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These are the fastest combined times from the Jerez test for each driver. I have some data on the sequences of laps done by each driver today which I will upload once I’ve processed it.

Also below is the data on the total amount of distance covered by each driver, team and engine in the tests. Ferrari have now amassed 100 laps more testing than any other team.

Best times from the Jerez test

Times from all four days combined.

DriverCarBest timeDifference
Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes MP4-2579.5830
Jaime AlguersuariToro Rosso-Ferrari STR579.9190.336
Kamui KobayashiBMW Sauber-Ferrari C2979.950.367
Sebastien BuemiToro Rosso-Ferrari STR580.0260.443
Adrian SutilForce India-Mercedes VJM0380.180.597
Rubens BarrichelloWilliams-Cosworth FW3280.3410.758
Robert KubicaRenault R3080.3580.775
Michael SchumacherMercedes W0180.6131.03
Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes MP4-2580.6181.035
Nico HulkenbergWilliams-Cosworth FW3280.6291.046
Pedro de la RosaBMW Sauber-Ferrari C2980.7361.153
Vitantonio LiuzziForce India-Mercedes VJM0380.7541.171
Nico RosbergMercedes W0180.9271.344
Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault RB681.2031.62
Fernando AlonsoFerrari F1081.4241.841
Felipe MassaFerrari F1081.4851.902
Vitaly PetrovRenault R30822.417
Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault RB682.0432.46
Lucas di GrassiVirgin-Cosworth VR-0182.9123.329
Timo GlockVirgin-Cosworth VR-0189.96410.381

Distance covered at all tests in 2010

Data from three days at Valencia and four at Jerez (not counting private tests):

DriverTotal lapsTotal distance (km)
Felipe Massa4581932.426
Rubens Barrichello3871638.765
Robert Kubica3761585.404
Fernando Alonso3441469.511
Michael Schumacher3301409.634
Sebastien Buemi3301408.365
Nico Hulkenberg3111323.81
Pedro de la Rosa3071294.254
Lewis Hamilton2891234.008
Jaime Alguersuari2711158.957
Nico Rosberg2681119.87
Kamui Kobayashi2541084.104
Jenson Button233997.038
Vitaly Petrov170721.035
Vitantonio Liuzzi151668.628
Mark Webber149659.772
Sebastian Vettel149659.772
Adrian Sutil132584.496
Gary Paffett86344.43
Lucas di Grassi71314.388
Timo Glock1670.848
ModelTotal lapsTotal distance (km)
EngineTotal lapsTotal distance (km)

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50 comments on “Jerez test 1 statistics”

  1. Interesting statistics. It’s a shame the weather has been poor as it would have been good to see how the drivers compared in dry conditions.

    1. maybe next week my mate

  2. These stats are amazing buddy……

    It really amazing how well u have summed it all up…..

    Cheers !!!

    1. Yes mate, what a service.. nice one!

  3. nice stats keith, keep up the good work,

  4. Fantastic stuff, this site is number 1.

    1. by a mile

  5. Lewis Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes) MP4-25 79.583
    Jaime Alguersuari (Toro Rosso-Ferrari) STR5 79.919
    Kamui Kobayashi BMW (Sauber-Ferrari) C29 79.95
    Sebastien Buemi Toro (Rosso-Ferrari) STR5 80.026

    I guess you can say Ferrari is capable of beating those lap times and I think that they are planning to blow the competition away in Bahrain.

    This is not a coincidence.

    1. I forgot to add a big MAYBE ! but I’m just glad Sauber made it under 80 seconds.

  6. The teams have now covered the equivalent of over half-way round the world (54.1% of earth’s circumference)

    1. :) 4 sure u belong on F1Fanatic

    2. lol..clever sod! :)

      1. Wow! That’s an interesting observation ;)

  7. 3,402 kms of testing done by Ferrari
    2,575 kms of testing done by Mclaren
    2,530 kms of testing done by Mercedes
    1,320 kms of testing done by Red Bull

    Ferrari has done nearly 900kms more of testing than the other BIG three teams. I dont think it makes sense reading into lap times, but Ferrari seemed to have built an incredibly reliable machine.

    1. ok, how many engines have they used and how restrictive have they set it up, surely not 18k revs

      1. If they did not set their engines to 18k revs they wouldnt be able to produce those kinds of laptimes.

        1. It would make no sense at all for Ferrari not to run at 18,000 max revs. Why would they run higher? They wouldnt get any gain from it. I’m sure Ferrari have sorted out last year’s gremlins and have a beast this year

      2. it is a valid point to question how many engines have every team used (not only ferrari). Another thing is suggesting they castrated their engine to make it last, and the word for it is nonsense.

        Why would any team gather useless data by going slower than they will during the season?

        In that scenario all data regarding fuel comsumption, tyre wear, performance, downforce are worthless. Next year better stay dry at home and eat pasta no?

  8. Did Gary Paffett take part in the test? The second chart says he’s done 86 laps, but I can’t see him on the best driver times list.

    1. He tested in Jerez? I thought only Button and Ham did.

      1. No he didn’t, he drove on the first day of the first test in Valencia. The second table you refer to is titled: “Distance covered at all tests in 2010.”

      2. It’s good to be able to compare the different drivers/cars and engines this way, even though we can’t draw too many conclusions from this other than an overall exceptional level of reliability. I’m really chuffed Virgin did so well this afternoon, I thought they’d be miles off the pace today.

        1. Soz posted in wrong place.

    2. GP only ran on the first day in Valencia.

    3. The second chart has the Valencia laps included. It says it above the chart.

      1. So it does. My mistake.

        Interesting though that he is the only non race driver to test this winter… I suppose all the young drivers had their chance to shine in the Young Drivers Test last year

  9. Grand job Keith.

    As ever, we have no idea on comparitive fuel loads between drivers, but ‘assuming’ both drivers have done some light and some heavy fuel load work, the Ferrari boys seem well matched. Michael and Nico arn’t miles apart either, but is Lewis a whole second faster, or is that just a consequnence of Buttons lost late run on Thursday?

    Early days for the Red Bull boys, having missed Valencia, but nice to see the rookie Hulk keeping the superbly experienced Rubens honest.

    Hope you had a great time in Jerez sir, first of many insider views I suspect. Guessing you enjoying your new job, you earned it!

    1. LOL – that is appalling copy – yes I know Red Bull are Seb and Mark. Pardon my rubbish use of a comma instead of a fullstop.

  10. I can’t believe there are only 4 Engines on the grid this year!!!!

    1. Is that not just one less than last year?

      In: Cosworth
      Out: BMW, Toyota

      1. The irony is that we’ve increased the number of cars on the grid by over 25%

    2. I predict there will be 5… Stefan GP are planning to use Toyota engines, and I expect to see them replace one of either USF1 or Campos on the grid before long

  11. De la Rosa has tested 317 laps

    74+80×4051=623,854 at Valencia
    58+105×4428=721,764 at Jerez

    Total: 317 laps / 1.345,618 km

    I think you’re having other track lengths for Valencia and Jerez, perhaps 4.005 and 4.423. Also Webber did 150 laps, according to the Red Bull website he did 50 the 1st day and 100 on the 2nd.

    1. Strangely, some teams have given out different lengths for the tracks. I’ve used those issued by the circuits themselves.

    2. I agree with Stefan, according to Pedro tested 58 laps on the third day and not the 48 you are quoting.

      Same site quote Webber as doing 99 laps on the 4th day.

  12. @ Oliver

    You better believe it, and there is also one tyre ;-)

    1. I don’t bother with tyre news. :-)

  13. Total Distance covered by all teams – Roughly 20000km
    Total Pole2Pole Distance on Earth – Roughly 20000km

    1. This has already been said, read up to James_mc

      1. Well if he means Pole 2 Pole, I will change to “roughly half the equator” then!

  14. Look at RBR, same no. of laps both drivers despite issues, cocky I reckon.

  15. If anything, the FW32 mileage is good!! Let’s hope it turns into a strong engine and car!

  16. Virgin racing is currently struggling as they had very few laps of testing.

    1. VR are struggling cos they never tested one major factor: the effect of real WIND on a real front wing. It took just 17 laps to arrive to a conclusion – Facepalm.

  17. How can Der Schu and Seb Buemi have donr the same number of laps, and have differant kilometer totals?

    1. Because the kilometre total is the total from both Valencia and Jerez and seeing as they have different lengths the totals will be different.

  18. keith

    Is it possible to get stats on the long runs (ie greater than 20 laps) for Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes and Red Bull. I am thinking of average, median ,fastest and slowest for each driver with length of stint. just to get somr idea on how the top teams compare within the long runs (of course we would still have the fuel complication but above would be a reasonable start).

    1. The teams aren’t publishing lists of lap times this year in testing, unlike last year. I’m trying to pull together what I have from the dry running at the moment, but as you can imagine it’s a fairly slow process.

  19. I’m loving this forum. Nobody seems to have noticed Jenson is too big for the McLaren. Other wewbsites are all talking about how Mclaren are using oil coooler air to enhance their rear wing or perhaps make dirty air and have put a blanking plate in the air intake and F1 fanatic is congratulating all the teams for a great test. Wake up.

    1. I saw Button on Thursday and he said he was happy with how he fits in the car now: Button glad to concentrate on setup

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