, it looks too strange!

  2. The extra intake was also on the 2009 car

    As you can see from the same image, the front wing was painted the same way in 2009, so it probably is the final design.

    1. Well I never noticed that before! Interesting they’re still using it despite changing engines. Thanks Ed.

  3. Prisoner Monkeys
    1st February 2010, 12:30

    Nothing super-dramatic here. I think the FW32 is a lot like the Renault R30 and is more of a natural extension of the 2009 cars than anything else we’ve seen.

  4. Looks good, I like the front wing as is. I wonder how the Cosworth engine is faring. Also, did Rubens have that Hell energy drink on his helmet last year?

    1. No, they are a Williams sponsor, so this is the first time they have been on the helmet.

      1. Ok thanks, bit of an eyesore on the helmet no?

  5. On the whole I like what I have seen of the FW32 so far, but I dont like where they have placed the cameras, right on the front of the nose.

    1. Not sure thats a camera, possibly a small miniwing thing, since theres still the standard one on top.

      But if it is a camera we can look forward to some great angles!

      1. They could be using camera mounts to aid aerodynamics better, The wing definitely looks strange with those ”mustaches”

  6. Nice car,but what are those on the wings?

  7. It looks like everybody got the ‘high nose’ memo this year lol. I’m intrigued by the ‘second air intake’ issue you mention. Shame we can’t see that better. But I like the car and hope Franks and his drivers can pull out a few tricks…

  8. I hope this Williams will be competitive I want to see Barrichello at the front.

  9. Nice-looking Williams, let’s hope they can be competitive.

  10. Looks OK. Not just high, but also a very flat nose…

    Curious thing on the centre of (both) the front wheels though – anyone know what this is?

  11. The Cosworth might prove to be a pleasant surprise. I think Kovalainen said that its the strongest part of the Lotus, and on scarb’s blog he shows part of the cooling intake into the sidepods being blocked off, presumably because it is performing better than expected.

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