F1 testing pictures: February 2nd

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Felipe Massa has his second day in the Ferrari at Valencia
Felipe Massa has his second day in the Ferrari at Valencia

The second day of F1 testing is underway at Valencia. Here’s a selection of pictures from today’s test.

More images will be added below throughout the day. Follow testing as it happens here: 2010 F1 testing: February 2nd

Images (C) Ferrari spa/Edoardo Colombo, Mercedes, Red Bull/Getty images

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32 comments on “F1 testing pictures: February 2nd”

  1. Thanks Keith :)
    I miss the number 3 but hopefully a number 1 on Massa’s car in the future :P
    Rosberg’s blue on his helmet been replaced with grey then.
    Sorry to go back to livery but the Ferrari livery has grown on me (again). The STR is the best and I just don’t like the Merc’s.

  2. i want onboard and external videos!!!!!!!!!

  3. The front wheel looks significantly smaller than the rear wheel.

  4. Great pics. Now, for someone to get a long lens out and start snapping diffusers… ;)

    1. Miguel Albacete
      2nd February 2010, 13:04

      Some pics of the diffuser of the F10

      obtained from this

      Good work Keith ;)

      Greetings from Spain


    2. Giuliano Vilela
      2nd February 2010, 14:06

      I heard somewhere this is now called diffuser porn :D

  5. Why us there never any mclaren pix

    1. Exactly, thats what I want

    2. Here are some pics I took yesterday. They include a couple of pictures of Lewis in the McLaren and Gary the day before.


  6. can’t wait for the first race.

    1. Yeah it was a long wait!!!!

  7. Is Massa so short that he needs a periscope? ;)

  8. Wished Merc was more silvery, it seems like a dull grey. The other teams at the moment illustrate more contrast in the livery.

  9. … the silver will look grey in photos because they’re still. we’ll only see the reflectivity in the paint once we see moving pictures.

    and what IS that great big thing protruding from the top of Massa’s car? I guess a gizmo for measuring something aerodynamic, but I can’t think what!

    Any ideas? Prisoner Monkey?

  10. Never understood what is that little inlet on the nosecone for…(see last Williams picture)

    1. As far as I know it’s for driver cooling…

  11. The black thing on massa’s Ferrari is called a pilot tube, they have used them in previous years and their function is to measure wind speed and atmospheric conditions- essential in developing the aerodynamic package of the car.these pilot tubes are found on f1 cars during races, remember the small ariels on the bonnet of f1 cars in the last few years, well during testing the rules of racing don’t really apply so the teams can get away with running huge pilot tubes and put them on the highest point of the car to get the cleanest measurements.


    1. It’s actually a pitot tube, not pilot, but otherwise you are correct.

      It’s interesting to me that the Ferrari is running with this. Is it a sign of trouble? or, standard procedure? Just curious given some of the other cryptic comments about the cars aero properties.

      1. I think I’ve seem them use it on most of their tests.

  12. The hole in the front of the Williams is to let air flow through to the f1 drivers’ legs. Inside the cockpit it gets very hot, and this is one way to help cool the drivers. Unfortunately (for the drivers) it doesn’t seem to work as well as you would think, because the air is hot in many of the countries on the championship tour- Bahrain, Dbu dhabi ect. Also the temps within the car are high. I am sure Hamilton said something about it not making a differance last year.

  13. Prisoner Monkeys
    2nd February 2010, 20:56

    I’m liking the Mercedes more now that I can see it in profile.

  14. Yeah your correct. I just looked at my source- last years f1racing mag with test feature – and it looks like it says pilot but on closer inspection it says pitot! What does pitot mean?

    1. Pitot doesn’t mean anything. The pitot tube is named after Henri Pitot, the french engineer who invented it back in the 1700s…. thanks wikipedia :)

  15. I presume Ferrari use it every year, Williams have been known to use pi T ot tubes in the past too, every team has their favoured methods of gathering data. Since the in seaon test van we have seen much more obscure devices eg cage around mclarens 09 diffuser. Mclaren have taken to use flowvis paint, I believe they found it useful last year so that is why they are using it again.

  16. Why no McLaren’s from today and yesterday?

  17. Looks like those first two photos are Pedro de la Rosa, not Kamui Kobayashi…judging by the driver helmet at least :)

  18. Any Videos of the 2nd day of testing please?

  19. All teams generally use the pitot tubes during private tests, but with the limited test regime, we may see more teams using them here. They will need to gather wind speed and pressure data and the associated downforce levels generated, to ascertain if it corroborates with their wind tunnel data.

  20. I really like the close up picture of the Williams FW32…

  21. Me gusta el estilo con el que escribes , os pongo en mis favoritos. Mucho animo y seguir asi

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