F1 testing pictures: 20th February

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Jarno Trulli drove the Lotus T127 for the first time
Jarno Trulli drove the Lotus T127 for the first time

The third F1 test session of 2010 has concluded at Jerez. Here are picture of the final day of the test including Jarno Trulli making his first appearance for Lotus.

More to follow

Images (C) Ferrari spa, Lotus F1 Racing, Force India F1 Team

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19 comments on “F1 testing pictures: 20th February”

  1. Hacnt sen any McL pics in a few days ??

    1. Nor any williams!

  2. isn’t it kovalainen in the last lotus pic? it looks like his helmet

  3. Yey Jarno’s helmet still looks shiny :D

    1. Yes, with the Italian colours it looks like a christmas tree ornament.
      I love it!

  4. Yeah, the last lotus pic is Kovalainen from 19th. Not Trulli

  5. I’d love an F1 test at Fife’s Knockhill track!

  6. The Lotus overalls are pretty neat!

  7. I see proton logos on Lotus like ford badges were on Jaguar.

  8. The Lotus is pretty good looking. I’m glad they’re back, it almost makes up for the USF1 fail.

  9. lotus being back……….is like looking back on my childhood, good luck jarno and heki.

  10. Prisoner Monkeys
    20th February 2010, 22:25

    Wow, that Lotus looks good when it’s in motion.

  11. I went to Jerez yesterday,The Renault had an impressive pace and it kept making it very entertaining for us as he overtook about 5 cars whilst we were there. I have some pictures if you want them Keith?!

  12. Keith,

    we need an article and vote on

    StefanGP – ready to rumble in Bahrain


    USf1 , asking to miss four races….

    I hope the FIA making the racing decision, and give it to StefanGP… their car will surely be better, being the toyota2010, vs the under funded no drivers going nowhere USf1 project…

    c`mon keith

    anyone else agree?

  13. Some wonderful classic liveries this year…

    1. Right on, Bro! I just hope they dont go back to using black wheels. These are ugly and make the car go slower

  14. This is being an abnormal year for weather here in the area of Jerez (I live in Sevilla). Right now it is raining again. We are having the rainiest season in several decades.
    What is strange is that all this rain has fallen when the Socialist party is in power.Ususally when the Socialists are in power there is drought, and when the center-right P.Popular is in power it rains.

    Also, when the Socialists are in power it is usually the Barcelona FC that wins the league, as happens this season. When the center-right is in power, it is the Real Madrid that wins.

    So, my recapitulation : I am upset that Zapatero is in power, I am happy for the rain since this is Life that falls from Heaven, I am Happy for Barcelona FC (although I am a Liverpool fan),and I am happy that Fast Fred found a good set of wheels. Sorry for you brothas that came from GB ! more rain than even back at home !

    My recommendation : visit Sevilla during Easter week, with the processions and everythig. Absolutely memorable !

    Cheers mates, this was a very late post and I am going to hit the bed in 4th gear

  15. Glad to see lotus back where they belong not like usf1

  16. I would really be keen to know what the folks at Lotus proper think about the F1 car…

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