F1 testing live: 13th February

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Ferrari mechanics recover Massa's car after he stopped this morning

I’m in Jerez for the last day of the second F1 test of the year. Join us below as we follow developments from the track.

Testing times and laps completed

Full times and data from the whole four-day test here: Jerez test 1 statistics

Best times from today’s test

DriverCarBest timeLapsDifference
Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes MP4-2579.5831130
Adrian SutilForce India-Mercedes VJM0380.18840.597
Rubens BarrichelloWilliams-Cosworth FW3280.341900.758
Robert KubicaRenault R3080.358850.775
Michael SchumacherMercedes W0180.613841.03
Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault RB681.203901.62
Felipe MassaFerrari F1081.4851601.902
Pedro de la RosaBMW Sauber-Ferrari C2982.1341052.551
Lucas di GrassiVirgin-Cosworth VR-0182.912633.329
Jaime AlguersuariToro Rosso-Ferrari STR584.072984.489

Testing notes

After two out of three days at Jerez spent on a wet track, the last thing the teams want today is more rain – but that’s exactly what they’ve got. Ahead of the final day of the second test the track is wet, rain is falling and there’s much cloud around the track.

As Lucas di Grassi pointed out when I spoke to him yesterday, part of problem with running in the wet is the cars can’t generate maximum cornering speeds and G-forces, so the cars aren’t being pushed to their limits.

The air temperatures are also much cooler than at a typical race weekend – it was around 10C for much of the day yesterday.

As usual I’ll be posting updates on Twitter which you can see below, along with other updates from people at the track.

Today’s testing line-up

There are two changes to the driver line-up from yesterday: Michael Schumacher is back in the Mercedes and Robert Kubica returns for Renault.

McLaren MP4-25Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes W01Michael Schumacher
Red Bull RB6Sebastian Vettel
Ferrari F10Felipe Massa
Williams FW32Rubens Barrichello
BMW Sauber C29Pedro de la Rosa
Renault R30Robert Kubica
Force India VJM03Adrian Sutil
Toro Rosso STR5Jaime Alguersuari
Virgin VR-01Lucas di Grassi

The track: Circuito de Jerez

The teams are testing at the Circuito de Jerez, formerly the home of the Spanish (1986-1990) and European Grands Prix (1994 and 1997):

View Larger Map

Eight of this year’s pre-season test days will take place at this circuit. The teams last tested here during the young driver training days in December. On that occasion Daniel Ricciardo set the fastest time for Red Bull with a 1’17.418.

Tweets from the test

Here’s the ten latest Tweets from people at the track, including me:

If you would like to suggest a Twitter feed to add to the list, please suggest one in the comments. The list only updates when this page is refreshed.

2010 F1 testing

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128 comments on “F1 testing live: 13th February”

  1. Hope you guys get some laps in Keith… but it doesn’t look good.. next week looks to be much of the same.. any chance they use the back up plan?? Was it Bahrain they mentioned?
    I sure hope so.. we need some dry running… take care all..

    1. It’s a shame we aren’t seeing more laps in this test, but, to look on the bright side, it should mean that by the first race we’ll have no idea what the order is. Perhaps we’ll get some attrition for a change. And the new teams that haven’t tested very much yet won’t be at such a disadvantage.

      1. Do you know the weather forcast for next week,

        Or indeed the forecast for Barcelona? There’s bound to be some dry running at medium tempreture at some point. Especially in Barca.

        1. I checked the 10 day forecast and it calls for more rain next week.. :(

  2. The track is fully wet with some standing water.Another day of testing with wet track.

  3. Lets hope for a dry sunny day in Jerez.

  4. If I ran a team, I would be doing my testing at the Australian Moto GP track.Long straight, plenty of twists and turns, with no rain!

  5. ha.. phillip island? no rain? lol.

    but yeah.. it makes a lot more sense then jerez.

    I think the only problem is that it is not an FIA approved race track. and its a long way away for the European Based teams to fly

    But still an awesome idea calum, *three thumbs up

    1. “no rain? lol.”

      Maybe a small flaw in that plan, Australia is being battered by heavy rain in places it would seem. Possible storms expected tomorrow at PI track.

      Then instead, my testing programme would see the return of F1 to South Africa’s Kyalimi track.

      They should have a street track test day. Corden of the streets of London for a day and have F1 cars bombing about along the riverside pastthe Eye. Would be exciting for the public and the teams could test their low downforce setup.

      1. Low downforce? the very nature of street tracks tends to demand high down force. Singapore an Monaco are the highest downforce tracks of the year, straightline speed matters ten times less when there bareley a straight to use it on.

        The thing is testing on northern tracks in the winter mean lots and lots or rain, hence spanish testing, but this is still Atlantic Europe. I think they could test in Turkey, what I don’t understand is why they’re not testing in Bahrain, sureley if dry running is the thing here’s two very different circuits, which are generally hot, where there will be tons of dry running.

        1. woops sorry, I was thinking as I was typing “make sure you get this right, Calum” but as always I got mixed up :/

          Spa and Monza are low downforce, street circuits are high, hence all the downforce appendages from pre 2009 – Doh!

        2. Didn’t Ferrari and Toyota test in Bahrain last year and get hit by a bunch of sand storms?

  6. where can i watch live timing? Williams site is working like a Midland; not at all.

  7. same here seattle chri went on their a while ago , and still has yesterdays times up

  8. Hello… Live lapchart from today’s test in:
    where name the last name of the driver

    1. Costas, thanks for that link – nice to get the actual lap times for each driver.

  9. I’ll check that out! Right now I’m using a Spanish site and using google translate to understand the language comments!

    1. no, the autosport live is better than the spanish site.

  10. nice, thanks for the links guys

  11. why do they use Valencia, Jerez and Barcelona circuits but not the brand new Aragon Motorland track?

    1. Maybe they will use the Aragon Motorland track next year

    2. They should do a ‘testing tour’ of Southern Europe/ Middle East, going only to circuits which don’t currently have a race. They could make a bit of a championship out of it! Here’s a possible calender:

      Round 1- Jerez
      Round 2- Qatar
      Round 3- Dubai
      Round 4- Paul Ricard
      Round 5- Vallelunga
      Round 6- Valencia
      Round 7- Portimao
      Round 8- Aragon

      1. Or maybe countries that have no race, to get more nations involved because:
        Spain has Barcalona,
        UAE (Dubai) has AbuDhabi ect.

        I like the Doha Losail track in Quatar, the MotoGP race is held there. I wonder why the teams haven’t gone back to Portimao, it is near as makes no differance, brand new, and repected figures were saying it was potentialy the worlds best testing facility because of its many alternate track plans.

        1. Paul Ricard?

          1. French race track, with an extremely long strait down one side.
            Here is the track plan:

      2. We could do even better: require that new circuits serve some time as a test track before hosting races.

  12. the commentary on autosport is a bit behind yeah?

    1. well, at least you don’t have to translate it every second of the time.

      1. aint that the truth! ha ha!

  13. I cant wait for the season to kick off .

  14. Oh yeah, i found a great live site, here’s the link:

    but, sadly it’s on dutch, so you have to translate it first.

    1. And those translations are often hilarious. (F.Bulk for Ferrari). They don’t do much commentary, but the timings are updated quickly.

  15. We don’t know how many tank of fuel load these cars are running. So, therefore we don’t know yet, which is the fastest car. But, I have a feeling that Toro Rosso & Sauber could well be a dark horse this year (maybe Sauber can grab a podium this year, i reckon)

  16. You can just use the autosport one for live timings. There is also a live commentary available!


  17. can anybody tell me why Massa stopped this morning? reliability problems?

    1. Vettel smiles and shrugs his shoulders after he stops on the circuit.. Massa says nothing. Now Schumacher has also stopped in mysterious circumstances.

      So we need to remember.
      Eventually every team will do a ‘fuel starve’ run, so the car will expire on the circuit intentionally, but they can’t admit it..

      They all need to know
      how low they can go…..

  18. Staffan Hansson
    13th February 2010, 12:21

    Possible he was on a fuel-run meening they drive untill they run out of fuel.
    Rosberg and other drivers have done it too.

  19. Hamilton on a 12+ lap run (so far), consistent in the 1:24’s


  20. At last the Virgin gets some running

    01 — 01:33.0
    02 — 01:29.7
    03 — 01:28.2
    04 — 01:27.8
    05 — 01:28.1
    06 — 01:28.6
    07 — 01:27.7
    08 — 01:27.4
    09 — 01:32.1
    10 — 01:27.7
    01 — 01:33.0
    02 — 01:29.7
    03 — 01:28.2
    04 — 01:27.8
    05 — 01:28.1
    06 — 01:28.6
    07 — 01:27.7
    08 — 01:27.4
    09 — 01:32.1
    10 — 01:27.7

    1. whoops seeing double

      1. 1:27s that’s a bit more in the ballpark

  21. Any news on Sutil i havn’t seen Force india on the anymore. They have problems?

    1. Staffan Hansson
      13th February 2010, 13:01

      “The team reported earlier that they were making planned changes to the exhaust system”

    2. Read on the autosport website that they are changing the exhaust or something on Sutil’s car

  22. they were making planned changes to the exhaust system

    1. Don’t expect major changes from Force India.

      1. Even if they announce them,

        Anyways the W01 was cracking it’s exahasts in Valencia, an Force India has a few exahust problems, does the Mercedes produce relativley high heating problems or something?

        Is McLaren going to change it’s exhausts soon.

        1. Don’t think Mercedes engine has heating problems, if it did would the teams not use bigger radiator inlets on their side-pods? And Mclaren have very small ones so presumably have no overheating/cooling woes.

  23. Maybe Schumacher did the run out of fuel trick….

    Wrecked Hamiltons run, was up to 26 lap and getting slower in the last 4 – 5 maybe he’d killed his tyres anyway.

    1. Luckily is race conditions he’d have changed tires already.

      1. Massa did 37 laps averaging 1:24.5 ending on 1:22’s
        Hamilton did 26 laps averaging 1:24.7 ending on 1:25’s

        1. tires? fuel loads?

          1. Well Massa had enough for 37 laps and Hamilton was prevented by the red flag from completing his run but enough for 30+ laps I’d say, both on slicks… its a guess but I’d say they are within a tenth, won’t know until the first race but its good fun trying to work it out. :-)

        2. Ending laps don’t mean anything.

    2. Was Hamilton running on intermediates, not sure if this is an indosyncracy of the McLaren but aparently it easts, the intermediates. Massa said something baout there life span not being fantastic either.

      Apparently the full wets will run and run though.

      1. both were on slicks I believe

    3. Jenson also stalled his car when Schumi doing his long run. Remember at the later stage of testing three days ago? The session got red flagged because of jenson.

  24. Staffan Hansson
    13th February 2010, 13:23

    Massa is back on track, seems like it wasn’t so big problems that made the car stop erlier.

    1. You mean Schumacher…

      1. Staffan Hansson
        13th February 2010, 13:41

        no, but yeah him to..

        1. I really don’t like the idea of fuel starve, how low can you go, runs. Red Flagging the session seems to be bad form. Do it during a shakedown or something.

          1. but it seems logical.

          2. oh sure it’s logical, an as a team boss i’d probably crush the relavant scruple, but still.

            Just bad form if you ask me. An once one persons done it everyone starts doing it an you get 4 red flags a day.

          3. And each driver tends to do the “run out of fuel” run, whenever it would make costlier to the nearest competitor. It’s purely strategic. trying how to cancel out any possible advantage that could be gain by rivals. Rational!!

  25. Staffan Hansson
    13th February 2010, 14:46

    FIA should have a minimum amount of fuel left in tank after the race, havn’t read anything about that.. anyone knows?

    1. There is a minimum amount as they have to test the fuel after the race, I think it’s something like one litre.

      1. Found the regulation:
        Competitors must ensure that a one litre sample of fuel may be taken from the car at any time during the event.

        I only knew about it becaues Eddie Jordan said one of his cars fell foul of it.

        1. Makes you wonder — we’ve seen drivers in the past who coasted (or pushed) to the finish line after running out of fuel. What sort of penalty would apply to them now?

    2. They are butchering F1 with those useless regulations.

      1. Er what? Was that a joke? It’s just to make sure the teams aren’t cheating

        1. As long as they don’t refuel there is no cheating involved , let the most best the engine win.

          1. MOST BEST… I should go to sleep…

          2. Its to make sure the fuel that the team is using is legal thats all. Dont really see how it ruins anything

      2. Staffan Hansson
        13th February 2010, 15:02

        if they just could let the rules be for a couple of years so they dont keep changing things every year..

        1. That rule has probably been there for years, it makes total sense. Otherwise, teams would start running on potentially dangerous and illegal fuels…

  26. why arnt lotus in testing they released there car yesterday so i would of thought today would be a good day to test??

    1. Staffan Hansson
      13th February 2010, 15:34

      This is the last day for testing this week, better to wait for next complete test-phase to they really can test the car and make it better under night.

      1. I believe Lotus will flop but you can never tell , also I think Ferrari and Mclaren Haven’t shown their true colors yet.

        Remember Valencia.

  27. 1 Sutil Force India 1m20.180s
    2 Barrichello Williams 1m20.341s +0.161
    3 Schumacher Mercedes 1m20.613s +0.433
    4 Vettel Red Bull 1m21.203s +1.023
    5 Kubica Renault 1m21.563s +1.383
    6 Massa Ferrari 1m21.673s +1.493
    7 De la Rosa Sauber 1m22.134s +1.954
    8 Di Grassi Virgin 1m22.912s +2.732
    9 Hamilton McLaren 1m23.365s +3.185
    10 Alguersuari Toro Rosso 1m24.072s +3.892

    Just 20 min left for the day.

    1. Hamilton sets the best time of the day 1m19.952s

  28. My my, Hamilton has been on the slow side today.
    Good engine, supposedly a good car, he’s been doing long runs but i’d like to see him blow the wheels of at least once.

    1. I was thinking exactly the same thing, McLaren have been running heavy fuel almost exclusively so far

      1. Hamilton is the man on the move as he sets the best time of the day – 1m19.952s

        Never mind <_<

    2. I think you just tempted fate their Scribe!

  29. The fia really needs to install a webcam at the circuit that is tested on! Atleast one so we can see the straight, maybe another one on another part of the circuit, but atleast one. It isn’t that difficult too do.

    Anyway thanks for posting the websites with the live written coverage.

  30. test done

  31. 1:22.912 for Di Grassi in the Virgin. For a brand new team that’s not a bad time at all.

  32. Vettel came over the line in 1m23.292s.

  33. kay so Vettle’s flying lap wasn’t that. Can’t say I’m displeased McLaren finished fastest, it’s always nice.

    But different fuel loads n all that, doesn’t look like Ferrari really went for it.

    It’s shaping up to be the close run season we all wanted for christmas, so excited by the idea of having four front running teams and a midfield very close on the pace.

    I reckon Force India, Williams, Sauber, an maybe Renault and Torro Rosso are going to be locked in a titanic battle for 5th. 3rd presumably being their collective target.

    Should be interesting at the back with the new teams as well. I can’t wait till Bahrain!

    1. “I reckon Force India, Williams, Sauber, an maybe Renault and Torro Rosso are going to be locked in a titanic battle for 5th. 3rd presumably being their collective target.”

      I think they’ll be there to win, I know I would.

      1. Okay third being their realistic target, Renaults named target. Do you see any of those teams winning?

        1. Anything’s possible.

  34. http://news.bbc.co.uk/weather/forecast/2433

    BBC Weather is already predicting light rain for the next test on Wednesday.

    Does anyone have a long term forecast for Barecelona?

      1. clicked the link and got hit by a wave of, can’t be bothered.

        I’ll take that as, drizzle througout test.

  35. You are indeed a fanatic. ^^

  36. Mighty Mighty Questions

    1. Will Hamilton and Button clash on and off the track?

    2. Will Alonso throw a hissy fit about Ferrari favouring Massa?

    3. Will Rosberg Beat Schumacher in the Championship?

    4. Will young gun Kobayashi score his first podium?

    5. Who will win, Virgin or Lotus?

    6. Which Team will be last in the Championship?

    7. Which Team will surprise us at Bahrain?

    8. Which engine will be the pick of the bunch for fuel efficiency and power?

    9. Will Stefan GP make it onto the grid?

    10. Who Do you want to become World Champion?

    1. Well might as well take a shot:
      1. No
      2. No
      3. No
      4. No
      5. Going with Lotus for now
      6. Campos or USF1, if they turn up
      7. Stefan GP, by bothering to be there
      8. Mercedes
      9. I hope not
      10. Of the most likely subjects, Hamilton, but not because I like him

      1. 1No
        3No, buuut, it depends how Rusty shuey really is. Have a think though Rosbergs been truly impresive what, Twice?
        5Depends on CFD, right now Virgin look more developed. But Lotus built that thing in no time, in the long term Lotus looks the more serious team, especially considering how little time they got ready in.
        6 USF1
        7 Torro Rosso.
        8 Mercedes, followed by Renault for being the most fuel efficient and Ferrari probably being second alround
        9 No, but if they do, Senna had better be with them
        10 Well, Hamilton but I’d be happy with Button kobayashi or Webber?

    2. 1 No
      2 No
      3 No
      4 No
      5 Lotus
      6 USF1
      7 Don’t know or it wouldn’t be a surprise
      8 Merc
      9 Probably push the car onto the grid in a desperate attempt to race
      10 Massa (if not him then Alonso)

      It’s F1 and I’ve used logic so the opposite of everything I have said will probably happen

    3. 1. No
      2. Yes
      3. No
      4. Yes
      5. Virgin
      6. USF1 or Campos if they turn up
      7. Torro Rosso
      8. Mercedes
      9. Yes but hopefully in the form of buying out Campos
      10. I think Vettel will win but I hope Button does so he can prove 2009 wasnt a one off event

    4. 1. dont care
      2. no
      3. no, i dont think rosberg is top f driver
      4. no
      5. lotus
      6. usf1, campos, virgin…
      7. renault
      8. renault for eff.
      9. hard to say
      10. kubika (deserves it for 2008 season) or barichello (deserves it for 2009 season – but has no chance this year :)

    5. 1. NO
      2. No
      3. No
      4. No
      5. Virgin
      6. Campos
      7. Renault
      8. Mercedes
      9. No
      10. Alonso (not because of the test times :P )

    6. 1. At some point Yes
      2. Most likely
      3. Not even a chance
      4. Unlikely, maybe next year
      5. Lotus easy (betwixt the two only)
      6. Virgin
      7. USF1
      8. Ferrari
      9. Too speculative; I’m guessing yes though
      10.Schumacher; then Vettel

    7. 1. Maybe, at some point
      2. No, cause Ferrari will favor Alonso in the later stage of the season
      3. No
      4. Yes, if there’s rain or lot’s of crashes in the race
      5. Maybe, Lotus
      6. Campos
      7. Stefan GP, Torro Rosso, or Sauber
      8. Mercedes
      9. Somehow, yes
      10. Any Mclaren driver is good for me, or Michael Schumacher for the sake of the sport. But realistically speaking it’s between Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel, & Schumacher.

  37. 1 No
    2 Yes
    3 No
    4 Yes
    5 Virgin
    6 USF1
    7 Force India
    8 Renault
    9 Yes
    10 Webber

    1. Ur 2 funny… Webber as world chamption :)

  38. I’d love for that to happen. And it is most likely his last year in formula1, just from what he has hinted in interviews, how he has now won F1 Races and has nothing left to prove realistically at his age, and would like to start up his own GP2 Team

    Sounds weird though.. webber as wc..

  39. Geoff Willis says on James Allen’s blog:

    An interested spectator trackside at the Jerez test was former BAR Honda and Red Bull technical boss Geoff Willis, who delivered a clear verdict on how things stand as he sees them, Of the new cars the one that has impressed me the most is the McLaren, he said. It will be the front runner for the title battle along with the Red Bull. Just behind are the Ferrari and the Mercedes.

    1. I thought it was odd to hear him say Ferrari are slightly behind McLaren. Personally I think the order in speed will be:
      1. Red Bull
      2. McLaren=Ferrari
      3. Mercedes

      1. I don’t think that he was judging it on “speed” alone.:)

        I would imagine that he has plenty of feedback from members of the teams that he knows to make a pretty good guess at who is where with regards to having the most competetive car up to this point.

    2. The fact that Ferrari were able to double the mileage of everyone on Day 4 makes me think that even if Mclaren are the faster car that Ferrari will be very strong championship contenders with Massa, Alonso and a fairly quick car that will likely have the least problems. I’d say
      Ferrari are strongest contenders
      Red Bull, Mclaren tied for 2nd
      Mercedes, Sauber tied for 3rd best contenders
      Darkhorse Force India will stay ahead of Renault
      The new teams will play horribly into the championship picture this year with Lotus maybe reaching some top 10 qualifying results and mid-pack results here and there.
      Virgin are going to be awful and if Campos makes it they will be horrendous.
      USF1 don’t have a 2nd driver, but I feel that Windsor and Anderson might be playing it coy… I’m hopeful that they are at least!

  40. Oh, I’d put Williams and Toro Rosso right there with Force India and Renault for, as mentioned above, a titanic battle for maybe as high as 5th but more likely 6th on.

  41. It’s exciting to see how much Virgin have improved in a week… 10 seconds off pace on day 1 to 3 seconds off pace on day 4 is remarkable.. let’s hope they keep getting better and better and at least fights the whole season with dignity…

    1. Agreed, very exciting. I’m surprised no one’s really mentioned it much, even though it is early days.

  42. Naive Question….

    Keith, under the latest and very tough regs on testing and limits on expenditure, what do most of the UK based teams do about the very brief gap between now and the 17th February when the next Jerez test starts…..do they take everything back to UK, or leave the bare chassis in Jerez ?

    The logistics must be a nightmare.

    1. Yep they leave the cars out there but will fly new parts out to the track.

      1. Thanks Keith. And many congrats on the thoroughness of all your reports. As with most of us, this is always No.1 site for reading up-to-the minute, accurate stuff.

  43. Where are the Jerez Sun???

  44. Lewis Hamiltons’ stint, Saturday 02/13/2010, Jerez

    Interupted by red flag (M. Schumacher stopped on track)
    Resumed afterwards by another 24 laps stint:


    1. Where did you get these times Pedro? They don’t quite match up with my notes.

  45. Livetiming + confirmed by one post on f1technical forum. What does not seem OK to you, Keith?

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