F1 testing pictures: 10th February

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McLaren ran an aerodynamic measuring device on Button's car

Here’s the pictures I’ve taken at the first day of the the F1 test at Jerez.

More to follow

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86 comments on “F1 testing pictures: 10th February”

  1. Captain Caveman
    10th February 2010, 8:35

    well at least it looks dry, i had thought it would be a washout today.

    interesting to see they still have the appendages to assess review their aero.

    still one of the best looking cars though :-)

  2. forget the rest just RBR pics today

  3. Cheers for the pics Keith!!! :D

  4. My favourites are the Mclaren and Red Bull cars

    1. In terms of car design I’d agree Red Bull and McLaren are best. I can’t choose which colour scheme I like most… McLaren and Red Bull’s liveries are good too, but also Renault, Force India, Ferrari, Virgin. Mercedes… I’m loving most of the new liveries this season!

  5. keith if what we can expect from you taking f1 fanatic full time instead of part time is great twitter coverage of testing and so on then i say you should have gone full time long ago thanks again

  6. There isn’t a word from Virgin!?

    1. Glock’s not been out yet.

      1. There’s still a worrying lack of Virgins. I was told to expect Virgins!

  7. yes would be a great word from a virgin…

  8. what is this at the mclaren car??

    1. My guess would be something to measure the airflow coming over the front wheel…?

    2. My uneducated guess is that it measures airflow coming off the front wheel.

      1. Beaten too it, almost word for word haha

        1. Haha, how did you come up with such identical answers?! All he called it was ‘this at the mclaren car’, he was hardly very clear about it!

    3. The device is called a Pitot Tube (each golden tube is one) and it calculates air velocity, which can then be used to calculate pressure. These devices are used on planes to measure speed. By having many like this, McLaren can look at the pressure gradient behind the wheel. If you pay close attention they have been using it at different height so they’ll be able to trace the pressure gradient everywhere behind the wheel. As mentioned this will allow them to double check their CFD and wind tunnel data and also improve their future simulations.

  9. I hate testing.. McLaren makes me so worried with all those peculiar testeing programme

    1. It’s not really such a big deal…

      Fluid flow/aerodynamics is impossibly complex mathematically, so rather than being an exact science “models” are made of what airflow does.

      The only way to check/improve these models are with real life tests, if the airflow measured is slightly different to be expected then these models can be revised to better match what actually happens. Then using the improved model a closer simulation can be run.

      I guess in a way that device is the antithesis of the Virgin design process

      1. Not necessarily. The McLaren device (like the flo-vis paint) is intended to help the team validate the results it gets from its windtunnel. Virgin could could feasibly run something similar to validate what their CFD systems are telling them.

        1. Exactly right – all teams, what ever simulation tools they use, need to calibrate their assumptions with what happens on the car.

  10. I like how Macca have used the red paint at the end of the shark fin. Makes it look much less jarring! :)

    1. sort of blends into the rear wing huh?

  11. OMG, the 2010 cars might be too much ugliness for me to handle :(

    1. I think they look better than the 2009 on the whole.

    2. quit now there is still time :)

    3. Prisoner Monkeys
      10th February 2010, 22:43

      Bah! They look far prettier than the pre-2009 cars!

  12. more ferrari pics please

  13. I assume McLaren is still working on their asymmetric side pods, if not, why should the device be only on one side?

    1. Assymetric chassis are not allowed in F1.

      1. And the device is only on one side, because the data they get from it (as it is a measurement device) would be identical on both sides, obviously ;)

        1. Thanks Damon…. So, eyes has been deceiving me all this time? :-(

        2. Obviously not though, there is nothing (to use a word already used here) symmetrical about a cars handling, let alone an F1 car going round an asymmetrical track with an asymmetrical environment. If there were sensors on both sides the the data would be anything but the same, if for example following another car or driving through a corner!

      2. Didn’t McLaren have asymmetric exhausts openings last year because both sides cooled different things like oil and KERS?

        1. yes and asymmetric intakes in 2008. Used in spa for sure!

      3. Thats not true. McLaren are masters of the aysemetric chassis.

        They had assymetric exhausts for loads of last year as well.

        Why would assymetry be banned? Can’t think of any reason at all.

        1. An asymetric chassis is different to an asymetric body. The chassis itself (the carbon fibre/aluminium honeycomb) that makes up the centre inside of the car MUST be symmetrical. Bodywork can be assymetric.

          Fat Cat, The data they receive on the left side would be identical as the right. Granted they could be going through a left hand corner, and the telemetry will show that, so McLaren will know that during a left hand corner the air flows like this, and the same principle would apply to the opposite side going through a right corner.

          1. @Dan B, Klar aber, Place two identical cars on a track like uummm? decisions, decisions,,, Cadwell for two races on different days, you will not get identical results. Either in a comparison left, left or left, right sensors or even day 1 and day 2 or car 1, car 2. You might get expected or experienced and even similar results but not “identical”.

  14. more ferrari pics please!

    1. Alonso’s not been out much yet but he’s just gone out now. Will see what I can do…

    2. I’ve added some pictures of Alonso now.

  15. Early times
    1 N Rosberg 1.20.927
    2 S.Buemi 1.21.031
    3 N.Hulkenberg 1:22.243
    4 F.Alonso 1:22.895
    5 K. Kobayashi 1:23.287
    6 V. Liuzzi 1:24.968
    7 V. Petrov 1:25.440
    8 M. Webber 1:26.502

  16. Is seems Button is running the fastest in the current stint and damp conditions (all car slower than earlier in the dry as you would expect)

  17. We see a lot of shark-fin cars. That suprises me. F1-cars don’t go through water. I don’t see birds carrying shark fins. Actual shark fins are curved. The top is curved backwards. The bottom shark fins are curved outwards.
    I was expecting the covers of the cars be more complex and the wings to be less complex.
    I found the Ferrari to be less complex and it was quick. The Lotus is very much less complex so I expect something there. We have to see about that.
    I think we will lose the shark fins before the end of the season.

    1. ??? They really don’t do the same thing as a shark fin, it’s just a catchy name.

      As far as I know, they don’t make a huge difference, their only purpose is to make air travel straight over the rear wing, not at an angle.

      Ideally air would flow from the leading edge then in a straight line to the back edge, and any deviation from this path lowers the amount of downforce created.

      1. They did suggest banning them but team owners like the extra sponsorship area. Ironic now that most are pretty devoid of sponsors!

        1. I seem to recall in the early 2000s as teams managed to shrink the bodywork more and more that the engine cover viewed from the side reduced in size quite a bit so they changed the rules so they had to be a minimum size as it is one the main areas for sponsorship.

      2. What I mean is that you want air for downforce and the air that does not help for downforce either stabilize or don’t bother the car at all. I think for this you should use more of the bodywork. Like in speedskating they attach a tiny strip of zigzag tape to their suits it saves them air-obstruction. So I would expect to see ribbed and curved surfaces of cars to stabilize and minimize air-obstruction and wings for the big streams that create downforce.

      3. The shark fin is primary used to allow airflow to be directed over wing under yaw conditions, it also helps make downforce with cross winds.
        It’s not to make air flow straight over wing it does that anyways.

    2. The MP4-25’s fin has cooling function…… it keeps the fuel relatively cooler. Why? You ask me? Well, take a look at the intake hole above the driver, it is divided into compartments and one of those goes direct through the fin and fizzles out at the rear, that explains the bulking shape of the fin in the MP4-25.

      Ah! Yes, I am not an engineer, just my observations.

      1. I doubt they could cool the fuel very much at all even if they wanted… There’s very little surface area contact with the fuel, just the outside of the cell.

        I think that airstream cools the oil ..

        1. Read John Beamer’s technical artical, in fact I’ll quote.

          “To the chagrin of some fans the MP4-25 sported a shark fin. These fins serve two purposes. During cornering, air is directed so it is normal to the rear wing, which improves downforce. Fins also reduce lift over the engine cover by ensuring a lower pressure zone isnt created on the leeward side when turning.”

  18. After 47 laps Webber cannot get below 1.26.502 and now they are saying he has had a crash?

    I know its Red Bulls first outing in the new car but i have to say after 47 laps i was not expecting them to be last and 6 seconds off the pace.

    1. Hmm seems it may be mechanical failure now, but its unclear.

      1. They all set installation laps in the dry which is why there is so much difference. Since then nobody has been able to improve because they haven’t had a dry track.

  19. A couple of questions:

    1. It’s hard to tell fully from the pics. Does the McLaren’s fin have width to it, or is it the paint job that make look like it’s triangular where it joins the rear wing?

    2. Mercedes Do you think that lifting eye is legal? Others have it right behind the drivers head as an integral part of the structure, butt theirs looks like it’s on a removable cover. Also why stop the fin at the bottom to leave a gap instead of joining it to the gearbox cover?

  20. Need more pics from RB6 – rear view !!!!

      1. it looks similar to STR5

        1. …but different diffuser

          1. Mercedes is different.

  21. The cars look massive in these pics.

  22. Does anybody know anything about the vents in the engine cover on the Mercedes? It looks as though (from the side) the air can travel straight through from just in front of the mercedes logo to just behind. I don’t think any of the other cars use this, they just seem to keep that section as narrow as possible.

  23. Keith, you couldn’t get a few pictures of the vapour trails left behind the f1 cars?
    Last year the diffusers started to interfer with that vortex they’re supposed to create now.
    Be interesting to see what they look like this year.

  24. Hi, I just was shocked by terrible news. Here, in Lithuania f1 broadcasting from this season is transfered to paid tv channel. Maybe someone can help me: which sites show best f1 coverage. Thanks in advance.

    1. Tough luck man. I’ve been looking for good on-line streams for a long time. I’ve heard rumours about proxy servers coming in handy.

    2. you want to get yourself a brit based proxy server, then you can watch it all on the Iplayer.

      Not sure how you do that, you might have to pay, but you’ve got till bahrain to figure it.

      look up bbc iplayer proxy on google.

      1. Try internetproxy.net

  25. Keith – big ups for all the great pics! I’ll be really interested to know what impressions of the cars you come away with after seeing and hearing them on the track.

  26. McLaren: a beautiful car, but very slow…

  27. Well as expected a wet testing day at Jerez, hopefully we can compare this year with last years testing result tomorrow.

    At the moment I think Ferrari is still the team to beat, but who’re they fighting is the main question. I don’t expect a battle for the victory between Alonso and De la Rosa (or Massa and Kobayashi), that’s for sure! I think we’ll have to wait untill 28th at Catalunya test and still not knowing who’s favourite.

    I remember last year at the final test at Jerez Nakajima was quickest 1:17.494 in the Williams-Toyota FW31 followed by Button 0.350 slower in his Brawn-Mercedes BGP001.

  28. What’s that thing on that mclaren?

    1. Its an aero sensor to measure humidity, not sure though.

      1. Maybe you both could read the comments first before you start asking things like that. It’s been answered @ the top.

      2. humidity???? on a rainy day??? dude…

  29. Why is mclAren using this system? I mean aren’t they sure wat the car is doin ?
    seems to me that they have made a messup of it again

  30. 3 options.
    Validating windtunnel and CFD data.
    They suspect they messed up.
    They know they messed up and are working on it.

    1. Option 4.

      They want to improve their modelling in the wind-tunnel when there is limited track testing.

      As yet there is no sign that they have messed up.

    2. PS Ferrai used the same device last week… have they messed up as well?

  31. Shark fins are the most ugly thing I have seen on F1 cars for quite some time. Wether they are an advantage or not, they are UGLY. They detract from the rear wing and the engine cover and the overall shape of the body. The Mclaren looks so much worse than last year, the shark fin looks like a horn! I think the Ferrari looks better, nice clean lines.

    But its about speed isn’t it. That is all.

    1. If only they could mould the fin part out of something clear and sturdy like fiberglass! Of course i don’t know anything about the difficulties of moulding glass onto metal…

  32. Braking news, you heard them at f1fanatic first.
    The campos team will be wv in 2011. Campos has sold the team to a partner and is out of it. The team will use campos factory in spain this year. Colin Kolles will be the team manager.

    1. Awesome News!

  33. Thanks jose…. good now we have another manufacturer…and another engine :-)

  34. Luvin the photo’s folks…

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