F1 testing pictures: 18th February

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A crash curtailed Kovalainen's running in the Lotus
A crash curtailed Kovalainen's running in the Lotus

More rain has fallen at Jerez but the test goes on. See below for pictures from the test:

Images (C) Red Bull/Getty images, Ferrari spa, Renault/LAT, Force India F1 Team, Mercedes GP, Lotus F1 Racing

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33 comments on “F1 testing pictures: 18th February”

  1. looks like the red bull and torro rosso are gonna still be hard to identify at high (and low) speed.

    1. I think that’s what meant…in the end they need to sell RedBull cans

      1. the red bull sugarfree livery was a great idea tho…

    2. The red nose on the Toro Rosso helps.

      1. It does, but to my untrained eye the shape of the two cars look identical.

      2. but why does the torro rosso have to have that gold nose area? its not a red bull colour, and lets face it it does look similar to the yellow nose on the RBR car. the torro rosso should just have a dark blue tipped nose matching the rest of the car.

    3. Great picture thought, seeing them side by side in the wet like that.

    4. just listen to the sound of the car :) torro rosso are cosworth and i thin redbull are… i forgot :P

      1. Torro Rosso are Ferrari powered and Red Bull are Renault powered!!

        1. sorry my bad :( i thought toro rosso where cosworth! still you can hear a difference between renault and ferrari :P

          1. I think the Red Nose and the gold will help.

            I love that picture of the two cars side by side :D

          2. One will come in for gas all the time and the other won’t.

          3. dan, no refueling :P one will come in and stay in

  2. OMG! Kova!! First day and a total damage to this nice car :( Fauzy was so good yesterday. Hope he will not do a NPJr. mid-season.

  3. Some great pictures here, love the side view of the Renault!

  4. Aleksandar Serbia
    18th February 2010, 16:52

    Go Petrov!
    I hope the package is at least reliable if not quick :)

  5. Keith – does the guy taking these photos for you have a phobia of the Mclaren – none yesterday and again non today :(

    1. It’s the silver color and the shark fin. He thinks it a shark trying to eat him.

      1. i agree, there only seem to be photos of specific teams, he doesnt like williams either.

        keith… can you get more variety please?

        the photographer has a soft spot for felipe

  6. Is it me or is Jordan back in F1? All Renault need is the Hornet logo, and they’ve cracked it! What’s it like Keith doing the blog as a job?

  7. I know it is unwise to draw conclusions from testing but I think I’m right in saying the cars look quite a lot more badass than they did last season.

    If only F1 was broadcast in this kind of resolution with this awesome deep contrast…

  8. the guy taking teh pictures loves ferrari theire are always more f10 pictures, insted of the rest

  9. The Renault with the yellow,gold colors and shark fin should be nick named “The Tiger shark”

    1. *should read YELLOW and BLACK colors

  10. FYI: There are always tons of pictures on the Getty site. All by professional photographers.


    1. How much does it cost?

  11. haha thats a great ad

  12. Keith, I’m missing of the Williams’ pictures.

  13. Keith: I see you´re back to uploading team´s “official” pictures. Thanks! Not that yours where bad, but it shows the people who take these have the top-of-the-game equipment. One of the most attractive features of your site (beside all the knowledge of and commitment to F1) are the HD pictures! I love them, so thank you very much!

  14. I thought torro-rosso had to design & build there own car this year or is it based on last years rb5 redbull

  15. Oh no, I was hoping to see the vortices especially in the wet conditions…

  16. I know your already aware of the problem Keith, but whats going on with the fatal errors? It seems as though this is the only part of the whole page that I can post on and I just wanted to know, whats goin on?

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