F1 testing pictures: February 3rd

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Fernando Alonso samples the Ferrari F10 for the first time

Today sees the final day of F1 testing at Valencia. Here are some pictures from the test where Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso are among those in action.

Follow today’s F1 testing as it happens here: 2010 F1 testing: February 3rd

2010 F1 testing

Image (C) Ferrari spa / Edoardo Colombo, Mercedes, Red Bull/Getty

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22 comments on “F1 testing pictures: February 3rd”

  1. Hi,

    Any Chance of a Button – McLaren High res pic?


  2. nice pics, but when is the virgin shakedown going to happen?

    1. It will happen in Silverstone on tomorrow & the day after that.

  3. Keith, why is there no McLaren pics?
    Are they afraid that someone might use them to copy their diffuser?

  4. Seriously, why no mclaren pix ever in testing?

    1. I don’t know why McLaren aren’t releasing any of their own. I’m having discussions with a few picture agencies at the moment with a view to buying in some pictures throughout the year. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.

      1. Great, keep on it Keith!

        Was hoping for a Jenson/McLaren pic too :(

  5. Button is hidding in the garage! LOL

  6. I’ve been wondering – Are any of the teams already practicing blitz fast pit stops during those tests?!?

    1. Williams, Red Bull and McLaren have definitely been practising them in their factories and I suspect the other teams have too – no point in wasting time at an official test doing that kind of thing when they need to get as much running with the car as they can.

  7. On “La Gazzetta dello Sport” they say Alonso has kept an incredible fast pace, for a long run.
    Schumi says “Ferrari seems really strong. We’re not there yet”.
    Wait and see.

    1. Mark Hitchcock
      3rd February 2010, 16:47

      Brawn said something similar:

      “It’s always very difficult to judge. On full tanks yesterday (Tuesday) we didn’t look too bad but we’re a little bit off on pace and (there are problems with) the handling and balance of the car which we can fix for (the next test in) Jerez. We know what the problem is.

      “Of course the other teams will be progressing as well so we are reasonable, not as quick as Ferrari and Lewis looked quick yesterday. So it looks like we’ve got a bit of work to do.”

  8. So what happens before next Monday? Do some or all of the teams return with the car(s) to the factory? Or go directly to Jerez?

  9. Great helmet colors for alonso. I really think the combination of colors is one of the most beuatiful of the grid.
    Alguersuari it the biggest surprise for me today.

  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9l1Oy4cHvA
    Photos from last day F1 tests Valencia 2010

  11. Merc
    Still illegal and it seems to be because the heat of exhaust is causing problems

  12. Can anyone tell me what is that black thing on top of the car that ferrari has been running…???

    1. Jos� Baudaier
      4th February 2010, 5:07

      An antenna.

  13. God that Ferrari is desperately pretty!!!

  14. Great pictures again.

    Hey Keith, perhaps you can do an article on the oversized ‘aerial’ (sorry I don’t no the correct term for it) you see on top of the upper air intake on top of some of the cars like the Ferrari. I understand its for data collection but I notice not all the cars have this. So my additional question would be, what other data is needing to be collected that cannot already be collected through the usual methods without the use of it…

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