F1 testing in pictures: 17th February

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Fairuz Fauzy puts the first laps on the Lotus T127
Fairuz Fauzy puts the first laps on the Lotus T127

The third pre-season F1 test is underway at Jerez. Here’s some pictures of today’s action.

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Images (C) Ferrari spa, Red Bull/Getty, Force India F1 Team, Mercedes GP

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34 comments on “F1 testing in pictures: 17th February”

  1. I read somewhere that ferrari has new parts, can anyone confirm? and what parts are different?

      1. Parts? I just know its a chasis change! if there are other part changes (?)..i’m damn pretty sure they wont tell just yet! :-)

      2. ‘read’ is correct
        To my somewhat untrained eye it looks identical to the launch pics.

        1. Ferrari said that it’s the second chassis, ie not the one they used last week, an they’ve got some very minor updates on the car.

          First big update of the season is comming at Barcelona. Most likley they’ll have a new front wing.

        2. I think that was supposed to be a pun!

          1. I must’ve been a pun indeed :) Haha.

    1. a new buldge on the sidepod vents?

  2. Nice ones Keith. Will be hoping to see some of Hami’s.

  3. Keith, could you get a good closeup of the McLaren engine intake modification

    1. Sorry I’m not at the track today.

    2. Hehe, is Keith a make-a-wish foundation or what? ;]

  4. congratulations to lotus team… without power steering they have done the good job!

    1. Plink Plonk Plunk
      19th February 2010, 20:46

      That Lotus livery is really starting to grow on me. Liking it more every time I see it.

  5. There is a picture on f1.com of todays testing, a headshot of Lewis, is it more or is he growing some facial hair??? we all know that JB will wipe the floor on facial hair between those 2!

    1. Looks like he has a thin moustache and “chin’n’cheek” hair. His head hair is not as short either, his choice.

  6. My money is on Lotus being the best of the new teams. Virgin should definitely re consider using a wind tunnel and should get rid of that clown of a technical director. Virgin must be praying USF1 and Campos can make it to the grid, or they will be permanently occupying the last row.

  7. Nothing diferent that the previous F10…

  8. Great picture of Paul Di Resta parked
    among the trees at the back of the
    spectator stands, Keith !
    Think I can just make out his helmet……lol

  9. Do you ever get that feeling when seeing empty seats at sporting events; dam I could have been there!

  10. Does anyone know why the leading edge of some bodywork surfaces goes unpainted? This is particularly evident in close-up shots of the front wing where the panel is painted except for the front edge. An issue of chipped paint or aero drag?

    1. Correct, to avoid paint chipping. During a race they can get chipped very easily… and over the course of a race it is possible the more paint can be peeled off which would cause drag. :)

      1. No, the unpainted leading edge is called a gurney flap. The reason they don’t paint them is mostly because they are bonded on top of the wing and they are changed pretty often. Depending on the circuit or type of wing their length and size can change. I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with paint chipping.

        1. Actually, my mistake gurney flaps are located on the trailing edge of the wings. Leading edge could be related to paint chipping.

    2. Since most of the cars are wrapped rather than painted to save on weight, is it a cover over the leading edge to stop chipping/tearing and opening up holes through the material?

  11. no pics of lotus in action? funnny how they have done more laps in a day than virgin has done in a couple weeks

  12. HounslowBusGarage
    17th February 2010, 21:10

    I’ve just logged on to the Blog this evening and seen the comments and questions about the Ferrari.
    I have a friend of a friend who works on the Ferrari chasis/tub. Apparently there was a 2 mm discrepancy in certain dimensions that had to be addressed with urgency week before last. Perhaps this new F10 is the new tub that meets the intended measurements . . .

  13. I’ve noticed today that some cars were runing green rear lights. Does anyone know why is that?

  14. Aleksandar Serbia
    17th February 2010, 21:48

    I think Keith as a leader of all the nerds of F1fan attic should get lots of signatures of all us tech guys to someone in Fia saying look how many people who are tech freaks are in for some sort of change, this, no show can’t go on anymore!

    But lots of you just ain’t racing freaks, and just want to observe spoilers and front wings, so that option remains sidetracked.
    In my observation of this blog i remain firmly convinced if you guys ruled Fia, racing would go to ****!

    As a admirer of racing legends such as Prost, Senna and my childhood favorite Piquet, i must say racing is ruled by people who have no knowledge of what fans want, but in their lust for money only ask heads of teams what they want.

    The sport was once admired for its bravado and fearless overtaking stars, now it is GEEK HEAVEN, comprised of engineer wannabes and mutant super nerds, even i cannot challenge in changing their minds to revert to old spec racing.

    Computers,driving aides and aeroworks, have made this competition a gadget freak show!
    Just look at how many buttons are on a F1 steering wheel.

    Get the driver control back!
    You know when they drove the cars and sparks were flying all over the place?
    It wasn’t because the floor was so close to the ground, it was because the bottom of the car had to be redone for the huge BALLS those guys carried around in those days! Cojones just grew because they had to be used every race!

  15. Some photos look freakishly huge here. Not the small thumbnail like the rest. Some site trouble? or it is just me?

    1. No it happens to me also.

    2. Not sure what’s caused that – have removed the offending pictures and will restore them shortly. Thanks for letting me know.

  16. Not a single shot of the McLaren :(

  17. Red Bull is stunning…

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