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Button leads Hamilton in a pair of McLaren MP4-25s
Button leads Hamilton in a pair of McLaren MP4-25s

The Lewis Hamilton-Jenson Button partnership will not just be the focus of attention for British F1 fans this season: it’s the first time two world champions have shared a team in 21 years.

Testing restrictions mean the pair are yet to appear together in action but McLaren recently put their two world champions on track for a photo shoot in their MP4-25s.

This is the first time two former champions have shared a team since Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost lined up at McLaren in 1989.

As the reigning champion, Button carries the number one and Hamilton has number two as he did in his debut season alongside Fernando Alonso in 2007.

Here are the first pictures of the pair on track together. When it comes to driving their cars in anger it remains to be seen whether they will be racing at the front or back of the pack in 2010.

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39 comments on “Hamilton and Button on track (Pictures)”

  1. OK Keith your forgiven – this makes up for the lack of piccys of the McLaren from your Ferrari loving photographer during this weeks test at Jerez :)

    1. The situation with that was that I was at the first Jerez test and so could take pics of all the cars myself.

      I wasn’t at the second and so was dependent on pictures issued by the teams. McLaren, for whatever reason, weren’t putting any out.

      At the moment I’m talking to some picture agencies who cover F1 events about setting up a deal so I can use some of their images, meaning I wouldn’t be dependent on the teams. That carries a cost, of course, so I need to pick carefully to get the deal that’s right for the site. Will hopefully be set up before Bahrain.

      If there’s anyone out there who can provide such a service please email me.

      1. I’m a big fan of the photography you provide on this site, Keith – now you’re saying it’ll get even better? Thanks and bravo!

      2. Keith, is there any news on the premium like membership you spoke of briefly?
        I’d happily pay each year for added content, as would many more people I imagine. I’m sure it would help with the cost of striking up a deal with a picture agency.

  2. All the top 4 teams have difficult pairing. So this season we will see how they work together as teammates.

    1. I think the best thing is that all the top teams have driver pairing which won’t favour one driver or the other excessivley. So this could be a ridiculously competative season.

  3. thank you keith for the photo’s!

    but i have to complain again, why are they such low resolution?

    1. Because they are not his photos. They are team issued.

      I want to re-double my praise of the resolution that you normally put out Keith. They are wonderful images.

      1. sweet another kiwi!

  4. That first photo is epic. I can’t even find the right words to describe it.

    1. I’m no McLaren fan, but that is indeed a great pic.

      1. It might have been taken when they were stationary!

        1. It pretty muh certainly was… still a great photo.

    2. Please McLaren…release that as a desktop wallpaper..!!

    3. I’d love a high res version of it…

    4. it shall be my desktop background!

      oh yes, it shall.

  5. Prisoner Monkeys
    23rd February 2010, 5:55

    I like the way Button is in front in every shot featuring the two drivers.

    1. hamilton's dad
      23rd February 2010, 6:37

      enjoy. It might be the last time you see him in that position.

      1. Prisoner Monkeys
        23rd February 2010, 11:14

        People who write Jenson Button off simply because Hamilton is his team-mate do so at their own peril.

        1. I write him off because he is Button :D

  6. what you meen hamilton’s dad with that,did you meen last time to see ham close behind button? i agree cause ham would be too far behind button all the time

  7. Awesome !!!!

    I already missed the McLaren pictures!

    Thanks Mate!

  8. I think that Button will be in front only in the pictures, but when the season starts Hamilton should be out pacing him. We will see ofcourse

  9. I hope this car can bring any of the titles back to Woking this year, and plenty of wins! I want a 2007 but without the Mclaren legal issue!!!

  10. Its Hammer time
    23rd February 2010, 13:26

    That first picture is awesome. I am counting down the minutes until Bahrain. Come on Mclaren

  11. In the fifth picture, Jenson Button getting into the car, his driver suit has Santander on it. I thought Santander was only a sponsor for Ferrari this season? Is the company sponsoring both McLaren and Ferrari? Is that an old driver suit?

    1. Santander are sponsoring the McLaren drivers IIRC. I don’t think their logo is on the car any more (certainly not in the launch pic of the MP4-25 I have as my desktop!!) but is still on the overalls. You might have noticed Hamilton in a lot of the Santander adverts on TV/billboards etc…

      …they’re also providing the backing to Pedro De La Rosa I believe…

  12. So who else is happy that Button has gone back to his normal helmet colours..??

    1. yeah i am, both brits look pretty cool now!

  13. Do all the teams have two cars up and running yet?

  14. McLaren should be racing at the front this season between Ferrari and Red Bull, with Mercedes GP not far behind.

  15. I’m placing two bets this year…

    1) Spain to win the world cup and Fernando to be crowned F1 champ with 6 wins

    2) England to win the world cup and Lewis to be crowned champ, also with 6 wins.

    Odd’s should be pretty good, think I’ll have a tenner on each!

    1. What are the odds on Australia winning the world Cup and Webber being crowned world champ with 6 wins????

    2. Terry Fabulous
      24th February 2010, 2:58

      Or indeed Germany Schumacher double, or maybe Brazil Massa!

      Or Japan and Kobayashi!!!

      Italy and Liuzzi even?

      I think we can confidently say the Lopez Argentina box is looking doubtful.

  16. I think they’re going to take each other off at least once. :)

    I think Lewis is the more naturally gifted driver, but with tyre management becoming such a big factor due to the preferred one stop this season Jenson will definitely have that to his advantage, as he demonstrated all throughout last season. Both also happen to be great overtakers, so that should hopefully be fun.

    Really looking forward to a competitive McLaren again and for some inexplicable reason I really don’t want Fernando Alonso to win the first race. I quite like him, I hope he wins races, as long as it’s not the first… just, too obvious. And I want Rosberg to beat the crap out of Schumacher. :)

  17. Hi all…has anyone else noticed that on Lewis’s car he has what looks like a cushion pad behind his helmet but Jenson does not?

  18. Great pictures, thanks. As much as I like the look of the McLaren, I must say it looks very heavy in the mid section and does not create a perception of being aerodynamically optimum. The shark fin seems a real coup for the team…

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